Guess Who’s Running The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute..

The Washington Post ran a story about the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute objecting to President Trump’s campaign fundraising off the likeness of Reagan’s name. The story was titled:

Reagan Foundation to Trump, RNC: Quit raising money off Ronald Reagan’s legacy.”

The story left some confused and was surely intended to draw a divide among conservative supporters of President Trump.

After all, many have stated that President Trump has governed more conservatively than any president since Ronald Reagan, and that would be hard to argue.

So, why would the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute object to President Trump using Reagan’s name in a fundraising effort?

Well, the answer becomes clear when you find out who is actually making decisions at the Foundation.

The Washington Post’s CEO and publisher, Fred Ryan, serves as chairman of the board of trustees for the foundation, which maintains and sustains the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, prompting Levin to issue a series of tweets on the matter on Sunday.

President Trump also weighed in on the matter:

There are RINOs everywhere and they're coming out of the woodwork. Conservatives would do well to research these "conservative" networks and foundations who, as we get closer to November, come out against the President as a claim to virtue.


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28 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Running The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute..”

  1. The only thing worse then the communist liberal socialist democrats is Rinos ( Never Trumpers ) who stab President Donald j.Trump in the back every chance they get . People like Paul and Fed Ryan are nothing more then New World Order Globalist who voted for Hillary Rotten Clinton in 2016 to keep the good old boys in DC in taxpayers money . The Good old boys in DC are still fighting the change President Donald J. Trump is bring to DC . Draining the SWAMP OF SWAMP RATS .

    1. I was skeptical of President Trump and voted for Rand Paul in the Primary. Not even Reagan attended a March for Life! Right now, the biggest threat to Liberty is the Swamp. Entrenched government employees by the millions who don’t have a clue about being productive. These people MUST be taken on, and anyone less than Trump just wouldn’t have the balls.

      It is, an Augean Stable sized problem and it is very possible that Trump is NOT Hercules, however much I wish that he were. He IS the best thing we have at the moment and probably our last hope.

  2. All I can say is that I absolutely detest RINOs like Frederick Ryan and Paul Ryan—as of NOW I will no longer support the Reagan Library and I stopped having anything to do with the Wash Post long ago—-and I pray that President Trump finds someway to screw them both over to show them what the penalties are for behaving like the assholes they have become!!!

  3. I have contributed to the Reagan foundation and ranch for a number of years. Because of the information made available today regarding the connection between the Washington Post and the Reagan Foundation, I shall discontinue sending more contributions immediately.

  4. I am a Latino. I am also a PRACTICAL man, and a US Citizen by birth too.

    The way I see it, I will vote for a man or woman who shows good results RESULTS.

    I am -like we all are- TIRED OF PROMISES and sweet SLOGANS (Do you Remember “Hope and Change”?… what was THAT?

    So, show me one candidate who has the RECORD of reviving a dormant/comatose Economy, one who brought unemployment to the lowest levels in US history (particularly excellent for us minorities), and one who made the wages go up.

    I am tired of mudslinging and hoaxes. RESULTS OR BUST!

    — So you know por quien votare en estas elecciones.

  5. I have donated to the Foundation and Library for years. My donation to the Foundation and Library is small but I will never again donate with this personal biased behavior of the Board. They should be proud that President Reagan is being emulated. God Bless President trump and may the soul of President Reagan and Nancy rest in peace.

  6. How can a toad like Fred Ryan, who is now the publisher and CEO of the Washington Post, become the chairman of the Reagan Library & Foundation board? What a contrast, a true conservative like Reagan and a socialist like Ryan.

  7. Michael Reagan was on Newsmax last night and very rudely defended the rhino that runs the Reagan foundation and was very redneck when Greg tried to defend PRESIDENT TRUMP, AND HE THOUGHT SINCE IT WAS A GIFT

  8. I’m telling you, these damn democrats/progressives/little commies have infiltrated our gov’t and foundations to get power over the money and policies that comes from these places. A democrat on the Reagan board and what is the Reagan family saying about this or after Reagan’s death did they turned the foundation over to the democrats instead of checking out who is running the board. President Trump thinks like Reagan and Reagan’s family should be kicking this anti-Reagon guy off the board, unless they gave their interest and control away.

  9. Vital information that real conservatives need to know! The Romney-type Republicans proved to be a disaster for the party – lost track of the working men and women. Trump is creating a new GOP & most of us are grateful for him!

  10. Get Frederick J. Ryan off the Reagan Library Board. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  11. Ryan is like some of the deep state FBI and is spying and working against our president.
    Reagan is rilling over in his grave

  12. I was co-chairman an for Grass Roots Reagan and my wife and I spent
    over an hour with Ron ans Nancy in the first Campaign and gave access
    to us for all the right reasons.

    We would do the same for them again or For the President and is wife now.

    I have evidence for the President if some one would let them know.

    A Plus, Plus, Plus as I was reminded by a full supporter also.

    Franklin Dee Williams

    cc: Others.


  13. I faced RINOs when I ran for the U.S. Senate in California (2016 & 2018). They won’t let go of the reigns of the CAGOP. No wonder the last Republican serving in the U.S. Senate was in 1988. They refused to help me repeal the top two primary. They also refused to adopt a vetting process for Congressional and Statewide candidates. They’re a disgrace.

  14. Nice going you arrogant RINO idiots. By working against President Trump you assure that we will live under Communists Joe Biden and his not so secret master, Bernie Sanders. Where are your brains???

    1. i have my brain still i my head. may be your f…ing thing in in your ass.
      yours are a f..kng god damn brain on your ass. Pl do insult like all
      REP member. What a joke and your brainless head

  15. I am sick knowing this. No more MONEY!!! Why can’t GOP state offices get this type of info out to us despicables, and keep telling us who are the dems money raising organizations, so we don’t send money to them.

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