More than 100 Police Agencies Back Off From Guarding DNC Convention

Over 100 law enforcement agencies have pulled out of security agreements to help with security at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, next month.

The move was mainly due to security concerns, for the law enforcement officers, as a citizen oversight committee ordered the Police Chief of Milwaukee to cease the use of tear gas and pepper spray.

Since the Milwaukee order was issued, more than 100 law enforcement agencies in Wisconsin and across the country decided against coming to Milwaukee, Morales told WTMJ-TV on Tuesday. They were concerned with directives placed on the police department, including not allowing tear gas or pepper spray, he said.


Franklin Police Chief, Rick Oliva, said they're not equipped to protect the citizens, protesters, or police officers due to the restrictions of equipment and action that's needed to deal with violent situations.

He won't send his officers into harm's way with their hands tied behind their backs.

“Our concern is that in the event protests turn non-peaceful, such a policy would remove tools from officers that may otherwise be legal and justifiable to utilize in specific situations,” West Allis Deputy Chief Robert Fletcher told the Journal Sentinel in an email.

It's looking like it's being set up to have a virtual convention.

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30 thoughts on “More than 100 Police Agencies Back Off From Guarding DNC Convention”

  1. About time someone stood up against the Marxist takeover! Our law enforcement must be supported and their backs protected. from these other than peaceful protests. More POC have been killed in the last week by these so called peaceful protesters than the total that had died in the past twelve months by law enforcement.

  2. Exactly what the dimwit democrat N C deserves. Why should the police even thing about protecting such idiots. Mama always said, what goes around comes around. To hell with a bunch of communist.

  3. I’m glad they did drop the dnc. dnc talks bad about the police and wants to defund them, and they act shocked because the police drop them, The dnc needs to be mentally evaluated, there is high levels of STUPIDITY going on in there. dnc=DOOM

  4. Well, a hundred departments is a good start, but there’s many, many, many more headed up by P.C. bureaucrats who will gladly send their officers & deputies into harms way to make themselves look good!!!
    Sickening isn’t it!!!!!!!

  5. In my opinion, that will be the best idea, seeing that corrupt DEMOCOMMUNISTS and their “financiers’ like bloomberg, soros, the DNC, and gates want to see police de-funded, so I would just stay home, and let the “convention” develop into Chaos. This will be just another democommunist-run crap-hole that will be burned to the ground, and why should Police officers put their lives on the line for a “party” that wants to see them destroyed anyhow? The “liberal” COMMUNIST “mayors” and “governors do not seem to care if their cities are burned and citizen injured or killed.(to them citizens and businesses destroyed are only “collateral damage ” as long as they regain absolute POWER and CONTROL. Actually, That will be a BOOST for the reelection of PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP, as people finally wake up, and see they are being USED as “pawns” (or as THEY SAY “useful idiots) for the democommunist party when they cast votes for these corrupt SCUM.

  6. Who are the to expect police protection when they have denied citizens protection against the onslaught of violent so-called protesters and terrorist groups lie the nazi orgs of antifa and black lives matters? let social workers handle their security.

  7. Why do the dems need protection? The “peaceful” protesters are held in gigh esteem by the dems and the DNC! What are they afraiid of? Have not seen or heard of any Republicans or conservatives looting and burning and donm’t think those groups of people would do anything. The conservatrives are waing for the government to stop the dem party’s peaceful protesters that are in MN, OR, WA and CA. That groups of people are not instigators of trouble. Only Antifa and BLM who are supported by a huge dem donor, George Soros, are the trouble makers!

  8. Good the police have gone true hell Democrat’s don’t even respect them and are against the police. And that sleepe binder to.

  9. Democrats have been very unfair to Police. Most police are not racist as is true of most people, but the world is not perfect and some are. NOT the majority and if you listen to the media and Democrats they claim racism runs rampant in the police department across America. This is not true, but fits their agenda, anybody disagrees with them they are racist. It’s a shame and does not help our country. I can’t blame the police agencies for backing off.

  10. Everything the dem taliban are doing is the same thing hitler did to take over and slaughter anyone that gets in their way. Look up what happened to venezuela. That is what they are trying to do here. Many Americans are ignorantly helping them destroy their own country .

  11. Why does the Media keep referring to the Rioters as ” Peaceful Protesters ” ? I am so disturbed by the Lies that the Media has been pushing that I can no longer watch the ” News ” on T.V. anymore .

  12. Give them what they asked for. You want Police Protection? “Go To Hell”!!! We are not going to do a job, without being able to protect ourselves. Let the politicians have at it… I’ll have the Blue-flu…. A retired Cop….


  14. You can’t use tear gas, pepper spray.night stick, gun and you can’t push anyone. What you can do is stand in a line , get cursed at, spit at, bottles thrown at you, hurt and bullied by freaks.

  15. You can’t use tear gas, pepper spray.night stick, gun and you can’t push anyone. What you can do is stand in a line , get cursed at, spit at, bottles thrown at you, hurt and bullied by freaks.

  16. As a retired Boston PD officer I am totally behind the departments that are backing off working the Democrat National Convention. I am sickened by the treatment of law enforcement throughout this country. The hatred of police is all derived from numerous lies. The statistics on homicide in our big cities should cause real alarm and the lack of condemnation is disgusting!! To all you law enforcement officers, keep showing the restraint that nobody in the media witnesses on a daily basis. There is no statistic on how many times an officer puts his/her weapon back in the holster when they had every right to shoot the suspect.
    If people would comply when given orders by police, many people would still be alive but that does not fit the Left’s narrative. Stay safe out there brothers.

  17. Police do not exist to get mowed down – they must have their tools. Pepper spray is mighty annoying if you get hit, but… it is completely survivable, therefore humane.
    So good for the police: if cities won’t back them up [and by extension their local statutes], then police can just stay home or work elsewhere – todays democrats deserve zero protection where they are content to put their police force in body bags for no good reason. The anarchist thugs are using molotov cocktails, and improvised munitions in some instances. You gotta give cops a chance to succeed, not take it from them.

  18. Officers, I support you. Why should you protect the Socialst Democrats that are trying to elliminate you? Let Anifa, and the BLM , supported by SOROS protect them. That also includes the Liberal Hollywood Elites when they need Police protection at their Concerts and Events.

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