Biden’s Game Plan — Take No Risks & Run Out the Clock

When Vice President Calvin Coolidge ascended to the presidency on the death of Warren Harding in 1923, a wag remarked that Silent Cal’s career had exhibited unmistakable signs of celestial intervention.

Governor Coolidge vaulted to national attention during the Boston police strike of 1919, where, in a stinging letter to Sam Gompers of the AFL, he thundered:

“There is no right to strike against the public safety by anybody, anywhere, any time.”

If Joe Biden becomes president, celestial intervention, once again, cannot be ruled out.


In the first Democratic contest in 2020 in Iowa, Biden, though the clear front-runner in the national polls, ran a humiliating fourth. In New Hampshire, a week later, he ran fifth. In Nevada, Joe was crushed again by Bernie Sanders but edged out Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar thanks to his loyal African American base.

Came then South Carolina where the Black vote, 60% of the total, gave Biden a triumph — and the momentum that propelled him to a sweeping victory on Super Tuesday. Biden’s delegate count became so large it was virtually impossible for Sanders to overcome.


That March, however, which had begun with the resurrection of Biden's campaign, was also the month the COVID-19 pandemic hit in full fury, sinking the exuberant economy that had been Donald Trump's ticket to reelection.

At that point, Biden went to earth. Through the spring of 2020 and this summer, he has socially distanced himself from the press and the public and sheltered in place in a basement bunker as the worst pandemic in a century drove down the best economy in decades to Depression-era levels. The last quarter alone saw a 9% plunge in our gross domestic product.

If Biden wins in November, then his "basement bunker" campaign will be studied by historians alongside the "front porch" campaign of Harding that led to the 1920 landslide victory over Democrat James M. Cox.

Yet, several scheduled events could still upend Biden's take-no-risks-and-run-out-the-clock strategy. The first is his choice of a vice presidential nominee, which Biden has promised will be a woman.

However, if Biden restricts his choice to a Black woman, as some have insisted, he eliminates from consideration every governor and senator in the party save Kamala Harris.

And if all the media attention given to Harris and other VP candidates fails to produce that Black woman, in this hour of renewed demands for racial equality, Biden will have some serious explaining to do to the core constituency that saved his bacon in South Carolina.

There is another danger in Biden's choice.

When General Eisenhower chose Richard Nixon in 1952, the liberal press ginned up a story about a "secret Nixon slush fund," so intense that Ike was almost stampeded into dropping his running mate.

In 1972, Sen. George McGovern's campaign failed in its due diligence on his vice presidential choice, and McGovern was forced to drop Sen. Tom Eagleton from his ticket and replace him with Sargent Shriver.

Moreover, given Biden's age -- he would be the oldest president ever inaugurated by eight full years -- his choice will have to be seen by the nation as a credible president.

A second hurdle for Biden is his speech accepting the Democratic nomination.
The country would be watching intently to see if the Biden of August 2020 had lost the mental and communication skills he once had.

But Biden's advisers bypassed that hurdle this week by declaring that the pandemic prevents Biden from traveling to the Milwaukee convention.

This leaves the three presently scheduled debates as perhaps the last major hurdles between Biden and the presidency.

Since 1960, when John F. Kennedy established himself as a credible challenger to Vice President Nixon in the first of four debates, these confrontations have often proven critical.

In 1976, President Gerald Ford severely damaged his chances of holding onto the office he had inherited from Nixon when he insisted during his debate with Jimmy Carter that Poland, then under Soviet control, was a free nation.
Ronald Reagan used his 1980 debate with Carter to show with his wit and demeanor that he was anything but the reactionary of the major media's depiction.

For Trump to regain lost ground, he must convince the country that not only is he the right man to manage America's way out of the health crisis, economic crisis and racial crisis that were none of his doing, but that Biden has lost the physical rigor and mental capacity to cope with the triple crisis. And the best, and perhaps last, place to do that is in the debates.

The left understands this, which is why we are suddenly seeing media suggestions that Biden should cancel the debates.

A terrified left wants Joe Biden to coast to victory, and many on that side share a belief that this may be the only way he gets there.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of "Nixon's White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever."

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12 thoughts on “Biden’s Game Plan — Take No Risks & Run Out the Clock”

  1. This article is so full of miss-information as to doubt anything in it.
    The reported Biden short list for VP contains 3 black women and 2 white women. The only person that has been mentioned most and at the top of Bidens short list Is Kamala Harris.
    Biden Knows that there is a old political adage that states that when your opponent is committing political suicide in public, Don’t stand in their way.
    Trump has been committing Political Suicide from day one and it only got worse this past January. Trump is “Dog paddling” recently trying to cover up this Dung heap he called his administration.

    1. Kamala Harris slept her way into politics by servicing old Man Willie Brown. Brown himself confirmed this.

      Biden is suffering age related mental decline. Watch his latest 20 video conferences and appearances. Thee we have the hundreds of videos and photos of him sniffing the hair of women and children, and his hands all over children.

      Joe Biden with 50 years in politics and not much accomplished, and all his baggage and mental decline is the best democrats can offer the nation???

  2. I demand there be a Presidential debate, live, face to face before one mail in vote can be cast. Once it’s revealed just how incoherent this potted plant for a candidate really appears live without a teleprompter it will change the minds of many undecided voters. Of course that’s exactly why the deep state swamp won’t allow this to happen.

  3. Anything is possible in today’s America.

    Biden’s strategy to avoid risking the public seeing him as fully incapable of confronting the complex challenges that face America is actually a joint conspiracy with the Media, which has allowed their hatred of Trump to far exceed their interest in the American People and their obligation to tell the truth.

    Anyone who has seen RT (Russia Today) realizes, that its coverage of the World and the US more closely represents what our media once was and is no longer. It is extremely ironic that formerly Communist Russia has a Press that represents journalism as it should be and once was in the US.

    Thus, it is the forlorn Press and Media that is encouraging and supporting Biden’s campaign to blind American voters, into falsely believing that Biden represents someone, who has the capacity of solving anything and standing up for America against the extraordinary challenges that face the US. Challenges both domestic and foreign.

    Domestic, to deal with a Pandemic for which Biden has nothing to offer. Racial enmity, which requires protecting our cities from anarchists intent on destroying the US. Environmental challenges, Social challenges, Economic challenges, technological challenges, etc. Based on his record in Delaware and in the Obama-Biden Administration, t is unlikely that Biden has anything substantive to say to pull us out of this morass. Eight years of Obama-Biden proves that, although it did prove enriching not of America, but of Obama-Biden.

    Even more important are the International challenges that face us. For example, China is intent on conquering the West. Biden and his son have indangered our relationship with China by fraudulently entering into corrupt business relationships with the Chinese Government, based on his corrupt Obama days as a point man with China.

    With Regard to Russia and the Ukraine, Biden and his family have entered into corrupt and dishonest relationships with both of those countries, especially with the Ukrainian government. Ukraine is now in a full-blown investigation into Biden’t role in corrupting that society, which also conveniently involved a corrupted oil deal with Russia to surreptitiously supply oil to the Ukraine, which conveniently provides funding to the Biden family. It is not unlikely that under a Democratic Administration, Biden would, using more than a Billion Dollars of American taxpayers’ money to have that matter swept under the Ukrainian Rug, just as he did for his son and the Burisma matter, with a mere $Billion to have the capable prosecutor dismissed, as Biden so proudly admitted.

    We face severe challenges from a nuclear North Korea. I am not aware of Biden corrupting that situation, except that Obama-Biden did nothing to defuse it. We face problems with Venezuela, which is enabling Iran through oil. A major challenge is Iran, which could soon be nuclear, no thanks to Obama-Biden feeding the Mullahs Billions of American dollars in the dead of night. Biden pushed for the JCPOA nuclear agreement, which guaranteed a path to nuclear war with Iran. Thank you Obama-Biden. How much did you guys benefit from that? Perhaps enough for Obama to purchase a $50 million Estate on Martha’s Vineyard? Perhaps the funds for Biden to hire 600 lawyers to prepare challenges to the 2020 Election results, should Trump prevail.

    All of the above, has been ignored by our loyal media, which should be renamed Pravda. It is in collaboration with Social Media, US Television and Cable Networks and the Leftists in Hollywood.

    If the Democrats are successful, the America that we have cherished for almost 250 years is finished, kaput. All of the investigations into the unprecedented corruption in the history of the US, of the Obama-Biden Administration, will be swept under the rug.

    The myth of our society based on a Constitutional “Rule of Law” will have been put to rest.

    If the Democrats are not successful, that party is prepared to make every day of Trump’s next four years, as difficult as these past four years. I see it as Scylla and Charybdis.

  4. The 2020 election will be like no other. Vote By Mail is being pushed by Democrats to completely mess up the final results of the election and it will not be decided for months if ever. It will possibly have to be repeated. Vote By Mail will make it impossible for the president to win by a landslide because many votes will be ineligible, lost, mutilated, illegible signatures, impossible to vet the legality of the signature. Harvested votes from nursing homes will be found a year later in land fills. Not a new problem. Thousands of Democrat votes will appear out of nowhere to claim victory for the democrats. The post offices have neither the help or the facilities to process millions of votes in a short time, if ever. No wonder the Democrats feel safe running poor Joe on their ticket. He can’t lose. The Democrats will run Obama for a tird term as the emergency candidate.

    1. What I worry about. is not that Biden might win, but what the radical left will do in response to the inevitable
      Trump victory? In nearly four years the left has not gotten over 2016. Are we heading for civil war? It sure seems like it with our cities already in flames and our police force being disgraced daily by our media and the
      political machines controlling our cities..

    2. Cheer up, it’s only the media that are running this scam. Biden knows that if he ducks the debates it will be all over for him. More probable is that the democrats, knowing the truth about Biden, will drop him and run Saint Cuomo.

  5. Reagan might have been good in front of the camera but I remember paying 18% interest on a mortgage during that time and 26% on my lowest credit card. Trump has been a much better President for our economy! May God help us if Biden wins the election. I would lose all faith in our elections and it’s slim as it is. I challenge each of us to volunteer on our election committees to help keep them honest! I sincerely wish I could travel to my state capital and volunteer but my back wouldn’t take the drive. I wish I had done so before I injured myself and maybe I could have helped with keeping it more honest! One person CAN change things.

    1. Those high interest rates were a gift of Jimmy Carter, bozo! They skyrocketed with inflation in 79, I made a fortune from T bills and corporate bonds! Do your homework AARP-boy!

    1. Ignorance is only when you believe leftist lies not when we know the truth and speak out. Obama and Biden did nothing for this country before and I am sure if the Democrats win; we will go downhill. Remember they want this country to become socialistic like China is. Meaning people, we will have no rights anymore. All of us must make our vote count.

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