Broke, Black Single Mom Donates Lottery Winnings to Officer Shot on Duty

If this story doesn’t bring you to tears, or close to it, you may not have a heart.

Shetara Sims, a young black single mom with $7 to her name, found one dollar in the parking lot and used it to buy a lottery ticket. Shetara had lost her job about a month ago due to the coronavirus lock-down.

She won $100.

Then, her daughter, Rakiya, had a suggestion: Why don’t they give the money to an officer who was shot on duty and still in intensive care?

That’s exactly what she did.

Instead of using it to take care of her family, she donated the money to the officer.



The Kansas City Police tracked her down and returned the favor, in appreciation.

The Kansas City Police Department shared the story on their Facebook page, and hundreds of people asked how they could help Sims. The problem was that Sims had made the donation anonymously, and the police didn’t know how to contact her. Once they tracked her down, they set up a GoFundMe account to help her get on her feet.

The GoFundMe account the police set up for her has raised over $115,000 for this lady with "a heart of gold".

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19 thoughts on “Broke, Black Single Mom Donates Lottery Winnings to Officer Shot on Duty”

  1. Wonderful act of kindness. If you watch the evil, fear mongering liberal media, you would think there is no kindness left in the country. The opposite is true. Those stories do not have the sensationalism that the looting, murder and destruction does. Don’t drink the Kool-ade.

  2. One very special lady with a GOLD HEART for sure !!! Best wishes for you and your daughter !!!

  3. Just an amazing story of goodness and selflessness. Makes me proud to be an American.

  4. Both Mother and daughter are wonderful. I must admit I worry that less wonderful people will give them grief. Keeping my fingers crossed good things happen to them and the officer.

  5. beautiful story. I’m sorry she already lost a child, but it looks like she is a good Mom and has done a good job raising her family.. Good people. I hope God continues to bless her and them. I hope the police officer recovers too.

  6. i wish some one could give me a car no matter the age if it has a/c,i am 80 years of age and my husnand is deceased.

  7. What a wonderful Mom. She’s raised a great daughter. Hopefully, someone reading her story will offer her a job so she can get back on her feet supporting her family. May God bless all who are helping this deserving family.

  8. FINALLY! Some good news. My heart is glad so therefore I rejoice for this most lovely lady and her daughter,

  9. Good (divine) people are good people regardless of what differentiates them from others socially, culturally, religiously or racially. The same is true of carnal (evil) people. The media might suggest otherwise, but the
    majority of Americans are good people. This story illustrates that good people tend to be rewarded for being
    good. We in America come to the aid of people when we know of their needs (vs. their wants). We don’t
    want or need those governing us (often with questionable motives) to regulate this.

  10. All I can say is AWESOME. This is what Americans do and should do. Not riot, burn, loot and murder.

    God bless this woman. Thank you to all that helped her and the cop.

  11. An ocean of tears. Not surprised as I have had similar experiences. We are all capable of using our heart and have faith that things can get better if we look out for others.

  12. It’s to bad more Americans aren’t as loving as this young mom. It is evident she has raised her daughter to believe in helping others as her daughter suggested the donation. The fact she did it anonymous shows she wasn’t looking for a thank you. God works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform.

  13. Tell that mother and daughter we love her. It is so heartwarming to see people like her do such a noble thing like that. May got Bless her over and over!!!

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