Trump: “I Have Very Rich Enemies.. May Be The Last Time You See Me For A While”

President Trump, while speaking at a Whirlpool manufacturing factory in Clyde, OH, made some cryptic remarks that are piquing interest from many around the world.

He was there as part of a campaign stop to discuss the restoration of the manufacturing industry in America but he also brought up his moves to reduce and reform pricing in the pharmaceutical industry.

This is where things get interesting.

People have long talked about how Congress and virtually our entire government is bought off by Big Pharma. The Pharmaceutical industry represented about $1.3 trillion in 2015 alone. That’s enough money to have a lot of power in the political world.

President Trump said that he’s made a lot of very, very rich enemies by cutting out the middleman.

He also said "This may be the last time you see me for a while".

From the White House:

And speaking of pharmaceuticals, we instituted four moves — rebates, favored nations, and other things — buying from other nations where they have the product — the same exact pill, identical; made in the same factory — for a fraction — just a small fraction of the cost. We buy from other countries, as opposed to buying through this ridiculous quagmire of political scam that we’ve been going through for many years.

And what I’ve done, in terms of favored nations, if — as an example, Germany has a pill for 10 cents and we have a pill for $2. We institute favored nations on the drug company. We get the pill for the same amount as the lowest pill anywhere in the world. Anywhere in the world. (Applause.) And that could drop your price of pharmaceuticals, of drugs — prescription drugs — it could drop your price 50, 60, 70 percent, maybe more than that.

What he says next may explain why he should be a little worried. He says nobody knows who the middlemen are but they're very rich and he's cutting them out.

You have people called “middlemen.” I don’t know who the middlemen are. I don’t know. They never say “middlewomen,” so they’re politically not correct. (Laughter.) But I’ve heard the term “middlemen” for a long time. They are so wealthy. They are so wealthy. Nobody has any idea who the hell they are or what they do. They make more money than the drug companies. You know, in all fairness, at least the drug companies have to produce a product, and it has to be good product. But the middlemen — well, the rebate that I’m doing cuts out the middlemen, and it reduces costs, and the money goes back to the people purchasing the drugs.

So I have a lot of enemies out there. This may be the last time you’ll see me for a while. A lot of very, very rich enemies, but they are not happy with what I’m doing. But I figure we have one chance to do it, and no other President is going to do what I do. No other President would do a favored nations, a rebate, a buy from other nations at much less cost. Nobody. And there are a lot of unhappy people, and they’re very rich people, and they’re very unhappy.

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90 thoughts on “Trump: “I Have Very Rich Enemies.. May Be The Last Time You See Me For A While””

  1. He is correct. There are a lot of rich people who would like to see him out because he won’t cow down to their wants. I pray that he is successful in November else we are doomed to be faced with more violence and rioting then we see today.

    1. I agree, there are a lot of rich people, middle income people, and poor people who pray that God will save the U.S. from Trump and Putin in their obvious plans to make us a dictatorship. These particular people, are people with brains, people with conscious and people with love for this country, None of us want to kill trump. Nine chances out of ten, he has made that story up to get sympathy. Psycho’s do that when they are desperate. I have no doubt his people encourage him to keep his mouth shut for a while, as he really is a threat to the democracy that we love and enjoy. How anyone can support someone who teams up with every dictator in the world and say he is “chosen by God”. to make the US a dictatorship, you need to look more closely to the lies that Trump says everyday he opens his mouth.

      1. There are many of us praying to God he wins! By a landslide. With a large conservative majority in senate and House

        1. It’s not Biden’s fault. It’s the party’s. They are so ethically bankrupt,
          that they put forward someone who would certainly not survive
          the stress of the job for long.

      2. Joe, I’ve worked with and for people like President Trump for more than 40 years. They always face critics like you seem to be head-on. I know nothing about you, but I put you in the group typified by someone I met recently who said, “You must listen to FOX. I only listen to CNN.” Their statement told me everything I wanted to know about them. As an example, you obviously have never tried to rescue someone from a true autocratic regime or you wouldn’t try to pair Trump and Putin. You make me laugh when you say you love democracy. You love someone as long as they agree with you.

        1. Yes or give them 10 bucks more in their payvheck. To hell with the country, just give me my 10 dollas! They don’t have a clue we all will be having to pay that back soon.

      3. You do realize that the United States is NOT a democracy? We are a Republic. And how can he be a dictator when he is one of the few people saying we should resist the shutdowns by our governors? That businesses should open? That there is a treatment for Covid? And why in the world wouldn’t you want lower drug costs? No President has done this before and the people should be thrilled! Diabetics can afford insulin, cancer patients can afford treatment. Your argument has no bases. Trump is standing up against China. The biggest threat to our economy. He is making the U.S. self reliant by bringing back manufacturing, by having our own fuel sources (this also allows us to take the time to find alternative sources of energy). You may not like his personality, That I can understand,
        but stop getting offended long enough to see what he is really doing. He is draining the swamp and that is why a lot of the Democrats hate him, some Republicans hate him, the media hates him and so does Hollywood. They hate that he is not bought and paid for by special interest groups like the rest of them.

      4. How on God’s green earth are you still so flipping BLIND? I don’t understand people like you! Can’t you see what is happening right under your nose or is your nose too far up the politically lefts butts that you can’t see what is happening around you. When you goofballs finally do open your eyes, it could be too late. I know, I know, no matter how much I say, you will never ever be convinced unless the Lord opens your eyes and allows you to see the truth. So I pray right now that He does just that. Lord open this misguided person aND allow the truth to shine forth in the mind! I ask this in Jesus name!

      5. Thank you President Trump!!! I feel that big pharma has kept us from using hydroxechlorifin. The doctors can’t
        Prescribe it although it has been around for 65 years. No heart issues. Doctors who do favor it have been either
        Fired or removed from Facebook, tweeter etc. shameful what is happening.

    2. I agree that he needs to win, but I hate to say I think we’ll see *more* rioting and violence if he does. Starting pretty much immediately.

    3. You got that Right … !!!! The New World Order BANKER’S Rothschild’s Satanist Shadow government DEEP State CONTROLLING EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE Nightmare will continue to GET WORSE !!!!!!! 😣😣😣😣😣😣😥😥😥😶😮 🚫NWO SHMUCK’S Destroying FREEDOM’s EVERYWHERE …! 😑😑😑
      🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇬🇧🇬🇧🇫🇷🇯🇵🇮🇹 Let FREEDOM REIGN !!! 😁☺😀😄😃😊☺😀😁😃😅😎 Vote DONALD J TRUMP 2Q2Q

    1. I guess no one ever told you that Trump rarely tells the truth. His practice is to repeat something 3 times and it makes it the truth in his mind. Actually, if Trump tells it, he thinks it is the truth, which it rarely is.

      1. Linda Miller he does tell the truth but you bitch never do and stop saying shit like that about my president you ugly ass wank

      2. This man has tolerated more B.S. in the last four years than the last 20 POTUS. ! Why , because they can’t own him. He doesn’t need their money, or favors. SWAMP CREATURES,GLOBALIST COMMUNIST . THE HILL IS OVER RUN BY THEM. Soros owns them, Trump didn’t need this crap, he is a wealthy , Businessman. I truly believe he was recruited by Miltary and Intelligence people not corrupted by like the heads of the FBI and other agencies lie the DOJ to clean out that cesspool. As you watched the fiasco called John Lewis’s funeral, three off the four ex POTUS Dopey, Sleazy, and Putrid, it smacks of just how corrupt our Government is. I left Carter out because he so old he gets a pass. The other three , who HATED each other , are now in bed together….They should all share a cell. There is a name for selling out your country. Perhaps these names will give you a hint….Somalia and the U.S.S.Cole, Iraq, Benghazi, Fast and Furious to name a few.

        1. Wow! Well said! Love it! Satan has these buffoons blinded..when they see the truth they will be begging to have the country back we had b4..yes we have flaws, but nothing like many of the others..oh they will see…pity on them when they do..

      3. Unlike Obama, If his lips were moving , it as a lie. Remember him and Killary standing at the airport in Dover when the DEAD Americans from Benghaz’s body came in. Those two scumbags looked the families in the face and LIED about why they died. They died ti cver Obama, and Clintons behind for gun running to Syria,, not some damn imaginary video. Susan Rice another liar repeated that lie fr weeks.

      4. Oh the Main Stream Media does NOTHING , but REPEAT Lies , over & over & OVER … !!! 😮First they came for , then they came for , then they came for , by the time they get to YOU !!!!! And they WILL … It will be to f-ing late ! 😶😑😉 Have a nice day . WWG1WGA ! 😶 Georgia Gladstone . Maybe you will be one ,they keep around ??????? It’s like the Lottery …

  2. The communists (former democrat party) liberals have declared war on America. They go by the name of Antifa, and Black Lives Matter. They are being led by admitted Marxists, who will stop at nothing to destroy this Republic. America, the land of the free, thanks to our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and our Christian beliefs, is the target of the Communist Regime, who has declared war on us. We can either fight, or be enslaved by them. Once enslaved, this country will not recover. The Soros/Clinton/Obama/Gates/Fauci Mafia (the deep state) is working night and day to destroy President Trump in order to take over America. WAKE UP AMERICA.. THIS IS A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH!

    1. The groups you named have no representation in Congress. Your naming the Democratic Party as Marxist is false advertising. If you say that the Republican Party is no longer and has disseminated right before your eyes into the far right Facist government of Nazi’s, KKK and other dictatorship organizations that sounds more legitimate. As you know, Mr Trump supports far right organizations that are supportative of dictatorships. As Trump is friends with every dictator in the world, he has shunned allies around the world, unless he really needs good information to make himself look a little better in the world and to those he is trying to fool. He talked to Macron about Beirut because Macron had boots on the ground on day 1, and he himself was there on day 2. Trump cannot be out done. But he was. Did you know that Trump has idolized Putin for years, and it was Putin who chose Trump for the US.

      1. As you KNOW the KKK was started by the Democrats and Robert Byrd Speaker of the House was a huge Democrat and a KKK recuiter nd Grand PuPa for years , and years. As far as Dictators go, Obama was attached at the hip to Putin, and every Muslim Shiek he could find Biden just got backed from China’s Dictator. Of course he and his son have been paid off by the Chinese with millions and millions of dollars. You have proof Trump was chosen by Putin? No thought not.

      1. I read a long time ago that America can only be destroyed from within. It started getting really bad with Obama. It’s so true look was happening now. God bless America, God bless our President Trump.

        TRUMP 2020

    2. Grammysam, gave me very true..many want 2 know HOW to fight. I say boycott every liberal media, businesses, restaurants, online sites, Facebook etc BOYCOTT! Make that sacrifice for our nation! That’s where we can hurt these liberal thugs the most, through their billfold! Yes, it will be a sacrifice not to hear the latest gossip on facebook, and yes a sacrifice to cook yourself instead of that favorite spot 2 eat out, or to search a new conservative news source. Come on people! This is our power, Boycott the libs..DO IT TODAY!!!

      1. Responding to Tran: YES! The call to boycott ALL leftist social media! Boycott AMAZON, FB, Twitter, Google — use other search engines! The CEO’s of these leftist companies are big supporters of the Socialist Democrats and their destructive pathways.

    3. Boycott the left..stand up america! This is our power!! Boycott every libreal media, restaurants, online accts…anything that goes against America!! It will hurt us and it will be a sacrifice for sure but we can do it! Stand for America and boycott any business at all that goes against our Constitution and stands with the ones set out to destroy our nation and our freedom! This is what we can do!!!

    1. I pray for him every day, but we have OUR part in this too, only so much that Trump can do, without being wrong himself. WE have to rise up and take our nation back.

      1. Linda, please go to another board and cheerlead for Biden. Nobody is listening to you hear. The truth is coming and if you dont wake up you wont be able to handle it.

    2. Yes, if there is anything that we do not need is for Trumpsters to insist that Trump is a marter for something or other.

  3. We’ve gotta DO WHATEVER IS NECESSARY to preserve our United States of America and protect OUR president. Don’t let the mob dictate to us their evil and corrupt doctrines— WE’VE GOT TO STAND UP AND DEFEND OUR FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS and OUR FAMILIES !!!

  4. Everytime I take a shit I am making a donation to him but atleast I AM DOING SOMETHING USEFULL.In regards to him saying”you may not be seeing me in a while”-well thats the best thing I’ve heard all year!Good riddance!

    1. Don’t you think he needs a new life style selling land in Israel with Putin? They have an agenda according to the evangelicals. Go, tRum,p to Israel or Russia. It is acceptable too.

      1. why don’t you go first, you blinded pc of sartrash! I wish to God we could send all you flipping libs to another country..then laugh when you plead and beg to come back here..once we get it cleaned back up from the rotten smell you libs left behind..

    2. My Lord , how dum they Truely are ! FOOL’s lead to SLAUGHTER ! & Taking Every body else with Them ! 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥 NICE . 😐

  5. Thank you for choosing to continue to stand strong for America in the face of such a formidable force of money, privilege, and power. You are prayed for daily with Isaiah 54:17. Please continue to stand for the right and fight the rich. I believe God has raised you for such a time as this. Had bless and keep you b

    1. God raise up an adulterous, liar, who has a sorcerer as his spiritual advisor. Read Revelation 21:8. When ask if he confessed his sins. Donald Trump said he did not commit sins. Well, that part is between him an God when he says that. All of his spiritual life, or the lack there of is his. However, when a liar of the dementions of Trump is president, those who support him, are responsible for his opportunity to do what he is doing to the US. That is destroying our republic/democracy. He is a traitor by saying he trusted Putin, over his own NSA. That is called treason, and it was done right in front of the entire world as they (we ) listened. Pray for yourself.

      1. How dare you use the bible to your own advantage..if u knew anything about it you would not be a libtard. Be very careful Linda using God’s word for your benefit. Just reason with caution!

  6. Three layers of security: the Secret Service, a private contractor like Blackwater, and people from the Trump Organization’s own personal security team. That would be very hard to buy your way through.

    1. No one is planning to knock Trump off. Psycho’s do that number when they want the sympathy of a larger number of people. Just follow his profile. As you said, he is well protected, regardless if he deserves the allegiance.

    2. Do think Trump is threatened? All in his mind. He will get attention from his followers with their sympathy.

      1. Trump is a kind person and cares for the little man and middle class. He is also a Christian. His mentor at Marble Collegiate church in NYC was Norman Vincent Peale. A lot of blacks are waking up and supporting him. Not so Biden who has made so many racist comments. He is definitely not all there, and the Democrats are worried. They better have a back up plan up their sleeve. They can’t afford to lose 25 per centof the black vote not to mention the Hispanic vote. I’ve heard as much as 40 percent. Quit watching fake news CNN, NBC, ABC, ETC.

  7. That is the Globalist parasites — and they ARE dangerous. He is RIGHT to expect attempts to come his way, but they are ALREADY doing most of what they can, and they are not strong enough to face him openly — BUT they have issued contracts many times in the past, and killed many past Presidents who went against them far less than Trump has NOW. He is RIGHT to acknowledge the danger, but notice that he is NOT backing down.

    1. Not as dangerous as DJT the Virus Hoax Administrator. Not as dangerous because they are not here to kill off innocent Americans with a virus. That is the Donald in business with Putin.l

      1. How old are you dufus? 3? You have the intellect of a 3 yr old..oh wait a minute, let me define that for you! Intellect…the faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively…Mmmmm..let me know if you need any more words explained honey dear! Grow up Linda and go find a site that welcomes you, because this one can’t stand your presence!!

  8. It’s these middlemens’ greed that irks many people who have to choose between eating and medication. This should NEVER, EVER, be! There are many areas of middlemen, including mall landlords. They collect rent that rises and even when the building is paid off they give no relief. . .You see what’s happening. . .Stores are closing and people are losing jobs. So they get creative and go on line, which is fine, but not everyone can shop on line, and some can’t get out to shop. Every generation is a change. Once Big Pharma is done, how about some of these other middle men? It’s corruption at its finest.

    1. I know there are leaches with the pharmaceutical industry. But many are legitimate researchers and that takes a lot of money to have the medications needed. Science is not cheap and it is essential. Right now we are in need of a virus vaccination. It is not as easy to produce as people would like to think. Not all of us can fortify our immune systems with Adult Stem Cell treatment as the President did some years ago. He had excessive fear of even shaking hands with people, thus he fixed that. No wonder he doesn’t want to wear a mask. This and everything else is about him. Take care, but forget the studies of the pharmacy world. That takes from 4 to at least 8 years of study before the real work begins. Pay for that then you might get the job. We would not have this virus if Trump had not allowed our Pandemic agency just run out of funds. So who really is responsible for that and who is wanting to get rid of Science on every level. What exactly does Trump want for US. It won’t be great and if you look around we are on our way down.

  9. I cried when he was doing that appearance😘every single President has promised to deal with these Pharma Mafia cost..oh,look it’s President Trump who does it and The Retards in Congress want to SUE him..If this does not wake you🎉you might be dead instead of 😴I was calling Trump a Buffoon 2 yrs. ago but these Dim.ocrats have opened my eyes to who are the REAL SELLOUTS..FOCK TECHNOCRATS👉👅TRUMP2020

    1. Monica: read mypost above yours. Take hold of the world and realize that Science is not cheap and it is essential for the preservation of life.

    2. Monica: I am sorry not to have mentioned that the people in congress who are doing all they can to do away with help for people are those in the majority in the Senate (republicans). Have you ever read about Trump? I am speaking of real information that is documented about his business with the Russian Mafia, the Russian oligarchs who have him money laundry, and then his magician Putin who he actually worships. Just watch the two of them on TV. Why did Trump immediately cancel the sanctions against Russia. Those sanctions had a purpose. Trump seemed not to ask his own advisers about anything. Maybe he asked Moscow Mitch. Regardless, why is Trump eradicating the good bills that Obama managed to get passed. Is he jealous. The people of the US suffer because of these small item assassinations he does. Did you know that Trumps favorite reading source was written by Hitler “Mein Kampf”. Did you know that Trump said that “If I am elected President, I will do anything I want to do.” That means he could, and would disregard the laws that we all must obey and he would dictate his own actions and the results there of. Is that making America great to have this uneducated person try to run the country. Business man.? Look at his record of bankruptcies. See what the people of NY state say about how Trump did business with them. I am going to read his neice’s book about Donald. She, as I understand, wrote as a professional as well as a relative who observed his rearing and behavior. Do you remember what his wife said about him. Don’t cross Donald, he will double down on you if you do. He does pay back. He is judge, jury, and exacuter. Payback belongs to God. This behavior of his belongs to people with Character Disorders or even worse. We want America to be Great. But not at the sacrefice of the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent American who have no way to protect themselves from virus’s then from an overthrow of this democracy.

      1. Don’t you remember the Mueller report. As hard as they tried they couldn’t pin any fake Russia stuff on Trump. On the other hand, Biden’s son made off of China and the Ukraine millions not to mention Biden’s brothers in Iraq And elsewhere. And Obama who said wait till I get re-elected to the defense minister of Russia and we will negotiate

  10. Of course protest gatherings of hundreds of people are fine, but the President should not have his well attended rallies. Joe Biden, on the other hand, is fine having a rally; since there may only be 20 people, if he’s lucky, that will attend. But even if Biden had the huge crowds that the President gets, it would somehow be okay because as we all are aware, democrats are held to a totally different standard than the rest of us poor schmucks. Democrats and liberals are above the law and that’s just the way it is.

  11. President Trump has rattled a lot of “deep state operatives” that rely on the “status-quo” (taxpayer dollars) to fund their cushy lifestyles off OUR backs. We have a BUSINESSMAN in office now that has basically “upset their apple cart”, and curbed these “fat cats” that sponge off the taxpayers. THIS my friends is why they want him out, so they can go back to “business as usual” and screwing then American taxpayers, as well as trying to reinstate the FRAUD hussein obammie “fundamental transformation” of The U.S. (that crooked hitlery was supposed to continue) into a communist-controlled crap-hole, and the people into controlled “subjects” to be used , abused, Taxed to death, or “eliminated” as they see fit to impose.
    WAKE UP AMERICA vote OUT any and all democommunists up for reelection like your life depended on it because IT DOES. (unless you desire this country to become what you are witnessing now in democommunist-controlled cities.

  12. Pelosi and her gang are on the take for sure along with Hillary and Obama. This has been widely known for years and finally someone not connected to the swamp lawyers ( Lobbyists ) that control it and give bribes are being dealt with.

  13. Stop giving the Drug Companies a tax break for advertising drugs that require a Doctor’s prescription. Allow them to advertise it on their own dollars. The Public does not know whether their (advertisers) pills are good for them anyway. The Public should not be asking their doctor for a certain advertised pill.

  14. About time someone stood up to big pharm and doing something to help Americans that need medications and don’t have them because they can’t afford them

  15. It’s not Biden’s fault. It’s the party’s. They are so ethically bankrupt,
    that they put forward someone who would certainly not survive
    the stress of the job for long.

  16. There are a great many people, networks of people praying for President Trump and his safety.
    God p[ut this man in the White House and is well able to protect him.

  17. President Trump the wisest and best president we have had in decades. I read how evil dishonest democrats can lie and try to stop every move he makes, He knows how to run a country and get things done democrats doesn’t know how and this shames them. PBS uses our tax money to run their filth and lies about President Trump. There are
    one that honors what he is doing and has more power than all dems put together and that is God almighty and He sees
    their lies and betrayals, Woe unto them when Jesus returns unless they repent. I am so thankful that I had parents
    that taught me to respect people unlike Kamal Harris and most of the dems in the Senate. THINK ABOUT IT AND CHANGE WHILE YOU CAN DEMOCRATS AN OTHERS that does the same. Praise God for trump

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