Lindsey Graham Has Some Serious Explaining To Do

The second highest ranking official in the United States Senate (second only to the Vice President, Mike Pence) has wanted to interview Joe Pientka, a career FBI Agent, over his role in the FBI abuses during the FBI’s anti-Trump investigations both during and after the 2016 election cycle.

Chuck Grassley, president pro tempore of the U.S. Senate, has wanted to interview Pientka for a while.

Many say that Pientka is key to finding out what happened and who else was involved in setting up the takedown of Michael Flynn as well as spying on then-candidate and now President Trump, Flynn, and Chris Christie.

It turns out, Lindsey Graham already did that - and hid it from his GOP colleagues on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.), the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and his staff kept Republican members of that committee in the dark about a pivotal interview of key Russiagate figure Joe Pientka, multiple sources familiar with Thursday’s proceedings told The Federalist

Given that Lindsey Graham was good friends with John McCain (who had a role is spreading the fake dossier) and Graham actually admitted that he, himself, played a role in spreading the fake dossier when he told McCain to give the Trump-Russia dossier to the FBI, should Graham have taken this interview without his Republican colleagues?

Beside the fact that it's highly inappropriate and not a normal course of action that he took, Graham has also been under fire over accusations that he is trying to slow-walk the investigation until after the November election.

Graham has promised subpoenas and answers over the last few years but has taken little action to attempt to fulfill those promises, it seems.

Sources on the Judiciary Committee told the Federalist that they were "baffled" as to why Senator Graham would do that.

Current and former staff for the committee said the failure to inform the full Judiciary Committee of the interview ran afoul of previous committee precedents regarding notification. While Republican members of the Judiciary Committee were not given the opportunity to ask questions of Pientka, staff for two senators who are not on the committee — Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.) and Sen. Gary Peters (D-Mich.) — were invited to attend the interview of Pientka.

Another longtime senate aide had this to say about Graham's conduct.

“The Ranking Member didn’t determine who participated and off-committee Democrats definitely didn’t get priority over on-committee Republicans,” the aide told The Federalist.

Lindsey Graham has a lot of explaining to do because the optics of this, along with his lack of action that he's past promised, just raise more questions and cast more doubt.

Why is that? Why would Graham not want to this information to get into the hands of other GOP members of the Judiciary Committee but still include some Democrats?

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80 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham Has Some Serious Explaining To Do”

  1. Graham has always been a Rino, always will be! Biggest problem in the. Republican Party is that it has to many loser democrats in it!

  2. Graham has been given money for his re- election from none other than George Soros!! When that happens, these politicians do his bidding. Look at McCain…who was buddies with Graham. Look at Paul Ryan and how he blocked everything ad Speaker of the House. Bypass Graham. He is a hidden RHINO.

    1. Hi Dee where did you hear Soros paid Graham? I would like to verify that… if that’s true it makes sense as to why the FBI and AG Department has not gone after Soros..

        1. I see the worm Paul Ryan on here as a recipient. I do not see Lindsey Graham as a recipient. Paul Ryan received under $11,000. Graham is a lot wealthier than that he wouldn’t need that money.

  3. This sums up the problem with the Republican Party since Trump became President. For the most part it seems his support from Republican politicians has been halfhearted at best. It is why I don‘t give money to any of them – what‘s the point? When one thinks of everything Trump has still accomplished, try imagining what he could have done with more congressional support! I fear for our country.

  4. Heck, I’m still waiting to hear what he finds out when he ‘gets to the bottom of this’ Benghazi investigation.

    1. I agree. Have wondered why he has so much information and does nothing with it. I used to support Graham but have stopped recently. I smell a rat and I think I know who it is. He is a career politician and needs to get out.

      1. I used to support Graham also. I was so impressed with his actions at the Kavanaugh hearings. Since then, he has done none of the things he promised, such as going after Obama and Hillary. That is never going to happen. I regret the money I did sent to him. He won’t ever seen another dime from me.

  5. When are folks going to be held accountable? Obviously, information that has been fact checked is being divulged and disseminated, yet it seems to stop there… It is like the class bully… everyone knows who that is, but no body is doing anything about the misdeeds…. is it fear or greed?

  6. This is what happens when the so called “Public Servants” get a taste of POWER.
    They can’t let it go. It’s very addicting to some.
    Another reason for TERM Limits. We have seen that the voting idiots can’t be trusted to
    vote for America instead of promises made by Power hungry self serving things.

  7. He held this interview in private just in case the name of McCain came up and how much he was working against Trump.

    1. 100%! Lindsey Graham was tied to McCain’s hip, and it was anti-Trump 24/7 while he was alive. Lindsey talks a good game, but if you ever listen to the way he questions the people he brings in front of the Committee, it is always leading. Like, “if you knew then what you know now, you wouldn’t have done that right?” He never asks a straight question. He is just as guilty of bad behavior as most of them are.

  8. Whimsey Gramnesty has had a lot of explaining to do for a lot of years.

    Personally, he should be read his rights before a MILITARY TRIBUNAL for his LIFETIME OF ANTI AMERICAN ACTIVITIES.

  9. If I didn’t want to retain control of the Senate and hopefully increase Repub numbers, I’d vote for whoever opposes this slimy RINO. He supports PRESIDENT Trump only when it behooves him to do so, otherwise, he’s all bark and no bite, a noisy Pomeranian that runs away yipping.

    1. Many will agree to that statement. True about other RINO’s
      Still sending $ to Graham-can’t afford to lose Senate to Biden.

  10. It could be he is keeping his “cards” close to him and finding the RIGHT moment to “spring” this INFORMATION. He’s smart like that. Team Trump and his llies 2020.

  11. Lindsay Graham needs to stop dragging his feet. This is serious you business and the Obama administration including Obama and Biden need to answer for their action against our President. Our nation has faced tio many Democratic acts of treason. What is wrong with you?

  12. Many of we Republicans in South Carolina would love to be rid of “Democrat Lite” Lindsey, but will be unable to until the Republican Party is forced to stop Democrats from voting in the primary. He is re-elected by the Democrats who know they won’t get one of theirs here. We have managed to keep our state one of the most ” Red States” in the country in spite of him. Lindsey is very much like Biden in that he has spent his career in Washington doing nothing except getting on TV–couple of years ago he laughed and said, ” I spend more time on Greta than she does.” He is a RINO of the highest order and cannot be trusted

    1. And I donated to this lying Rino, as he bragged about getting all those criminals at the FBI and the lawless in the DOJ to testify under oath !

  13. That is why a local radio host in my area has always referred to Graham as Lindsey GRAHAMNESTY when he was in the gang of 8

  14. Another Rhino Republican- should be primaried by a real republican conservative. No wonder nothing ever happens to corrupt Democrats- the elected so-called Republicans cover for them and never are honest but protect their Dem buddies . No wonder America is being overcome by thugs and leftist nuts. Thanks Lindsey. Sure you will go on Fox and spin this!

  15. Graham is a vile pile of dog crap who lies to protect his criminal pals. The true definition of a RINO, he and McStain should have both went to prison.

  16. America we are in a civil war! It’s not coming it’s here!
    Once the election shakes out! All the criminals on both sides will be exposed!
    No one now knows all the traitors we are fighting!
    Everyone knows you can’t fight a war in a basement!
    That’s why Biden’s hiding there!
    Sure he’s Senile and his party knows it, but in a basement he can’t let out the truth as he lashes out when confronted!
    Graham is likely as dirty as the rest of the scum in Washington
    The question is which scum is going to step up first to save his own ass to bury the rest of the Demscum and rhino piss!
    A civil war or any war is one battle at a time
    First Trump set all the scum up for discovery!
    By the election power will be decided to act and on whom!
    The domino effect will begin!
    And depending upon who has power after the election will dictate the crimewave winners and losers we unfortunately have now in Washington!
    In politics the one hated the most is always the good guy!
    So America knows now Trump is GOOD!
    Trump by now knows who most of his enemies are!
    If the Republicans win the election and take the house and senate the civil war will be over quickly as the democrats themselves will turn on each other trying to be the first to save their asses , a couple thousand indictments upon Hollywood, the media, democrat leaders and a modicum of military force on the rioters with a death toll of let’s say 10000 and America will begin the task to rebuild!
    That is the best scenario for the outcome of this civil war!
    Then the only task will be to vote out the unmasked republicans as dirty as the democrats are!
    America will survive , though black and blue will heal in a couple of years!
    Should democrats seize power the civil war will be bloody!
    They will attack republicans and their states with paid thugs, our freedom will once again be challenged as the world has done since America became America! Communist China and Russia will temporarily set on the side lines until the democrats have weakened our country then world war 3 will come and the Apocalypse will be fulfilled!
    The only thing that could possibly save America at this point would be for patriots to form a military militia of citizens from both patriots and patriot generals within our military and use our second amendment to eliminate the left with bloody force with a surgical strategy of jungle tactics , by going after the leaders very quickly in the beginning, take out the leaders , Hollywood, the media , we know who’s behind this threat they become the first targets! Demscum have proven themselves uneducated lemmings we cut the head of the snake and democrats with out their paid muscle are no threat at all they are just voters without abstract thought! They are the lazy only looking for a handouts without work ethic or true agenda! No spine!
    Well that pretty much critiques Our situation!
    We ether vote and indict the Demscum out
    Or we attack and destroy them with our hunting skills
    We must choose by November!
    You must choose by November!
    Justice or Blood
    Yours or theirs!

  17. I may not agree with Graham on some issues just as there are a few issues I am not sure I agree with Trump. I doubt that Graham takes money knowingly from Soros. I will say that any Republican who votes for a Democrat instead of Trump or Graham is the real traitor to the Republican party and conservative beliefs.


  19. Surely the good people of South Carolina can find a good man to send to the Senate instead of “shifty eye” Graham. Have you ever noticed when Sean Hannity questions Graham about when he is going to actually DO something about bringing someone to justice. His eyes shift from right to left, he clears his throat and tries to change the subject. A sure indicator that he is lying. I don’t trust him, he and traitor John Mccain were too close. WE NEED TERM LIMITS! Lets get rid of the do nothing but enrich themselves people in Washington DC and replace them with true patriots that want to help Trump Make America Great!

    1. Floyd I agree, Graham does a lot of talking but no action, earlier this year he told Hannity that he was going to
      supenna Hunter Biden and bring him before his committee about his role in his high paying Burisma job that Daddy
      got for him. But he has done nothing, why is it that the demoncrats stick together and the spineless Republicans get
      nothing done?

  20. Everyone was wondering why Lindsay has not taken aggressive action to defend Trump. He is all talk and no action and it is terrible that he has not done anything to go after the FBI and Dems for all that they have done to take over the U.S. I hope this article will help to get him going.

  21. That is a true statement and this Veteran agrees with your thoughts but really how many people in America have enough brains to think this out . How many TRUE AMERICANS ARE GOING TO FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM LIKE US VETERANS DID OR WILL THEY BOW DOWN TO THE COMMIES. I know my choice once again but what about all the other so called FREEDOM LOVING AMERICANS.

  22. Dear God, are Trump and Pence the only honest, transparent, God loving, reliable, ethical, respectful, and trustworthy people in Washington DC. Apparently the whole damned government is corrupt!!! Now I find out Lindsey Graham may be as corrupt as all the others. I don’t even want to vote anymore but I will for Trump/Pence.

  23. Looks like Graham is just another political hack pretending to be a good Republican in order to cover his worthless ass.

  24. After watching him for years I have come to the conclusion, he is two-faced and proceeds to go whichever avenue “ENRICHES” him the most. (just like ALL “career politicians”). He is another devious one that cannot be trusted.
    President Trump (much to their dismay) has been putting a “crimp” on the “behind the scenes “deep state” activities, that in my opinion HE TOO is deeply involved with. ALL politicians from BOTH “parties” are terrified that their “cash cow” (the U.S TAXPAYER) is going to be going “dry”, and their cushy lifestyles that WE “finance” is coming to a abrupt end. (Hence the “big push” to get rid of the best POTUS this country has seen in DECADES)

  25. He needs to be replaced by someone more likely to judiciously proceed with the investigation and someone more open.

  26. I have always questioned his loyalty to the Republican Party. Being a LOYAL friend of John Mc Cain in itself and his involvement with the Dossier was in itself reason to trust Graham! So sad to have Hannity always having Graham on his show & thankinking him for the good Job he is doing. Graham is doing Nothing! I believe MIT Romney was with Mc Cain when he met with Hillary in Utah regarding the Dossier. If Graham is involved with that as well, he & Grassley both have some answers to give! On two very weak moment’s I donated to his Campaign a small amount ,however I didn’t want his DemocRat opponent Winning! Figure get him voted in and we all know his intentions are John Mc Caine speaking from the grave through Graham! Just hope he wins but far from a land Slide! Get him questioned when he resumes office after the election! Hope President Trump doesn’t go soft on him! He received recognition for his Judge Kavanaugh’s hearings but that is the only real ethical thing I remember him doing!

  27. I have been wondering about Grahm, too, for some time now. He is a big talker and makes a lot of promises which he does not keep. I think he is a closet RINO. He needs to wake the hell up and smell the coffee. His job is on the line and I think the people/voters of Carolina know this.

  28. I have watched Lindsy Graham on tv many times and the way he is samileing for the camera i have seen the way his eyes dart around like a man that has something to hide and maybe some of this information serves me right.

  29. I have said all along that Graham , was best buddies with McCain, and he is actually the “Trojan Horse” for the DNC, he is a fake, a RHINO REPUBLICAN, and part of the “DEEP STATE” ! He “Talks the Talk, but doesn’t , Walk the Walk”, a fake Republican. This is just “Proof of his Deep State” connections!

  30. Senator Graham sometime talk to much and deliver nothing. He would pay a polical price if he does not change his tune. people like me are paying attention. .my advise to him is simple shape up or get the hell out. your seat in the senate is getting unsecure and you be a looser

  31. It wouldn*t be that his fingerprints are all over the scales of justice? That could never happen. Obscurity and slow walking are not in his venue. Bad judgement calls and improper decisions are part of all humans. To err is human; to forgive is divine. Forgiveness can be bestowed upon those who confess their sins. Without confession of those errors, it only compromises them further. Therefore forgiveness without acknowledgement and confession of those errors is a sin. The forgiver becomes a sinner and an accomplice. That is why clarity is demanded from this public official. To erase all doubts to his evaluation process being fair and equitable to all those involved. Time will out all things. Pay now or pay with compounded interest later. Question is what can you afford to pay?

  32. Hi, I have never believed in Lindsey Graham I always felt he was Ni hi, I have never believed in Lindsey Graham I always felt he was With John McCain and they were a couple incidents that proved to me that he was more for the Democrats need to get rid of him soon.

  33. I am not surprised. When I get campaign donation requests from Lindsey Graham, my first thought before deleting the email is, “You’ve got to be kidding!”

  34. He was dirty, caught with his pants down so to speak but flipped. Regardless-We need to keep him to maintain the seat. Just because he flipped and is doing Trump’s bidding to hopefully get a lighter punishment doesn’t mean he is home free. But we need the Senate numbers maintained or increased and we need to take back the House. Hold your nose and vote All RED. Paybacks will be later although most RINOs taken care of after 2016. This is the most important election ever.

  35. He was dirty, caught with his pants down so to speak but flipped. Regardless-We need to keep him to maintain the seat. Just because he flipped and is doing Trump’s bidding to hopefully get a lighter punishment doesn’t mean he is home free. But we need the Senate numbers maintained or increased and we need to take back the House. Hold your nose and vote All RED. Paybacks will be later although most RINOs taken care of after 2016. This is the most important election ever.

  36. WHY?? you asked! Graham is an opportunist and he is a back stabber! Have never trusted Graham! He was a buddy of McCain and for the life of me cannot understand why President Trump is friendly to him. He will stab Trump in the back and then cizy up to his democrat buddies! Lindsey Graham is a RINO!

  37. I heard and saw Graham on TV saying that he was going to vote for Biden!!! I WROTE HIM A LETTER ASKING FOR VERIFICATION. NO ANSWER FROM HIM YET. Now I understand why!!! We need a real conservative to replace him!!! Help, South Carolina!!!

  38. I’ve been saying this for 4 years the biggest problem with the Republican party and the biggest impediment to President Trump and Maga is the seditious rhinos they are enemies within the gate and 100 times more dangerous than the known enemy Democrat knocking on the gate.

  39. Lindsey Graham is part of the swamp. I learned that during the last year of the Obama administration when Lindsey as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee (along with others like Ted Cruz) which the Republicans controlled voted to reduce military BENEFITS in 3 key areas. How someone who wears the military uniform and states that he SUPPORTS the military could be so sneaky and vote to reduce benefits for our men and women who serve. When he and others like him wave their right hand be sure you take a close look at the left hand because the left hand is turning the screws and he doesn’t want anyone to know it. Since that vote back then I have watched Lindsey very closely. He is a sneak and cannot be trusted.

  40. This hurts me because I truly believed Graham had turned around and really got behind and beside Trump. Would do all he could to keep him in four more years. This makes me wonder how deeply imbedded in this swamp he is with the democrats. Has he made tons of $$$ at the expense of America.

  41. Did you all take the time to read the SUMMARY page “Soros Fund Management” regarding contributions

    NOTE: The organization itself did not donate, rather the money came from the organization’s individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals’ immediate family members. Organizations themselves cannot contribute to candidates and party committees. Totals include subsidiaries and affiliates.

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