Will the Catholic Bishops Call Out Joe?

As a cradle Catholic and recipient of Notre Dame’s Laetare Medal, Joe Biden is outspoken in declaring that the principles and beliefs of his Catholic faith guide his public life.

“Joe is a man of faith,” was a recurring theme at the Democratic convention that nominated him to become our second Catholic president.

Biden has often affirmed the centrality of his faith to his decisions in public life.

In a video released on the eve of the convention, he credited Pope Francis and the nuns who educated him with making him the man he is today.

Yet, when the Supreme Court ruled in July that the Little Sisters of the Poor could not be forced, by an Obamacare mandate, to provide contraceptives to employees, Biden called the decision “disappointing.”

For Joe has evolved over a half-century. He is now an all-in Roe v. Wade Catholic who supports a woman's right to abortion and believes the tax dollars of his fellow Catholics should pay for the abortions of women who cannot afford them.

This year, he changed his position and came out against the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits the use of tax dollars to pay for abortions.

What triggered Joe's renunciation of his past support for the Hyde Amendment?

Primary opponents Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris had battered him for it and Bernie Sanders had given Biden some tutoring in the new moral law of the Democratic Party.

Said the Vermont socialist, "There is no middle ground on women's rights." With that cuffing, Biden scurried off the middle ground and was all in.

"Circumstances have changed," is how Biden explained his flip-flop.
Biden's moral journey from right-to-life to pro-abortion Democrat has not gone unnoticed within the Church. A dozen years ago, when Biden was still a senator, a bishop in Scranton, with Joe in mind, declared:

"I will not tolerate any politician who claims to be a faithful Catholic who is not genuinely pro-life. ... No Catholic politician who supports the culture of death should approach Holy Communion."

During the South Carolina primary, Fr. Robert Morey of Florence denied Biden communion on the grounds he had excommunicated himself by taking the stand he has taken on the killing of the unborn.

"Holy Communion signifies we are one with God, each other, and the Church," said Morey. "Any public figure who advocates for abortion places himself or herself out of Church teaching."

Biden also supports the restoration of federal funds for Planned Parenthood, a provider of abortions. Nor is life the only issue on which Biden has taken his leave of the teachings of the Church in which he was raised.

In 1994, Biden voted to cut off federal funds to schools that teach an acceptance of homosexuality. In 1996, he voted for the Defense of Marriage Act.

Once he had become vice president in 2012, however, Biden even got out ahead of Barack Obama in urging that homosexual unions be granted the legal and social standing of traditional marriage.

Had moral truth changed? Did Catholic teaching change? No, Biden changed. The Catechism of the Catholic Church still declares "homosexual acts" to be "intrinsically immoral and contrary to the natural law" and describes "homosexual tendencies" as "objectively disordered."

Biden once believed this, or said he did for most of his life, for that is the way he campaigned in Delaware and voted in D.C.

What has changed is the Democratic Party Biden now heads. The precepts of LGBT now dictate "moral truth" in the party and platform of Joe Biden who now calls transgender rights "the civil rights issue of our time."

As Biden has turned his back on the teachings of the Church in which he was raised, the Church itself is coming under physical attack by the same radicals besetting civil society.

In Miami, a statue of Christ the Good Shepherd was lately beheaded. A statue of the Blessed Virgin inside a Boston church was set on fire, and another was desecrated in Tennessee. In Denver, the same headless fate befell a statue of St. Jude.

Statues of Fr. Junipero Serra, the priest who founded 17 missions from San Diego north to San Francisco, when California was under Spanish rule, have been under constant attack.

In St. Louis, a mounted statue in the city's Forest Park of the 13th century Saint and King Louis IX, the French monarch for whom the city was named, who led the Sixth and Seventh Crusades, is under siege.

Radicals are even demanding that the city's name be changed.

On right-to-life, the declared position of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is clear: "Taxpayer dollars should never fund abortion."

This unequivocal moral stance is being publicly repudiated and will be rejected, should he win the presidency on Nov. 3, by the professed believing and practicing Catholic, Joe Biden.

What, if anything, are the U.S. Catholic bishops going to say about this grave moral issue in the fall election? Or will they remain silent?

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of "Nixon's White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever."

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48 thoughts on “Will the Catholic Bishops Call Out Joe?”

  1. Sadly, I believe many upper level Catholic bishops and their superiors are part of what’s been termed “the deep church”. Many are retro-hippies or old hippies from a bygone facade of history. I admire those priests and bishops that stand for core Catholic teaching(s) and don’t kneel to the progressive, “everybody be happy” ecumenical message. I’ve spoken to many our our parish priests and they, sometimes guardedly, agree they aren’t sure if their diocese has their backs. I’m for every diocese denying communion to leaders, politicians who publicly promote abortion & other anti-Catholic doctrinal teaching. Many of our non-Catholic believers are depending on the Holy Catholic Church as their last remaining firewall against the secular-humanist Marxist anti-God forces we face.

    1. They will not bother him. They like most of the Democrats today think the party is like it use to be. But
      It has changed and everyone is going to be really sorry when it’s too late


  3. So Notre Dame awards him the Laetare Medal. A catholic who steals another man’s wife.
    And then feels it has the right to condemn Lou Holtz.

    1. You are absolutely right. I’m sick of the hierarchy of my church putting politics first. Look how they fell all over the Kennedys. I hope when these baby killers go they see all the little angels whose lives they took looking down on them

  4. BISHOPS won’t say anything as long as Joe continues to donate ,stop donation and watch how fast the Bishops speak up

  5. These JERK-OFF’S in robes, hiding behind the bible, call out joe been a hidden biden. Over abortion, what a bunch of FAKE FRAUDULENT FHONEYS, How many nuns have had to have abortions, because of a priest or higher ups lack of their chastity vows ??? All hidden by the catholic church, and all of the pedo-files priests that just get moved to another county after being exposed for the SICK PERVERT ACTIONS. TO MANY that is the DAMN ANSWER. An yet they call out someone else, well maybe old touchie feelie joe biden, got his perversion for the catholic church.

  6. Joe Biden apparently met all of the requirements for the awarding of the Laetare Medal.
    An awarded for outstanding service to the Catholic Church by a person:
    “whose genius has enabled the arts and sciences, illustrated the ideals of the Church and enriched the heritage of humanity.”
    He stole another mans wife, supports abortion, opposed integration, supported the credit card companies bid for high interest rates, (and on and on) and has consistently lined his own and members of his families pockets with ill conceived goods.

    1. Biden’s “award” was simply a catholic political move to gain in a Biden political future, nothing more.
      If one looks closely they will see that the catholic church is just another socialist/communist entity that
      will use the Rothchild method of playing both sides to get their “cut of he pie’.
      Nazi Germany is a good example.

  7. Notre Dame U. censures Coach Holtz for referencing Biden as a Catholic ‘in name only’. This term often implies hypocrisy. The University claimed that no one ‘should question the sincerity of others’ faith’. Didn’t Jesus Christ call out hypocrites for their ….. well, for their hypocrisies? Or did Lou step on the university’s toes?

  8. The cancer in America is the trash patriots call democrats!
    There is no place in America for them
    Their treason , slander of Christianity and communist agendas proves their soles unfit to dwell in the House of Our Lord!
    Women’s rights , roe vs Wade a product of the devil Hillary belzabub Clinton is such a scam on women!

    It is a contradiction in terms when telling women they are for women’s rights and supporting communist regime agendas in the same breath!
    Women, blm extortionists and all of America will loose all rights should these communist extremists succeed in the take over of America!
    I am 63 and my life in America has been wonderful! I have had a great and long life , the American Dream has given me freedom , happiness, family and all the success one man can handle!
    I shall laugh at you democrat idiots
    You retarded youth
    You dumb ass millennials
    You idiot females trying to be men
    You Hollywood scum as you loose your unearned wealth
    You black athletes that have destroyed your own industry sports and your big checks

    I pray you get what your asking for
    For when you get communism
    You will get what you deserve
    Nothing at ALL!

    For there will be no high paid sports games
    There will be no freedom
    There will be no women’s choice
    There will be no equality
    There will be no food
    There will be no jobs for women
    You will have no rights
    You will only have a dictator
    You democrats are without a doubt the stupidest , uneducated, morons I have ever seen curse this planet with your presence!
    I pray you get what you ask for , for I have had the American Dream
    You deserve nothing and that’s what communism is going to give you!
    You nothing but lazy whining Psychopaths
    Hell you are not smart enough to even know what gender you are
    You deserve elimination but I hope you get 100 years of communist tyranny
    Before you die and find your soles forever in hell where your worthless excuses of nothing belong for eternity!

    The only church you are fit to belong is the house of Satan and trust me that is no church at all!

    1. Women think about what you are supporting with this communist movement
      Women are without a doubt pro women’s rights , blacks thus applies to you as well!
      Just look at what the democrats agenda is : Communism!
      Women and blacks are for their RIGHTS!
      As they should be!
      Are you so stupid you don’t know the definition of communism!
      Communism is and always will be NO RIGHTS!
      Communism is a dictatorship with a regime that oppresses a populations RIGHTS COMPLETELY!

      Just how stupid are you women and black people who support this democrat left communist coup ongoing here in America!

      Communism REALLY ,is your choice of a solution to further your equality and rights

      I recommend you go ask a Chinese women or man about their rights in China
      Or in Russia
      Or in North Korea
      Or in Venezuela which was before communism the richest capitalist country in South America

      Sure America can be better , more equal but only a complete moron would choose communism as a solution

      Democrats have lied and oppressed women and blacks since George Washington who owned slaves!
      Lincoln was our first republican President

      If you want to make America more equal rid us of:
      Elitist Hollywood
      The media
      The tech media freedom of speech oppression
      Liberal colleges who promote communism
      Support our police
      Demand justice to criminals
      If you burn a town or kill children you should be punished

      Instead of thinking about yourself only
      Try this or at least think about it
      If you want a better life
      We all must first make America a better and safe place
      Until we heal America there will be NO better or equal life possible!

      1. If Americans would only read the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO and the U.N. AGENDA 21, (both online) they just might get a look at what is happening in America, right now. (The U.N. Agenda is a subtle way for the (communist) government to take ownership of everything, from you, read it look closely and keep an open mind as to what you are reading.)

  9. I am glad he was refused, Holy Communion, Killing Babies is not moral, and I do not want my Tax Dollars going to support these immoral acts. What happened to the teaching of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The Son of God.

  10. A more honest description of Joe Biden in his beliefs is a Non Practicing Catholic which implies one has left the HOLY MOTHER CHURCH’s teaching and practices physically emotionally and intellectually.

  11. Probably nothing. The only bishop I have yet to hear has been Cardinal Dolan. Now, I very well might have missed others in this large nation who have spoken out against brutality toward police, etc. But, if they have, it has not been nationally acclaimed.

  12. In addition, how many people can say they are Christian of any faith and accept the top
    nomination of their organization (ie:Biden, Harris) when that organization refuses to
    accept God as part of their platform and future governance. John Kost

  13. We Catholics were wondering and hoping that the Church would speak up about this terrible lie that Biden is expressing. Actually both he and Nancy Pelosi are always saying that they are “Catholics” yet both of them are staunch supporters of abortion and authorize a great deal of money to be given to Planned Parenthood. Politics are not more important than the Church and its teachings and rules. Both myself and many of my Catholic friends have spoken up about this and people think we are stupid and crazy. Today abortion is allowed up until the 9th month and even after birth. Once the law was passed by the governor of NY – Cuomo – he lit up the City of NYC with bright pink lights in the evening to celebrate. Yet he calls himself a Catholic?? The Church is so very important and we pray that the Catholic Bishops will speak up, explain and defend the teachings and laws of our Church!

  14. Biden should have been excommunicated years ago and Pelousy is even worse. They are killers in every sense of the word. They will say and do anything to please their hardcore, farleft base. A Biden/Harris administtration would ruin the USA.

  15. If Biden believes in “murder of a fetus, abortion , THEN it is a right anyone can murder another and call it late term abortion”. Murder an adult and get away with the act. This will put an end to the Constitution and to The Bill of Rights. Therefore , the end of America as a country and government .

    1. can we see a massive filing of appeals of people in prison for killing another with the plea of late term abortion?

  16. If the bishops don’t take a stand then they aren’t Catholic and should be relieved of the sacrament of Holy Orders. As a cradle Catholic I was taught that you could not be married in the church by a priest if you were responsible for breaking u a marriage. Biden and Jill were an item even before his first wife was killed and was responsible for the demise of Jills 1st marriage according to her husband. How did a priest marry them?

  17. on catholic bishops,cardnals, when it comes to social justice majority are for immigrants and even some illegal immigrants and they are housed farm workers, so we also had a problem with some priest sexually abused children well thats wrong thats against catholic law and even going back to pope , we hopefully want pope francis to stop this in america and nationally, its better now then before, On Trump he is no christian, his morals are deceitful haveing an affairs, running down women, just because he was and didnt get love when he was small, mr trump has a behavior problem and is very verbally abusive to peple even from his own party. many have resigned ,is out of touch with the issues faceing america like over 182,000 thousand aqmericans wh died of covid19, and refuseing to face reality of life Human Life,he thinks it was a hoax,there is no hoax ask the people who suffered, the first responders, drs,nurses and all essential workers, mr trump is a criminal,murderer,killer ,exsposeing people no mask, mr trump is a draft dodger, he is a puttin communist to let russians kill bounty of our soldiersand all trumps assoc are jailed, he is with son in law JKushner, rep operatives and trump campaign donners,supporters to get Kanye west to run pres of usa,who west is bipolar and on meds and is being used,abused,as a puppet to steal election to trump,trump has a hatred africans,latinos everyone. What the real story is Trump says its rigged and voter fraud,well its vote fraud in wisconsin the repup ops put some of there names and what happened there were many thousands of invalid,and illegal signitures,its happening in ohio,iowa,missouri, s caroilna, tenn, nevada ny aqnd nj stoped it so trump is dishonest to god,to people of usa, to the rep party and is corrupt, visious, obstruction of justice useing a person who has a mental health problem, and usually trump does use people so they get in trouble instead of him. which is covering up his failure to covid and not takeing action,no plan,no agenda,trump is the socialist, communist he tends to love russia,go to russia and see how you get treated,our economy is in bad shape people cant back there jobs, loseing there health insurance especially covid, people loseing there mortgage payments,there homesw,eviction, and many states not takeing mask precautions,we wont get a vaccine hopefully next yr,,when trump did what he and kushner and ops did it should me trump is not a leader he has ruined this country, it will take a long time an d not in november,and he has no right to deal with communist russia, china ,and the president broke rules,regulations no president ever did at the white house its the HATCH ACT no federal employee, or any office can do this its against the law, also the mail in ballots many voters independent,republican,and democrat its hurting aqll and this was wrong to have postal inspecter to dismantle,remove federal property, mail sorting machines so all religous people should be not happy,and everyone has the right to vote and thats against the american e4lectoraql systemk,even former pres g w bush, obama. jeb bush, colin powell, john kasik,and the military conservative gorge will, say trump is dangerous and is leading in a wrong direction, and saying Biden,is honest he is a moderate,republicans like him,democrats like him and he is a leader, knows national security, , the economy is at issue, schools at issue we must protect the children there heaLThe seniors, workers, bussineses, ,we will have a immigration reform under biden, biden is for police officers,firefighters and many middleclass and ow income, we will get jobs but it will take a while4 I ask americans we must come together we need dialog, reforms and the country is divided and it will be trump is in denial, he knows what he did and yes he has made serious mistakes and serious violations,and always blame everyone except for him self,trump is a treat to himself and unitede states of america, and he lies, god didnt like corupt people, deceaving, usesing people for them to be jailed and not him,we had 4 yrs and the USA is in worst shape health,economy, jobs, immigration,,even law and order needs reform not defund there are communities who have task force that can be done with all involved there is no plan from trump. trumkp had 4 yrs and america is not make america great not with the disater we all are in this will take a while and the problems and accountability is trump has failed and it will get worse, its due time to have a new President,trump blew and threw it away,its time to vote for a man who knows and give him a chance yes even god wants a new presidentlets be in peace,love, dignity and we dont want hate, lets get a better,hopeful america in the right direction, remember we are americans,yes there are differences,we can work it out,yes we have many nationalities,cultures,and religous beliefs, only god is perfect, we all make mistakes,, but we have to embrace our country and our families, our immigrant pareants,grandparents. Ask your soul,nation,its time for a new administration,honesty, and all the world will say that america will be recognized and we will not tolerate russia,china, communisism,totalitarism,dictatorshp as we have now in trump, Biden is the man who can deliver to put america back on the map. let there be peace, dignity,respect which is needed asap.


  19. Will the child molesters who run a bizarre pagan cult/global money laundering scheme ever stop endorsing Uncle Joe Badtouch? Only time will tell.

  20. What hypocrisy. Pay off prostitutes, brag about what parts of a woman you can grab, hasn’t been inside a church in God knows when. Claims his daughter is hot. Wishes the best for a woman involved in child trafficking. Encourages satanic baby eating pedophile conspiracies. And you support that kind of man. I think you need to look in the mirror and ask what God sees in you.

  21. According to the 6th comandment though shalt not kill. Abortion is killin. So if a politician is catholic like Joe Biden he is not obeying this commandment and should not be able to receive the sacraments. His voting record shows he has little regard for the teachings of the church unless it suits him. He has changed is stance on Marriage, abortion, coevting another person’s wife and many other laws of the church. When will the church do what they should and excommmunicate him. This man goes where the wind blows and makes his decisions based on the politics of the day. he has no scruples

    1. “According to the 6th comandment though shalt not kill.”
      I believe the original says thou shall not murder.

  22. Your comment section has been hijacked by
    Prepared to protect.net
    And they are censoring comments

  23. Biden is no more Catholic than Obama was Christian. Biden should be excommunicated but won’t because half of the Catholic Church hierarchy support abortion and all the other social justice bullshit.

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