Democrats Again Misleading Voters With Manufactured Intel Documents

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe hits back at Congressional Democrats for creating a misleading and incomplete ‘classified’ document that they sent over to FBI Director Christopher Wray regarding possible foreign interference in the U.S. elections in November.

“In response to your specific questions, I can confirm the IC did not create the classified addendum to the 13 July letter, nor did we authorize its creation. The IC was not consulted prior to its creation and subsequent release to the entire membership of the U.S. House of Representatives”

The addendum was attached to a July 13, 2020  letter sent to the FBI Director by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Mark Warner.


"Unfortunately, this addendum only draws selectively from a small number of IC reports and focuses on only one threat actor in the elections security space. In summary, the classified addendum apparently prepared by the aforementioned individuals, by no means reflects the full and complete analysis of the IC,"

Sounds like more of the same from the Congressional Democrats over the last 3 and a half years.

Of course, it "leaked" to the press as well.

This is almost the exact same strategy used to start Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI code name for the operation to spy on the Trump campaign and associates.

  1. Create a Fake Intel Document
  2. Leak it to the Press
  3. Press writes a story on it, Cable News outlets cover it and feign outrage
  4. Open investigation based on information reported from the Press AND Cable News coverage.


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22 thoughts on “Democrats Again Misleading Voters With Manufactured Intel Documents”

  1. This is a repeat of the tactics of 2016. Make up a lie With anonymous sources and then repeat it on every Cable news outlet!

  2. The Dems are just setting the stage for when they lose the election. Of course, their short range goal is create enough doubt in the voters to somehow sway their votes toward Biden. It probably won’t work, but the narrative will have been set for the next four years of divisiveness and constant investigations and impeachment hearings. The Do Nothing Democrats will spend tax payers money in the millions while not doing one days work for which they were elected. My fervent wish is the people will vote them all out and send the whole Party to the dustbin of history.

    1. Not if we Republicans can take back the house and keep the senate and of course the White House. That’s is the dream we should all be shooting for. So get out there and bring in some republican voter’s up and down the ballot.

  3. Well No surprise democRATS are at it again !!! Glad that there is someone that is on top of there games !!!

  4. It’s time to stop all leaks out of Congress. Liars are not born they just use everything to stay in power lieing is just a small part of their portfolio just sit back and watch them try to buy the election.

    1. President Trump has decided not to give verbal summaries of intel to the legislature. Perhaps he needs to shut down written summaries as well.

      Otherwise, if intel is to be released to Congress, perhaps it needs to be selectively released to individuals, but each report changed in minor ways to see what pops up in the press. Perhaps the text anomalies will be retained, revealing the leaker to agents who will then create “accidents” to eliminate the culprits. Jurisprudence will not provide, because too many judges are Leftists. Just do what must be done to preserve America.

      1. Intel will be in writing as a hard copy issue. No bending words…no paraphrasing or out of context. Spoken briefings, even the POTUS Briefing is hard copied.

  5. There is a list of insurrectionists that should be summarily executed. If the Second American Civil War breaks out, patriots should first eliminate those domestic enemies of the state. There needs to be an action plan to take them all out on Day One. Are you ready?

  6. Why in God’s green earth would/could anybody seriously vote for Biden. He’s running a s a non-candidate.
    He has NO platform.
    All questions directed to him are how do you feel about Trump.
    He’s a doddering old fool and a disgrace to this nation . . .like the rest of his ilk.
    VOTE RED NOVEMBER 3RD . . .like the dems say: “early and often”.

  7. I am waiting in anticipation for the whip to come down. We have 3 generations of do-nothings that think the American taxpayers owe them something. The young women can`t even get up after sex and wipe their asses after sex. Contraceptives what`s that {*j*} Either go full tilt and have a kid and get child support or have the kid killed with an abortion. It`s way past time to take away all of the government programs that got us here. When you act and perform like trash you should get what you deserve nothing. Don`t want to go to school to better yourself? Don`t want to work then you are what you eat. Bark at the moon.

  8. WOW! Do these cock roaches REALLY think the American people won’t notice that per usual , they are using the same sicko lies THEY HAVE USED AGAINST TRUMP OF FOR THE LAST 5 YEARS ? Same lies and the old one ,he or she heard it on the grapevine ! You know the, Well I didn’t hear or see it,

  9. You have to hand it to the unsung heroes who rise before dawn every morning to put a new coat of grease on this weasel Schumer.

  10. The sooner this outrageous trash called the Democrat Party is removed from any form of power in this nation the better. They have been and remain a clear and present danger to the Republic snd should be treated accordingly in my view.

  11. The scoundrels (nice word instead of what they really need to be called), Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, Obama, Clinton and the whole gang of liars and thieves needs to be tried, sentenced, and executed!
    They have done nothing more than try to tear our country apart at the seams and have wasted a ton of money doing so.. They have tried every angle in the book to turn America against our great President. But all attempts have failed. They need to be removed and exterminated.

  12. The Socialist/Liberal/Demwits are defining insanity by repeating the same action over and over and expecting a different result! The strait jacket industry will experience a market boom!

  13. After t5he electionn when Intel documents are leaked about the Democrat representatives and Senators (not a few RINO’s) and which billionaires and Corporation paid them – they will not be fake Intel they will be real and so will the concequences of their Criminal, illegal and treacherous activity.

  14. Kamel-ah Harris is a sleep-around ho who slept her way up the political ladder.
    Tulsi Gabbard exposed Kamala for what she really is:
    Watch pedophile Joe grope little girl’s breast.
    Joe Biden Lies
    Biden Quid Pro Quo
    Biden gaffs
    Time to fight back against these antifa/BLM (Burn-Loot-Murder) thugs like this little girl did.
    Little white girl beats crap out of BLM fat butt.

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