Jacob Blake’s Mom Rips Rioters and Apologizes to Trump on CNN

Julia Jackson is the mother Jacob Blake – the Kenosha, WI man who was shot by police a couple of nights ago that has led to violent riots and looting in the city.

Julia went on CNN with Don Lemon and said she and her family are disgusted with the behavior of the rioters and looters across the country. She said she doesn’t want any of this type of behavior in her son’s name.

She handled all of the questions with grace, during a time of hurt.

Lemon asked her if she had anything to say to our political leaders, perhaps Biden or President Trump.

She did and I don't think it's what Don Lemon expected to hear.

For our President Trump, first I want to say a family member and I don’t know if it was heard or not said something that was not kind. She is hurting and I do apologize for that. Our outburst does not reflect our behavior. And also, for President Trump, I’m sorry I missed your call because had I not missed your call, maybe the comments that you made would have been different. And I’m not mad at you at all. I have the utmost respect for you as the leader of our country. Like I said before and I’m not saying this to him directly, we should always get the details from the right source before we start throwing bricks.

Getting the right details seems to be a thing of the past for the media these days. In a rush to be 'first' they tend to spread falsehoods and sometimes, especially lately, those falsehoods have had serious consequences.

Watch the exchange here:

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56 thoughts on “Jacob Blake’s Mom Rips Rioters and Apologizes to Trump on CNN”

  1. trump also a few months ago had other victim’s families at the white house to show his empathy and promised to have a complete investigation.lemon is just like a bad car! a dud!

  2. “(W)e should always get the details from the right source before we start throwing bricks.” I wish someone would throw bricks at that POS Lebron James.

    1. Luv… I think mom did with her words … cut right thru his agenda and to him that is like a brick of truth

  3. Someone w/some sense! It is surely not the media! They have no sense, common or otherwise! I don’t know what happened in Kenosha, but, I know IF the Officer is guilty, the Law should provide that Guilt w/facts and recommend the course of action IF he is Guilty! To Burn down busienss’ etc is only stealing from ones own self! That makes NO sense!

  4. How many tines will the media create an atmosphere for chaos because they do not wait for facts?
    They trigger not “peaceful “ demonstrators, but looters , criminals and trouble makers who take any excuse to do their “thing”!
    Happy to see the courage of the mother to do this!

  5. Mrs. Jackson, you epitomize what every mother in this country wants their children to hear. Don’t be violent, destroy things, and hurt people because of incidents like this. If we would all just stop when law enforcement officers tell us to, many of these highly stressful situations could be avoided. ALL lives matter. We ALL have white blood cells in our systems; we ALL bleed red blood. We have a vicious pandemic hurting ALL of us. Mrs. Jackson, you were/are a class act on TV and I hope people will listen to you. I also heard on the news that Jacob might not be paralyzed after all. I pray THAT is not fake news and he can go to therapy and learn to walk again. He has three kids to raise. We ALL have so much that is affecting our country as a whole; we don’t need to be fighting one another. Let’s work together and fight COVID-19, homelessness, lost jobs, etc. Let’s work together to get our armed forces home to protect OUR country. We are so alike but just have different skin color. Praying for you son’s return to good health and for the rest of your family as well.

    1. Well said. May God’s hand be upon Jacob and his family and heal this young man mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

  6. May God lend His Comfort and Bless the Jackson/Blake extended family as they struggle to come to grips with what has happened , the drastic changes thrust upon their family and as they endeavor to support Jacob during this time. Thank you also for your words of understanding, Mrs. Jackson. I am confident that our President’s call was intended to be of support and empathy for what you are going through and I sincerely hope he gets the chance to call again after hearing your message. I will include Jacob and your entire family in my prayers. May your Faith sustain you and trust that you never walk alone. Christ, Jesus is either beside you or carrying you.

  7. From a deplorable to a gracious lady that has suffered a great loss. Your words were truthful and heart felt. If everybody was this gracious and truthful, and looked for solutions, rather than destruction, our country would heal. May God give you comfort in your heart and sole. President Trump, please meet with this woman. List to her calm thoughts and her vision. STOP listening to the experts, list to the people. We are all AMERICANS , and love this country. We are your greatest strength and defense against tyranny and injustice in our country. With cooperation and respect by both citizens and police, we can stop this kind of terrible and tragic situation.

  8. Here’s where law an order begins and lives are saved:

    police says stop you stop
    don’t strike a policeman
    don’t resist arrest
    If law asks you if you have weapon and have weapon, tell the officer you HAVSE a weapon
    don’t sass an officer

    Despite their rap sheets, and heeding these few basic principles, many people like Blake would still be alive.

    1. he is alive – but crippled. Did not deserve to be shot once, much less 7 times for being disrespectful. He should have been arrested! Bottom line is he would not have been shot if he was white!

  9. Details from the right source before we start throwing bricks!
    That’s quite a statement from a mother who just lost her child !
    Her son refused to cooperate with the police went for a knife and was shot!
    That’s what happens when you defy the police they have a right to protect themselves they did not know what this man was after when he went to his car they had to assume it was for a weapon and it was! If a police officer does not assume the worst of a potentially dangerous situation he or she will have a very short career by the loss of a life his or her own!
    These past few months all we have seen is the black race murdering, looting and burning are cities over the death of black criminals! This blm movement conveniently leaves out the black victims were committing crimes when they were killed by the police!
    Defunding or blaming police for doing the most dangerous job in America is the reaction of very damaged people, idiots, malcontents the most worthless of our society ie: democrats whom believe their smarter than all others , Hollywood, actors acting like they have relevance in the real world and the bias media who make a living sensationalizing tragedy and vial mayhem! All to promote communism in. America and make money from families grief , fanning the flames of injustices and lies to promote their grief and Chinese agendas!!!!!!
    Just look at our public television service pbs now the most vial and lie spreading leftist propaganda machines in America!
    Every word uttered by these scum on the pbs news hour are outright lies and propaganda supporting the Chinese left agenda! America supports this trash of a so called America media supported by tax payers money and it’s not a public news show it’s a propaganda machine for the left with women journalists who’s mouth spew out lies so fast with their really fast talking mouths that kamesh fat black trash spews out 1000 words a minute saying nothing but anti American treason!
    The old satanic host with her dead look and ghost white skin is a traitor to all Americans supporting nothing but anti Christian, anti democracy views one would expect from Hitler!
    Just look at their laughable excuse they call coverage of the Republican National Convention they run a few seconds of some of the speakers then cut to their democrat treasonous so called guests to promote their demscum agenda! That my friends is treason and they should be hanged for it! Their is no journalism on pbs just a Hate narrative!
    And you are paying for it patriots with your tax dollars!
    When a nations public service media is one sided you are living in hitlers world not America!
    The first human reaction and talk I have heard from blacks the blm etc, has been from Jacob Blake’s mom she knows her son and how he was and the black community and how they are and how the black communities actions define the prejudice upon all blacks not just the inhuman blacks committing these vial crimes in and upon America!
    Blacks have earned the Prejudice that is currently hanging upon their existence because of their vial crimes upon American citizens their businesses and their cities!
    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know if your race is murdering, looting, taking over entire cities with communist tactics all other races will despise you and your actions!
    It does take an idiot to think Americans the most patriotic and strong willed people in the world will bow down to big mouthed democrats their communist agendas and black people trying to change America by vial force by burning cities murdering children and looting!
    Americans are only waiting for the elections to be over before we eliminate you malcontents with extreme prejudice!
    Make no mistake democrats your days are numbered!
    I recommend you take notes from Jacobs mother!
    She is a wise woman! She knows blm and democrats and metoo and no gender scum are wrong!
    Come November your going to be handed your asses and America will hold you accountable for your treason for the rest of your worthless lying democrat lives !

      1. That’s funny treasonous scum democrat
        Kay go to a non liberal school ask Oz for a brain first pray to god for forgiveness for you are no American and have no worth or conscience
        Your complicit to murder arson and treason for supporting democrats
        Those children were killed by you just as if you pulled the trigger it leaves blood on your hands children’s blood
        How do you sleep at night supporting communist agendas and these blm rioters burning America
        I spit on you!
        millions of Our military have died fighting for this Great Country! You are spitting on their sacrifices
        You are treasonous slime for being part of or supporting this chaos
        Leave this country you are Unfit ti live here Kay!

  10. I am very sorry for your loss. It took a lot of courage for you to say the words you said at this time of grief. I admire you for saying what you said and I agree with you on everything you said. It is absolutely wrong to riot, to destroy property, to kill people that it’s not going to bring Jacob back. It’s awful to see all the damage done. May God bless you and protect you and your family. RIP Jacob Blake

  11. What a classy lady an I hope that they do a thorough investigation for the sake of her family,an her son if the cops did wrong then throw the key away.

  12. What an incredible woman you are, Mom of Jacob Blake. I cannot imagine the pain that you are in.
    God Bless you. I am praying for you.

  13. God bless this woman! Makes my heart feel good to hear someone put Lemon in his place. How about that look on his face???

  14. Lemon will twist and convolute and adjust the interview to advance his personal agenda and narrative that we are nation of racists white supremacist xenophobes etc. etc. etc…. yada yada yada … Lemon is indeed a lemon.

  15. It seems the blacks are being “used” for a more insidious play by the socialist “World Order People”.
    Who is it funding the Marxist background BLM movement? Who bank-rolled 200 blacks belonging to the new militant group called NF’d something or other for their weapons, vests, helmets and boots that have to cost $2000 to outfit each individual.
    As Nikita Krushchev once said “we will destroy America slowly from within, his prophecy seems to be coming true.

    1. Check Georg Soros to start with and that should say it all!!

      G E O R G E —–>>> S O R O S ! ! ! ! $ $ $ $ $

    2. Blacks are being used once again by the democrats to regain their power and corruption by throwing blacks once again under the bus to cover their vial crimes! As democrats have done to blacks for decades!
      Covid is nothing more than a strong flu Obama and fauchi actually had developed, then sent it to China along with millions of dollars to destroy our economy and blame on Trump before the election ! It was diabolical to unleash it thru democrat mayors onto our grandparents rest homes to kill the most Vulnerable! It was necessary to make all wear masks and destroy our economy in America so the Soro’s funded blm and Antifa could commit these Heynis crimes upon America to gain political points against Trump!
      It was their last chance to defeat Trump before the election !
      And it still did not work!
      Democrats think all of America with the exception of illegal immigrants, unable to determine their gender children and democrats themselves are geniuses ! Most idiots do !
      I’ve never met a genius that could work a door knob, have you?
      A races actions define Prejudice against a particular race not the color of your skin!
      The extremist blm movement simply has Identified the black race as a whole to be murderers, arsonists and looters, re-igniting racism against the black race back to 1860!
      A crime for sure !
      Democrats just view it as a perk that resets all gains all of America and Americans have made to stop prejudice!

  16. I totally agree with Jacob Blakes Mother, I feel for her hurt and sorrow, as I have lost a Son myself. The shooting should not have happened. However, people do not understand the Police, the Officer that shot him was also fearing for his life and he did what they are taught to do, he thought the young Man was reaching for a gun, and he did have a knife in his hand when he was walking around the car and was threatening the Officers. I do not know how many white men have been killed by Police in the last few months, but I do not think this was racial at all. I do know a lot of Police Officers have been wounded or killed, and they are also just humans, and none of us wish to die. The rioters are just that thugs and robbers. They have killed the memory of the Peaceful Protest and turned it into a crime spree. As far as the athletes that are boycotting and Kneeling, all they are doing is causing the Protesters to keep up the war that they have started, and I have no respect for them. They are in a position to get on the air and advise some of these young people, they could use their position in life to do good, instead of promoting more of the same acts that have been going on. They are burning buildings, stealing, destroying other people’s property, and hurting a lot of innocent people. It takes time to get everything cleared out and progress to happen. The News gets it all started so they can have a scoop, and the truth and facts do not come out that fast.

  17. AS AMERICANS .. we can not have Democrats running our country any longer.. they are divisive, and dishonest and are DANGEROUS to everyone in our county… WHEN we have the Obama’s PROMOTING BLM AND ANTIFA TO CONTINUE RIOTING IN OUR STREETS, killing, stealing and destroying ~ they need to be held accountable for the damage the terrorists are causing… after 90 days.. over 8 billion dollars of damage.. the OBAMAS, are two traitors to Americans. ALL BECAUSE they don’t like Trump… Send every last one of the Democrats who support the BLM and ANTIFA a restitutions bill, then freeze their assets. I have no more mercy after all of this hate… and destruction.

    1. Diane you are correct!
      We must defeat democrats the only way we have as conservatives!
      They live for greed and power
      If all conservatives boycott them as a whole for 12 months they will be silenced
      All media
      All of Hollywood
      All of tv
      All of sports
      All known democrats businesses and advertisers
      Vote them it of politics
      Now 12 months will be inconvenient but it would work if each conservative promotes boycotts democrats will disappear
      The only other method is utilizing our 2nd amendment rights but that action is to close to an action they would likely use and Unpalatable to most patriots religious beliefs

  18. This is all too well for this Mother to voice a positive note during this black turmoil, but it is too bad she received coercion from the likes of Don Lemon! Lemon sees or has been told this BLM and Antifa movement is out of control and too much is happening in our mayoral controlled cities that is hurting our black cantorial nominee in polls!!! Don Lemon is the “snake in the grass” person that would stoop this low to drag this woman into his program to voice his agenda! Lemon and Van Jones need to take their worthless views to an empty arena and belch their frustrations on an invisible crowd!! Not a good move Lemon, the republicans are on top of your ploy! Just vote for President Trump!!

  19. To Jacob Blake’s mom. First I’m so sorry. I have a grandson who is quadriplegic and I can truly sympathize with you.
    I am so proud that you ask for people to not use your son’s injuries as a reason to riot and loot.
    Bless you!

  20. Mr. Lemon did not expect the comment she made from Mrs. Blake concerning our president. He expected a lashing out what he got was a mature and kind response about President Trump. She respected him as a leader of our nation. Had that been any other interview he would cut her off in a New York second. He looked sheepish and Mrs. Blake left a deep wound in his hating heart.

  21. So sad that BLM takes advantage of these situations to destroy, loot and kill in the name of racial injustice! Look at Chicago where there are killings every day and nobody is stopping it! Where there is no law and order, there is chaos as we are seeing daily.

  22. This lady, Julia Jackson is going thru a terrible thing, my thoughts and prayers are with her and my gratitude to her for her grace in the way she is handling the situation is unbounded. She has so much class and is trying to settle the matter even though the press seem to want her to say something different. God bless her for trying to keep this from exploding into a worse situation.

  23. I thank Jacob’s Mom for speaking out against the violence that is happening. She is so right in condemning these fast reporting jobs the media jumps on without checking facts first.

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