Nike, Kaepnerick Hardly in a Position to Lecture on Social Justice

Nike has jumped to the forefront of the “social justice” movement and has become a spokesperson, of sorts, for the movement. They gave Colin Kaepernick, former 49ers quarterback, a multimillion dollar contract after the former quarterback started kneeling during the national anthem in protest of, what he says is, racial injustice.

Since that time, there have been more and more professional athletes and talking heads claiming that NFL and NBA players are a slave, of sorts, to the owners/leagues. There have also been more and more players across a wide array of sports that have begun kneeling during the anthem to join in the protest.

But there is a big problem with this narrative.

One being that these professional athletes are some of the highest paid people on earth, drawing a stark contrast to slavery.

Another is that Nike, a proclaimed leader of the movement, has huge manufacturing contracts in parts of China that use slave labor for production.

From the New York Post:

They’ve locked up over a million Uyghur men in concentration camps, aborted and sterilized hundreds of thousands of the women, and are busy selling the young — in batches of 100, no less — to Chinese factory owners as slave labor.

This is really no secret but hasn't gotten much media attention, likely because it doesn't fit the leftist narrative.

There has even been footage of the Chinese Communist Party rounding up Uyghur men that are handcuffed and bound, tied to each other, blindfolded, and herded onto trains.

So, while Nike advocates for the movement that's asking for reparations for slavery, they're actually using slave labor to manufacture some of their goods.

An Australian Strategic Policy Institute report published this March, “Uyghurs for sale,” found Uyghur slave labor working in factories supplying 83 well-known global brands in the technology, clothing, shoe and automotive sectors, including Apple, GM, Gap — and Nike.

The New York Post also reports that Nike had a contract, as late as January of this year, with a Qingdao company that used 600 Uyghurs to assemble those shoes with the swoosh on them.

Call it whatever you want but Nike and Kaepernick at the forefront of this "social justice" movement is nothing less than extremely hypocritical and disingenuous.

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19 thoughts on “Nike, Kaepnerick Hardly in a Position to Lecture on Social Justice”

  1. Kaepernick should be sent to China to help them manufacture the Nike merchandise. No matter, I for one will NEVER purchase a Nike product. That goes for my family and friends as well.

  2. What shoe companies DON’T use Chinese slave labor to assemble their products? I bought some New Balance shoes because I read that they mostly had factories in the USA. But when I got the shoes home I noticed the tag said “Made in China or Vietnam. or Indonesia. Do other shoe companies also use slave labor? And if not which ones?

    1. New Balance has some shoes ” Made in the USA” I own several pairs and my girlfriend and father also own them. The are not run of the mill shoes. One would have to go to New Balances website to purchase. They are the BEST sneakers I have ever owned.

    2. Some Nu-Balance products say, on the box, “Assembled in the United States”, can’t find anything that says where the parts were made.

  3. It’s not just Nike, & Kapernack, but all sports teams and pro athletes who have deals with China. They all ignored the child labor for decades but now that they know and have seen the Uyghur slaves being loaded into box cars they cannot, n good conscious continue those associations nor lecture America about slavery we fought a 5 year War to end 160 years ago. Slavery is still practiced in several African &Arabic Countries, among others, yet BLM, a Marxist organization captures the imagination of those sports teams. By the way, since they have gotten millions of payments or vigorish, has anyone heard how much has actually gotten into the social justice cause? Just saying!.

  4. Fuck Kaepnerick he is a fucking niger and to hell with the black cocksucker. Just my humble opinion.

    1. Maybe he can take the other knee to protest the ACTUAL slavery that pays for his contract with NIKE!
      Oh, but then it might cost him something! $$$

    2. We all know about it, so your bad language puts you at a lower level than they are, which is mighty low. I think you absolutely bottomed out.

  5. No NIKE products allowed in MY home! . . . EVER. And keep that TREASONISTIC traitor Kaepernick to yourself, outside with the REST of the DOGS. One DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. No problem, Nike will just move their work enslavement operations from China to another country and continue paying next to nothing to someone to make $200 sneakers! They need to be able to continue paying people like Kanttrowapassnick lots of money!

  7. Ever since Kaepernick signed a contract with Nike I stopped buying Nike products. I don’t care what your cause is, NEVER kneel while the National Anthem is playing! I agree with Ditka, If you can’t stand for the National Anthem and respect our country …get the he’ll out!! You’re taking up space!

  8. You would think that Kaepernick would not be associated with this as the slaves are muslim and he is muslim !

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