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Big Tech Now Decides Which Doctors Can Speak On COVID-19

Multiple studies have shown hydroxychloroquine to be effective in the fight against COVID-19. Hundreds, if not thousands, of doctors are on record saying that it works. A group of doctors, who work on the front line to battle the virus, went to Capitol Hill to share their real-life experiences and live studies on using hydroxychloroquine to fight the virus.

One doctor said it was a cure, when combined with zinc and azithromycin, and there is no need for more Americans to die. She called out all of the media for playing politics with it and dared the CNN panel as well as Senate and Congress members to submit a urine test to prove they’re not using it.

She claimed that’s why they’re not wearing masks when you see them. They know they’re protected.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, & Youtube have all removed the video from their platforms, citing misinformation.

Donald Trump Jr.'s Twitter account was suspended for sharing the video of the conference.

A Facebook spokesperson says it was removed for "sharing false information about cures and treatments for COVID-19".

Is it not a little dangerous to let the media decide what medical information is valid or invalid?

“If Americans continue to let so-called experts and media personalities make their decisions, the great American experiment of a Constitutional Republic with Representative Democracy, will cease,”

A Yale Epidemiologist, Harvey Risch, also claims that hydroxychloroquine is the key to defeating COVID-19. Is he no longer a real expert because of his stance on the drug?

Is there a war on hydroxychloroquine simply because President Trump mentioned it having hope for the American people? Why can't there be a real discussion on the drug and its effectiveness?

I'm not a doctor and can't say one way or another, whether it works, but why can't there be a legitimate public discussion with doctors on both sides of the issue sharing their studies and experiences with the drug?

Don't the American people, and citizens across the world, deserve an objective look at any possible treatment for a virus that has caused lock-downs, deaths, and the destruction of small businesses?

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21 thoughts on “Big Tech Now Decides Which Doctors Can Speak On COVID-19”

  1. Why are Big Tech companies not broken up as monopolies and why is the FCC still protecting them from lawsuits since they are operating as publishers and not just a free speech platform?

  2. Michigan’s scam of a governor, Wretched Whitmer, tried to void the medical licenses of physicians who prescribe HCQ and the pharmaceutical licenses of pharmacists who fill such scripts.

    There can be no more solid proof than that of HCQ’s authenticity as an effective treatment for the coronavirus.

  3. How can we get RID of Facebook, Twitter, etc., legally, since they have a monopoly on social media and will only allow what they want printed and will only want to print lies from the democRATS? WHY can’t some other smart person start another site where WE conservatives and truth tellers can tell our stories! WHY are we limited to ones that are currently in vogue and one-sided to the detriment of President TRUMP?

    1. Are you familiar with websites such as Parler, Bitchute, Gab, and a couple others? They are all conservative alternatives to the mainstream media sites.

      1. I will definitely check them out!!! I am so tired “them” telling me what “he/they” said. I want to hear it from the horses mouth instead of the other end.

  4. We deserve an objective look at this and lots of other things that the tech giants and other media are covering up or censoring. But I guess people in h-e-l-l want ice water but they aren’t necessarily gonna get it.🙄

  5. The number 2 meaning of Pharmaco in English and Pharmacus in Latin is ‘Sorceror’
    The number 1 meaning is poisoner

  6. We now know the enemy of the state is both the media and the tech companies. These tech companies are the same ones that cave to any pressure brought by the Chinese government who ruthlessly mistreats their citizens so why wouldn’t we expect them to treat us the same way? Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Zithromax has been proven to be the most effective way to save lives of people in the early stages of Covid-19, and FaceBook and Twitter don’t want us to know that information!

  7. This is a wake up call. When social media starts using censorship to shape a narrative, it time for congress to take action to prevent this from happening. They must be broken up since they are basically monopolies and they can control the mindset of a huge section of society by simply allowing only what they believe.

  8. This is terrible, there are many stories printed that YOU might consider untrue but please let US decide witch one we choose to listen too.3

  9. The Frontline Doctors are, I believe, the country’s brightest and best. They merely confirm the work of Dr. Zelenko going back to March. He said then that hydroxy saves people; and no one needed to die.

    I thought the situation would quickly improve. I underestimated the ruthlessness of Dr. Falci and his allies. These people apparently want to make billions from a vaccine. They also want to take down the country and thereby defeat Trump.

    The good news is that their censorship seems to be backfiring. More people understand the medical realities and the political realities. All we are saying is, let doctors prescribe hydroxy if they want to.

  10. We absolutely must allow the physicians who have a proven treatment for the virus be heard, and patients should be given the chance to have this drug that works for very many people. The “experts” and “scientists” that we have been allowing to lead us with coronavirus have made many errors, and have changed the direction of our country. How dare they have this control over our lives.
    All medical opinions must be heard and taken seriously.

  11. Sounds like the AUTHORITY wants the info about Hydro prevented from getting out! Seems like they are not only sexist, but racist as well. But of c ourse they already have the money divided up for a vaccine that may not be needed atall!!!!!

  12. We the people have the right so see videos and decide to use or not to use the drug… we are not ignorant people.
    I will find a Dr. to prescribe the med to me. If I have to drive till I find one to prescribe it for me… Thank God I don’t need the meds, but if by some chance that I do contract COVID I will make my own decision to use it. It needs to be over the counter. It’s been used 65 years. If a Dr. has 350 patients with COVID and she saves 350 patients, that’s good enough for me!!
    Big tech don’t have the right to say if we see reports or not!!

  13. The big tech Nazis should be dealt with harshly. They have no respect for the 1st amendment or freedom of thought.

  14. The democrats don’t want a cure or treatment until their ready for one which will be after the election if they win. That’s so obvious so everyone can stop playing stupid and let the democrats know we know

  15. Well put- my opinion is that collusion and coordination between msm, the deep state fda, nih, cdc and big pharma together maligned the early treatment of the HCL cocktail from the moment those words left Trumps lips. They care not for the 140,000 Americans they killed with their lies, and they should be held accountable. Visit for details. The hatred for Trump has warped the brains and most rational thought of those that hate. Or not. Which is a scarier scenario, perhaps planned.

  16. I started blocking the liberal biased news feeds on my iPhone . Before long I was getting no news feeds at all. My provider will not send any conservative news although I am sure they have me identified as a conservative.

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