Trump Reveals List of Dem Demands in Coronavirus Relief Bill

“Why would Democrats want to do that?”

That’s what President Trump asked in response to an ultra liberal wish list that Democrats tried to jam into the coronavirus stimulus bill.

From the White House:

"Everybody has ID requirements...but the Democrats want to ban it..Why would they want to do that?"

Democrats also wanted to ban signature requirements for federal elections, including states that already have it.

Trump called them out:

You know what it’s about?  Fraud.  That’s what they want: fraud.  They want to try and steal this election because, frankly, it’s the only way they can win the election.

Democrats also tried to ram through universal mail-in-voting in all states, and as we've seen in NJ, NY, and PA, that would be a disaster.

Another stuffing for the relief bill was packed full of bailouts for Democrat states that have been poorly mismanaged.

So, what does any of this have to do with relief for citizens and businesses affected by the pandemic?

Democrats are clearly using the pandemic as a hostage for power grabs and they don't seem to care who it hurts. I mean, they're all still getting paid.

While Americans are having to be told "No" on another round of stimulus payments, by Democrats, they're trying to authorize stimulus checks for illegal aliens..

The Democrat bill includes stimulus checks for illegal aliens.  So if you were able to get into our country illegally — and our border is, as you know, doing very well right now.  We have a very strong border, and the wall is up to 276 miles.  And we’ll be completed with it around the end of the year.  We’re going to do some extra mileage in certain areas that people didn’t realize were so bad, so we’ll be completed with it.  Right after, we’re going to do the additional mileage.  We’ll do it probably a little bit after the year.

So much for representation in Congress. At least for American citizens.


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45 thoughts on “Trump Reveals List of Dem Demands in Coronavirus Relief Bill”

  1. Why not put together an elite force to go after the illegal immigrants and send them back to where they came from!!!!! Block the borders with more forces.

    1. They already have an Organization in place to deal with Illegals. The problem is some of the Democratic States controlled by the Democrats do not co-operate with the Federal Authorities. They have even tried to stop State and local Law Enforcement from enforcing Laws. They have allowed States and Cities to become places where Illegals can live without being concerned. It is about time our elected Official start caring about America and it’s legal citizens and Legal Immergrants.

      1. people like you is why Conservatives get branded “racists” why would you say something so stupid? I don’t want people in the country illegally either but resorting to this must mean youre a troll or a plant.

        1. @ B Webb Who are you inferring is a racist? If it’s RRRoger……..

          “Operation Wetback was an immigration law enforcement initiative created by Joseph Swing, the Director of the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), in cooperation with the Mexican government. The program was implemented in June 1954 by U.S. Attorney General Herbert Brownell. … Operation Wetback was primarily a response to pressure from a broad coalition of farmers and business interests concerned with the effects of Mexican immigrants living in the United States without legal permission.[3] Upon implementation, Operation Wetback gave rise to arrests and deportations by the U.S. Border Patrol.[4][5]” Mexicans refer to Americans, especially white Americans as Gringos. Are they racist? Everybody needs to lighten up and stop being so da*n sensitive and offended by anything and everything.

        2. Well I am not a troll. I am a U S citizen and illegals are wet backs. And we should put a bounty on them.
          I welcome legal latino immigrants, but only legals.

  2. We have to stop Nancy and Chuckie!!! If you want your tax dollars to go to illegals vote Democrat!!! If you want open borders vote Democrat!! If you want cities like Chicago,Portland,Seattle and we can go on and on civil unrest weak weak mayors and governors vote Democrat!!! If you want your police departments cut vote Democrat!!!! Keep up the good work President Trump!!! Thank you!!!

  3. We have to stop Nancy and Chuckie!!! If you want your tax dollars to go to illegals vote Democrat!!! If you want open borders vote Democrat!! If you want cities like Chicago,Portland,Seattle and we can go on and on civil unrest weak weak mayors and governors vote Democrat!!! If you want your police departments cut vote Democrat!!!! Keep up the good work President Trump!!! Thank you!!! I have never made any comment on this site !!!

    1. The corrupt Leftist Democrat Establishment Elite are full of Hate & Greed.
      They do not care who they hurt to get what they want.
      Vote them out in November and every election.
      Sign petitions against their corrupt proposals and recall petitions to get them out of office.
      Demand Justice for all and that they pay for their crimes of Treason against the Citizens of the USA.


    3. The problem is that they are elected over and over again. Term limits on them and none on the President…..unless he loses.

  4. Pelosi and Schumer are the representatives of everyone EXCEPT the American taxpayers that pay their 200k salaries and benefits! It is time, we, the taxpayers fire these lazy worthless employees!

    1. I have for years stated that the thing that is destroying our country is long term congressmen. If we stop reelecting people to more than two terms, they lose the ability to soak up funds from corporations and others since they would not be long term officials. So , BE SELECT DON’T REELECT ANYBODY. There was also a phrase some years ago that went ” pull the handle and flush congress.”

  5. What words do you think of when you hear the word democrat?
    No moral values
    Free handout
    The above are just the tip of the iceberg of what democrats are what they stand for and what they will forever be defined!

    What do you think of when you hear the acronym blm?
    Cop hater
    Burden on society
    Fatherless children
    The above are what the black race have defined themselves to all other races!

    What do you think of when you hear the word media?
    Agenda mongers
    Enemies of America
    Paid monkeys
    A waste of time
    A cancer in America
    The above defines the media in the world not just America and the media has destroyed its role , hell they sensationalize the weather !

    What do you think of when you hear the words millennials or x generation?
    Cell phone worshippers
    No purpose
    No future
    Without soles
    Cry babies
    Don’t work
    Burdens to society
    The above defines are recent past younger generations and their lack of knowing what consequences really are for their actions !

    What do you think of when you hear the word America?
    The American Dream
    A place anyone can succeed if you work hard
    The definition of America before democrats the Clintons and Hussein Obama canceled this Great Country with muslims, hatred, corruption and their cancerous communist agendas!

    The only thing that will save America is YOU!
    Each and every patriot must enter this war cast upon us by Islam, our leftist politicians our worthless children, the media ,the black race , Antifa , Athletes, Hollywood,the Clintons ,the obamas and the Soro’s globalist elites!
    We must defeat them in every facet of American society by voting them out, stopping their riots , not rebuilding their cites they destroy, pass truth in media laws, boycotting their businesses their advertisers cutting off their welfare, evicting them from their homes and business properties enforce treason laws hold their politicians accountable for their actions find democrats complicit for the murders and vandalism they have caused in court! Seize their assets as reparation for their crimes and deport all illegals within our nation stop supporting other nations and support our own patriotic citizens, require voter ID and proof of citizenship to vote!
    And most of all once again be AMERICAN!

  6. The corrupt Leftist Democrat Establishment Elite care about nobody except themselves.
    They want to destroy America and rule over Serfs.
    If they get complete control of our government, we will be worst off than Venezuela which was once one of the richest nations in the world.

  7. What is new the Democrats have never cared about the American people and Pelosi has said it before she just wants to get rid of President Trump and doesn’t care if it hurts the American people or not

  8. Nancy is a power hungry POS. She and her ilk are loading the bill with so much port as to make it unrecognizable for what it should be addressing in an effort to put our president in a bad light. It won’t work because we already know who the rotten apples are.

  9. If Biden wins, he will get his Antifa allies to destroy the wall after all the taxpayer dollars that paid for it. That would be a disaster but they don’t care because that’s what they do. Biden is a puppet whose strings are pulled by Soros and that is Soros’ intention. We can’t let that happen. Keep America great and re-elect President Trump.

  10. It is time to vote OUT Pelosi and Schumer. They are not the representatives of everyone, they only can about themselves. We need TERM LIMITS, do away with all of the benefits of the past Congressmen/women and Senators, let them live on Social Security and Medicare, just like us…..

  11. Take away top dem;s protection and you will see them change there mind;s as BLM AND antif send in few Marine compayes clean them out put them on a boat send them on a remote inland with a boat load of C ration;s

  12. Democrats are evil in every way! Besides killing babies, they’re trying to add stimulus money where it has nothing to do with the pandemic. Funding illegal aliens is just absurd. Trying to outlaw voter ID is just another ploy to help them with fraud in the election, which is the only way they can beat Trump. When will voters wake up and clean house? A vote for a Democrat is a vote against pro-life.

  13. the democrats are out of their minds. No way shouyld any of these BS items ever be approved! The items re voting are ripe for FRAUD! And the illegal aliens is pure BS! All I can say is the democrats MUST be stopped at all costs !

  14. The democrat party has become the party of Satan! It has become infected with evil people who want all the power and control over the people and our country! DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! VOTE REPUBLICAN AND VOTE TRUMP 2020!

  15. Answer to why would the leftist party do what they do?….Satin is their leader and has been given temporary freedom of exercising his “LAST hooray”before the End Times with the glorious return of Christ our Saviour and for Satin and all of his followers to descend into the pit. If God’s Word wasn’t so clear, it might be easier to overlook.

  16. Rid our country of George SOSOS, aka Grigory Swartz, and then send in the Marines to clean out antife and BLM. Both terrorist orgs. When their funds are gone the orgs won’t last. STOP Soros orgs!!

  17. Now we need to pray that President Trump is a to keep the Senate in line. RINO’s and Never Trumpers are my chief concern.


  19. Spouting off here makes you feel good but it does not accomplish anything. If you want to keep the senate, gain the house, and reelect Trump put your money where your mouth is… Good Republicans are going to have a tough go of knocking out the incumbents like “the squad”, Maxine, Chuck, Nancy, Jerry Nadler, Eric Swalwell, Adam sShiff, etc. Find out who the Republicans are going against them and donate to their campaigns…. If you donate to any of them online, you get multiple notices of other republicans who are requesting monetary help. Find out who these people are in the tough races and donate to them, if even $5. Every bit helps and this is the kind of help that can make a difference.

    Talk to your neighbors and ask them what they think about this election. If they are on the fence or say they don’t know who to vote for because they are not political, or not sure of Biden even if they are democrat ; Down load the talking points above and get the list of Trumps accomplishments in the last 3.5 years especially for minorities, Make them aware of this and even offer to take them to the polls.
    I am from Texas and our cities were built by skilled hispanic labor. Most of them are religious and normally conservative but they want to be in the US and I know many that will not take help from the government. The republicans are taking a hard line by evidence of these comments, However, we should take a hard line to closing the open borders at this point and attempt to put together a program of getting the upstanding, hardworking, law abiding (other than coming into country illegal!!) illegals into the system and get them paying taxes going forward and integrating them into our system and country.

    We need those skills, and their money to pay into the system.

  20. Well, Al Capone said it best to the gangs that roamed from precinct to precinct voting, “Vote early and often boys !! “. It was depicted in Robert Altman’s Movie Kansas City which was under the rule of the Democratic Club and Tom Pendergast in the thirties. Been going on for a long time folks.

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