Wisconsin State Agency Forces Masks While on Video Calls

According to a report from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has mandated that its employees wear masks, not only in the office, but also while on Zoom video-conference calls.

What? Does Zoom spread the virus now, too?

In an email from Natural Resources Secretary Preston Cole:

“Also, wear your mask, even if you are home, to participate in a virtual meeting that involves being seen — such as on Zoom or another video-conferencing platform — by non-DNR staff”

There is zero medical evidence that I can find that provides for any benefit of wearing a mask on a video-conference.

Cole said they want to set an example, for others, about taking public safety seriously.

Not too long ago, Dr. Anthony Fauci said wearing a mask is more of a symbol.

Symbol of what? At what point, if not long ago, has this gone way overboard into a symbol of power and submission? When do we force everyone to wear burkas since they cover more of the face and obviously provide more protection?

GOP Rep. Joe Sanfelippo of New Berlin said this is "ridiculous".

“I’m more inclined to support things that actually do help as opposed to just putting on an appearance of helping,” he said.

Are mandatory face shields just around the corner? I wonder if any members of Congress or NIH, CDC, etc.. bought any stock in companies that produce masks, just a couple of months ago?

We've shut down mostly small businesses while allowing larger corporate companies to remain open and profitable. We've forced people to wear masks in order to enter and operate businesses even in areas that aren't and weren't hard hit by the virus.

We are starting to look more like China than the United States of America. At what point does it stop? Does it stop?

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26 thoughts on “Wisconsin State Agency Forces Masks While on Video Calls”

  1. Didn’t realize that Wisconsin was a tyranny state, always thought it was part of the REPUBLIC States !!

  2. Let the democrats show their lust for power. Maybe the people will wake up. I don’t know if that will happen because if the indoctrination from our public schools, but we can hope. If not, how many are prepared for open revolt?

  3. Just another example of the COMMUNIST’S LUST for complete power and control.
    This is a “symbol” alright, a symbol of a TYRANNICAL “government” that calls for the 2nd amendment to be “applied” before this country is turned into a communist-controlled third-world crap-hole, and the citizens into controlled “subjects’ to be used, abused, taxed to death, or “eliminated” if we do not kowtow to every “royal command” or “decree” uttered by the new “masters”.
    Vote wisely in November my friends, a vote for a demon-crat, means the END of our Constitutional Republic, and the beginning of COMMUNIST CONTROL..

  4. One thing that’s keeping the whole mask going is that people are actually welcoming the idea of mask wearing. It’s making many of us feel virtuous and like we’re contributing to the welfare of society. These are the “useful idiots” that the governments love so much. How do we tell them that masks aren’t doing a damn bit of good? They’re just “theater.” I’ve never been so ashamed and disturbed by the weak mindedness of my fellow man.

  5. When has any government given back power they have taken? Never.
    This has never been about a ‘virus’- the ‘virus’ never was isolated(and that must be done more than once);it must be proved that you have millions & millions of said virus self-replicating & causing damage- not done.Tests cannot differentiate between ‘it’ & any bacterial infection or other viruses present in the body,nor tell how many of what you have-rendering them useless.Facemasks-useless (read CDC’s stance on those);ventilators have 97.2% fatality rate;meds are lethal if there is any circulatory issue present. This is an economic reset-165 countries that were shut down(out of 185)are Rothschild owned/controlled banks.Never has there been a shut down over something that ’causes’ less death than regular flu.WHY are you still putting up with this tyranny while these people ruin the country? WE have the option to fix the situation but it requires action.
    The picture they show you is an illustration-a drawing made up in someone’s mind;the closest picture(EM) is of SARScovis-2,allegedly the ’cause’ of covid19;now they are changing the playbook claiming it is one and the same- it is all BS- and you all bought it hook,line,and sinker- allowed them to trample your rights, and now you think they will actually give any back?
    This plan has been in place for YEARS- and you just have to look to the roots of BLM to see that this is communism- at your door. Do you think they will nicely go away when asked?
    Best thing we can do is concentrate on rebuilding our infrastructure-water/gas lines,roads,bridges,etc. and ignore the thugs. If they no longer have an ‘audience’ they will take their pacifiers and go back to their safe rooms.We can rebuild buildings and statues.THIS is what happens when the family unit is broken,when both parents are forced to work or be too broke to live a decent life- the kids are raised by strangers,and those are the people who threatened, back in 1963, to take over the educational system-Read the 45 Communist Goals set out in the 1963 Congressional Record(here:http://rense.com/general32/americ.htm) then ask yourself how far have they gotten? You have not been paying attention-while your world has been taken over slowly and meticulously.(see:www.iamthewitness.com/DarylBradfordSmith_Rothschild.htm
    But, hey, we’re all just ‘conspiracy theorists’…Put your mask on and keep doing everything they tell you ‘for the Greater Good’,’for the Safety of Others’,’because ‘We’re All In This Together’,’You are Part of The Group’, etc.,etc.,etc. This ruse is straight out of the Marxist Playbook. Turn off your TV,see if you can revive your brain cells, and then figure out the best thing for you to do.Please turn your anger into something really productive, rather than revengeful. Do not stoop to their level;that is exactly what they want -they want to incite a war.There are positive ways of dealing with this.Once you get your freedom, be ever vigilant, and be mindful of how to make a living without sacrificing your children to a propaganda mill where they are trained to turn against you and have no morals,no values.Be mindful.Be self-reliant- that equals freedom.

    1. I never bought a bit of it! politically Isolate and concur is the name of the game. Why else would they let Antifa and BLM anarchists go wild destroying America while coming down on people just trying to protect their private property and themselves displaying firearms which is legal? Most Americans have become simple-minded pawns in a game of political chess. How sad. And yes! The virus goes right threw the cloth masks and when you sneeze the air pressure forces it out of any and every gap into the surrounding air and then it is carried by air currents to everyone else. If you are susceptible, you will get COVID-19. I don’t doubt I’ve already had it?

  6. I couldn’t agree more. There is much more evidence that mask harm than any that they help. But we are way beyond the evidence. Now it’s all about control, oppression, and destruction of people.

  7. The scientists said the shutdown was to stop the overflow of hospitals. If your hospitals are not overflowing with covid cases then they should open up. The close down delays being exposed doesn’t stop it because as we open up we get exposed. This is idiotic. Open up America. And be sure to vote straight Republican ticket in November!

  8. Wisconsin, and Wisconsin residents have become cowardly imbeciles. No spin, all talk. Think of it. Video calls where you are required to wear masks. Watch out, the virus may come through the screen.This has nothing to do with your safety, or health. It has to do with some imbecile who’s power has gone to their heads. Like Tony Evers.

  9. It is all an experiment in submissive behavior, “what can we make them do before they resist”? It’s a test and social conditioning, Just like Waco, Texas in the nineties! Attack an unpopular religious group and see if anyone reacts? Wake up America!

    1. Entirely true. Spreading panic is easy, and thoswe who are taken in by it will work exra hard and yell extrra loud to cover their own insecurity at acceding to a situation they know, deep down, is a ruse. You have nailed it.

  10. Is there anybody out there but me who remembers or received the Gas mask training the US Army gave in basic training? I’m 82 and cringe/laugh at the way I see the masks being worn/used. If anything, the way they are (mis)used and handled is spreading any contaminants much more than not using them at all.

  11. Perhaps if everyone just wore a mask they wouldn’t feel the need to “set an example” So disappointed in the Republican party for making this seem like a control issue. Its a virus. It doesn’t care what party you support.

  12. You sir are a moron. I think it is a great idea. It is moron’s like you that are the reason the virus is spreading unchecked in this country.

  13. It stops at the point where–right down the line4, from top to bottom–people stop voti9ng for Democrats. And against every incumbent on every school board, since they don’t reveal their party and only lobby for more money to waste and more power to exercise in areas outside of their mandate.

    1. They could stop voting for Democrats 100%. But the Democrats no longer care. They have MAIL IN ballots, vote harvesting, dead people voting, and buses and cars full of minorities who travel from precinct to precinct and state to state, voting multiple times. They have people who proudly state that if satan runs as a Democrat and Jesus runs as a Republican, they WILL VOTE DEMOCRAT.
      God help us. “There is a way that seemeth right to man…..”

  14. You got it. This is the desire of the Democrats>>>> Communist party. The desire for control must be total and complete. IF you don’t obey, you go to jail where you WILL get covid.
    Is it time for REVOLUTION yet?

  15. Once the police are removed, then comes the militia to give government further control as we have seen in past -world history. The evil one will not be satisfied until he has socialism’s complete dominance of the one-world order, but only for a short time, then Christ returns as promised!!! .

  16. This is all about getting everyone to wear the Burka. Then the next ScamDemic they will say only women spread the virus so they are the only ones mandated to wear the mask….you will see the Muslim Brotherhood runs the Democate party

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