De Blasio to Layoff 22,000 Workers if He Doesn’t Get Federal Money

De Blasio has failed New York City, miserably.

NYC has been a disaster throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and the riots that De Blasio allowed and even supported. He’s protected those who rioted throughout the city and handcuffed the police while they were trying to protect the city’s residents and buildings.

He all but declared war on the police.

Now he’s blaming the pandemic for the violence and business closures in NYC. He ordered shut downs and prosecuted those who chose to reopen. He stood with rioters who launched assaults on police men and women.


Now, he's threatening a war on the city's workers if he doesn't get the federal money he wants.

There's no accountability. He kept people from church while encouraging protests. He made police stand down as they were being attacked on the streets. He, and Governor Cuomo, are almost solely to blame for the disaster and fraud that NYC has become. Now, they're going to make the regular Joe pay if they don't get taxpayer money.

It's almost as if he wants the economy to collapse for some reason.

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36 thoughts on “De Blasio to Layoff 22,000 Workers if He Doesn’t Get Federal Money”

  1. should be arrested along with the other commie Como they belong in jail also tried for treason

    1. Hopefully President Trump will not support bailing out the city, the people of NY get what they deserve with what they have allowed.

  2. I do believe that is what’s known as extortion but to be honest I don’t feel one bit sorry for the residents of NYC for being stupid enough to vote for this fucking idiot in the first place when the Hell are people going to wake up and figure out that the Demonrats don’t have their best interests at heart!

    1. You are spot on David ,also love the way you said it. Hope their are more people like you out there.

  3. BILLY… you are an IDIOT, and rightfully qualify as the WORST MAYOR in NEW YORK HISTORY ! Your days are coming to an end, with each brilliant decision you make. NYC is going to take you to the edge of the state and leave you there — threatening that if you return, you will be dealt with ….

    1. Totally agree. This schmuck is worse then Dickens ever was. The shootings and killings will eventually spill into suburbia and that’s when people will get fed up.
      The BLM movement has taken racism to another level of hate

  4. Fails to perform, fails at every level including cov-19 response. Already cut police budget by 1.5 billion use that money to keep needed people working, but No he will use this as another reason to blame Trump.

  5. A good lawyer could bring a class action suit against this mayor for violating constitution rights for those people who are fined that $10,000 for violating his law against leaving or entering NYC.

    1. but still no one is doing anything about all the rights that are already being trampled.. do count on anything or anyone to stop what is going on…


  7. So, lay them off…this communist pig destroyed NYC…people need to leave anyway if they do not want to live under communist oppression which has already taken hold there…DO NOT GIVE THESE COMMUNISTS IN BLUE STATES ANY FUNDING. they too funding away by defunding police so he can use that money..that should be enough for him and his communist wife.

  8. Allow DeBlabbo go down with the ship. He does not deserve federal funding outside of what he already does not manage properly. Take away his security detail as well.

  9. why doesn’t he just make them the new and improved community patrol to replace the undercover cops he’s defunding.the dumb new yorkers are getting exactly what they voted for.the only smart new yorkers are the ones that left!

  10. He created the problem and constantly said to keep feds out. Not my problem. He gives my money to illegals.I will be really pissed at Trump and feds if they give him a dime.

  11. Just layoff more cops, that seems to accomplish all of your goals, right Mayor Deblasio? I am all for that plan, of course I live in Florida but it would make for some interesting live programming every night for me as there is no good new and live entertainment on TV any longer. We might even do pay-per-view to watch NYC get destroyed on a nightly basis!

  12. DiBlasio, should have been cutting the bureaucracy back in May. Let these laid-off workers
    collect unemployment, just like the workers who were laid off due to DiBlasio’s malfeasance.

  13. Maybe if his wife hadn’t misplaced (stolen) all of those millions he gave her for her special needs program he wouldn’t have to lay off city workers. Sounds like extortion…

  14. I had my business in NY up until 2004 ,I thank God i had the good sense to get out when i did. It’s almost impossible
    with all the taxes & the myriad of all other expenses to justify owning a small business in NY.

  15. Large city and state government bureaucrats have been over-bloated and wasteful for decades especially those ran by demonrats!!! The time has come for all cities and states to do the same!!! And don’t ask for handouts until you all get your acts together!!

  16. He has been on that spiel almost from the beginning. He started asking for 7B early on using the same threat that he would have to let workers go. Now the city workers will find out what the rest of us have been dealing with since March.

  17. “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

    “No one has done it correctly, but we will!” – Ignorant wannabe ‘revolutionaries’

  18. What a worthless POS. He and his cronies have mismanaged New York on to the edge of the abyss but it is always someone elses’ fault and someone else must bail him out. Otherwise, he’ll just have a fit and punish everyone around him.

  19. I just hope POTUS will not bail this punk out. New Yorkers elected this POS DeBlasio, so now they have to live with the consequences. Lay off 20,000? Good! An act of fiscal responsibility. This is what will probably happen: DeBlasio will create a hugh crisis by laying off critical people first like Police Officers and Rescue workers, so he can then blame Trump for the crisis. Well… NYC is already a shithole, so you’re only gonna make it worse.
    I just hope the people that are leaving NYC in large numbers don’t go to vote for the same despicable characters they vote for in NYC.

  20. If New York gos Republican then maybe something can be done to keep putting money in a losing proposition is never a good thing and the Blasio and Como or a losing proposition get someone in there that will help the city not heard it where people will feel safe visiting New York again

  21. Why doesn’t he just layoff everyone in NYC and see what happens. DeBlasio is the biggest asshole ever to run the big Apple.

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