Barr Shuts Down Wolf Blitzer for Hypocrisy and ‘Playing With Fire’

Democrats plan to send millions, perhaps tens of millions, of ballots out to registered voters this fall for the general election and all of a sudden the media thinks that’s just fine.

Of course they do. They have no shame.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer had Attorney General William Barr on his show to discuss the issue and it did not go well for CNN or Blitzer.

“People trying to change the rules to this, to this methodology — which, as a matter of logic, is very open to fraud and coercion — is reckless and dangerous and people are playing with fire,” Barr added.

As one would expect, Wolf Blitzer defended the mail in ballot strategy but Barr told him that they are “playing with fire”.

The biggest reason that the mail in ballot strategy is rife with potential for fraud (and a past record of fraud proves it) is that the voter registrations lists are ridiculously inaccurate.

Attorney General Bill Barr: Now what we’re talking about is mailing them to everyone on the mailing list when everyone knows the lists are inaccurate. People who should get them don’t get them which is one of the major complaints in states who have tried this. And people who get them are not the right people… Sometime multiple ballots go to the same address. You think that’s any way to run a vote?

Barr also points out that those on the left and right have all been against the mail in ballot procedure up until President Trump took office.

They also touched on the topic of election interference.

Barr said he thinks there is some evidence that Russia may try to interfere in the 2020 election but he thinks the real culprit is China.

"I believe it's China," he said. When Blitzer him pressed him on his reasoning and what he's seen from China, Barr said, "because I've seen the intelligence and that's what I've concluded."


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18 thoughts on “Barr Shuts Down Wolf Blitzer for Hypocrisy and ‘Playing With Fire’”

  1. My wife and I intend to stand in line to vote in the general election. I’m in my 80’s ,and she is in her 70’s ,and Trump is who we’ll vote for.

    1. I am 94 and I will stand in line to vote. The very idea of mail-in voting is ridiculous… anybody with any common sense knows that people move around all the time and do NOT reside at the address shown on the voter registration shown on the ‘official’ records. They simply don’t think to tell those officials that they have moved. Also, it is a widely known fact that lots and lots of deceased people are still on the ‘active’ list of voters. Mail-in voting is a disaster waiting to happen. —

    2. Hooray for both of you! My husband and I are both 78 yrs old and plan on voting in person, plus we have to show identification. That’s the way it should be done unless you are disabled or bedbound.

  2. There is a BIG difference between
    • requesting absentee ballot and voting by mail and
    • blanket mailing of ballots to everyone on the voter register rolls

    One is to a verified voter with current address, and other to MILLIONS of people who are not eligible to vote (at least in that district), since the rolls have not been maintained as required by the law – San Diego 117% registration

    In 1992, my wife registered 200+ people at a Walmart in Houston – they all checked the box of being a citizen of the USA – she called Harris County (Houston, TX) Tax Assessor’s office as to who is checking the validity of the registrations – “Nobody, we have no resources to do that” was the answer.

    • Ineligible Voters are less likely to turn out in person than mailing the ballot in.

    NOBODY talks about this
    • According to the US practice – in-person Ballot is SECRET, i.e. only the voter knows how he/she voted.

    Current political climate has resulted in
    • Broken relationships between family and friends
    • Loss of jobs for not agreeing with the Social Media Mob
    • Corporations caving into the extortion by the Mob

    Does anyone think that under these circumstances there would be FREE and FAIR elections if there was not the secret balloting?

  3. Let’s look at the logistics of in the case of All Mail-In Voting
    • If it takes 30 sec to open and look-up & verify the signature (depending on the access to voter registration records)
    • There are 2,385,906 registered voters in Harris County (Houston, TX) and if 90% of them mail-in their ballots, it would require 17,894 man hours or 447 people for one week just to verify the signatures

    Based on this, does one even think that the signatures would be verified?
    Furthermore, who has verified and how that the registered voters are actually citizens?

    Ineligible Voters are less likely to turn out in person than mailing the ballot in.

    Let’s think about this on the National Level

    • More than a month after New York’s June 23, 2020 primary elections, state election officials are still counting votes.
    • In some legislative districts, they haven’t even started counting absentee votes.
    • In the best-case scenario, election officials hope to declare winners by the first Tuesday in August—six weeks after Election Day. It might take a lot longer than that.
    • Election officials in New York City have already invalidated upwards of 100,000 absentee ballots—about one of every five that were mailed in from the five boroughs.
    • And furious candidates are already filing lawsuits charging discrimination and disenfranchisement.

    During the extended delays, what are the opportunities for “misplaced” ballots.

    1. What a better way for the Dems to cheat as they do now. It will also provide fodder for them to contest Trump’s upcoming win. They will do anything to get their way.

  4. If you can stand in-line to go shopping or takeout, you can vote in person. Absentee voting means you are not here to vote or are physically unable to do so. Congratulations Crazy Pelosi, you are going to be our next and last President.

  5. Put $1,000 in cash in an envelope and mail it to yourself.
    If you don’t have the guts to do it, you better
    vote in PERSON come November

  6. It is the only way Democrats/ socitalist/ communist get get the Grave yard vote along with the illegal vote and they need BOTJ

  7. Living in Oregon vote ballots are mailed in or dropped off at poll boxes. Sounds nice however most voters believe fraud occurs through USPS and handlers of your ballots.

  8. Democrats are murdering innocent citizens and burning their ow cities!
    They will cheat in the election if their willing to kill its not an assumption they will cheat its a fact
    We must make their crimes and vote tampering a terrorist act and indict , find them guilty seize their families assets and hang them

  9. I have already received a mile in ballet for the primary election, not reading it thoroughly, I filled it out, only to find out I couldn’t vote in person. Since I had already filled it out and turned it, there was nothing I could do about voting. I call the election board and explained the situation I was told I had to write a letter to the election board state level to change it so I could vote in person. I did so and it was changed back to being able to vote in the general election. I didn’t request the ballet and thought it was a conformation of your voter status. This mistake can be made by people who received non requested ballets.

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