Trump Says It’s Time For Conservatives to Play the Boycott Game

President Trump said it’s time for conservatives to play the boycott game as he’s seen enough of company political endorsement of anti-American sentiment.

Goodyear Tire was exposed by an employee who posted a screenshot of a slide during their diversity training that shows what was acceptable and what was not acceptable to the company.

“If someone wants to wear a BLM shirt in here, then cool. I’m not going to get offended about it. But at the same time, if someone’s not going to be able to wear something that is politically based, even in the farthest stretch of the imagination, that’s discriminatory,” said the employee under the agreement of anonymity due to fears they could lose their job. “If we’re talking about equality, then it needs to be equality. If not, it’s discrimination.”

MAGA and Blue Lives Matter attire or symbolism was deemed “not acceptable” while Black Lives Matter and LGBT attire and symbolism was considered “acceptable”.

President Trump tweeted that it's time for two to play the boycott game.

Democrats have been playing the boycott game for years now. Chick-fil-A and, recently, Goya foods are just two examples.

This call has started controversy on social media as most people now know that Democrats don't like it when they are forced to play by their own rules. For example, the "Me Too" movement was basically canceled once Democrats started getting implicated (Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Joe Biden, etc..).

There is no doubt the media will call this 'unfair' and perhaps Congress will even look for a way to impeach the President over it, but he's right. Why should people give money to companies that are discriminating against them? In the same way we should be buying American made and not Chinese made goods, we should also be conscious of who else we are funding in the fight against freedom.

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13 thoughts on “Trump Says It’s Time For Conservatives to Play the Boycott Game”

  1. There seem to be people whose job it is to churn out destructive e-mails, always focussing on Republicans, Trump associates and all things conservative. Why is it that those of us who find this slide into Marxism so offensive and frightening, do not have access or know of this same push of cancel culture, but against the left? We would be happy to assist.

  2. Definitely agree with this the Democrats want to set rules for the everyone but themselves. It’s time for corporate America to quit catering to their simplistic demands. It’s not equality they are looking for but preferential treatment of any of their pet dislikes.

  3. Was just ready to purchase the most expensive tire made by Goodyear, not anymore. Goodyear also owns three or four other brands made here, Kelly Springfield, Dunlop, Cooper and one I have never heard of called Denman.

  4. I think the President is correct. The democrats have gotten crazier and speak trash about people they don’t even know. Their hate is showing strong. Would someone explain to me why the Supreme Court or Justice Department has not shown Soros and his murdering gangs have not been exiled from the United States and never enter again or face prison. Our Constitutional rights have been tramped on and the Obama’s, Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Schiff, Clintons should also be barred. These people have committed treason and no one has stopped it. How can these people stay in our government? Wake up folks. Soros wants to see America to go away and the Obama’s hate white people. What about all the white people who accept you and actually help?? I tell you what will happen; with all the hate, burning, killings, and total destruction of property white people will not take kindly to this. The democrats have embraced violence and destruction and murders and have denied America and Americans. If this doesn’t warrant strong reaction from our government; then I say it appears top government has joined the swamp!

  5. It’s about time. We should also have peaceful rallies in Hollywood and in the stars neighborhoods so there is an equal amount of destroyed property and people murdered on both sides.

  6. Boycott good year tires also boycott basketball players that does not stand for the naTional anthem also those that continue to not stand should all be fired. That goes for all sports game players as well as NASCAR and bowlers.

  7. Boycott to SAVE AMERICA!
    Let’s support our Presidents wishes!
    Hollywood movies
    Tech media giants like Facebook twitter it won’t kill you to have dinner with your spouse and kids put that brainwashing media down and live your life!!! If you just can’t live without Facebook or twitter at least write down their advertisers and stop buying their products!

    Contact your reps in politics even contact the left reps in politics let’s give them a peaceful shove and wear their secretaries out answering the phones! Make sure they know tax payers will no longer support the lazy , the fatherless black family epidemic , the arsonists the murderous peaceful protesters the malcontents, the mouthy females who have abandoned are children to pursue careers , touting equality without the equal ness to deserve that title!
    Tell them to indict and hold democrats accountable for their treason! Treason laws call for the death penalty!

    Fire democrats
    Stop watching the media do not do business with their advertisers
    Shop in nearby conservative towns should your town be governed by politicians from the left, buy elsewhere shut down their sales tax dollars
    Obama infiltrated Muslim regime pockets in America with mass Muslim integration in concentrated areas that’s how Omar , talib and AOC got elected ? Osama Obama’s regime was calculated treason upon Christianity, capitalism and undermines Americans values!!!
    Just think about how Obama did and continues to promote unrest he wasn’t a president he was a communist Muslim spy with true malice to America and its people!
    All companies supporting democrats , blm, metoo, democrat states as a whole , liberal colleges , home school your kids where their teachers teach liberalism that’s everywhere folks
    Liberals control our schools and colleges and have for generations and boy does are youth all become poster children acknowledging the complete failure of our learning institutions to even provide simple basic learning skills in our youth, by the democrat controlled communist agenda institutions
    Look at our kids x generation and millennials they all have a case to sue our learning institutions for a refund due to failure to educate!
    You can not deny less than 1 % of anyone under 40 has any skills beyond rioting and cashing a check from a socialist welfare program!
    I am retired , owned and operated a very successful international company supporting corporations world wide and was forced to retire early for only one reason !
    Our youth of today college educated or not were simply to stupid to hire ! They were all socialists without the ability to perform abstract thought and the only brain matter they possess is that given to them by OZ in the form of a cell phone!
    I don’t wish to be prejudice and was not until now !
    For 3 simple reasons
    Muslims fled to America from Islamic tyranny and instead of assimilation they are trying to change America into s**t holes from which they came i am pro immigrantion to those who come to America to become Americans as it is!
    Blm wow what a crime wave color of skin has nothing to do with racism ! Racism comes from a races actions and conduct as perceived by other races
    All I have seen the past few months is blacks murdering innocent children destroying American history burning and looting cities and that has proven to me blacks are not anything near equal to other races and that’s a shame
    I have a very good friend who’s skin happens to be black his opinion of slavery will likely floor you THATS right you do gooder know nothing’s listen to this
    He said he was grateful for slavery !!!
    Wow , WHAT!
    His reason was!

    If it hadn’t been for slavery and this is a quote from him not me
    If it hadnt been for slavery my black ass would still be living in a mud hut in Africa! No running water and maybe a goat to my name !
    Thanks to America I own my home and drive a Mercedes my children and grand children eat well go to college and are pursuing their American dream!
    I said wow that’s something I have never heard from a black man he smiled and said would you want to lie in Africa ? I laughed and said no I would not!
    I ask him If he has achieved his American dream and he smiled again and said we are playing golf on a beautiful Thursday are we not again I laughed
    I ask him the important question I’m sure all of you would have ask him !
    How did you do it?
    His reply was poetic!
    I worked for it!
    I smiled back at him and responded me to!
    And my 3rd reason will require no explanation

  8. Nascar needs to go with another tire also. BUT I’LL BET THEY DON’T. That would hurt Bubba and Petty’s feelings. Nascar needs to be boycotted in the biggest way. They speak of Racists. The gang in BLM are the most racist that you can get. They are against everything we fought for. Nobody ever gave us white people anything but opportunity. We extended that same opportunity to the blacks and all other immigrants. That isn’t enough for them. They think we owe them something. We should take everything that we are giving them away from them.They want division , give it to them. There are no living slaves in this country nor are there any slave owners. GET OVER IT.
    Be proud to stand with all americans regardless of color, religion, or political views. If that isn’t enough and you don’t like it, vote for Biden and watch another cival war break out. Biden wants to be remembered in history by being the person that put the first black woman president in office. He knows he can’t lead . He has never been a leader, he is a follower. He will follow her right into poverty and chaos and the swamp and rinos are right there with him. IT IS BAD!! AMERICA BETTER WAKE UP. THIS IS OUR LAST CHANCE.

  9. Yep – We will not be buying Goodyear or any brand made by them. Also our Ford local dealer is very good friends. They will not promote good year anymore.

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