As the Filibuster Goes, So Goes the GOP

“When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

This was the nightmare of Ben Franklin.

Yet, with passage this spring of a $4 trillion bailout of an economy facing historic losses because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Nancy Pelosi’s House having voted out another $3 trillion, we may have reached Franklin’s peril point.

Indeed, if Democrats capture the Senate and win the White House, as many polls now project, it is not easy to see who or what prevents an uncontrolled explosion of fresh spending and a concomitant expansion of federal power.

Consider. In his eulogy to John Lewis at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Barack Obama called on Democrats, if victorious in November, to kill the Senate filibuster, all but calling the filibuster an instrument of systemic racism.

Yet, the filibuster has been and remains one of the distinguishing features of the United States Senate. It allows for extended deliberation by requiring, not 51 but 60 votes, a supermajority, to shut off debate and pass major bills.

If Democrats capture the Senate and abolish the filibuster, the Republican minority in 2021 would be stripped of virtually the only effective weapon in its arsenal to halt, slow, or shape U.S. law.

That is exactly what Obama was urging in his eulogy to Lewis.

“If politicians want to honor John,” said a surprisingly militant Obama, “Let’s honor him by revitalizing the law he was willing to die for … (And) once we pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, we should keep marching.”

“Keep marching”? To where?

Said Obama: "By making sure every American is automatically registered to vote, including former inmates... By adding polling places, and expanding early voting, and making Election Day a national holiday... By guaranteeing that every American citizen has equal representation ... including the American citizens who live in Washington, D.C., and in Puerto Rico.

"If all this takes eliminating the filibuster, another Jim Crow relic ... then that's what we should do."

By calling the filibuster "another Jim Crow relic" the ex-president was putting progressives on notice that failure to get rid of it would be to collaborate with racists.

After abolishing the filibuster, says Obama, Democrats should ram through statehood for Puerto Rico and D.C., thereby expanding the Senate to 104 members, and adding four new Democratic senators.

That new Senate, says Obama, should enact every law possible to enlarge and expand the electorate, including extending the ballot to ex-convicts.

His eyes open to the potential of a Senate where 51 Democrats can enact a socialist agenda, Sen. Bernie Sanders hastily endorsed Obama's call:

"President Obama is absolutely right. ... Getting rid of the filibuster would enable Democrats to pass a comprehensive agenda to guarantee the rights and dignity of everyone in this country."

This is but the beginning. If Democrats deprive a Republican minority of the filibuster, there would be no one stopping Congress from passing or the president from signing new anti-gun legislation.

The door would be open to legislation putting DACA "dreamers" on a fast track to citizenship, and to granting amnesty to illegal migrants, and to putting the 11 million to 22 million who are already here on the road to citizenship and the ballot box.

With amnesties, open borders bills, a renewal of chain migration, an end to deportations and new restrictions on ICE and the Border Patrol, a Democratic Congress, by opening the gates to millions, could turn traditionally red states such as Arizona, Georgia and Texas as blue as New York, Illinois and California.

As The Wall Street Journal also notes, one of the agenda items of the Biden-Bernie-AOC Democratic Party is the raising of payroll taxes, personal income taxes, corporate taxes, capital gains taxes and estate taxes.

All of these newer and higher tax rates are included in a $3 trillion package to which Joe Biden has signed on.

If Democrats gain control of Congress and the filibuster is killed, reparations for slavery, the Green New Deal, "Medicare for All" and harsh climate change laws are on the table for Democrats to decide alone, without hearing from the GOP.

In a 2017 public letter, Democrats endorsed the retention of the filibuster, both on principle and because of the unique character of the Senate: "We are steadfastly committed to ensuring that this great American institution continues to serve as the world's greatest deliberative body."

If the filibuster is thrown out, writes the Journal, "The door to radicalism is getting busted wide open, and Americans of both parties may not like what comes out the other side."

Another Ben Franklin quote comes to mind.

"A republic if you can keep it," Franklin told the lady in Philadelphia who had asked what kind of government they had created.

If the filibuster goes, and the Democratic left runs wild in the next two years, will that republic survive the disfiguring surgery?

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of "Nixon's White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever." 

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11 thoughts on “As the Filibuster Goes, So Goes the GOP”

  1. This PROBLEM can easily be fixed. REPEAL THE 17TH AMENDMENT…. The 17th Amendment STOLE STATES RIGHTS (Which made us no longer a Republic) Now the Masses of the Asses Elect Senators, who approve left wing Judges who have removed God and Morals from America and they have been Ruling from the Bench. REPEAL THE 17TH AMENDMENT, RESTORE STATES RIGHTS TO APPOINT THEIR SENATORS, WHO WILL APPROVE CONSTITUTIONAL JUDGES WHO WILL RESTORE GOD AND MORALS AND COMMON SENSE TO AMERICA.. BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE..

  2. Should democrats and their treason prevail in our election, Their will be a civil war and should it take gun owners longer than 30 days to annihilate all democrats from existence America will fall to China!

    This coup by Obama the democrats and globalists will be the end of this earth!

    They are Satan’s testicular cancer upon this Great Nation!
    They developed and unleashed this covid virus upon The world to become supreme dictator’s and inslaving all people under their Islamic satanic religion!

    All of us should strengthen Our Relationship with GOD!
    For the end of life on Earth is one election from our journey to Heaven!
    Should the left succeed in their satanic treason upon the world!
    May God have Mercy on Our Soles!

  3. All from the media is lies
    All from the left political movement is lies
    All from the left is a cover up of their treason
    All from the left are accusations toward others of their vial crimes!
    Hollywood a place of fiction promoting fiction to line their pockets with chinese theaters revenue
    The notion an actor has relevance is a sign of insanity
    George Floyd wasn’t killed by police officers he died of his own self inflicted drug overdose crime which induced a heart attack brought on as he resisted arrest and attempted escape from the ambulance he was in after his arrest and supposed knee incident
    All a lie to further throw blacks back under the bus by democrats to aide in their coup upon America
    Democrats have been very successful in regeneration of prejudice against the moist violent prone race in America, blacks! Blm demands equal treatment and they shall get it!
    I was not prejudice against blacks until now I actually thought their skin was more beautiful than pale white skin and I am white, however their race as a whole by their vial actions against society our freedoms and our history has redefined prejudice for all of America. They have proven their race not equal to all other races by their murderous, arsonist, vandalizing actions and America should treat them the same way as they have treated America, equally just as their current vial actions and their request for equal treatment demands!
    Their was no sign more prevalent than when Obama was elected president which showed even an educated black man is still prone to treason, corruption as his vial crimes upon America surface!
    We must pause however in blaming the black race beyond their unwitting participation in this coup for in reality they once again have been manipulated beyond their wisdom into committing their vial crimes by the left and by one of their own race Obama himself!

    1. Hi,
      As retired police officer I can say without equivocation that anyone who resists arrest, after being that he/she was under arrest, gets what happens to them. A police officer is not there to physically fight fair, he/she is there as the people’s representative to win. This is we have a host of weapons, lethal and non lethal, at our disposal Here is the $64,000.00. Who brought this all to begin in the first place? Why did he get stopped in the first place? Wasn’t it some erratic driving? After determining he was operating under the influence was he not to be placed under arrrest for that crime before he killed somebody or a kid? Read my post as the of our union posted here.

  4. This country has been on the Roman death highway for some time now. It has been a runaway train for decades and now it has passed the last station stop and is heading for the end of track. In case no one out there is familiar with that it is the place where the tracks completely ends. NO MORE RAILS! This will derail the speeding train and cause a huge pile wreck. So just think if this train as this. The out of control engine pulling this train is the federal government. The fully overloaded cars, that this train is pulling at top speed and out of control, are all the individual states one by one and all hooked to the engine. Now we must add all the U S territories and protectorates box cars as well as all the non U S possessions that we fund world wide as additional box cars. Let not forget the big cabosse at the end if this huge load, the corrupt United Nations. BOY what magnificent wreck this will be. And you know who will be responsible for this wreck? US! Not the United States but US the voters who failed to keep the engine under control. We fell asleep at the controls and allowed the train to run away.

  5. Consequences!!!
    This is a word unfamiliar currently to the millennials the x generation the media our politicians and Hollywood! All of the above are whining malcontents without educations or wisdom!
    All have been ether given trophies for their failures or taken trophies for their incompetence and failures their entire worthless existences!
    These gutless extremists are about to learn first hand what consequences truly are! Their idiocy will hit them like a shovel while they are worshiping their God , their cell phone!
    They believe they can turn America into a communist Utopia for themselves nd at the same time capitalism the life of their current existence will support them !
    The problem with their lack of abstract thought is you ether have one or another they in fact and principal cannot exist Simultaneously that notion is a oxymoronic belief only these democrats and their mindless use could believe for that is what their Brain aka their cell phone has brainwashed them to believe by the worlds twitters and facebooks backed by leftest treasonous democrats!!
    Now that the democrats have destroyed their states and cities with left extremists communist Muslim nonsense these states and cities will continue to fall down on these leftest idiots. The poetic justification these treasonous acts will indeed be the “consequences “ for their treason!
    Even a junk yard dog is smart enough not to bite the one who feeds him!
    Since liberals have taken over our schools and universities our children have become the country’s junk yard dogs with one big exception, they are not only biting those who until now have fed them but they are killing and burning down the infrastructure that feeds the entire world; America !
    The only reason the entire earth has not starved to death is America! Should America fall to communism as these idiots are trying to accomplish all will starve to death in months!
    The reason China and Russia has not attacked America is simple they know if America falls they fall! For capitalism even with its flaws is the only thing that is keeping humans on this earth eating!
    America is only strong and able to feed the world when we are united this division the stupid of our society is pushing has likely already destroyed America beyond repair! Their unfortunately is only one solution at this point that can possibly save America and Americans must take it or be destroyed! It will go against many values America is about however we must win or loose!
    America must eliminate these mindless generations with extreme prejudice to survive! Anything short of complete elimination of these worthless kids will result in America’s demise it’s the only solution!
    May God have mercy on Our Soles for. Our failure to bring up millennials and the x generation youth without values or an education that taught Consequences!

  6. The USA will not survive a Dem victory in November. Chais. Job killing huge tax increases and the Filibuster end will lead directly to open borders, nimmigration control, full implementation of the socialist agenda and a guarantee of one party control…and the destruction of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

  7. Vote for Trump unless you want to end up in the worse place we have ever seen and our llifes will be worth nothing just look at what Obama and the Democrats are doing please think of your children and grandchildren when you vote.Biden isn’t able to make a full sentence who do you think will be running this country???

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