POTUS Hints at Delaying Election Until it’s Safe and Secure to Vote

President Trump sent out a tweet early Thursday morning with a hint at the possibility of delaying the November 2020 election until people can properly, securely, And safely vote.

The White House quickly issued a statement saying that the president is simply raising the question.

Congress seems to be the only branch of government that actually has the power to delay an election.

Many Democrat governors and mayors across the country are maintaining their stance that it is not safe for people to gather outside or inside in groups, unless at BLM protests. They are also pushing hard for nationwide mail in voting.

The president has said, multiple times, that if mail in voting were to happen on a large scale it would also lead to massive voter fraud and be the most corrupt election in our history.

President Trump tweeted an example of just 100 ballots that were mailed by a local news station to test the efficiency of mailing and receiving those ballots.

That's scary..

While the president, again, does not have the authority to delay election, he may be posing a valid question.

Or, he may be trolling Democrats in Congress and governorship to stop pushing lockdowns so that people can be free to open their businesses, go to church, and live their lives.

Oh, and also vote in person.

There's a good chance he's doing both of those things.

After all, if masks work enough for people to be able to safely protest en masse then surely they could show up and vote in person, right?

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6 thoughts on “POTUS Hints at Delaying Election Until it’s Safe and Secure to Vote”

  1. One wee, tiny little problem with all of this: There’s no such thing as a federal election; they’re all conducted and run by the respective States, for their respective registered voters. Period. The President can SUGGEST, but it’s up to the individual States and their registered voters to agree — or not. Neither Congress nor the President gets a say, only We, the People. The Constitution is clear on this.

    1. The Constitution may be clear on a lot of things that the corrupt Leftist Democrat Establishment Elite choose to ignore.

  2. It would be very easy for the government to increase the number of polls and to extend voting to more than one day.

  3. I voted by mail (NOT absentee) the last two elections and it was fine. No hang ups and went smoothly.

  4. The president is absolutely right I think the Democrats will cheat in a heartbeat if they can get away with I just wanna win legal or illegal period.

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