Looking Back: Are Masks Simply Prolonging the Pandemic?

There have been mask mandates across the country over the last couple of months. Some follow and some don’t. I live in Texas and we have had one for entering all businesses, so I have only gone to the grocery store when necessary and try to keep it rare. Masks are not comfortable and they’re not clean unless you’re changing them daily, which almost nobody is. So, I try to avoid wearing it as much as possible.

Many will blame the virus’s existence one the fact that not everybody is wearing a mask. However, few places can actually make everyone wear a mask.

The military is one of those places. The military can actually make everyone, within its ranks, comply. They don’t just put their masks on for some pictures to post on TikTok or Instagram. No, they are wearing their masks everywhere and they’re strictly enforced and quarantined, when ordered. So that might provide for one of the most controlled studies on mask wearing and prevention of the COVID-19 spread.

That’s exactly what happened and it didn’t work.

In May, there was an outbreak at Fort Benning in Georgia.

About 640 recruits from the 30th AG Battalion and 2nd Battalion, 29th Infantry Regiment arrived at Fort Benning in May for training and were immediately tested for COVID-19. Four recruits tested positive and were removed from the group while the remaining soldiers were placed in isolation for 14 days without any training exercises. After the 14-day quarantine, they were all retested and every single one was negative.

Only then did the training commence – with the full panoply of obsessive social distancing measures, including mask wearing. You can imagine that there will never be greater compliance to these rules than during military training. Yet, just eight days later, after one recruit exhibited symptoms, 142 of the trainees tested positive. That is 22% of the entire group isolated and quarantined together. As they were young, none of them were hospitalized and most were asymptomatic.

If you remember back to one of the first big stories on this outbreak, it was on the Diamond Princess cruise ship. The population on that ship, what would be a petri dish for a viral infection, was infected at 17% and then it stopped.

As Daniel Horowitz notes, many esteemed physicians and epidemiologists have suggested that herd immunity starts around the 20% mark and, thus, once that mark is reached it starts to flatten out.

Another example given was the USS Theodore Roosevelt, an aircraft carrier. Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. Yet just over 20% tested positive and they had only one fatality from a ship of 6,000 sailors.

Then there's Japan..

Then there's Hong Kong, Australia, Hawaii, and California.

Two things they have in common: They mandated masks and destroyed their economies.

Oh, and one more: They experienced a resurgence after mask mandates.

For more on this story go to Conservative Review.

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9 thoughts on “Looking Back: Are Masks Simply Prolonging the Pandemic?”

  1. Of course the socialist masks are prolonging the pseudopandemic. So is socialist distancing. This would have been over two months ago. It is contrived to control the population, and for no other reason. This is witnessed by the actions of California, New York, Minnesota, Oregon, and a few other Democrat run states. The banning of a proven protocol in the use of the quinine compound is another example. The Marxists/Fascists/Communists/Democrats are using the pseudopandemic to control the people while attempting to make detrimental changes in the laws. If you want more of this vote Democrat. If not…

    VOTE TRUMP 2020

  2. I have said that the ENTIRE “mask thing” was a scam to further continue with criminal,idiotic,lockdowns,and further delay any economic recovery from DAY ONE ! This whole mess ,I am convinced,was set upon the U.S.A. by the ccp,in concert with the democrat party..If the economy was left alone,the democrats could have run God ,and still lost ! They, being the crime cabal that they are,did NOT care one “wit” how much damage they did to people and the Nation. All they care about is POWER ! I have NEVER worn a mask, and don’t intend to. When this garbage started to look like the bad deal it has finally become. I bought 2 LARGE capacity freezers and a large capacity fridge. Then I stocked them with enough food for at least a year. In addition,I have a large productive garden (for the same reason) We (my wife and I) also have a 6×6 closet filled with dry goods. So, “the idiot” mask .commando’s can “shove it !j

  3. Democrats and Treason
    Everyone by now knows the democrats invented and released this pandemic onto the world to save their corruption from being brought to justice!
    Democrats their politicians are the plague in America not their man made pandemic!
    It’s time for Americans and America to bring their crimes to justice! As the Floyd police cams are released it’s obvious Floyd was resisting arrest the police did their job and Floyd placed their lives in danger and every black persons live in danger as well , he demonstrated just how inhuman black people conduct themselves both in arrests and their crimes on society! The brave police officers showed great restraint in his arrest! Floyd alone caused his drug overdose and heart failure now all protesters are guilty of murder arson corruption and treason !!
    Until such time as protesters our athletes our media Hollywood and the democrats start acting like Americans and humans instead of mad dog insane communists who hate this country a law should be mandated to eliminate them all from America thru any means necessary! The left advocates abortion it’s time to abort the left and their sick cancerous insanity! If you don’t like America leave it!
    Those who attempt to change it shall be reckoned with with extreme prejudice and never be forgotten for their treason!
    America must destroy the big tech whining baby media and remove their existence from this Great Country! Their greed and lack of morals is evident and they must be indicted for treason and eliminated from this earth for their crimes!
    It’s time for all Patriots to stop this cancer the democrats have imposed in America! Until we stand up and participate in this crimewave against freedom and fight this war they have imposed on us all are freedom that our military has fought and died for will continue to be spit on by democrats! No matter what Antifa and blm do I nor any true Americans will forget or forgive them!
    We will stop going to Hollywood’s movies
    We will stop going to sports events
    We will stop funding the lazy who don’t work
    We Will indict find them guilty of treason and eliminate them all!
    I was not a prejudice until this movement however I will forever be prejudice after the blm movement!

    1. Steve, I agree with most of your post, but not all. First, I still say killing George Floyd went too far for his offense. But he did get stupid with the cops and actually brought it on himself. About 60 years ago, the first sign of resisting arrest would’ve brought out the night clubs and Floyd would’ve been thrashed to a pulp. Second, not all of the actors in Hollywood and no all athletes are pro BLM/Antifa. But 90% of them are, which means they’ll all have short careers and low pay. But even the 10% of the good ones is not enough for me to watch any present day movies or any sports outside of high school. I’ll watch a good old fashioned John Wayne movie any day over the crap that Hollywood produces now. And I realize with the BLM/Antifa mob punks, it can be very tempting to become prejudice and join the Klan. But there are quite a few blacks, male and female, who see right through BLM/Antifa and realize that BLM/Antifa really doesn’t care about black lives. The murder of all those young black children was enough to convince me BLM/Antifa is full of raw sewage. And about 50% of BLM/Antifa’s members are white. The rest are a mixture of black, Hispanic, Asian, and a few American Indians. As for the too lazy to work (welfare crowd) that system was made to be abused for the sake of destroying the black family unit and, in the words of dummycrat LBJ, “To keep those (n-word) voting democrat for ever.”

  4. Did they really wear their masks all the time? Even when sleeping? In barracks? When showering? When participating in strenuous training? Basic training has always involved communal living arrangements. I’m understandably skeptical about this being a “controlled environment on the efficacy of masks.

  5. After the civil war President Lincoln wanted to send blacks back to Africa! Once again blacks have without any doubt proven Lincoln to be a President with Great Wisdom!!!

  6. Stop with this $h/t already. Young recruits are not representative of the general population. There are 100,000,000 vulnerable people in the US population that you want to put at risk with your recklessness. We ware masks to mitigate our passing it on to others. Not for self defense.

    1. People who are at risk should wear masks and avoid crowds; many doctors — epidemiologists and virologists — have stated that you would have to stand within three feet of an infected person and talk for at least 15 minutes to possibly get the virus. The flu, that comes around every year and kills a much greater percentage of the population, gets ignored all together. Does anyone in Virginia — especially leftist Fairfax Co — even know that Virginia has been under a code orange flu watch since last October? No — of course not. There’s no political traction to be made with the flu. To everyone walking around in a mask or a plastic face shield and declaring with full faith that it is protecting them from corona virus, answer these three questions: did you get a flu shot this year? did you get a pneumonia shot this year? did you get a meningitis shot this year? If you said no to any of those then you a fool – you will wear a mask every place to hopefully protect yourself from this virus (world wide death rate .001% IF the numbers reported to CDC can be believed) but you won’t get three injections that will protect you from three very deadly known, researched and annually tracked viruses. Wear your mask, if you want, but mind your own business.

  7. Whatever the initial purpose of the masks was, the purpose now with even more stringent mask enforcement AND the push by the left to keep schools closed is to do everything possible to discourage people from going to the polls and pushing the vote by mail agenda (not to be confused with traditional absentee voting). The left believes that if they can keep this dog and pony show going through election day that their candidate will actually win — and that could be true because the more ballots mailed and the fewer cast in person exponentially increases the opportunities for the left to fiddle the results. The Bush/Gore debacle in 2000 was just the practice run for what they have planned for this November.

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