C-SPAN Callers: Democrats Moving to Trump After Night 2 of RNC

The stark contrast between the Republican National Convention and the Democrat National Convention couldn’t be clearer.

The Democrats’ convention offered a jaded view of America with no hope in sight. They set their sights on how evil and bad half of America is and offered no solutions. Instead, they offered a view of America that is not fixable. It’s a terrible country with terrible people and those terrible people are refusing to give these great people (elite politicians and celebrities) more power.

How dare you!

Democrats didn’t call for unity or peace. In fact, in the few days since their convention, the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has labeled Republicans an ‘Enemy of the State’.

People are noticing.

The Republican convention was full of messages of hope and unity. Black democrat leaders spoke of their admiration for the direction that President Trump has gone and offers in the future.

Real people, not celebrities, gave powerful speeches about real life issues.

After the second night of the Republican National Convention, viewers of the convention had been calling into C-SPAN and, according to Jim Hoft's count, 16 out of 18 callers were enthusiastically supporting President Trump.

Including lifelong Democrats.

There are plenty more videos of the callers and conversations, here.


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33 thoughts on “C-SPAN Callers: Democrats Moving to Trump After Night 2 of RNC”

    1. Democrats have been revealing themselves rather than winning support for themselves. Too bad.
      (I left out a word the first time. Sorry! )

    1. Shirline, ignorant means you do not know therefore, ignorant people need to be educated … there is no vaccine for stupid, they are hopeless.

  1. Great Show so far by the REPUBLICANS. They not only THINK, they KNOW that PRESIDENT TRUMP is taking our Country in the right direction … Immigration & the Wall, the Economy, our Military, Veterans Programs, Increase in Jobs, much more balance in our World Trade. Put these factors in front of the Democraps and all they say is “we want Trump out !” Those clearly are the words of SORE LOSERS — hey, maybe the day after, but not at this late date. So that makes the final telling question: WHAT CAN YOU DO THAT IS BETTER ? They have no answer, save for bizarre “green deals”, a new imagined (?) police concept, and skyrocketing taxes.

    Now more than ever, it HAS to be TRUMP IN 2020 !

    1. Let’s face it, the Democrats do not care one little bit about the “little guy” or the people they claim to care about. They care about having power, and the way they handled the fraudulent Covid 19 “crisis” shows that. Democrat governors were absolutely DRUNK with power as they closed the churches they hate, made people stay indoors for no reason, mandated masks, and now are saying here in Virginia that they are going to mandate vaccinations.

      These people are not going to go away until the Tree of Liberty gets a fresh watering.

  2. Even if enuf of evety constituency votes for Trump so to give him enuf to win te electoral college, the Dems STILL hsve theie 2016, at least, tried and true ace in the hole, illegal ballots. Please do the fact checking, Or, Ballots filled out with dead people names, 9r names of pets. Now the will fill out ballots for aged & infirm FOR them ( who does the signatures?????? If the ballot collector, that is forgery, a Fed crime….. Oh yes, already done did it this year, that Postal employee who threw ballots into the trash. on the net, i saw the security cam shot, postal truck & all…… this aint the end of the list either. Between this, ther Russian crap with Pelosi, Shigg, Nadler, et al, I cant trust them at all. oh Yes, the stinulus bill which finally passed, STILL had money given to the NYC Center for the arts!!!!!!! some stimulus that is…….
    The Dems gave the guts to say Trump will steal the election. ..

  3. The democrat/socialist/Nazis are going to see come November that they will be Loosing Big Time !! All their Evil has been of full display from their Over reach on lockdowns to their Support for Riots !! Thank Goodness President Trump will Easily Win ReElection !! The next Four Years Will be Great !!

  4. Democrats continue their lies
    Pbs public television using nazi and communist tactics to promote their treasonous lies and narratives to continue their treasonous coup!
    Pbs America’s public television stations is a one sided narrative promoting communism, when a state or federal run media like pbs only promotes anti American rhetoric without presenting both sides it’s reminiscent of media in Russia, China, North Korea!
    Free speech is being silenced by democrats who own and control the media
    Pbs must loose their license for its treason !
    America will squash democrats thru a complete boycott of their party their businesses and their advertisers!
    The word democrat will forever be known as liars!
    Who would want these complete liars in politics
    They claim president Trump is promoting the fear in America when it’s democrats and black people burning cities killing babies and rioting where the fear is in America!
    Only a democrat could shoot a baby on television and blame Trump for it!
    The n word is the most vial word I know but I and many Americans now believe the n word is an accurate description of democrats the blm movement , Antifa , China ,Soro’s , non gender perverts ,Atheletes tech media and politicians!
    Based solely on their vial actions not the color of their skin!

    1. I am so glad you brought up PBS. I clicked on one evening just before the 2nd round of the DNC Convention. I could not believe what nazi-propaganda the ‘elderly blonde woman’ who was hosting that newscast was spewing. I was actually stunned and so disappointed to learn how far left they’ve become……..openly so! NOT one dime will I ever donate to that station.

  5. Americans we must take back the house and retain the senate to stamp out the treason within the democrats party
    Should we loose in any one of the legislation America will suffer another 4 years of treason , lies and disruptive tactics to destroy Our Great Country
    All democrats
    Their lying media
    Hollywood movies
    Tv shows
    All democrat businesses and their advertisers
    All sports
    Walk away from democrats in every venue and crack on this earth
    They Hate this country
    So let’s cast their very essence from this country
    It’s that or use our 2nd amendment upon the treasonous scum
    I and most patriots ethically would prefer the boycott method it’s more pallet able to our Religious convictions!
    Wether we beat them in the election or not they will not stop their tyranny until they are squashed from existence in America
    They are the pandemic both in origin and actions they are a cancer here in America and Americans must ban together and Ostracize these treasonous democrats, Hollywood the media the generations not smart enough to know whether they are a boy or a girl, blm, Antifa, Soro’s , the Clintons, peelousy nazi’s Schumer and schiff , the towel head muslim trash in our government, goose step nadler, the hate of evil max waters! Etc etc
    For America to be Great Again the slime that has shown who they are democrats must be cast away from human society for they have proven their worthless existence is inhuman and satanic in nature


  7. Well, it looks like We the People, the silent majority, are beginning to wake up and see the light. Thank you all for taking a stand for AMERICA. Let’s make some noise. Let’s stand up for the Truth, Justice and the American way. That’s what the original Super Man used to say. This is what we should have always demanded from our elected employees of ours. They do not run Us, We run them. We need to run a bunch of the swamp inhabitants out of the swamps and out of town forever.

    I served in our US Army 50 years ago. I did not serve to see America turn into a 3rd World shit hole. Lots of cities are getting to be exactly that. We can no longer allow the few to demand us to bow down to their ludicrous demands. I may be WHITE but I treat everyone the same. If you are a good person I want to know you. If you are a bad person I do not. Plain and simple, isn’t it.?

    God bless Americans. God save America. AJ.

  8. Trump has accomplished so many good things for america and libs say he is enemy of state. What is wrong with these people? Maybe they meant to say he is hero of freedom and our constitution.

  9. Once again the Trump train is starting to roll so now is the time to get on board or just get out of the way .
    TRUMP 2020

  10. Yes, conservatives have the wind at their backs. This the time to start harrying the dimocrat communists.

  11. There is an old story of a physiologist that was driving thru Minnesota and observed a big billboard by the side of the road which read: ” Our Cows are not contented, they are anxious to do better.” He proclaimed that that was the best attitude ever. Now consider the DNC vrs the RNC. Quite a contrast. First question to ask anyone running for office, Are you Pro-Life OR are you Pro-death for the innocent unborn/ And if they do not protect the unborn then how do you think they will care about You? 2nd question : Do you support all of the constitution, especially the 2nd amendment. Those that support the 2nd consider you as a Citizen, Those that do not support the 2nd , consider you to be a subject. Your choice, choose wisely.

  12. Every night after the convention on Cspan they posted numbers to call in, one for Democrats, one for Republicans, and one for Independents. No matter what number they called in on 90% were voting for Trump. Then last night the numbers changed one for those who support Trump and one for those who support Bidden. The support Bidden callers were just crazy. One woman said we need to take down the system and get rid of police because of the way we have treated black people. Her comments will get more votes for Trump. Pure insanity!

  13. Nancy Pilosi is a Karen..ALL THE WAY!! WIGGED OUT HORMONALLY CHALLENGED, SENILE AND VERBALLY ABUSIVE. She needs a stint in a locked geri-psych unit.

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