Rand Paul Attacked, Kamala Harris Encourages Rioters

On the final night of the Republican National Convention that called for unity, peace, and a prosperous future, Rand Paul and his wife were mobbed outside the White House while on their way back to their hotel.

“They’re attempting to push the police over to get to me, so at one point they push a policeman backwards, he stumbles and he’s trying to catch his balance and I catch the back of his flak jacket to stabilize him to make sure he’s OK because he’s our defense,” Paul explained. “If he’s down, the mob’s loose on us.”

All he and his wife were trying to do was get back to their hotel, which was across the street from the White House. Paul says that if it weren’t for the DC Police he really believes they might have been killed.

The mob exposed their own ignorance and idiocy as they chanted "Say her name", referring to Breonna Taylor who was killed during a 'No-Knock Raid'. What these terrorists didn't realize is that there has been nobody who has faught more against those raids than Senator Paul.

"They were shouting threats to us, to kill us, to hurt us, but also threats saying shout, shouting 'say her name,' Breonna Taylor, and it's like you couldn't reason with this mob, but I'm actually the author of the Breonna Taylor law to end no-knock raids, so the irony is lost on these idiots that they're trying to kill the person who's actually trying to get rid of no-knock raids,"

Paul is calling for the FBI to actually do their job and start arresting these people. He believes they will find that some of these agitators are paid to be there and the money trail will lead back to those funding this attempted overthrow of democracy.

He also called out the Democrat Presidential ticket, who has not only refused to condemn the violent rioters, but actually supports them. Kamala Harris literally said "they will not stop and they should not stop."

The people have a chance to save America in November or throw it all away and let this crazed mob mentality run the streets until America is bankrupt and dissolved.

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28 thoughts on “Rand Paul Attacked, Kamala Harris Encourages Rioters”

  1. Why were they Paul’s not given protection before the left the WH grounds. Sounds like it is time for some serious and a lot of it GUN FIRE . These people have only been giving a slap on the wrist, they need some deeply serious sentencing , LONG TERM.

  2. Kamala Harris evidently looks forward, in the video you show, to ruling with Biden primarily through the media and the street, as Obama did in his last two years after he lost control of Congress, using the street to impose their views and make everyone repeat them or else pay a personal price. Sometimes mobilizing the street deliberately through the media, to enforce their views on what “has to be done”, never mind Congress or the Constitution, and to forced courts to give politicized verdicts in their favor on threat of more riots and media vilification if they don’t.
    This is the only thing that can fully explain her words on the Stephen Colbert show: “They [the protesters] are not going to stop [she repeats this line over and over for emphasis, wagging her finger at us, as one does to stress an intimidating intention]. This is a movement. They’re not going to stop before election day, they’re not going to stop after. They’re not going to let up. And they should not. And we should not.”
    Notice also: she identifies with “we” as a part of the movement, just on a higher level, the level of formal government and media power.

  3. Well she just outlined her and Biden’s plans for their entire term in office ( if they should win). Nothing but street violence and attacks on the citizens of this country. But then again it also pretty much outlines their response if they lose the election. Vote Red people and at least insure they don’t have the power to make it the “law”.

  4. Harris is a sleezeball and has NO business being on a presidential nominee’s ticket! Typical dumbtard goofball!

  5. Aiding and inciting riots is a crime so why is not Harris arrested and charged with a felony? Politicians running for office are not exempt.

  6. Please America!!! wake up and look at what is happening around you and around me. Stop these foolish radical thugs from destroying our country . Vote Republican on November 3rd and let’s keep America great. otherwise the alternative is bad

  7. So what she is saying that we should vote for her and have these RIOTS FOR LIFE. What a f-cking joke she is anal birth COMMIE Burn in hell

  8. “Heals Up” Harris is the best thing to happen to the Republican Party. The Final Nail in Biden’s Coffin. It confounds me how Stupid the Dumocrats’ are.
    Let’s not forget the Senate and Congress. The nation has one to many Adam Shits in Congress. Oh yeah … Schumer, now there’s a piece of Gopher poop. It’s embarrassing.

  9. What is going to stop on election day, Kamala, is you and your corrupt party of traitors and domestic enemies.

  10. I am so glad you asked me to comment. I have a message to all times in the Republicans party, if you don’t like what the leaders are voting for and regardless of whether you agree with it or not vote with the Republicans. Now here’s what I don’t like is when the lying corrupt untrustworthy Democrats want you to vote with them just say No that is so simple but you find vote with the lying corrupt untrustworthy Democrats. So if you want to vote with the lying corrupt untrustworthy Democrats renounce your party of the Republicans and become the party of the lying corrupt untrustworthy Democrats, that is so simple is’nt it. So my message is to all times and you already know who you are I don’t support you and will not give any donations to your campaign as you are up for reelection. Bu if you want you can tell all the lying corrupt untrustworthy Democrats you will no longer vote with them and make happen on national TV, so the ball is now in your hands.

    1. Why are we not fighting back?!!! All we have to do is shoot a couple of the slime balls and they will all scatter back into their rat holes like the cowards they are. All I’ve seen so far is passive meekness on our part. Wake up America! It’s not working! What happened to the fighting courage and backbone AMERICANS used to have? Where is the National Guard? Why aren’t we using military force? If we don’t start fighting for God and country we are going to lose this battle. And that is exactly what it is, A WAR BETWEEN GOOD AND EVIL!

  11. In my opinion, if you took ALL of the women out of politics it would solve a lot of the problems we’re having right now. I’m a woman, and I kid you not, women in power are the root of all evil! Leave it to the guys! They would get together in a room somewhere, smoke a few cigars and find a solution to the mess this country is in. (Just sayin)

    1. Well said and so very true
      Women act from the heart without abstract thought
      Men consider consequences
      Women are essential to are core families
      Without them at home our kids have no chance
      Hen women try to be men and go to work , it’s child abuse!

  12. Democrats
    Bitter ugly women
    Tech media
    Lying media
    Malcontent football and basketball ball players
    All smell of Mendacity
    Our kids that are so stupid they don’t know what gender they are

    Fatherless families a pandemic on its own in the black race
    Motherless families Women going to work instead of taking care of their children ie: child abuse

    All of these vial descriptions are the purest definition of what it is to be a democrat!

    Anyone who thinks the actions of democrats in America are acceptable traits of a human being’s
    are simply insane!
    The notion inhuman democrats should be allowed to vote or run for office could only be acceptable to the devil himself!
    And that’s a slam on the devil!
    For comparing a democrat to the devil is so insulting to the devil after all not even the devil is as vial as the actions
    Against America by the democrats!
    The n word is no longer the most vial word in America
    It has been replaced in spades by the most vial and Putrid word now being used in America!
    The word is democrat!
    Patriots must
    And Abort
    All democrats in America
    If we don’t get mean they will destroy this Great Country
    It’s time to take back our country
    The Great young that just shot the rioters as they attacked him should be given a medal!
    The police did the right thing by letting him walk away with his hands in the air with his weapon hanging from his side!
    America a 17 year old boy showed you how to eliminate democrats, rioters and the blm ! Were there more actions like his the rioters hiding behind masks from the democrats covid 19 flu fake pandemic , the yellow dog rioters would run and hide just like they did as he shot their worthless Asses!
    When you unleash a bad flu into rest homes to kill our grandparents to win an election, when you promote communism in America where is JUSTICE
    That young man has more integrity and patriotism in one of his fingers, his trigger finger then every democrat, blm, Hollywood has been actor the media the tech media and communists in the world!
    I am not saying we should repeat his valor
    But after the unlawful attacks and lies these treasonous democrats have inflicted on this great country , their murders of innocent children , their burning and looting of our cities ! I do at least in my dreams wish it were Acceptable for 100’s of these 17 year old patriots to do it again only next time not just go after the pawns but also the actors in Hollywood the mayors of the democrat cities, the media, the lying politicians who condone these vial acts upon America!

    I don’t advocate my dream but should These evil acts not stop now , when should we advocate it? I hope soon it will become acceptable behavior in the name of our Freedom and safety!
    After all the Perpetrators the democrats are committing Heynis crimes without justice!
    When will justice once again return to America!
    When do the innocent victims get their Justice ?
    When is it alright to stand up for freedom and our public safety?
    Being politically correct is saying stop that or boo!

    To stop democrats we will need those one hundred 17 year old hero’s
    If the democrats loose the elections does anyone think they will go home say we tried we lost maybe next time?
    Hell their burning down and murdering before the election!
    Without consequences!
    How bad will it be if Heaven forbid if they win or heat by fake mail votes and win, does anyone still believe Obama won or did they cheat then?
    I hope their are heroes out their
    I hope they are the democrats consequences !
    I hope I wake up tomorrow and 2020 was just a bad dream in America
    I hope there are patriots out their like past American generations with the balls to squash this communist coup before America and more of its wonderful citizens are needlessly harmed!
    Without consequences and justice America will not stop these communist democrats!
    It’s very sad !
    Who is going to be their consequences?

    1. It started out as a Pandemic. The Democrats have turned it into Pandemonium. If we don’t take drastic steps to stop them and their insane agenda America is lost. I love this country and it’s Christian based values. To me it is far too valuable not to fight tooth and nail for. If the American people don’t take up arms and fight for our God given rights like the dregs of the earth (the Demoncrats) are fighting to take them away and turn this country into a Communist hell we only have ourselves to blame if we lose. If they win, this country will be Communist America. If the horrible things we’ve heard about Communist countries and their leaders are true, and if this country is taken over by this bunch of radical maniacs we’re dealing with, I’m absolutely sure that under their regime YOU AIN”T SEEN NOTHIN YET! I’d rather die fighting for my rights! How about you?

  13. The law abiding American people have had enough, we will stop the likes of fascist people like you. We want peace at all cost. Wipe that smirk off your kneeling face, only if we didn’t know how you got all those promotions maybe you, Kamala can act superior. But Willie Brown told us what you really are like. So stop it already.

  14. Your comment section has been hijacked by
    Prepared to protect.net
    And they are censoring comments

    1. Typical reaction by a bunch of scaredy cats! WE don’t have to censor their remarks. Every time they open their idiot mouths they censor themselves. I wonder if they really think everyone is gullible enough to believe that their way is better for everyone in this country. I don’t pay any attention to their silly propaganda and from the remarks I’ve read on this site no one else does either. So in your face censorship! The American people are not falling for your lies.

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