Republicans Blocking Subpoenas for Comey, Brennan?

On Wednesday Senator Ron Johnson said that his Republican colleagues on the Homeland Security Committee were blocking subpoenas of former Intelligence Agency Directors that headed up the Russian investigation.

Former FBI Director James Comey and CIA Director John Brennan are two of the individuals that Johnson said they need to hear from in order to get to the bottom of how this investigation kept going amidst all the inaccuracies and lack of candor (lies, in layman’s terms).

According to Cassandra Fairbanks’s article, a senate source reached out to Gateway Pundit and told them it was Mitt Romney leading the obstruction.

Would that really surprise anyone?

Johnson says he needs the support of his Republican colleagues on the Committee in order to get the subpoenas passed on, as there are 8 Republicans and 7 Democrats on the Committee.

However, the Homeland Security Committee has already authorized those subpoenas.

But Johnson told Hugh Hewitt that not all of his Republican colleagues were on board with the subpoenas and that approval did not include the list of Obama administration officials that he wants to subpoena, now.

“We had a number of committee members that were highly concerned about how this looks politically,” Johnson responded. When pressed further by Hewitt, Johnson said “I’m just not going to be naming names that way.”

Johnson says if he loses just one vote then it's dead in the water.

Hewitt pressed him on it.

"If there's a senator who is blocking a subpoena, we need to know who that is so we throw them out," Hewitt said later.

Senator Johnson then sort of backtracked his comment and said it's not necessarily that the subpoenas are being blocked, it's just that the other Committee members want the subjects to voluntarily testify.

Sure, that'd be nice, but I bet you and I wouldn't just get to say "no, thanks" to a subpoena if we were suspected of a crime, and then walk away scot-free.

So, what now? Do we just wait until after the election and see what happens? That could be convenient for some.

If they're concerned about this looking "political" then they're right. It looks very political that they won't subpoena these individuals for political reasons.

The reason they're not moving forward with subpoenas is political, by their very own admission.

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72 thoughts on “Republicans Blocking Subpoenas for Comey, Brennan?”

  1. Actually…….Do NOT think much of Johnson’s nor Graham’s Senate Committees*********
    ” TALK all the time & NO ACTIONS ”
    Senator Romney is a TRUE DEVOTED RINO !!!!!! Useless human being just like his father former MI Governor Romney

    Absolutely ” NO PUSH-BACK ” by Senate nor House RNC to the Socialist MARXIST Communist dnc Agendas

    President Donald J. TRUMP stands ALONE in all Push-Backs to the Left Liberal Socialist Marxist demonCRAP-RATS TRUMP/PENCE 2020-2024 KAGA MAGA GOD Protect & Bless TRUMP & Pence

  2. What did you expect from a TREASONISTIC Traitor RINO like Mitt Romney? . . . Truth and JUSTICE? He’s a BITTER, old, BEATEN man who should have GIVEN UP a LING time ago. One Observant Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. Again, what exactly has Romney ever been good at except self promotion? There is something in every swamp creature’s closet that makes them vile and obviously easily manipulated by some bigger creatures in the quagmire. No moral compass with this guy, what a shock.

  4. The ones stopping the subpoenas must have something to hide ,anybody with a brain should want justice, oh, i forgot they are low lifes that do not have a brain .

  5. I’m surprised the Republicans ever put Romney on any committee thinking that he is part of the majority. He is a RINO and if put on a committee, it should be to fill a Democrat seat.

  6. Mr. Romney: why do you pretend to be a Republican when you bend over backwards to support Democratic causes? The fact that you hate Trump is a shame, but it points out what a small person you really are. A person who would rather vent his personal hate even if it harms the Country, is worse than traitorous.. To support the insanity of today’s Democratic Party because you have no control over your damaged ego is sickening, petty, and so Romney-esque.

    1. I totally agree with you Joanne. Venting on the presidential election coming up, if a voter wants to kill our country then just vote for Biden and his extremely radical choice for VP. No question, we will go down the tubes if Biden wins.

    2. It’s not personal hate… the writing in on the wall but you refuse to read it…. he’s a Democratic trojan horse

  7. You will find there are MANY “republicans” (RINOS) That are terrified their “status-quo” that has been curbed by the Trump administration, and their taxpayer-funded cushy lifestyles is in jeopardy, WHEN President Trump wins reelection. (that is why they are doing all they can to remove him)
    The time is LONG overdue for the installation of “term limits”, as well as when these “politicians” are replaced, they need to go back to their “regular job”, and that taxpayer funded “regular pay” they continue to get FOR LIFE , CANCELLED. (if we “common folk” leave a job, OUR “pay” doesn’t go with US to the next job) They also need to “pay” into social security, and PAY for the same medical WE are forced to get..No more “special treatment” for crooked “politicians”.

  8. Let’s hear whose in favor of getting to the real facts and who is not. Damn the Deep State. Time to start representing, honestly, the voters and stop the games of cowardice and nonsense.

  9. These people should have been tried long ago like any one else.They should be already locked up for their treason and other crimes.

  10. With all of the pedophilia coming out I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that someone is trying to protect themselves. Maybe hoping that if Biden wins then it will all be swept under the rug.

  11. The thing that I regret the most in my political involvement is donating to the Mitt Romney presidential campaign. What a RINO!

    1. I generally supported him too back then. Can you imagine what would have happened had he won? Scary!

  12. Mitt Romney is a treasonous liar an enemy of America it is obvious he is complicit to this democrat coup!
    Follow the money and pedofiles all the way to the gallows with these pustules syphilitic cancers called politicians!
    Everyone on both sides know their guilty all the way to osama Obama to the kid rapers aka Hillary in her Korean janitor suite to sex for all bill! Throw in the elites and the gay gay owners of Hollywood and tech media and you have all of Satan’s family within our government!
    They control the government the media and the state courts so America there is only one thing to do!
    Let’s call it the WAKE movement first lest demand they all step down each and every last one of these treasonous bastards give them 60 seconds to decide then peaceful protest them right to hell where they belong! The exact kind of peaceful protests they have implemented!
    You know the kind the military uses and calls it extreme prejudice!
    So Patriots let’s WAKE them up all the way to HELL!

  13. So if I break laws, hauling me in front of a judge won’t look politically motivated. But if someone in high office breaks the law he can’t be touched because it will look bad? Seems like the scales of justice are tilted way out of kilter.

  14. “Republicans” especially Mittens Romney who is a RINO’s need to grow a spine and BITE once in a while. Who cares if this looks political? IT IS JERKS! spineless

  15. WHAT? When are the Republicans going to wake up and realize we are not dealing with nice people here? The Democrat party is not the Democrats of 20 years ago. These people are hell bent on destroying America and putting total government control in place…..they aren’t about getting along, or tolerance or equality or even politics. They are about POWER!

    All of you Republican Senators need to get some balls, some cajones, some nuts, some spine, some backbone, some character, some ethics…..whatever the labels are…..don’t worry though, you keep worrying about “how it looks’ you won’t be in the Senate for much longer and then think about how it will look when the Socialist/Marxist/Communists are running things. Get with it and move this stuff forward. You need evidence? Get with Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch….he has enough to convict the whole lot of them from Hillary on down.

    1. What is taking Durham so long? There is plenty of evidence to put all these bastards in prison for life or better still for attempting to overthrow our government they should be hung by the neck until dead. If these spineless rinos will build the gallows I would love to hop on a plane to come and watch.

  16. It is time for the “good ole boys” to quit protecting their buddies and uphold the law and clean up the mess for the good of the Republic. In “ordinary” citizen would be tried and convicted for similar crimes but the “elite” politicians and their appointees have exempted themselves for the laws made for the “serfs” and “plebs, the common people. What arrogance? They are commonly known as “public servants.” The reality appears to be “self-serving” rather than doing was is in accord with the Law. They need to be turned out to pasture with no pay; maybe orange suits would make them look nice.

  17. After months of investigation, Republicans don’t have the balls to move ahead. If this investigation is curtailed, I’ll never vote Republican again!

  18. Crying shame is I supported Romney financially when he ran for President then when heat was turned up he folded his tent. A real snake. Never again.

    Why would anyone vote against the tools needed to solve the biggest political scandel of my lifetime. It will be eventually solved and hopefully result in guilty parties being held accountable. It will be done with or without Democrat Senators and Senator Romney on the committee.

  19. Why does Mitt Romney sit on any Senate Committee? What is the matter with Mitch McConnell to allow that?

    1. What, you mean the Mitch Mcconnel married to a Chinese girl whom regularly visits home. And surprise the Chinese decided to invest in multi million businesses in Kentucky…. oh that Mitch McConnel. Listen folks, the communists have been openly infiltrating our government and our society for years while you’ve been given other things to distract you. You just had your first good dose of it. The mask is off…. openly. Now you can continue to ignore all these alarms you get but when you keep doing it regardless of the flashing lights and sirens then you can be labeled ignorant as the word implies.

  20. Romney is one of the worst politicians to be elected to office….how can the public be so stupid?

  21. Too many times these phoney Republicans have refused to do their jobs it is time to get rid of them also along with these socialist politician. This just shows they are not interested in Justice For America just want to protect their political interest.


  23. “The Snake in the Grass, Rodney” and the rest of the RINO Scums are happy, going to bed with their DemoRats scum cronies…
    America deserves to know, what all the DemoRats involved in this Investigation have done against our Country, and Why????
    Johnson and Graham must “KEEP THE PEDAL TO THE METAL”, till ALL the DEEP STATE CRIMINALS have testified fully, before their Committees!!! America is tired to be lied to by The Clintons, the Obamas, and their Socialist minions and spies!


  24. Weak kneed ,gutless Republicans are worse than Socialistic/Communist Democrats when it comes to destroying this once Great Country…At least you always know where the Left is coming from,but with Republican party with
    gutless Rinos this country
    Is rapidily heading down the same road as Venzuela .And America will look like Venezuela in less than 10 years UNLESS freedom.loving citizens wakeup

  25. of course, money and blackmail rules. If Romney put his Johnson in someone, who cares who he was, of course if it was kid, he needs more done to him than i can print. Bypass him TODAY!!

  26. This is the most absurd political thing I can think of, what a bunch of crap after all the testimony and winesses who have been deposed. Yep, it’s pure politics and if Romney is leading the pack I will denounce him every chance I get and am sorry that I ever voted for him.

  27. Romney should be taken into a room, and punched repeatedly in the face, and chest. I also have to agree with one comment here. Where is the push back from the Rest of the Republican’s? The President is standing by himself. The Republican’s want to be re elected, why? We know the Democrats are corrupt. On the other hand the Republican’s are gutless, cowardly back stabbing POS. Graham has shit for brains. Romney is a self promoting sleaze bag. Mitch McConnell should leave the cocaine alone. Again, the Democrat’s might be corrupt. Just don’t turn your back on the Republican’s.

  28. Of course we want to know who is blocking this effort. I find those that are obstructing this investigation are as guilty as those that initiated this farce investigation.

  29. Who the hell cares how it looks “politically”. Ferret out these turds and run them in front of the public. Stop protecting these criminals and bring them out for a perp walk. We citizenry are sick and tired of your coddling of your colleagues. You’re all suspect. I guess that’s the holdup.

  30. Cowards is all i can say no backbone only yellow. We the people see what goes on and it’s sic,
    Sorry individuals with no Balls.

  31. Trump makes a lot of enemies and Romney is one of them. However, the way Romney acts, shows what an Ass he really is!

  32. “MUTT.SOROS.ROMNEY” is a Marionette of George Soros…when he talks Soros has his hand up his ass.

  33. Romney is a bozo! He MUST be a plant…a dumbtard in conservative clothing! Am sorry I EVER voted for him when he ran in a presidential race but the other alternative was Obummer!

  34. Unfortunately there are Republicans who are just as against draining the swamp as most Democrats are. Why the people of Utah do not recall Romney is beyond me. He has betrayed their trust with his petty politics!

  35. Mitt Romney needs to be tarred and feathers. He only ran to block President Trump. There must be someway we can remove him from the senate.






  37. Senator Mitt Romney (R) Utah is a TRAITOR to his Party, the People of Utah and America. He’s been a Back Stabbing RINO since President Trump was elected in 2016.

  38. The dam R.I.N.O. ‘s just can not get over themselves. And Romney is a perfect example of that. its going to be political no matter when it happens. Its their fault about the timing because of all the resistance and fighting the freedom of information resistance . Why can’t we just get this whole criminal Coup attempt thing over and behind us as a country . That would be such a healing thing for everyone

  39. Never assume that because a politician has an R in back of his name he is a conservative! Romney should have L(kinda)R for liberal (kinda) republican! He is definitely NOT a conservative! I’m not sure that he is even an American! He might have been born here but he definitely does not have America’s interest in his heart! That is also evident with liberals and progressives! The only thing that they are interested in is their own ideology which is totally anti- American! He has been infected with liberalism and I doubt that there is any hope for him! Romney is an angry old man who should be recalled!

  40. I went to 12 Grades in School and Blocking is not football and baseball if you block the plate in baseball it is illegal and what we are talking about here in the Congress is Of struction Period

  41. These are RINOS, not Republicans. Calling a RINO a Republican, which he is not, is like calling Kamala Harris a “natural born Citizen” which she is not.

  42. Like Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney is a sore loser, upset that he lost his election and President Trump won.

    1. Let’s all send a letter to Romney’s office
      telling him how we feel about him! We also could call his office ! Let’s have our voices heard before it is to late!
      He sure acts like a Democrat!
      Who is with me on this?

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