Desperate Third World Plea: Democrats Extort the United States

Monday morning, Joe Biden, shot out a tweet (his advisers most likely given his state of being) insinuating that if Donald Trump is re-elected the violence won’t stop.

This comes on the heels of a Kamala Harris showing with Stephen Colbert where she not only defended the riots but she encouraged more of them.


Kamala tells you how much they want them to stop:

“And everyone beware, because they’re not gonna stop, I’m telling you,” she warned. “They’re not gonna stop before Election Day in November and they’re not gonna stop after Election Day. And that should be — everyone should take note of that on both levels, that this isn’t gonna let up. And they should not. And we should not.”

Now how do you know they're funding it all?

The Federalist put together a great piece that ties the Biden/Harris team to the well-funded rioters through their cronies at the Ford Foundation.

The Ford Foundation has invested almost $2 billion into groups that's sole purpose is to cause disruption to achieve 'social justice'.

The Ford Foundation boasts key members of the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris campaign as alumni executives. Harris’s sister and ex-campaign chairwoman Maya Harris served as the Ford foundation’s vice president alongside Biden’s now senior advisor, Cristóbal Alex, who served as its program director during the Obama presidency.

Some of Obama’s top staffers are now Ford Foundation’s top staffers. Taara Rangarajan, now Ford’s chief of staff, served as Obama’s national security advisor from 2013-2016. Before that, she served as a special assistant to Susan Rice during the Benghazi affair. Another Ford exec, Xavier de Souza Briggs, served as President Obama’s associate director of the Office of Management and Budget.

They call out the groups being funded by the foundation such as the communist Worker's World Party and the Dream Defenders Group that use third world mafia tactics to attain it's goals.

The Ford Foundation is stacked full of Democrat activists, too.

Like other private foundations, Ford is governed only by basic IRS filing requirements and has virtually no public oversight. With woke leaders like Cisco’s CEO Chuck Robbins, Ford Motor Company’s Henry Ford III, and abortion giant Planned Parenthood’s former president Cecile Richards sitting on Ford’s board, be assured it will not cut off the funding to these Democrat street squads.

You need to read the Federalist article on these connections. It's clear as day that Democrats are attacking America and will be accusing President Trump of the very thing they are doing. They're just hoping you're all dumb enough to believe their words, not their actions and your eyes.

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16 thoughts on “Desperate Third World Plea: Democrats Extort the United States”

  1. They won’t be satisfied until we have a civil war. once we have a civil war, I hope the ford foundation gets destroyed and it’s operators go to jail.

      1. Ford motor company has nothing to do with the Ford foundation nor does the Ford family. Ford Motor Company is a major producer/supporter/supplier of police cars and will continue to be a major builder of police cars

  2. The Ford Foundation and George Soros pump money into the Far left wing terrorist groups in an effort to destroy the USA. We all know this. They don’t even try to hide the fact. Our government is too weak on these enemies of America, so they know there will be no repercussions for their treason.

  3. well this should be made clear to all votes in this election !!! Ford Foundation is behind the Funding & they are tied to Biden /Harris !!! No surprise that Biden ?Harris claim the violence isn’t going to stop now & not going to stop after the election

  4. As long as the Dems refuse to serve and protect its people from the disrupters, looters an rioters, the American people will suffer from harassment, intimidation, physical abuse, with impunity from lawless people..The only way to eliminate lawlessness is to NOT ELECT DEMS to hold public office. and establish a “term limit” for those serving in Congress and all State public officials.

  5. Ford is a four letter word and I won’t own one. Sounds Kamala and the dummycrats are advocating their lunatic voters continue and increase the violence regardless of how the election turns out. About 3 generations ago that would’ve been considered an attempt to overthrow our government and the senate slut would be charged with treason. If those dummycrats want their civil war so bad, big it on. Antifa/BLM spends more time killing little kids and even their own followers. They managed to kill one Trump supporter in Portland but 2 Antifa/BLM were killed in Kenosha and one wounded. Then one Antifa punk with a homemade flamethrower gets caught in Wisconsin and he curls up in the fetal position and cries like a baby. Looks like the advantages are with us, not BLM/Antifa. The dummycrats started this civil war and WE will finish it.

    1. Ford motor company has no ties to the Ford foundation. Ford family has no ties to the so called “Ford” foundation Stopped it decades ago when the foundation started going left. Used to do good things when Henry started it a life time ago

  6. Its a communist take over. Saw it in SE Asia in 71 same black uniforms. Theres millions of veterans out here if you commie sobs want a civil war……LETS GET IT ON!!! Put that bunch in jail for perpetuating treason in america. whats wrong with the Republican Party that they arent doing that now!!!!!!

  7. Good information for all those business’ burned and looted. Here are the deep pockets you can go after to recover what you lost. If they financially support these groups they should support paying for their destruction.

  8. Looks like NO more New FORD vehicles for me. Getting a lot of free time since cutting out all BS sports and now vehicles. Wake up people or your going to a FEMA camp. What the hell is wrong with this county that everybody want to turn commie and destroy everything. Are they sick of living a good life and being safe or what? If they get their way they will have NOTHING as the elites and government will take it all to never get it back. Maybe they think they will be the rich and power full. Looks to me like they are just a bunch of “Useful Idiots” like Biden said. When they are done with you getting their way you will be just another number in the FEMA camp breaking rock.
    Wake up don’t believe the BS they are telling you. It’s all been tried before at great loss to the world and it’s failed every time. Be careful for what you wish as you might get it.

    1. Ford motor company nor does the Ford family have anything to do with the Ford foundation. Ford cut ties with the Ford foundation decade ago. Because of the direction it was headed. Ford Motor Company is. MAJOR producer of police cars and will continue to be a MAJOR producer/provider of police cars.

  9. If the US was actually a third world country, then Kamala Harris, Barack Obama, and a host of others would disappear. Next.

  10. Communist democrats vowing riots will not stop before or after the election!
    As a patriot my response is
    America we did not ask for this treason and murder in our country!
    But we will finish it!
    Democrats are the bullies in the school yard we have all experienced it all mouth and not a single bully in their worthless lives have ever been right or successful in the long run ! Most if not all die alone! And bitter as they always were!
    Democrats are the sweat dripping from the devils balls if you can’t see it now you will as their treason kills you and your neighborhood!
    The civil war has begun !
    Democrats will not stop regardless of the election they currently can only get away with their crimes in democrat states! Should they win the election they will be in your yard!
    American Patriots are civil by nature until wronged at if everyone in America doesn’t feel wronged by now it won’t take long to get there!
    They will not stop until stopped!!!!
    There is only one way to stop them now
    All of us know the solution and none of us can believe America has come to a civil war once again the tragedy is now it is over lies , nothing but lies and more lies!
    Solely to divert and cover up Obama’s coop to overthrow America and become a globalist Muslim State!

    The notion police are the problem when blm aka the n word and I don’t mean black people I mean democrats of any color are killing burning and looting because n word men nothing more then criminals , murderers , Pedophiles and drug adicts have more rights then common good citizens and are police the world and democrats narratives have become narcissistic in- human evil worshipers!

    After the election whether the Demscum cheat and win , hell they are burning cities and murdering innocent people now but they would never cheat in an election now would they!!
    Or America wins the war will be here in full Regalia!

    We ether get mean and eliminate all their leaders and media quickly without mercy or millions of Americans will die in a long drawn out gorilla street war which is just what Soro’s Russia and China want!

    I vote for getting mean we all know who has backed this vial nonsense, and they must be stopped forever and that means elimination!

    Democrats not their crazy leaders are starting to see they have been thrown under the bus to protect the almighty n word Obama for his treason!

    I saw it in the clip above on colberts face when his hero whore Harris said the riots would never stop!
    It was that look when you know you have been had!

    He and the media must pay the price of the grave for their treason its to late to save their soles
    All of Hollywood
    The media
    The athletes
    Democrats politicians
    The rhinos
    Tech media
    Corporation that donates
    Their advertisers
    The Clintons
    Osama Obama
    All must be eliminated
    We must eliminate their leaders with extreme prejudice or millions of innocent Americans will die
    Their own Vice President running for office has pledged they will never stop!
    We must become hero’s and stop them
    We must cut off the heads of these snakes for without the heads of their leaders and money the lemming democrats will go back to their holes where they belong and live off of patriots welfare for the rest of their worthless lives!
    We did not start this treason but as always it is a Americans job to save the world even when its. The democrats living next door to you causing the vial treason!
    Are there any hero’s out there!
    Are you a hero ?
    America needs hero’s to stop this mess or millions will die at the hands of the democrats, their are no good democrats for if they were they would walk away on Election Day and crush the democrats without violence!
    We pray that happens but if it does not violence with swift calculated swiftness will become necessary!

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