QAnon: House Drafts Bipartisan Condemnation of ‘Q’

Reps. Denver Riggleman (R-VA) and Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) introduced a resolution Tuesday condemning the group named QAnon.

The media has picked up steam in its reporting of the message board found in different parts of the internet and on social media posts, across the world. They say it’s a ‘fringe group’ that promotes dangerous conspiracy theories.

They may be right.

It does promote conspiracies although not all conspiracy theories are false simply because they’re labeled conspiracy theories.

For example, the Q boards started posting pictures of high profile politicians with Jeffrey Epstein years before the mainstream media even acknowledged it or spent any time covering it (and many of them still haven’t).

The Q boards also promoted the ‘conspiracy theory’ that President Trump was being spied on by the intelligence communities, years ago, while there wasn’t a soul in the mainstream media willing to dive into that issue at the time.

I, myself, have not read the entire board and this article is not to support or defend QAnon. There could certainly be parts of it that promote dangerous theories. I just haven’t seen them so I can’t say for sure.

My question about this resolution has more to do with the timing.

“QAnon is arguably no longer simply a fringe conspiracy theory but an ideology that has demonstrated its capacity to radicalize to violence individuals at an alarming speed,” Riggleman and Malinowski say in their resolution, quoting a report from the Combating Terrorism Center at the West Point Military Academy.

Perhaps this is true but, again, I'm not seeing that across the country.

What I am seeing is a few very violent groups of people causing massive destruction and violence across the country.

The groups that are causing this destruction and violence are not Q supporters. They are wearing Antifa and Black Lives Matter gear, holding those signs, and chanting those slogans.

Yet we do not have a bipartisan resolution condemning those groups. Democrats won't even say they condemn them, let alone draft a resolution.

Why not?

How many people across the country have been terrorized by 'Q' supporters? Not argued with at a rally, terrorized. How many buildings have been burned down by Q supporters? How many people have been beaten and jumped by Q supporters?

This violence we are seeing across the country is a real issue. This violence and destruction is actually happening before our eyes, yet Congress is spending their time drafting a resolution to condemn a message board that promotes conspiracy theories?

According to Miriam-Webster:

Definition of conspiracy

1the act of conspiring together They were accused of conspiracy to commit murder.
2aan agreement among conspirators uncovered a conspiracy against the government
ba group of conspirators conspiracy made up of disgruntled aristocrats
So, what is more dangerous and worthy of congressional time? Fighting a message board that implicates elite politicians and world leaders in disgusting acts, like pedophilia, or the real-life violence and destruction that has spread like wildfire across the country over the last few months?
Congratulations to congress for doing something but for your next trick try doing something of value.
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73 thoughts on “QAnon: House Drafts Bipartisan Condemnation of ‘Q’”

  1. The first thing the “left” does is demonize anyone who doesn’t fall in line with the Marxist ideology and socialist/communist agenda . Most media is LEFT and so here you are!

    1. Agree…why attack Q when they can use no violence. I believe the left is pushing this because many of their opinions or conspiracy theories are true and they don’t want them getting those things out into the public….sort of like wikileaks

  2. This is so ridiculous I don’t even know where to start. It is a Patriotic belief in God and Country. It teaches a person to think for themselves through a series of questions. That’s it. That’s all.

  3. The Dems, led by Pelosi, are desperate to flip the script and start to blame all this chaos on the far right instead of the “innocent” protestors, rioters and agitators where it belongs.. Apparently they have finally realized that there are a lot of us out here and we are going to vote but not for them!!

  4. The people afraid of Q and QAnon know they will be exposed and voted out of office, if not prosecuted for treason and obstruction of justice. If Q is merely a military intelligence psy-ops, then there is nothing to do here. Not one single supporter of the Q movement has committed any crime. They are all Patriots.

    1. Susan,I agree with you,it’s probably a military psy-ops program!! What’s happening today,is being carefully choreographed by various military/civilian agencies to see how well the people comply to their demands!

      1. Robert I believe that is the case ,we need to question all that the press says is fact and draw our own conclusions! We also need to pray for Gods guidance and protection!

  5. It makes sense that they would do that. They are being called out by Q and resent being exposed. No surprise that they attempt to demean the whistle blowers.

  6. They, (politicians) have become useless seekers of personal agendas rather than supporters and stewards of the constitution of these United States. Why go after these people who are entitled to their opinion and have not hurt anyone to my knowledge when the Antifa and BLM radical Marxists are allowed to burn our cities? It sickens me! Maybe we need to defund Washington and the media if they won’t do their job correctly?

    1. I think we already have a pretty good idea of who most of them are. There actions the last 4 years has been very hurtful to our republic and a disgrace to the rule of law. Just look at Judge Sullivan. What a piece of work. He should be disbarred and sent to jail for trying to Destroy the rule of law. The storm is upon us, so buckle up.

  7. And these idiot dems don’t do anything about these people burning down Our cities. They won’t even prosecute these domestic terrorists

    1. who supports BLM/ANTIFA? Not the Q Anons. We are non-violent. We are non-racist. We are a research group dedicated to finding and exposing the TRUTH. Not some goofy “My Truth” or “Your Truth” — but THE TRUTH. The Q team has never incited violence. They have never told us to do anything but THINK FOR OURSELVES. And that’s what scares the Swamp. They had it all in the bag with the Mockingbird Media and we screwed it up for them by having real conversations about real concerns. Q is all races, all genders, and even all orientation choices. So this misguided attempt to do one of Nancy Pelosi’s famed “Wrap Up Smears” will fail miserably. May they all reap the consequences of their ill-thought-out tactics. It’s time to take America Back

  8. Hasn’t the democratic party been linked to suppression of Black Americans since before the Civil War. Why is there no call to change their name? Just wondering.

  9. Much of what Q has said regarding the spying of Trump before and after his election has proved to be true. The corruption in DC and the rest of the government is totally true.
    As far as the Human Trafficking and Pedophilia I have heard rumors of all this back before the election of 2016 so I am pretty sure there is truth to this but until there is truth as to who is involved and who isn’t, I don’t think it’s right or good to attach a name to anything this evil. I can believe that it happened and continues to happen and that there are powerful people involved who have been able to keep this from being dealt with. I think that is entirely wrong and shameful. It needs to be stopped and NOW. Those involved must face consequences without fail.
    I don’t think that Q is bad but rather patriots who want to see this Nation cleaned up. There are many in power who want to keep all under wraps.

  10. Cowards are in the ascendency……..if black lives mattered so much to the evil black gangsters who are terrorising the streets of America, why don’t they accept responsibility for the black babies they casually bring into the world? And AT THE VERY LEAST spend time and money on them so as to give THEM, THEIR OFFSPRING, a better life? Oh No, they are so concerned with their own animal gratification they cannot conceive (excuse the pun) of spending their efforts on their tiny bastards.
    Why don’t they demonstrate against the drug Lords they so adore and keep in lives of luxury?
    This BLM abhorration is simply an excuse to pillage and destroy…….back to their African roots – which the whites have tried to drag them up from…….but they are full of resentment for the superiority of white lives, they simply want to drag them into the gutter with them. Shame on them………and start defending white privilege…….you KNOW it makes sense. They seek to descend into chaos and anarchy……..we, supporting them with our taxes, are actually trying to save them from their own descent into ignominy and depravity.
    If my words are too strong for your liking…….just be aware I am not destroying humanity by iterating them….simply opening eyes.

    1. Today there are more whites in the BLM movement than blacks, which demonstrates that it is not a civil rights organization, but a socialist effort. Your “strong words” actually do sound like racism and are offensive. There is a way to state the truth without such unChristian nonsense as you have spouted.

  11. T hr è Congress needs to condemn BLM, ANTIFA AND ALL TGR ANARCHISTS THAT ARE DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY. Don’t see people who support Q anon rioting, looting and killing. Free speech is dead in our country unless you are far left. Disgusting.

  12. Perhaps you should go look yourself. — make sure you look at the left hand column where there are lists of the arrests made in protecting children from sex trafficking. Or you can see where all the indictments are. Or find out who the bad actors are in Spygate.

    The thing is – the author of this Bill is Tom Malinowski. He lobbied to REDUCE sentences for people arrested and convicted for crimes against children… Do you suppose he is afraid because he has something to hide? Indeed, almost every person who has a bone to pick with the RESEARCH GROUP called QAnon is someone who has a sketchy past. You do the math.

  13. Just exactly what are you condemning Congressman Riggleman – the fact that QAnon members are patriotic, love America, support our police and law-and-order and respect President Trump? You have too much time on your hands or are too cowardly to condemn those who are committing the real violence in the streets of America, and that seen by the actions of Nancy Pelosi who has become the standard bearer of promoting evil and extreme hatred of President Trump and those legions who support him. To align yourself with such a hateful resolution tells Americans all they need to know about you. The question you need to answer for yourself is, “Why are you so afraid of a pro-American group such as QAnon that you must try to marginalize it?” May God bless America and with this election coming up, remove the rot of the Democrat Party that has infected our government for far too long.

  14. Oh who cares for heaven sakes. Do you really think Q is threatened by your ridiculous condemnation? Now you triggered politicians can go back outside and play in your sandbox.

  15. What is more dangerous to career politicians, that have been raping the system for decades, than a board that defends truth. The board is military backed now, as a way to get the real truth to people, with out the msm and the corrupt in our government getting to “edit” what the citizens of this great nation get to see. Or course it is scary to those who have abused their positions, instead of working for “WE THE PEOPLE!”.

  16. leave these folks alone they only report the TRUTH and crooks cant allow TRUTH because it catches what the crooks are actually doing you will open another can of worms that will eat you luciferions up !!!

  17. Q wants you to use your brain, identify the danger, and react accordingly. Q does not threaten physical harm, he wants “justice” and nothing more. Q has opened our eyes to massive governmental injustices, corruption, and greed, If waking up a Nation with truth is wrong, I’m all for it because our elected officials have done nothing but lie to us while lining their pockets. WWG1WGA

  18. The art of Distraction is very important in leftwing politics. In fact the art offing exactly what you are accusing othersofdoing is theMOST important ideology of the left.
    Denver Riggleman has exposed himself as the left wing nut that he is and is worse than a RINO.

    Sorry Denver, but you will never get elected again.

  19. Can anyone tell me why they don’t draft condemnation of black lives matter and antifa.

  20. Why haven’t they condemned ANTIFA or BKACK LIVES MATTER. What kind of BS are they pushing. Anything that threatens the power of liberals is going to be condemned and persecuted.

  21. Goof politicians (both sides) will quickly go after QAnon simply because they now know its a white organization.
    Go after white organizations is always safe.
    Meanwhile, black revolutionaries and their stupid young white lackeys, demanding revolution and destruction of America get a free pass and a hands off attitude.
    Incredible… but not surprising!!!

    1. black revolutionaries visible in the streets in all the dem cities. Easy enough for these politicians to nab and lock up but they are afraid of them and will run and hide from them, instead they will fight like hell to lock up an band of merry brothers and sisters who do nothing but post their articles on a website. So if you really want a fight, go with the blm revolutionists and lock them down. Better for all! Be a man and do the right thing,

  22. You, gentlemen and ladies from congress and the senate are conspiratorial nuts. Q is a bunch of patriots posting articles that are already posted from all areas of the web. It has nothing to do with terrorism, or whitesuperacy, or anything else. What makes you people so afraid of this website? Because its true and and because Q’s base posts articles that may not have been seen or read by the regular poster? You all are crazy for allowing this item to disturb your work day and stop you from working on more important issues, like opening the voting polls for all to vote in person. That is by far more important than a website with patriots. Please grow up and pick the battles worth fighting for.

  23. My question is what QAnon (VIVA QANON), VIVA TRUMP has done compared to ANTIFA but especially to the sickening bastards B. L. M. (Bad Locusts Media)?
    QAnon is a good conspiracy based on good research work done to “unmask” the Crooked Left and Obozo (Crooked Hilary/Bill (Blue dress) Clinton, Susan Rice (The Benghazi Murderess), Ugly, Nasty Nancy Pelosi, Chuck (The Bride of Chucky) Schumer and others like Elizabeth (Pocahontas with no feathers, ugly Blonde) and Ugly, Fatso Midget Jew Jerry Nadler !!

  24. Interesting that there are a few who want to shut down Qanon for only placing in front of us differing aspects of what is going on in America and the world, and in some cases the why, yet at the same time neither the media nor most dems will condemn the terrorism of groups like Antifa; nor go after the groups and individuals who are fronting them with funds!
    When ever something begins to reveal the truth about the wicked acts of; primarily the dems and their lackeys we see a push to either discredit or to shut them down entirely, and you can almost always expect some ‘rino’ to join them in that attack!

  25. Could be a fringe group that could get dangerous, don’t know enough about them. Could we also apply this to BLM and Antifa?

  26. I have read and watched a number of the Q and QAnon reports. I have not read anything, which would advocate any kind of violence. I think if these Yahoos in congress want to issue a memorandum of condemnation they should start with Antifa and throw in the Marxist group leading BLM.

    Could it be there is truth in the Q or QAnon the radical progressive Marxist commies don’t want John Q Public to know?

  27. We the People must start fighting back. First we must clear out all communist filth on both sides of the aisle, get rid of all demonrat politicians in positions as mayors, governors and their councils. Arrest them for breaking laws that have unleashed monsters to create mayhem but destroying and assaulting American citizens. If the government will not help us we must help ourselves to protect and defend, which is our constitutional right, our families, neighborhoods and businesses. Where is the military? Are they not sworn to protect and defend us on our own soil?

  28. I was fortunate to have a 1/2-hour chat with Q (or, at least, one of the triad). This is a mind far beyond either of the buffoons running for President. And thus worth paying attention to. Unfortunately there are infinite bogus posts alleged to Q. But that’s the world we live in. But I see nothing in Qanon actuality that doesn’t speak of hope and rebirth — the possibility that humanity might actually save themselves (and the planet). I would rather a bipartisan duo would worry about Luciferian vaxxines instead of wisdom-from-above.

  29. Since it is bipartisan we get to see who the Republican traitors are. We already know the Democrats have turned into the Progressive communist party and this will be an attempt to stop free speech.

    1. The nice thing about the House is we CAN kick the bums out after 2 years, unlike Senators (not to mention any names Utah…)

  30. Q is a group of American Patriot truth seekers who report what the laimstream media never will, the truth!!!!!

    God bless Q and all independent or alt media!!! If you want the news/truth tune into the only sources who will continue to report the truth as long as we the people continue to support their efforts for a free well informed America.

    We know that the media is run by 6 families who dominate our news, entertainment and print media outlets–they are all deep state New World Order elite 1% Globalists—to hell with them and their propaganda!!!

    God bless free informed America and God bless Q and Independent news media outlets.

  31. What concerns me is the fact that this idiotic tag team take down Is insane. You are passing legislation against “Q” while your buddies in REALITY ARE DESTROYING MY COUNTRY. Did you all swallow the blue pill and you support real destruction of lives, businesses, children and instead of managing and SUPPORTING YOUR DISTRICTS you are chasing a potential conspiracy? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? What would you have said if the peaceful protestors had killed Rand Paul and his wife. WHAT IS HAPPENING ON THE STREETS OF MY COUNTRY IS REAL, VIOLENT, WITHOUT PURPOSE, CONVICTION OR RESOLVE. How I hope you are voted out of office.

  32. Bipartisan, meaning the SIMP Republicans went along with them instead of standing firm and demanding Antifa and BLM be on the list as well.

  33. I don’t know much about this”Q”, and I definitely don’t follow it/them. Having said that, I have seen references to Q on certain YouTube videos, and what I saw tended to lean toward liberty and conservatism, which in my opinion is grossly under represented by any “news” media outlets.
    Ultimately, I’m for Liberty WITH responsibility and accountability. I prefer a more liaise fare approach to government and economics. When people are free to succeed and fail in an honest attempt at approving their future, they exude creativity and in turn INNOVATE. This leads to more opportunity. It’s been said before, but we should focus on equality of opportunity. The outcome will have to take care of itself. My father used to love to say “the world needs ditch diggers too”.

  34. Nothing validates Q more than having those nervous insiders in Washington, DC trying to shut you up. Keep the truth coming.

  35. Conspiracy “theories” , really ?
    Deep state seem “fictitious” ?
    Grassy knoll ? (Yeah, that old)
    Clinton’s “fund” ?
    Abandonment at Bengazi ?
    List gets too long…
    Smoke and mirrors only works on
    a small portion of America.
    November 3rd we can give President Trump
    another 4 years to “clean the swamp”.

    1. Would all those who have known of a baby eaten in a satanic pedophilic pizza parlor please stand up. And if Q was really pursuing something like this that is so hideous, he should make himself known. And if it is being done by someone in government, then the guy at the top has to take responsibility for doing nothing to stop it. That is the definition of incompetence.


  37. The common thread between survivalists, militias, anti-vaxers, anti-fluoridationists, and anti-maskers is paranoia.

  38. You don’t know what you are talking about. Instead of making ignorant statements go read the Q drops for yourselves

  39. Socialist Democrats always vilify and condemn everything that is a threat to the democrat socialist agenda. That is what socialists do … it is in their political genes. Prior to their condemnation of Qanon, I was somewhat undecided in my opinion of the group. Now, Democrat condemnation of Qanon alone shifts me to a favorable and positive opinion. Socialist Democrats are the “enemy within” and hell bent on destroying the Republic via Bolshevik style tactics. Defund, and resist all democrats and KAG!

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