Convicted Murder, Kidnapper, and Rapist Speaks at DNC

Making the list of Democratic “America’s most impactful community leaders” and reading the preamble to the Constitution to kick off the Democrat National Convention, was none other than Donna Hylton.

Who is Donna Hylton?

Well, Donna Hylton is a Democrat activist and a spokesperson for the Coalition for Women Prisoners.

Oh, and she’s a convicted murder and kidnapper in one of the most brutal and gruesome crimes you’ve probably ever heard of.

In 1985, Hylton, along with a few other friends, drugged 62 year-old real-estate broker Thomas Vigliarolo and brought him to their apartment where they tortured and raped him for 3 weeks.


During those 3 weeks, they beat him, starved him, burned him, and raped him with a 3 foot metal rod.

They laughed about it and said "He was a homo, anyway".

“They’d squeezed the victim’s testicles with a pair of pliers, beat him, burned him,” New York City detective William Spurling told Psychology Today. “I couldn’t believe this girl who was so intelligent and nice-looking could be so unemotional about what she was telling me she and her friends had done.”

Hylton eventually was caught as she was delivering a $435k ransom note, to one of Vigliarolo's friends, for the already-dead man.

Now Donna Hylton is sort of a hero on the left. She gets speaking gigs and is featured on IMDb as a writer and producer. She even has a book on Amazon that basically describes her as a victim:

A Little Piece of Light tells the heartfelt, often harrowing tale of Donna's journey back to life as she faced the truth about the crime that locked her away for 27 years...and celebrated the family she found inside prison that ultimately saved her. Behind the bars of Bedford Hills Correctional Facility, alongside this generation's most infamous criminals, Donna learned to fight, then thrive. For the first time in her life, she realized she was not alone in the abuse and misogyny she experienced--and she was also not alone in fighting back.

Yeah, the crime locked her away.. not the brutal torture, sodomy, kidnapping, and murder.

This woman was featured at the Democrat National Convention.

These are their icons.

This is disgusting and the DNC is disgusting for doing this.

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57 thoughts on “Convicted Murder, Kidnapper, and Rapist Speaks at DNC”

  1. this si disgusting she should not have been allowed to speak and I do not tolerate t this person. She is disgusting
    and why did they ask her to speak is beyond me

    1. She was allowed to speak because she would bad-talk President Trump, and that Democrats do not care about a criminal’s crimes, or past (or even current) crimes as long as they can say, normally out of context, something bad about President Trump. The VAST majority of Democrats are criminals, or accessories to criminals, of one sort or another. Remember, anyone who supports/defends an illegal alien (the correct legal term), is supporting/defending a criminal.

    2. Only low lives Scums speak for the Liberal Democrats… It is in their DNA!

      What went on between Willie Brown and Kamala Harris – look it up in the Internet.
      Just immoral, and shameful…


    3. “They” the Dimocrat have lost their minds,that is why these grotesque creatures are running amuck inside my old party..I’m so happy their MASKS have fallen for all to see.Does it scare you to think “THEY” believe Americans go al9ng with this nonsense..p.s.they all l9st their minds or are picking up a hefty payola😈

  2. Typical her of these twisted democrats. Donna Hylton was not the only criminal there. Don’t forget Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and, oh yes, Joe Biden!!!!

  3. Maybe she can take Joe for a spin. He’s always touching and grabbing. Maybe over 16 is too old for him though. He does like parading naked in front of women. Ask the secret service.

  4. This is typical of the DNC (The Dumbtard Paarty)! Obriously NOTHING is beneith those dregs of society!

  5. Sorry. I misspelled Party and beneath. Anyway, I’m sure all know what I meant, the sentiment is the same!

  6. The Democrats know nothing about shame, conscience, guilt or remorse. They are a vast criminal organization posing as a political party.

    1. The DNC was nothing more than a Trump slam convention. None of them said anything, except, bashing Trump.

      Their conscious is so sensitive, the only way they can face the public is bash another person & that covers their evil conscious.

  7. First, the Evil Liberal Democrats have a Senile, Aloof, Lost and Ukrained Corrupt President Candidates, then a “morally questionable VP and extramarital relations at 29 with 60 year old Willie Brown – look him up in the Internet, and lastly now, you have a convicted Murderer, speaking for the Liberal Evil & Corrupt Democrats…

    Wonder, who will be the next Low Life Scum that will speak for them… Where has America gone, so wrong!


  8. No one is surprised to hear a convicted murderer was a speaker at the dnc! After all most of democrats and democrat politicians are just that murderers, pedofiles, thieves and liars!
    No rational person would expect anyone but a treasonous criminal to participate in the dnc!
    Take Obama and Hillary for an example that their actions prove they are both guilty of treason ! Just one of 100’s of their crimes.
    The actions I speak of are in plane site!
    Under the Obama regime Hillary as Secretary of State negotiated and sold military grade nuclear weapon uranium to the Soviet Union!
    Now I’m no rocket scientist but even I know that if I or you sold nuclear weapon materials to Our enemy the Soviet Union or any body else let’s say John smith or an Allie , I or you would be immediately arrested for Treason and Espionage! Indicted and hanged in a matter of days!
    So fellow patriots can anyone explain to me out there why Muslim osama Obama and pedofile Hillary North Korean janitor suit wearer are not at least in jail awaiting their their hanging date?
    What word best describes democrats and the above crimes listed above?
    I personally don’t believe their currently is a word vial enough to describe democrats!
    The best I can do is!
    Boycott Democrats
    Tech face twits
    And all their Advertisers
    I Love America
    You Love America
    It’s time for all of us to do everything we can to eliminate the Demscum!
    Covid is Virus like the flu
    The pandemic here in America is democrats!
    We must find a vaccine to eliminate democrats!
    Or at least use something democrats are for: Abortion!
    And abort every last democrat in this country!
    According to democrats abortion is still ok after birth!

    1. Absolutely correct! They should all be in prison, at least, for breaking all the laws they ‘oathed’ to protect. Criminals who are getting away with being above the law because most are corrupt lawyers, too! VOTE THEM OUT! Judicial Watch is one group trying to convict these political, non-American, criminals. The courts just keep letting them go. They’ve infiltrated the legal system with criminals and the whole legal systems needs to be replaced with only those who will abide by the oath to uphold our Constitution and unalienable rights! That includes ILLEGAL immigration!

  9. This woman’s past is unbelievable! She’s a felon. How can anyone put any credit in what she says. You should believe the opposite! But again the Democrats are full of felons, some caught and many yet to be convicted of their crimes. This is the reason they want to defund police, dismantle police, so criminals have freedom to rob, murder, rape and more on law abiding citizens. You see it in the streets of many cities already for over 100 days. These are Democrat cities and states. Elect Biden and it will be nationwide. Democrats are crazy leftist Socialists. This BS proves it. America wake up!!! What’s wrong with you???

  10. the family of the victim should have sued these demons in civil court and take them for every they had and would have in the future

  11. Self dooming, over the edge, desperation, and it was all on fake news national television. This is why America WAS, in such a mess……I usually have something bad to say about the democrats, now i can sit back, and listen to them doing it to themselves.
    It’s amazing, REALLY AMAZING….. that after all the spying, and misconduct by obama, he has the nerve to even be seen at any gathering,
    President Trump will win by a landslide never seen before in politics. HARD WORKING PEOPLE MADE AMERICA

  12. Pretty much like the DNC platform, rejoice with and for the lawless, hate, mob, looting and criminal and despise law abiding Americans, Police Officers, fire fighters and military. That speaks for all Democrats, their states speaks for them.

  13. Only
    At the DemocRAT Convention this could happen and they do not mention the chaos goin on in DemocRAT cities being destroyed by there thugs, ANTIFA and BLM!

  14. Yes they are disgusting and seem to have no shame. I can’t imagine why they would have this person speak at the convention, and should still be in prison!

  15. She and her kind should not be breathing the same air as the rest of us. Not a human being at all. She will not be brought to God to ask for forgiveness for her sins and acceptance into Heaven.

  16. Nothing unusual here people.. THIS is YOUR “democrat” party. Vote these SCUM into power, and what you see NOW is only the ‘beginning” of what this country will be forced to endure. Right now in DEMOCOMMUNIST-RUN cities all over the U.S , is just a “preview”.
    Vote wisely in November my friends, unless you desire the whole country to turn into a communist-controlled third-world crap-hole, and ALL citizens into controlled “subjects”, to be used, abused, taxed to death, or “eliminated” if all do not kowtow to every “royal decree” uttered by your new “masters”. Vote RED , or kiss this Constitutional Republic GONE, and all your “rights” (you THOUGHT you had) along with them.

  17. So who is surprised at this, this is not the Democratic party of the past, this party uses crimr ,hate ,racism and lies totheir advantage because they cannot function being honest….this party is a cancer on American politics and should be cut out

  18. To allow this person anywhere near their convention much less speak there tells me that there are some sick people in the Democratic party. To glorify a person who should have be put to death for her crimes is a slap in the face of every law abiding citizen in this country. If I had no other reason to vote Republican, this would suffice.

  19. The Kennedy klan, Varney Frank, the Clintons, uncle Joe, and Kamala. Yep, this jail bird is right at home. The fact that she even killed her victim puts her right up there with Ted Kennedy and the Clintons.

  20. Well, if they do NOT have those folks as speakers, who will they have? After all, we are talking about the democrats here. Most likely, there are no actual honest, real, honest law abiding citizens within their ranks to call on.

  21. From the headline I almost thought we were talking about Bill Clinton. Then I noticed the word “convicted.”

  22. I think the DNC will reap what they sow by allowing this murderer to be featured at a national convention for the Democratic Party. No amount of window dressing will hide the truth who this convict is, a heartless woman who was chosen to represent the people who identify themselves as democrats. It is shameful and disgusting and since they made their bed let them sleep in it.This will not be lost on good citizens of the United States who have the privilege to partake in the national elections.


  24. Only the Democrats can get away with this, and the main street medea did not say a word about this, now if a republican did this it would still be top story in all the News networks that how could we put a criminal on prime time telling up how we should vote. just picture that! but it is okay for the LEFT to do it, double standards, I my self and voting for TRUMP

  25. Very interesting and informative.
    Would like to share, but for some reason I could not share this on to facebook even though it said “share” and had the “f”.

  26. What is that Brutal Bitch talking about?
    And: Who let her out?
    There are people with much lesser crimes growing old and dying in prison!

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