Biden Records on Alleged Sexual Assault of S.S. Agent’s Girlfriend Destroyed?

Joe Biden was a step away from getting his a** kicked by a Secret Service agent, according to records contained within a FOIA lawsuit that Judicial Watch has filed  against the Department of Homeland Security.

Judicial Watch filed the lawsuit after the Secret Service failed to respond to a previous request, saying the files were “destroyed”. Here’s a description of the alleged altercation between Biden and a Secret Service agent.

On March 29, 2020, the Gateway Pundit republished a 2017 report alleging that an unidentified Secret Service agent was suspended for a week in 2009 for “shoving Biden after he cupped his girlfriend’s breast while the couple was taking a photo with him.” “The situation got so heated … that others had to step in to prevent the agent from hitting the then-Vice President,” according to the report.

Judicial Watch isn’t necessarily buying the excuse of “the records were destroyed” after all they’ve seen from the FBI claims of the same nature.

The report from Gateway Pundit, back in 2017, is actually worse than Judicial Watch makes it sound.

“We had to cancel the VP Christmas get together at the Vice President’s house because Biden would grope all of our wives and girlfriend’s asses.”

“He would mess with every single woman or teen. It was horrible,” the agent said.

Judicial Watch said the Secret Service seemed to confirm that a file on the incident did exist because they didn't deny the incident, knew what the suit was referring to, and claimed the documents had been destroyed.

“We had not been able to confirm whether the report about the alleged altercation might be true until the Secret Service itself suggested it destroyed records about the incident,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

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81 thoughts on “Biden Records on Alleged Sexual Assault of S.S. Agent’s Girlfriend Destroyed?”

      1. Yeah, but there must be a witness not any longer under federal restraints who has the guts to go public! Maybe one of the women.

  1. What a louse. The paid for media will never never touch on this subject. But if it was Trump why they would be on this 24/7. I hate these dems and they are a bunch of sick people. Yet. Nothing nothing is said about them. Even if they are caught

      1. You left out ALL POLITICIANS. They all suck regardless of their color. The reason why Mr. Trump has had to endure what he has is first and foremost NOT a politician. The very thought of this fact is enough to make all politicians bung holes pucker to where you couldn’t drive a ten penny nail up there with a sledge hammer. Politicians are the consummate evil in this country.

    1. That what the Democrats Do Lie and Coverup too and you know they did not Destroy the Files for that is Government Property and Against the Law too and they do not want We the People to Know about it either and a Lepard does not change it spots and neither does Joe and Harris Period they believe the women but being a Democrat We have to lie and Cover it up you know that Joe Biden admitted the Qui Quo Pro and they tried to impeach Trump for it on a Phone call and it was not there and nothing to Joe for doing it Period

    2. My guess is she is probably a democrat, who will vote for him because of the D, and because he is not Donald Trump. You’re right; she should speak up!

      1. Chances are if she is still with the ss agent, he would be dismissed if she spoke at. At a minimum, she would be terrorized by the msm and the leftist terrorists. Look what has happened to the salon owner who published actual video of Pelosi breaking the law/order.

  2. This is just a footnote to the crimes, serial criminal activities this shitbird named quid pro pedo China Ukraine rapist joe is guilty of. He has put targets on every kids backs with his championing of the gun free killing zone legislation. He also sat back and watched the former traitor in Chief, obozo commit treason on at least 3 occasions.

  3. Joseph Biden IS a serial predator, especially very young girls. Biden DOES need his ass kicked. And HE is what Democrats want as their presidential candidate? He and they are beneath contempt. Wonder how Kamala likes being groped!!

    1. This is how Kamala will have him removed. Get someone to take pics of him groping her. She just has to show she isn’t enjoying it!

  4. If Joe did that to my wife or girlfriend I would have punched them anyway just for pay back, he is a sick pervert!!

  5. He’s a perfect democrat who got his training from slick Willy. And he is the presidential candidate ? You have got to be kidding. My suspicion is that he is doing Hillary’s bidding and at the last minute we’ll hear ” I’M BACK “. Good Lord.

  6. That what the Democrats Do Lie and Coverup too and you know they did not Destroy the Files for that is Government Property and Against the Law too and they do not want We the People to Know about it either and a Lepard does not change it spots and neither does Joe and Harris Period

    1. Yet another powerful reason to support Trump. If Biden is elected, his Department of Justice will not pursue the prosecutions of Hillary, Comey, Brennan, Hunter Biden et al, and the lap dog “fake” press will be silent on the whole matter. Everybody will “win” except America.

      1. His DOJ won’t pursue any unrest against us conservative commoners. To all you liberal leaning voters just remember you are putting you and your loved ones in harms way when it comes to criminals on the street. God forbid if a crime is committed against you or a loved one remember those votes you cast had a hand it. I urge everyone that believes in law and order to think deeply what you are voting for. God Bless America

      2. That’s for sure but the tip of the problem. Equal justice will be a meaningless phrase as will freedom of speech, religion, assembly, keep and bear arms, right to privacy, private property and o0n top of those we will lose our energy independency, be forced to buy electric vehicles or restricted to public transportation, pay higher taxes, lose millions of jobs, businesses and industry, our money will be destroyed by inflation be near worthless.

  7. How Hiden Biden thr hairdsniffrn away with this and his other shakedown threats is
    a DNC commie lib standard tactic. They always get away with everything that anyone else would
    face life in prision for.

  8. and this is who democrats, want as their high priest. this has got to be some kind of G-Dless demonic sickness. when it, did not even work out that well 2020 years ago not even as corrupt as the ‘sanhedreen’s’ of today.

    how did, this happen? that our government, is modeled after the sanhedreen of yesteryears. i, do not believe this is by accident. with two major political parties running to ruin, and other various factions with the conservative pharasees and liberal sadduoocees.

  9. Must be nice to have deep state pals to cover for your misdeeds.
    Why is there a double standard when all people are equal under the eyes of God.
    We need justice for everyone.

    Make America Godly Again.


  11. What a freak! I can’t believable is a viable candidate for any office. The ONLY possible reason is that he would be controlled by his far left cohorts. In other words he would be the president in name only.

    1. You don’t think Trump is better at denial than any one else in the world? He is a leader all right! Where would he lead us without the scientists and real medical information. He is finding a fast answer to do away with with SS by dening the COVID. Now that is denial, and you can not worry, donald made this up about Biden. Got a minion to help him back it up.

      1. Sally: Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “…the difference between genius and stupidity is that ‘genius’ has its limits…”. You are evidence of the accuracy of his statement. Denial is not an admirable trait and for people, like you, it’s not a river running through Egypt. Poor baby……….

  12. Dream scenario:

    Biden is being protected by a female Secret Service agent. He forgets that and cups her breast in his hand.

  13. A couple of years ago Biden came to our local municipality to meet with the politicians. My friend was the municipalities secretary so she always went to take minutes, etc. Well, when Biden spotted her at the meeting, he immediately went over her, gripped her arms and kept saying, wow, you are so so beautiful. The Secret Service came over and asked was there a problem. My friend say not me, it’s him. They then took him the arm and walked him away from her. Hate to say this, but the guy can’t be trusted around any pretty woman whatsoever. Nothing stops him from trying to make a play for them. Awful.

  14. It has been shown time and again that the mainstream news media are very selective in the stories they cover or in the way they are covered. Right now most media outlets are ballyhooing polls showing old Joe leading Trump by several percentage points some even in the double digits. Do you actually believe Biden is ahead of Trump? I read articles from around the country. I look at what is happening in my own neck of the woods and in my state. I see how inept or even cowardly many of these Democratic governors, mayors, county and city officials have responded to the rioting and looting in their jurisdictions. They have kowtowed to the black lives matter and antifa groups and let them run amok, destroying large parts of their cities and ask myself why in hell would anyone want more of that?

    We have also seen time and again that even when the media has nothing they are willing to report (anything positive) about President Trump they make up stories that fits their own biases against anything Trump.

    For these reasons I cannot see why any self-respecting, hard-working, law-abiding American citizen would even consider supporting Biden and his Democratic party cronies.

    1. Neither can I Bill all I can guess is they are so indoctrinated by MSM and leftists they refuse to have an open mind anr ask for proof when either side makes accusations without any foundations.

  15. The only good Democratic Party members are the DEAD ones who’ve been run through the tree chipper, and been pissed and spit upon, right before being torched!

    1. Slly, youhave been watching CNN and thee MSM. Try watching OAN, Newmax, First, try and listen to smart people instead of opinion talkers. Have seen what they say on CNN and MSNBC and a blind, deaf person can tell it is nothing but their ownopinions, no news all fake BS.
      You come across as a liberal, do yourealize liberalism is terminal illness? You must have been taoght by liberal teachers. I feel sorry for you, Sally. Study some history before you vote in November. You may actually learn something you missed in your education. Do you have student loans to worry about? Have you a job? You poor misguided child!

  16. There’s no such thing as records being destroyed in our technological age specially since laptops and up the art computers had been around for awhile . There should be records everywhere of the incident and a good journalist will unearth those records if only they are willing and not afraid of leaders who use their authority to obstruct the investigation of corrupted leaders like Biden . The democrats leaders had been bribing others to not expose them paying for their crimes . So many democrats leaders should be in prison if the laws had been applied to them the same way as to any other American . It’s disgusting how they corrupted and stained our judicial system as well . All of them deserves absolutely nothing but prison time .

  17. It is amazing that the Citizens of these United States of America have to put up with such a filthy person and the SOB is running for President. Really???? What the hell ever happened to this country ? Never Mind that I asked that question. Most of us already know and Our VOTES are going to say something about that come November. Please everyone, lets VOTE THAT TRASH OUT OF WASHINGTON.

  18. Thats all we need another PERV in the white house who has friends in arkansas. , one though black who doesnt do a dam thing for black folk in america. while in office or otherwise…I will say one thing for ole . Trump he will at least help afro americans get a job an improve education..He is trying . Which is more than anyone else has done…..What did Obama do…???? I have never read actually anything Im interested….. Troy Anderson… Big Gap Virginia.

  19. I have no doubt that Biden done what they accused him of, because this isn’t the first time there has been a complaint against Biden,it is not fair for Biden to get away with everything just because he is a Democrat,if that would have been a Republican he would have been charged along time ago.,what gets me, everytime Democrats try to blame Republicans for anything, they are the ones who are actually doing the same thing they try to blame on Republicans. They are nothing but Hypocrites and Liars, and Biden needs to get lost,Tell the truth if you can,Biden

  20. Doubt the records were really destoyed. Probably hidden some place. My suggestion is find the S ecret Service Agent and or ladyfriend or any other Agents that were in attendence at the party. Biden is and always has been touch, feely pervert. Hope the JW is successful in finding the truth! Is the Agent or Agents all democrats?? The democrats have a tendency to destroy evidence or hide it!

  21. Agent should have knocked some teeth out that way a medical record might have survived. Bet there is still a record somewhere.

  22. If true, it seems the Secret Service is more intent upon protecting VIPs and a two tier justice system than supporting truth, the law and justice for all. They apparently don’t believe in American values.

  23. Joe Biden is an effing CRIMINAL. PERIOD!!! All the crimes he has committed and now he can’t remember them because of his diseases. The Liberal Democrats are the most EVIL party worse than any communist party EVER!!!

  24. Biden was a sexual predator. He is now almost a mindless idiot. Seems most male members of the Demorats a sexual .mopes. This includes some of the women also. Someone should have knocked Old Joe n his ass years ago. It is a constant pattern. Children are fair game also. His poo rme my wife and daughter died, has gotten him the puty vote for decades. Just some video that says his wife RAN a stop sign , not the truck driver he blames. His son died a brain tumor, which is sad, but, not so sad as to keep his other son from marrying her, scrwing around on her , knocking up some waitress, or bartender, and denying the baby. Hunter Biden , drug ddict, kicked out of the Navy, and up to his ass in dirty business in Ukraine. Dear old perverted Dad is also up to his wrinkled old ass in the same swamp. Better keep Joe on his Alzheimers meds as long as possible after 6 monhs it doesn’t work. Probably stop working on November 5th.

  25. Biden is always creepy on his behavior, His racist and sexual assault can see & heard obviously but media never
    amplify these. If happen on Trump will be attack all over the Nation.

  26. Where is #metoo????? Where are the feminists who lied against Kavanaugh???? This is REAL sexual abuse and not imaginary like the LEFT likes to claim.
    God help them.

  27. Biden, in my opinion, is a pedophile and has been getting away with this type of thing because he is a government official, but he continues because he cannot help himself and because he feels protected. Lock him up! BTW: I wonder if Biden has ever been to the Hotel schitt has in CA.?

  28. Susan, was that on April 16, 2014, when Biden’s plane landed at the Air National Guard base in Coraopolis, Pa?

    Was it June 12, 2009, when he visited Overland Park, Kansas?

    Oh well, doesn’t matter, please get your friend to speak to CONSERVATIVE media about what he did to her, so the world will know the truth! (Not the mainstream media, which would bury the story.)

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