Watch: Movie Maker/Talk Show Host Blasts Board and Health Officer Over Mandates

Movie maker and talk show host, John Ziegler, went off on the Ventura County Board of Supervisors and Health Officer Dr. Robert Levin over arbitrary orders and mandates for COVID-19 “protections”.

He questioned why nobody on the board has acknowledged that the health officer has been wrong on almost everything. Instead they continue to take his word for it and keep citizens locked down and businesses shuttered.


Ziegler called out the political nature of the decisions being made regarding the virus.

“COVID/BLM- took advantage of a unique opportunity while the entire culture was on its knees. Massive BLM protests were the moment we realized the COVID scare wasn’t so valid. Graduations were being canceled while BLM was promoted and huge “protests” (without “social distancing) were occurring.”

For more, check out Citizens Journal.

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5 thoughts on “Watch: Movie Maker/Talk Show Host Blasts Board and Health Officer Over Mandates”

  1. You can do riots and protests harass, threaten, kill and cause massive destruction without the fear of spreading the China virus however if you go to church, attend a wedding, a funeral or attend a party with friends you are irresponsible and subject to arrest! These rioters can come onto your property and threaten you or block your automobile on a public road and threaten you however if you defend yourself then you are the one who is arrested! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE! Doesn’t this sound a lot like control over the people something that you would expect to see in a country like China? And why hasn’t there been one democrat politician to stand up and say this rioting is wrong or that Antifa is a dangerous group of low life thugs! Peacefully protesting is one thing but this is NOT peaceful protesting this is an organized group that is out to destroy our country and our freedom! You stand back and allow these liberals to defund the police and you can expect to see a lot more of this all over our country. REMEMBER WE OUTNUMBER THEM, do not stand by silently and allow this to happen! STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!

  2. The ‘virus’ has never been isolated- and that has to be done- more than once- to even prove it exists.The tests are flawed;they cannot tell the difference between a virus or bacterial infection,nor how many viruses(and you need millions & millions,self-replicating & causing damage); the meds cause death if there’s any circulatory issue;the ventilators have 97.2% fatality rate;death counts are inflated-hospitals get paid $13,000 if tagged covid19 death $39,000 if patient was on a ventilator.CDC even states that the masks are useless. 185 countries shut down over the IDEA of a ‘virus’.165 of those have Rothschild owned/controlled banks. This is an economic reset.Why else would nearly the entire world shut down?Normal flu kills more people than alleged ‘virus’.If you look up the roots of BLM, you will find communism.Does the WORLD WANT to be One world Governed by communism?IT WAS/IS ALL A LIE TO GAIN CONTROL. ARE YOU GOING TO CONTINUE ALLOWING THESE POWER MONGERS TO RUIN YOUR LIVES? If Not, TAKEOFF YOUR MASKS OFF, OPEN YOUR BUSINESSES, REMOVE THESE TYRANTS, TAKE YOUR LIVES BACK.. Form your own network for the things you need (food,toilet paper,educating your children,etc.). WE are the majority, and WE have to be eternally vigilant & STAND/ACT if we choose Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. TURN OFF YOUR TV’s, and stop believing the the lies.You see what they are doing and what they will do. Are you going to LET THIS continue? There is NO TIME TO WAIT and see. The longer we wait, the more control they gain.Governments are instituted to PROTECT our rights, and they get their power FROM the governed. If they are NOT doing their job, WE have the right to replace or abolish said government and put in place that which makes us more secure in our rights, that which makes us happy. If that means we -individually- must govern ourselves and figure out how to rebuild our nations to our liking, we must realize that that time is NOW. So unless you want to be owned, controlled, enslaved, impoverished and killed(for the ‘greater good, of course!)…then, get off your rears and ACT. GO OPEN YOUR BUSINESSES, TRADE with your neighbors,demand the tyrants resign or remove them,get your networks set up NOW so you are not lacking in essentials and food,books,tools,water and all other basics.THE GAME HAS CHANGED and the NOW AND THE FUTURE are in OUR hands.Decide what you must do and DO IT.Find out if your law enforcement actually will defend OUR Constitution;if so, engage their help. If you find your ‘officials’ are lying and allowing destruction,then they cannot be trusted(REMOVE THEM).Go to church if you want;Sing if you want, but above all, defend your life and the lives of those you love.IT IS TIME TO TAKE THE HELM and steer this ship called humanity onto the BEST course.Reclaim what is good, get rid of what’s not good, clean up the mess and get on with doing good. WE allowed this. WE must fix it. NOW.

  3. It’s California. The public officials finally realize4d the county was functioning well, and felt it their duty to remind Ventura County they were part of California, and to remedy that.

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