Biden Backers Terrified of Debates

CNN’s media unit emails out a nightly newsletter titled “Reliable Sources.” The newsletter is not always reliable, since it has a slippery grasp on what its own network is putting on television and online.

On Aug. 3, Oliver Darcy led the newsletter discussing what he described as an “imaginary controversy”: the notion that Joe Biden might skip the presidential debates. Darcy quoted Biden national press secretary T.J. Ducklo’s spin. “Donald Trump and his allies at Fox News have decided an imaginary controversy about debates will be their latest attempt to distract Americans,” Ducklo told Darcy.

Under the header “Where it originated from,” Darcy added, “Yes, there have been some NYT opinion pieces and brief chatter about why Biden should skip the debates. Personally, I’ve never taken the suggestions too seriously.”

On Twitter, Darcy’s colleague Brian Stelter agreed: “It is mostly a right-wing media tempest, fueled by hour after hour of Fox commentary (not reporting), far removed from campaign reality.”

Both of these men seemed supremely oblivious to the fact that published an opinion piece by CNN political analyst Joe Lockhart in which he argued Biden should skip the debates … and CNN booked a subsequent weekend interview with Lockhart on its “Smerconish” show. Host Michael Smerconish didn’t lecture his guest about being in danger of fueling a right-wing media tempest.


So who's "removed from campaign reality"? Omri Ceren retorted on Twitter: "In fairness to Stelter and Darcy, unclear if they're intentionally lying here. Could simply be that like everyone else they never tune into CNN."

Lockhart -- as well as New York Times columnists Thomas Friedman and Elizabeth Drew -- expressed the firm belief that Trump should be disqualified from debates. His truth mangling and "extreme narcissism" make debate unhelpful and unnecessary. His audacity is an unfair advantage.

No one should believe Biden will actually skip the debates. Liberals are far too arrogant about how Democrats will brilliantly wipe the floor with Republicans every time -- no matter who the Republican is. And for Trump, that goes triple.

All these opinionators are offering is pre-debate spin, suggesting Trump's patter is so abhorrent that he's unworthy of any televised pedestal. This underlines why CNN and MSNBC now ignore or talk over Trump press conferences and speeches. At this point, we might expect they'll talk over the president's big convention speech.

Liberals prefer Biden cocooning in safer venues, like occasional puffball press conferences with his compliant campaign press corps. When Stelter interviewed Ducklo on his "Reliable Sources" program on Aug. 2, he mildly suggested Biden "owes the public" more access to the press but added, "I think what your candidate is doing is he's dodging Trump's punches with silence, which is probably an effective campaign strategy."

All this media acceptance of Biden's basement strategy masks their terror over the possibility of another Trump win. On July 26, MSNBC host Joshua Johnson interviewed Democratic National Committee boss Tom Perez and revealed Democrats' inner panic. "I cannot tell you how many people I know who are Joe Biden supporters who feel like they're on the verge of a stroke all the time at the possibility of four more years of Donald Trump, particularly with any gaffe that Joe Biden makes," Johnson said. "If he says something that comes out sideways, it's like you can feel everybody's heart kind of squeak shut."

This is especially true of the debates, which will have massive national audiences, and where gaffes might be immediately exploited and magnified by the president. Don't believe the media swagger about Biden having this race in the bag. They're terrified that Democrats nominated the Gaffe Machine.

Tim Graham is director of media analysis at the Media Research Center and executive editor of the blog

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13 thoughts on “Biden Backers Terrified of Debates”

  1. dementia-joe is not only a “gaffe-machine”, but cannot remember where he is, what “office” he is running for, and cannot even complete a full coherent sentence. The man is obviously mentally deficient. BUT what doe the demon-crats care? They are hoping clueless voter (or rampant FRAUD) will push ‘joe’ in, and then “something” will happen and the VP will “take over”, continue the destruction of our Constitutional Republic, to turn it into a communist controlled crap-hole, and the people into controlled “subjects to be used, abused, taxed to death or “eliminated” if we refuse to kowtow to every “royal decree” uttered by the new “‘masters”.

  2. If you have not understood how crooked the Left and their Agenda is then you will be totally overwhelmed by who will all of a sudden become his official running mate. It will be designed to put a big smile on all their minions faces and create a huge turnout of the entitlement crowd at the Post Office as well as those able show up at the polls. The complacent Right will be totally aghast at the loss of America to those fools. The Communist Party did not get as far as they have in America without a plan to take America down from within and they are really ticked that our POTUS was elected.

  3. Tell Biden to quit hiding and to saying he is doing what Trump has been doing for 4 years he is trying to say he is better at everything . Prove it or tell him to please shut the heck up.

  4. Make no mistake about it. If Sleepy Joe Biden happens to be elected he will serve from his basement and all decisions will be made by Obama and other lefties of the democrat party.

  5. Why do they just think Biden is a gaffe machine. The whole dummycrat party is a gaffe machine. All Biden does is expose the truth in such a way that even a blind person can see it’s stupid to vote for any dummycrat.

  6. Hey Darcy …. You are a nincompoop, SON. And your boy Stelter is just egging you on. Sure, let the debates BEGIN. The over-under is “2” — describing on what number question your Mensa BIDEN will blow the script and reveal that he has NO BUSINESS “speaking” …. much less running for President. TRUMP will eat him alive — only thing YOU won’t be there to see it, for you will have tucked your tail in Embarrassment and LEFT THE VENUE, pal !

    This is a classic mismatch ….. As all will see …. TRUMP IN 2020 !

  7. Gaff machine? No the truth Machine. He is a bigot and a pedophile. That is all you need to know! He is not worthy of running for the Presidency as he is an idiot above all idiots!

  8. The Backers of Joe Biden have every reason to be afraid!! Not only is Joe Biden scary because of his WILLFUL invasion of other peoples personal space but he supports the killing of children in the womb, calling it ‘abortion’. With the majority of women suffering an ‘abortion’ minority women making the victims minorities {by Planned Parenthood’s own records] a thinking minority would ‘think twice or three times’ about supporting the racist Joe Biden [Democrats are very good at hiding their racist roots. Not only did they want to ‘sue for peace’ in the Civil War leaving the blacks in slavery but when that failed they hit upon Planned Parenthood, founded by the racist Margaret Sanger, that convinced minorities to abort/kill their own babies in the womb.].

  9. Adam: TOUCHE ! You nailed it, and it’s fascinating that the ones MOST frightened about the GaffeMachine being in a debate (or more than one), are the ones pulling out their hair to come up with excuses such as Trump refuses to follow debate rules, Trump lies too much and Biden would have to “correct” Trump’s lies which would take up too much of Biden’s time, Trump is a nasty debater and will try to get Biden to come unglued and angry.
    All are just creative excuses to keep Joe from screwing up in front of 20 million(?) viewers.

  10. President Trump, yes President Trump, for all you left wing nuts, that’s President Trump will totally destroy ole Joe the senile Biden when the debates begin. And, that is exactly why there will be no face to face debates! They, the commie left, will use the China virus ( that’s right you PC assholes China virus) to keep China loving Biden in his cellar so he can read from cue cards already written with his answers! If the left let’s him debate face to face then you know the voter fraud is going to be huge! If he debates face to face then the fix is in. There is no way this inept senile corrupt scumbag could ever win a debate outright! The Republican party better have people at all districts in every state and plenty of lawyers available because Corrupt Joe has 600 on hand! The left is going to do everything it can to cheat this election so this could be a f::ken disaster on a scale never seen before. We might not know who the winner is for some time and this is where the left again plans to cheat. If no winner is formed by sometime in ,I believe, December than Nancy Piglosi is Constitutionally able to take the Presidency until it’s resolved. Now I think this is correct and if it is then we are screwed! Nuff said!

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