Democrats Testified in Front of AG Barr, For All to See

Democrats called for Attorney General William Barr to testify in front of Congress. Yesterday, Barr showed up to testify.

But they didn’t want to hear what he had to say.

Democrats took the opportunity to accuse the AG of all sorts of things from bias to being a wingman for President Trump. Ironically, Eric Holder actually said he was the wingman for President Obama.

“I’m still enjoying what I’m doing, there’s still work to be done. I’m still the president’s wingman, so I’m there with my boy. So we’ll see,” Holder told Tom Joyner’s radio show, according to Politico.

Among other things, Democrats took the microphone to ask why Barr was bothering those peaceful protesters around the country and in Portland. That one doesn’t really need an explanation. If anyone has eyes they’ve already seen about 9 weeks of violent riots in Portland.

Bar listed off a list of weapons that rioters brought to the Federal Courthouse.

“As far as the weapons you mentioned, let me get this straight: My understanding is the people attacking the building had—among other things—rifles, explosives, knives, saws, sledgehammers, tasers, slingshots, rocks, bricks, lasers,” Scalise said. “Have I missed anything? Does that cover it?”

Then he dropped a bombshell in response to a Jim Jordan question.

Jim Jordan asked the AG if Durham was looking into the 38 people unmasking General Flynn 49 times over a two month period.

Barr's response quieted the room:

“I asked another U.S. attorney to look into the issue of unmasking because of the high number of unmaskings and some that do not readily appear to have been in the line of normal business.”

So, Barr just told everyone there's another investigation going on that none of them knew about. He also stated it goes back farther than just those two months.

That's when Democrats really got nasty.

They kept accusing him of saying things he'd never said and when Barr tried to tell them it was false, they all stopped him and said "I'm reclaiming my time".

They didn't want to hear what Barr had to say. They wanted this to be a public shaming of Barr.

Toward the end of the hearing, Democrats finally asked him the question they were waiting all day to ask.

Rep. Mucarsei-Powell: Under oath, under oath, do you commit not to releasing any report by Mr. Durham before the Novermber election?

Barr's answer was simple.


Democrats called Barr to a testify in front of Congress, but Democrats in Congress testified in front of the country.

They showed they have no interest in solving problems. Democrats defended riots and violence. They were looking for a way to impeach William Barr and to prevent the release of John Durham's investigation into the spying, unmasking, and set up of the Russian Collusion hoax.

Barr did not succumb.

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42 thoughts on “Democrats Testified in Front of AG Barr, For All to See”

  1. We watched Bush Boy Barr and even my cat laughed. Bush Boy Barr is not about to prosecute any of his pals in the Obama Clinton Cabal. He answered correctly that, bragged that he had indicted no one. The kommiecrats have a friend in Bush Boy Barr, and they should have treated him as such.
    After the election when Trump appoints a new Attorney General, then the kommiecrats can worry. Until then, they have a wingman in Bush Boy Barr.

    1. He sound tough but I have been waiting a long time to see the corrupt Leftist Democrat Establishment Elite sent to jail while awaiting execution for Treason against the people of the United States of America.

    2. Do you really believe that anyone took your comments seriously Comrade, You must be joking, you obviously did like Eric Holder, wingman of Obama coming to light Comrade. America did indeed saw how corrupt and inept your Socialist Democratic Judiciary Committee behaved, a disgusting revelation COMRADE.


  2. On the subject of ‘peaceful protesters’ I wish Barr would have said something along the lines of loading them all up and dropping them where Government Buildings and Property would not be the target, but rather the buildings and properties of the people that actually caused their problems they “PEACEFULLY protest” against.

  3. I was wondering if Barr was ever going to get anything done.
    Today, it looks like he is up to the job.

    1. remember that durham is lookinng into many it does take time to cross your t’s and dot your i’s.he alredy said he will not be looking at obama but i think there will be indictments coming.he’s not sessions and recuse himself!

  4. I watched the hearing watt AG Bart and to say it politely I was thoroughly discussed today. No more needs to be said about the Democrats demeanor

  5. AG Barr is perhaps the very best this country has to offer in terms of Honesty and Integrity; something the Democrats lost long ago. Our President is up against a formidable “enemy” that of the left wing Socialist who are trying to destroy this country. What we are seeing with rioting, burning, looting etc.. is an out of control mob hell bent on having their way. It is little wonder that Gun Sales are off the chart and you cannot find ammunition on the shelves. People are
    afraid and are reacting from the very basic survival mode. We MUST reelect Trump or this country will evolve quickly into another Venezueal to be plundered by both Russia and China.

    1. Well said! If the Dems win in November, we will be in a full out civil war within a year because the rioting , burning and killing will accelerate!

  6. Applause for AG Barr; He gave the dems exactly what Holder gave the Republicans/Conservatives, “I’m the President’s Wingman!”

  7. Treason!
    A very vial word!
    Democrats !
    A very vial word!
    Corruption !
    A very vial word!
    A very vial word!
    A very vial word!
    A very vial word !
    Communism !
    A very vial word!

    A very vial word!
    What is happening in America these past 12 years is summed up by the vial words listed above!!!!!

    Democrats have no choice but to lie from now until they visit the gates of hell which is their destiny!
    Their vial and vain attempt to cover up their treasonous crimes and corruption is the only hope they have to escape their destiny! For unless they win the Presidency and both houses they will all be jailed and in many cases indicted found guilty and hung for treason!

    They have thrown the black race under the short bus once again as they have done since America’s first days! To divert attention from their crimes to all others as they attempt to save their worthless lives!

    The current Absurdity of democrats behavior and actions Prove their Guilt! For no sane man or woman could ever condone their actions or agenda!

    Democrats will forever be known as the vial side of Benedict Arnold in American history on steroids!

    All of America will never forget or forgive them for their treason upon all patriots! We must forever cast them, their agendas and their politics from America. It’s time to stand up to these vial treasonous scum who call themselves democrats and boycott their entire existence from a Counyfar to Great to tolerate their presence upon Our Soil!

  8. I just posted a comment and our media just scrambled my last sentence to belittle me and the comment!
    It should highlight just how corrupt our media is and that all media including this one is in bed with vial democrats

  9. Good for Barr The nasty left deserves a kick in the wake up area of common decency.

    Dems Say as we want and do and forget the morals and defense of our country AH Radicals

    Former Vietnam Vet SF
    Retired NYPD Det

  10. In case no one is noticing, All the investigations are being dragged towards the November elections. If Trump wins, they will drag it to the end of his term. If he loses, everything will obviously be dropped. That’s Washington and we are the suckers. It will only change when we are breathing on the back of their necks like a mad bull.

  11. In earlier times, after the disrespect shown AG Barr by the unschooled democrats, the wounded party, in this case the AG, would have had the right to call them out onto the field of honor. Dueling has fallen out of favor, and we see the results: Total disrespect for others, and the perceived “right” to call a person out on any count, whether with proof of none and to embarrass them in public simply because it may improve your personal agenda. If I were AG Barr, Nadler would be in the ring of honor, defending his ridiculous statements to my satisfaction. When I was done with him, he would apologize in public for his rude aspersions cast upon my reputation. Alas, we have allowed the dems to dictate their PC crap for too long, and they have surrendered all honor and dignity, and their petty power-grabbing agenda is bared for all to see.

  12. Why even state anything what ever some has to say that 100% believes Barr is doing the best of what ever we see going on and he is doing his job even if the dumb ass demacrats don’t get it he is a great person glad he is doing his Frigen jod

  13. I watched AG Barr’a appearance before the DEM Kangaroo Court and what I saw was a gaggle of unprofessional carpet baggers who made complete fools of themselves and showed their true colors when it comes to concern for the American people. They could care less about the fact that cities are burning, innocents are being killed and our history is trying to be erased. All of the Dems on that panel, from Nadler on down are a disgrace to the government and a waste of flesh and blood. Why are we paying them for what they do. I could find hundreds of individuals in soup lines or unemployment lines who could do a better job “governing” than any of them.

    1. Roni

      your have a way of getting to the heart of the matter…. it has nothing to do with our country’s constitution or current laws it has all to do with idiology of the left wing deep-state and globalism. Add Geogie Soros the traitor of Jews and now of all freedom loving people’

      Tim l

  14. I love Barr, He is brilliant and so great in handling the stinking miserable unfair & crooked weasally Democrats!!
    Keep on doing what you are doing AG Barr, cause you’re the best!!!

  15. These vial Marxist POST all have been programmed and brain-washed with their Marxist core beliefs from K-1 through college, and no effort to, or attempt at, re-programming their malevolent brains will ever succeed! They are totally ‘LOST GENERATIONS’ of sub-human flotsam and decaying detritus. Their riots are KILLING FIELDS for open season on domestic terrorists; and they must all (the Marxists and their wannabe sympathizers) be exterminated and piled deep in the Sonoran Desert for coyote, vulture and desert rat consumption. There is no other place in the civilized world for their continued existence. AND, IMO, all politicians, bureaucrats, Marxist Democrats and MSM who encourage, support, endorse, enable, promote and fund this BLM MARXIST insurrection, must suffer the same fate. PROBLEM SOLVED!!!! Lock and load!

  16. Little children, little children lecturing their parents, that is what we saw. We also saw the anger and hate in the hearts of these democrats. What is their problem, gees, I wonder if their kids act like they do. Bullying, not letting Barr talk, blaming Barr for the democrats not letting Barr talk, demanding Barr do what the democrats want him to do period and only, demanding a no or yes to a complicated guestion, etc., etc. Where have I seen this vicious, nastiness of these adults, oh, wait, the looters, murderers, BLM Soro’s communist group, burning down businesses with apartments on top that these terrorists did not spend their lives building, burning buildings where bodies were found who died from the set fires which is arson and murder, well, etc. etc. Now we know where these people get their vicious, cold attitude towards those not their own, from our democrat leaders in congress and they gave us proof Wednesday, finally out in the open.

    1. There is only two things the Democrats are after: Absolute power over the United States and the enslavement of the American people. The Democrats believe it is their birthright to rule any which way they can, and will cheat any which way they can to achieve their communist agenda.

      In case Americans were never aware, as American history is frowned upon by the Democratic Party; In March 20, 1854, the Republican Party was founded to oppose the greed and corruption within the Democratic Party which founded the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) that would put fear into the nation’s negro population by hanging. And for the life of me, why on earth do negros continue to support this notorious Democratic Party knowing its history of terror?

      USAF (RET)




  18. Republicans MUST get out and vote for Trump to be re-elected. Pray diligently for President Trump. Pray that the drug Hydro…. (don’t know the correct spelling) that will help the US population to be released.

  19. I am glad Barr has the strength of character to deal with these pseudo representatives, who pretend to be adults, as well as Congressional members who were elected to protect and govern America. Those democrats displayed the typical self serving arrogant behavior , which have become the true nature of their Party. I am also glad of both his and the Presidents firm and abiding direction they are guiding the Country through.

  20. As a Libertarian, I didn’t like Barr when he ran as a Libertarian for office. My esteem for him has improved as he is showing great fortitude and composure in the face of the leftist so-called democrats of congress.

  21. When will the American people realize that the Democratic Party “IS” the “Democratic Communist Party” (DCP) in America!? If you had watched the Democrat’s line of questing methods of the United States Attorney General in charge of the DOJ, you would have seen and heard the Democrat’s communist style of questioning that did not allow the AG to answer. In the end all communist style of questioning blew up in the Democrat’s faces. And by the way; Democrat idiots blamed the COVID-19 on U.S. President Donald J. Trump as if he created the virus. I hope the majority of the American people realize the Democratic Party “IS” the enemy of the United States of America, and if you wish to save our Founding Fathers’ sovereign Republic of the United States of America, you had better vote all Democrats out of Office including Democrats that have infested America’s Judicial System.

    Vote Republican all the way; we can weed out the Rinos later on. God bless our duly elected United States President Donald J. Trump, and this great nation we call the; United States of America!

    USAF (RET)

  22. It is a shame and insult to the Citizens of this country if that Hearing had any intention of helping this country get back to anything Normal. I have traveled the world and I am ashamed of the Democratic Leadership of America . To have looked so Childish to the world on the Treatment of A G Barr has in my opinion, assured the Second term of President Trump.
    You don’t need to like him as a person or even as a President, but you would need to be BLIND or without education to NOT see what he has done for the country. What Obama did was push us back as a leader in the world and make us look weak , as well as destroy the Medical security of the country , If the only thing Biden and the Democrats have to offer is ridicule of Trump , and refuse to debate real issues its a slam dunk for Trump.
    If the Media thinks we are all Dumb as Rocks , and do not see the positive things he has and continues to do for America then they are really the DUMB ones. He has DONE WHAT HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO DO , you might not like how he has done it or his personality, you can not deny the results. Even though the media down plays it, we as Americans see it, feel it, and acknowledge it.

  23. The Democrats treated Att. Gen. Barr like he was a criminal. They were rude, crude and disrepectful. I do not know how Att. Gen Barr kept his cool, but he did. They talked over him when he was trying to answer their questions, then had the nerve to say he was disrepectful!!! I cannot believe they are condoning the violence taking place in Portland, and other major cities, and calling it peaceful protest. If anyone was undecided about who to vote for in November, this definitely made their decision. Nobody in the right mind would vote Democratic now!!!

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