CDC: Only 6% of COVID Deaths Were Due to COVID Alone

After destroying the best economy ever, keeping people from loved ones in their time of death, keeping people from church, keeping people from attending their loved ones’ funerals, shutting down small businesses, closing schools, cancelling kids’ sports and college sports, and forcing people to wear masks… the CDC has quietly updated their COVID death numbers to reveal what those ‘conspiracy theorists‘ have been suspecting.

For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned.

You mean to tell me that they didn’t figure this out a long time ago?

To be fair, just because only 6% of deaths listed as COVID deaths were due to COVID alone doesn't mean the virus didn't contribute to other deaths.

However, this is not the bill of goods they sold us over the last 5 months. People were mocked and criticized for questioning all of the times the CDC, NIH, & WHO made false statements regarding the virus and recommended extreme measures to combat this virus that was possibly going to kill millions of us if we didn't follow along.

Most of the people that were listed as COVID deaths were also dying of something else.

“For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death,”

On average there were 2.6 additional causes of death.

Also from CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield:

“Based on what we’ve learned, we now understand that as you get older, your risk for severe disease, hospitalization, and death increases.  We also updated the list of underlying health conditions that can put you at higher risk for severe disease, hospitalization, and death, based on the latest review of scientific evidence to date,” he said.

You didn't know that before this virus showed up?

You didn't know that as one gets older their risk for disease and death increases? Where have you been since, I don't know, the beginning of time?

On the date of this CDC release, that puts the total number of COVID deaths where COVID is clearly what killed the person, at under 10,000.

I think it's now fair to say that the measures instituted by Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx, and mostly Democrat governors and mayors across the country, will have done more damage than the virus itself.

What's also very telling is that, even though this information is out there and there is almost zero chance your governor doesn't know this, many governors have continued with their lock-downs and attack on the Bill of Rights as if this information is still unknown.

But, hey, I guess it might actually be safe to riot now..

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13 thoughts on “CDC: Only 6% of COVID Deaths Were Due to COVID Alone”

  1. I have posted this on Facebook as have so many of my friends. They are marking it as false information. We need to get this out to legitimate news agencies willing to report honestly. Then we need to confront our a-hole governors who continue with the lousy mask mandates and keeping the economy shut down

  2. I just emailed my governor, Mike Parsons of Missouri, pleading with him to end the mask mandates and quarantines, that we’ve all been duped. In fairness to Gov. Parsons, he’s not on the shutdown train and he’s not making Missourians wear masks. Our Democrat St. Louis County and St. Louis City leaders are keeping the government thumb on the citizens out of duty to their Democrat handlers.

  3. “Come on Man”; all part of the big one world order plan to destroy the lives of Americans along with this system of government. “WE THE PEOPLE”, cannot be allowed freedom of any kind, if they are to rule over us…. TOO LATE, the populations of the world are waking up to government corruption, and the TRUTH ABOUT THE “PLANDEMIC” Time to clean the slate of criminality, in every level of government, top to bottom. IT IS TIME, for Patriots, That LOVE AMERICA, AND ALL THAT IT STANDS FOR, to step up for service to the nation and to “WE THE PEOPLE”!

  4. I do not believe I am alone in feeling I have been mind-fucked by these creatures and that all of this was done in an effort to bring down Trump, PERIOD! At 81-years of age I have chronic amnesia, diabetes and I am over weight…people are far more dangerous to me than I am to them. I am not allowed into the market unless I toe the line and OBEY, even if I keel over or pass out…the forced “Rules” in California says if you have a medical condition, you are exempt…I am exempt and my plea is brush aside and I am told if you want to come in here you need to wear a mask.

    I have owned my publishing company for 34 years, we have won a Pulitzer and received 7 Best-Sellers. ALL of the people who work for me like editors, photographers, graphic designers and artists are “independent contractors” and NONE OF US are qualify for any state or federal compensation…the pain inflicted on us is unconscionable.

    Not a single mayor or governor is doing this with any authority or by any legislature passing laws…therefore we are all being abused and ordered around like blind sheep…California governor Newsom this week released his 4-color-code piece of shit… there is no green which would mean ‘open all businesses’…yellow at the bottom of the chart represents 1% per one million deaths… How long this policy is maintained is not mentioned… REALLY? So, it can change weekly? Why does the mantra, “My Body, My Choice” only apply to abortion and the murder of over 60 million babies since Roe vs. Wade…But not apply to Americans being forced to wear a mask?

    We have a population of 330 million, a $22 TRILLION economy with a 1% Covid-19 death rate? Just as many people or more died each year from Flu, Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack and Auto Accidents…For those of us being forced to obey there will be NO Halloween, NO Thanksgiving, NO Hanukkah, NO Christmas or Church, NO New Year’s Eve celebrations, NO Employment…if we make it through to January 1st, I predict 20% of the businesses in our state will go under, taking with them tens of thousands of qualified employees, most of whom will go bankrupt and become a burden to the rest of us…or forced to move out of state.

    I am beginning to think this has been a dress rehearsal for taking over this country for Socialism that will be shoved down our throats…then we will all be made ‘equally poor’ and will die in sufficient numbers until the morons in charge will have total control of the masses. It’s right out of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin. THE REMEDY… VOTE THE BASTARDS OUT OF OFFICE.

  5. Notable , intelligent professionals declared just what this revelation shows. Heads must roll on health professionals, politicians and others who had this in their back pocket. Covid-10 is not a hoax but the revelation is evidently clear that we were duped.

  6. All attempts by the Democrats to bring down Teflon Don aka President Trump have failed this was there last ditch attempt I’m sure when all the smoke clears some truth will prevail sadly those who perpetrated this most likely will mange to sleaze back into the cracks of the cesspool and be protected by their crooked Democratic outrage..

  7. The disinformation to the public from the very beginning by the WHO, and by the NIH and flip flop Fauci was intentionally done to cause damage to our economy and to hurt president Trump, American people should wake up!

    1. No worries folks, it will be over November 3rd. If impeachment, Russia hoax, if we had “mail in voting” in 2016 the Chinese would have kept the virus,—and we would have never know about it! Kinda’ like the H1N1, Swine, etc. Of course we wouldn’t be worried about the USPS’s ability to handle all the fake ballots coming in through November and December….

  8. It is all looking like a big boondoggle. It is hard to believe that either political party would politicize such a serious matter. Was it a hoax, an overreaction because of insufficient information, etc? WHO certainly was complicit in spreading erroneous information, if not the source of the information. CDC lagged in responding and then appears to have overblown nearly every aspect.

    New York has pointed the finger at the POTUS, yet they are the ones that returned ill people to the residential care facilities. Their deaths are on their own hands in my opinion.

    The CDC first telling everyone masks weren’t necessary and then saying they were and admitting they had lied to preserve the masks for medical personnel damaged their credibility.

    And who made the decision to report all deaths that the China Virus was a contributing factor to as the “cause of death”? A moron would see through this and recognize it as bogus.

    Was it all political? Was it all a conspiracy to bring the POTUS down and to prevent his reelection? Could many around the globe be willing to sacrifice the lives of many to draw attention to what many thought has been an inept leader? At some point it must have become obvious that the POTUS was rising to each and every crisis to identify, contain and mitigate the China Virus and the problems it brought. Some of the things done were to stop travel from areas with infections, summon a hospital ship, build emergency hospitals, ramp up industry to produce supplies needed to contain the virus and treat patients and protect medical and service personnel (keep in mind these were all done before politics reared its ugly head and ramped up controversy).

    POTUS understood it was governors that have the responsibility to make the calls for their states, it is the law. Unfortunately governors went many different directions. Today we have unwarranted executive orders and directives in place that make little sense, yet governors are hesitant to reduce restrictions. Politics is again rearing its ugly heads as the lines are often drawn between the parties by their governors and some aren’t going to do anything that may provide support for Trump’s reelection.

    Trump, at this time, has no choice but to campaign. The Democrats have the problem with Biden campaigning, the more he gets in front of the public the worse their chances appear.

  9. Shocker!!!! The Governors lied? Fauci et al lied? The CDC lied? Hitler lied? Stalin lied? Lenin lied????? There must be a pattern here…

  10. Why are we constantly being fed the number of New Infections? Infections don’t count, no one has ever died from an infection itself. How many people die from a Heart Attack, Cancer, Suicide, Auto Accidents, etc., but had a Chest Congestion or a Cold. Are they counted as dying from a Cold? Just because you have an infection doesn’t mean that you die from it. So why is dying from a Stroke while infected with the Virus is listed as a Covid-19 death?

    Dying from something is not the same as dying with Something!

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