CTH to Release Top Durham Investigator Identity on Friday at 5pm if No Progress

A blogger and researcher that runs the site, The Conservative Treehouse, has been following the Russian Collusion hoax from the beginning and has said ‘enough is enough’.

He said if the Durham/Barr investigation does not produce results and/or action by this Friday, he will be releasing the name of the top Durham investigator who was previously briefed on the documents he has compiled.

CTH says the media has been no help in covering, what many call, the biggest political scandal in American history.

♦ A note of warning and preparation. Familiar names that have covered the Spygate fiasco are also not necessarily allies in this fight to deliver sunlight. “Spygate” is a lucrative financial business, lots of books have been sold. Expose the real scale of the DC fraud and Spygate is peanuts; therefore, there are friendly elements who could actually defend their prior interests. It is predictably unfortunate; and no energy should be wasted.

So, what is he actually releasing, and why?

CTH says that corporate media has been, and is, complicit in the effort to remove President Trump and therefor will not spend time uncovering a scandal in which they are active participants.

Is he right? Can he prove it?

He certainly could be correct about some of it as not much coverage has been given to the debunking of the Russian Collusion narrative but 3+ years was dedicated to selling it to the public.

It's also interesting how quiet the media has been on the Epstein/Maxwell case. One would think the exposure of a large and powerful child sex ring would be big news. It wasn't important enough for ABC a few years ago..

And not in 2020, either I guess.

After he releases the name, he says he will do a review of the documents that were briefed to the Durham investigator.

• The first review is a timeline of when documents controlled by the Mueller special counsel were made public; the disparate public releases -and the controlled non releases- were/was a method used by the special counsel to keep people from easily connecting the dots. This was by design.

The Conservative Tree House has taken some criticism from fellow researchers and journalists, on social media, for vowing to release this information as they fear it could interrupt current investigations.

Will he follow through? If so, will there be verification sources for the documents he says the DOJ has been briefed on but 'hasn't acted on' as he claims?


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13 thoughts on “CTH to Release Top Durham Investigator Identity on Friday at 5pm if No Progress”

  1. Unfortunately this will be a waste of time. So much information showing that the whole investigation was a political scam has already been released and nothing has been doe about it. Th e phony Steele dossier paid for by the Clinton campaign/DNC , FBI irregularities , lies, etc etc etc. All of the liars will skate free!

  2. I have written the White House several times and advised the President (not that he would even see my letters) that he should have given Durham a “Drop Dead” date of August 1. It really is inexcusable. It should be a no holds bar investigation, and should mention everyone involved, which includes Obama, Biden, Hillary, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, Rice, Yates, McCabe, etc etc etc. This should be a an effort to provide Full Employment to White Collar attorneys, who obviously are desperately in need of well-paying clients. The criminals know who they are and have been laughing hysterically that them seem to be immune from accountability. This is the least that can be expected and is the right of every single American who has any respect and love for America and the Rule of Law. Obviously, the Democrats, the Deep State, Obama and all of the rest of the criminals including the corrupt, dishonest media are shaking in their boots at the possibility that their criminal conspiracy against Trump and against the US Constitution, will be “unmasked”. They are hoping and praying that their stooge wins in November. If he does win, Heaven Forfend, than it doesn’t matter what Durham does. That he hasn’t impaneled a Grand Jury bodes very poorly for getting anything real accomplished in our lifetimes.


  4. Democrats and treason are the same word
    Treason is a capital crime harboring the death penalty
    That is why democrats are openly liars with every word spoken
    If these treasonous scum don’t squash freedom of speech they will go to jail or be hanged virtually every democrat in America is a treasonous coward, a murderer or complicit to all these blm murders, arsons and attacks on government and private property all of them!
    I can’t speak for other patriots here in America but does anyone want a democrat in our government for any reason?
    I believe in America not communist murdering arsonists who don’t support our Great Police Officers these democrats belong in jail not Our Government!
    I will never forgive these scum for their treason and I hope every American treats democrats from this day forward as if the have covid the plague aides Syphilis and leprosy!
    We all must stands up for Americans and cast these idiots from our society!
    Don’t go to sports events movies their businesses!
    We must stop all government subsidies to these snakes
    And make America what it’s all about Freedom , work hard and get the American Dream , eliminate our enemies!
    I was not prejudice before blm now I am towards blacks without jobs towards black families without fathers, towards all democrats, tech media, Hollywood, do gooders you know the women on talk shows showing they know nothing at all about anything and these past few generations who worship their cell phone and have no idea how to work or think beyond what they see on social media! I’m dumping my relatives and friends that support this Demscum nonsense and I recommend all of America do the same
    Oh and after seeing Floyd’s arrest he resisted until he had a heart attack, the police officers handled it with dignity had I been a police officer and Floyd was pulling that n word shit I would have dragged the peace of s**t behind the police car by his testicles all the way to the way to the landfill and dumped that trash there

    1. I agree 100% with your comments. I’m waiting on Durham to sh*t or get off the pot, as my daddy used to say. Those Demonrats need to be tried and convicted on treason. Not just held accountable! We already know they’re accountable! Make examples out of each and every one involved. If the tables were reversed, we already know…

  5. It’s all political theater, nothing more. I doubt you’ll see one DemonRAT involved, go to jail. Maybe a DemonRAT janitor might, but that’ll be it.

  6. There is a plan, just be patient, let things happen as they are set to do. Everything will come from the darkness, into the light, just as it is planned. Have no fear, pray, & wait, just a little longer, the plan will unfold very soon, & everyone that has been involved will be punished, to the full extent of the law. God Bless America, God Bless President Trump, & God Bless All Americans.

  7. There are still ways of getting news out to the literate public and if this article has any veracity, I say “pull the pin and let the chips fall where they may. Most of these so called “on-going investigations” are nothing more than smoke screens.

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