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We The People Are Being Massively Misled

Like A.G. William Barr recently said, “People are being told a lie“.

“Anyone with eyes can see what’s happening. They see the violence, they see these groups of agitators in their black outfits, and their helmets, and their shields, which incidentally have the – have the hammer and sickle on them most of the time, rushing the police, causing violence, throwing rocks, people showing up with the rocks and frozen bottles,” Barr said. “That’s happening. It’s happening in front of people.”

At the DNC convention, on Monday night, Michelle Obama talked about the peaceful protesters, racial justice that Biden would usher in, and that he would ease the pandemic.

Andrew Cuomo, the NY Governor, blamed Trump for everything wrong in his city and around the country.

“Only a strong body can fight off the virus, and America’s divisions weakened it,” Cuomo said. “Donald Trump didn’t create the initial division. The division created Trump. He only made it worse.”

But in all reality, as anyone can see with their own eyes, very few of these protests have been peaceful.

Democrats offer an emotional narrative rarely joined with facts.

But on Saturday, President Trump held a presser and offered a list of facts before he took any questions. His press conferences and his tweets (which some would rather he not send) are just about the only way people will hear any of the facts as any positive news is largely absent from corporate media today.

Take, for instance, the numbers on the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Eighty-five percent of reporting jurisdictions report a steep decline in Wuhan virus cases, despite almost 70 million tests.  This number of tests is greater than those administered in all of Europe combined.
  • Nationwide, cases declined by 6%.
  • Test positivity is 6.5%, which is a 71% reduction from April and a 15% reduction from mid-July.
  • Hospitalizations have been halved since April.
  • Nursing home and long-term care facilities have 1% of the U.S. population but account for almost 50% of fatalities.

Yet many Democrat politicians and pundits in the media are still pushing the narrative that people are dropping like flies on the streets (which never happened) and President Trump isn't doing a thing about it.

It's not true. Not at all.

In fact, as of August 15th, there have been more pneumonia deaths in the U.S. than Covid-19 deaths.

But if you watched the DNC Convention, Monday night, or just watch the news you'd never know this. You'd probably think that a new nationwide lockdown would be not only justified but necessary. You might actually think Portland and New York City are peaceful places with fun little rallies for racial justice and peace.

Nothing could be further from the truth, but getting to the truth is becoming increasingly difficult.

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23 thoughts on “We The People Are Being Massively Misled”

  1. The “Sheeple” are easily led by the disingenuous “democrat” Leftists to believe that the Greatest Country on the planet is one of the worst. There is no place for true history, honoring the Constitution of our Republic, politicians who are not World Government Shills. The so called “republicans” are bereft of true Republican principles with likely only half in congress who do not surreptitiously collude with the NWO people who wish to give away all of our bloodily fought freedoms from tyranny.
    American is eroding into third world status with these Anti-American implemented policies. Both Bush’s were NWO people, Obama never presented legal documentation for ANY government office and was illegally vetted to be on the state’s ballots.
    People of America, do not let this country become another failure by voting in unqualified, anti-constitutional candidates.

  2. Simple fix: turn off the tv & radio. Research the truth. “Here’s to September 1 where there will be a collective burning of all those toxic biological hazard farce masks.”
    ‘Virus was never isolated- they have a pic of SARScovid-2, and claim it is the cause of covid19- now, they are trying to change the narrative claiming they are both one and the same. There’s only an ILLUSTRATION of the alleged covid19. The tests are flawed- can’t tell virus from bacterial infection nor any other virus present & can’t tell how many virus present(you need millions & millions self-replicating and causing damage to be a ‘disease’.The meds are deadly to anyone w/circulatory issues(high blood pressure,diabetes, poor circulation, heart issues,etc.);the ventilators have 97.2% fatality rate, and cause their own unique type of pneumonia.CDC’s claims masks are useless. Clearly, this is an economic reset. Time to stop fearing the IDEA of a virus- they have gained too much control & it’s time to end the tyranny, take our lives back. And since it is obvious big corporations don’t care if you have toilet paper,etc. we must network amongst ourselves, and make sure we have the things we want and need. We must NOT buy into the violence;it’s what they want.Do NOT stoop to their level. Let us concentrate on rebuilding our country in good, positive ways instead. If they no longer have an audience, they’ll take their pacifiers and go back to their safe rooms. No one is going to ‘save’ us;we must do this ourselves- that is what self-governing is. And we must remain vigilant.Whatever you know how to do, figure out how to use it to make a living and to trade w/neighbors.Educate our children rather than send them to lockdown schools where they are indoctrinated. Stop supporting anything that does not enhance and cherish life.We CAN figure this out and make life better.“Here’s to September 1 where there will be a collective burning of all those toxic biological hazard farce masks.”

    1. Frank, I dubbed it the CONTROLUS VIRUS from the beginning. It will be used at the whim of the Dem’s and their moneyed friends for control of as many governments as they desire, including the U.S.. The timing was decided since they couldn’t impeach Pres. Trump with the corruption outcome they wanted. We best pray for our country and be ready to defend her.

    2. Excellent comments except for one thing. The September 1st date is probably wrong. It hunk that this virus will be magically cured on November 3rd. This whole nonsense is about control of the little mind through fear. The second will be an attempt to take our guns by executive order. This is straight out of the Nazi handbook. One of Hitler’s first orders as Chancellor of Germany was to seize all weapons from the public. Then the Holocaust began.

  3. Dam – o – Rats : You better fact check Mr. Michelle Obummas false narrative lies about the Cages at the Southern Border. His husband Barry had them built back in 2009. Liars all of you Dems are liars. He also got rid of 12,000 mailboxes, most with out any authorization. ALL LIARS WILL GO TO HELL !

  4. The media must be saving a lot of money on paying writers since they all say the exact same thing they only need one person to write the crap that they spew on TV, they just make a couple of dozen copies and pass it around. I don’t remember which of the Fake News Mob I was watching but this guy is standing in the middle of the street. In the background, you can plainly see people breaking into stores and a little further down the street is a building on fire. The News Guy stated that “The Protests have been mostly Peaceful.” I suppose that since there wasn’t anyone being killed at that moment would make this a Mostly Peaceful Protest.

  5. My personal opinion is that as stated within this article that the Dems are suggesting with their rhetoric that if they are elected, then all this bad stuff will disappear. There will be no Covid problem and the hoodlums rioting in the streets will disappear. Does this not suggest then that they could call all of this off with a few phone calls from the top echelon in the Dem organization. So, they are probably orchestrating all this bad stuff. I find it incredulous that this is all grass roots. On the other hand, if they lose, then all this bad stuff will continue – sort of a threat, I guess.

  6. There needs to be more effort by the Republican Party and other subgroups to counteract or correct the democrats”and the Media;s lies that are being dessiminated to the public. Why is it that only Pres. Trump is talking and telling the true facts through his News conferences. The republican senators and congressmen/women are just staying quiet. Are they afraid to defend the truth? Like the false claims of the democrats that the protests in Seattle, Wisconsin. Chicago are Peaceful when there is burning of buildings, looting, killings. There are so many other lies that these democrats are telling the american people.Those people who are not well informed about the true facts could easily believe or accept those lies. Republican officials should help Pres. Trump. It appears that he is the only one telling the true situations, yet the democrats label him a liar. All of us need to pay to God everyday for him and America for protection from ungodly forces .

    1. Veronica, I so agree with you. Where the he’ll are our Republican leaders? Why are they not stepping up and doing something about this madness in our streets and countering the lies being spewed at this convention? Seems they’re leaving it to Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Buck Sexton, and Mark Levin to negate the lies. We elected them to support Trump, not let him tow the line by himself.

  7. Evil pervades and dictates the democrat communist party actions! They are even worse than communist China and Russia! We are a free people, and freedom abounds at a price. That Freedom does not mean we are subordinate to, or must submit to, the terrorist activities of the Dims!

  8. sniffy joe and kammie will kill our constitution amendment by amendment!!!!!! media puts out half truths every minute. this will be the end of a great country U S A. dont watch the abc cbs nbc .in 10 seconds it’s a lie , so i don’t watch. donald trump may not be the most gifted speaker , but he has huge balls and that’s what we needed for a long time NO BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! check out what the australian prime minister said. she is a woman with no bullshit!!

  9. Strong support for President Trump – let COVID-19 cull the population with natural selection. We could/would eliminate 1-2% of the weakest, sickest, oldest, etc. and become a much stronger nation. Listen to DJT – stop wasting monies and let the virus run its’ course! Open everything up and the country will thrive.

  10. The Black Lives Matter is the biggest lie since Hitler. The National Science Academy reported in 2015 there were 970 fatal police shootings. There were 55% whites 22% blacks killed. The rest 23% were asian or latino. These are the actual numbers. It does not appear there is a conspiracy to kill blacks since twice as many whites were killed. These percentages closely mirror the population percentages of the U.S.

  11. The dems know President Trump will be re-elected in November by the massive rallies we’ve had since he was elected. The dems hate America and We the People and their masks have been torn off by President Trump.
    The only weapons they have left to use are vote fraud, civil war, and assassination. The coup failed, the impeachment was a dud, the virus is fading, the economy is bouncing back and people are seeing the media for what they are; propagandist frauds. The traitors are being rounded up.
    We are silent no more. Greatest President in our lifetime!
    God Bless him and us.

    1. Several years ago I remember someone saying that “if our News Sources become biased it will result in the eventual collapse of this country.” According to the website, most cable TV new shows such as CNN, MSNBC are biased toward the left and only a few select TV news such is FOX News are towards the right. However, more important the non-cable new shows on TV such as ABC, NBC, CBS and most Newspapers that the general public grew up trusting upon such as ABC, CBS and NBC have become biased towards the left on all President Trump issues.
      Most cable and non-cable TV News broadcasts along with Newspapers are reporting that the demonstrations occurring in our cities are peaceful. Is peaceful demonstration now defined as businesses have been looted, buildings burnt down and federal courthouse under siege from nightly attached by Antifa militants and people being killed? When have you ever heard any past Speaker of the House response to the tearing down of national monuments and statues say “People will be People” as Pelosi recently stated?
      Why is it that violent demonstrations resulting in “defunding of the police” is only happening in Democrat controlled liberal cities? These same liberal democrat governors ordered the release of many criminals from our prison system since they didn’t want them to get infected, even though at that time the infection rate was very low in the prisons. Is it possible that these same released criminals found good paying employment as the violent demonstrators or Antifa militants burning down our cities?
      Pelosi favorite phrase is “a crisis is an opportunity” and they are playing it for all its worth in order to win the upcoming election at all cost. The Democrat Party of the past is gone and replace with a far-left Democrat Party with an agenda developed by Bernie Sanders and Aleandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC). But don’t worry it was just got the endorsement of Congresswomen Ilhan Omar.
      Democrats’ have state to those that cannot justify a vote for Biden, then consider it a vote against President Trump. In reality this upcoming election is not an election between Trump and Biden, its between keeping a Democratic Republic or going to Democrat Socialist government. The choice of the future direction of this country is still in the hands of the citizens so I ask that you “consider your vote” carefully. This may be the most important election of our lifetime. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

      1. “The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

        –Margaret Thatcher, first woman Prime Minister of England

  12. This country is not going to be destroyed by anything from the outside but from the inside out and the demos have a head start on us. There is no longer news that is not biased to the far left and the demos are still whining because they lost but they are well organized and if we are not careful THEY WILL destroy America as we have know it. As I have said before Fauci and Redfield are both thugs and liars interested only in MONEY via a vaccine they will advise us or force us to take. Feel the same about Republican party not speaking up and if we don’t stand up and vote against Biden winning and his plan to retire RE health issues and turn country over to KH we will have a new black woman president and she will be worse than Hillary RE hard heartedness!!! So wake up AMERICA!!!

  13. In the Letters of Aug. 21, Quinn Fagan asked why should we play the national anthem at sports games since it was political. The National Anthem is not a political theme, it is a Patriotic theme, regardless of politics and political parties.

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