America Is Hitting the Self-Destruct Button

On Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal released the results of a poll performed in conjunction with NBC News. The poll found that 56% of Americans believe American society is racist. Seventy-one percent believe race relations are either very or fairly bad. Most troubling, 65% of black Americans say that racial discrimination is built into American society, “including into our policies and institutions.”

The notion that America is systemically racist bodes ill for the future. It’s also a dramatic lie. American history is replete with racism; racism was indeed the root of systems ranging from slavery to Jim Crow. But the story of America is the story of the cashing of Martin Luther King Jr.’s promissory note: the fulfillment of the pledge of the Declaration of Independence to treat all men equally, to grant them protection of their unalienable natural rights. America has worked to extirpate the nearly universal sin of bigotry in pursuit of the fulfillment of the declaration. The story of America is 1776, not 1619; it’s Abraham Lincoln, not John C. Calhoun; it’s Martin Luther King Jr., not Robin DiAngelo.

It is particularly true today that American society does not deserve the scorn being heaped upon her head. American society is decidedly not racist: According to Swedish economists from World Values, America is one of the most racially tolerant countries on Earth. American law has banned discrimination on race for two generations and more than half a century; in fact, the only racially discriminatory laws on the books cut in favor of racial minorities, who have been granted special privileges in arenas like college admissions.


The police are no longer instruments of racial terror, contrary to popular media narrative: In many of America's largest cities, police forces are either majority minority or nearly so, and police are not more likely to shoot and kill black Americans than white Americans. Problems of high crime in minority neighborhoods are generally a result of underpolicing, rather than the converse.

Some problems of wealth inequality are in part products of history -- history always has consequences. But overwhelmingly, the pathways to success are not barred by discrimination. Black Americans occupy many of the most prominent positions in American society, from government to entertainment to education to finance. Responsible individual decision-making is generally rewarded for all Americans, black and white. And Americans are more than willing to fight those who would obstruct the possibility of success for those who make the right decisions.

More and more Americans apparently believe that the American system is endemically racist -- yet the system produces more wealth, freedom and opportunity than any on Earth for millions of citizens of every color, creed and religion. If a majority of Americans believe that society is racist -- not just individuals but a vast swath of friends and neighbors, and America's institutions to boot -- then it will be quite difficult for Americans to unify. No country can survive its citizens seeing one another as enemies rather than friends, seeing their country as a reflection of continuing evil embedded in its history. America, like every other nation, requires a common philosophy, culture and history to survive. And yet those elements are being consistently eroded by those who would rather collapse the American system in pursuit of some unspecified utopia.

That utopia will not come. All that will follow in the wake of the dissolution of our common bonds is chaos. The principles of the Declaration of Independence remain true; the promise remains durable. The only question is whether we are willing to stand up for those principles and work anew to fulfill those promises, rather than caving in the foundations of the greatest nation ever conceived by mankind.

Ben Shapiro, 36, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of "The Ben Shapiro Show" and editor-in-chief of He is the author of the No. 1 New York Times bestseller "The Right Side of History." He lives with his wife and three children in Los Angeles.

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23 thoughts on “America Is Hitting the Self-Destruct Button”

  1. Yours is the voice of reason amid the chaos. Thank you. You say so eloquently what so many of us believe.
    I pray God intervenes and people will listen to you and others who are speaking out. I hate this thing that is dividing my country.

    1. if you look at history and what mlk achieved without violence is truly amazing.i gained much respect for him after his million man march.but itf it’s so systemic why did they elect a black president.where was the voter suppression then?i’t a shame that people feel that way when there are many blacks that have achieved great fame.look at ben carson who grew up in poverty without a father.he is world revered .for his work.but i bet in 100 years there will still be racism as there are people that still carry it but not the majority of americans.what a great country that might be ruined from within! so sad!

  2. Finally an article that identifies the real issues and enlightens the WOKE about the real greatness of this country and warns those looking for utopia that it doesn’t exist and all they will accomplish is destruction, pain, and misery for all.
    “America, like every other nation, requires a common philosophy, culture and history to survive. And yet those elements are being consistently eroded by those who would rather collapse the American system in pursuit of some unspecified utopia.
    That utopia will not come. All that will follow in the wake of the dissolution of our common bonds is chaos. The principles of the Declaration of Independence remain true; the promise remains durable. The only question is whether we are willing to stand up for those principles and work anew to fulfill those promises, rather than caving in the foundations of the greatest nation ever conceived by mankind.”

  3. Marxist propaganda perpetrated by our media and education system has been effective beyond the wildest dreams of the Authors. One political party benefit from this myth and sponsors it at every turn. I do not see how freedom and reason can prevail in our future.

  4. The big lie, systemic racism, has gotten traction. I fear for the Country my children and grandchildren are inheriting, but mostly I fear for America. Hopefully your spot on article will be read. Will this pall of Mia culpas over bogus racial accusations be countered? Wake Up America before ts too late.

  5. What we are facing is two outside influences that are destroying any sense of accuracy in any poll honest thought of what the population of America thinks. Number one is the influence of George Soros, his son and the 480 billion dollars of misguided influence that it buys. Every single problem that faces our country can be traced to his disruptive behavior as every one of his operations are aimed at bringing down the United States, Britain, and Israel as they are the only things that stand in his way of creating one government to control the entire population of the world. He has even created a system that millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars fund his efforts to destroy our country. Only PRESIDENT TRUMP has the guts to take him down. Soros is the money behind the Democrat Party (now The Socialist Democrat Party) and he alone supported and financed Black Lives Matter and Antifa, which have both turned into terrorist groups. He must be stopped!. The second part of this is the absolute fact that the mainstream media is “owned” by the Democrat Party which can be shown by the fact that every network repeats the same exact Democrat talking points each day. Listen to the different stations. It is uncanny. As long as this same mainstream media is allowed to lie every day with no legal consequence, the “truth” becomes whatever the Democrat decides it will be which is almost always a lie. Joseph Goebbels would be proud. The answer to offset that is to file lawsuits on every case of a lie until they are forced to tell the truth. This is what Nick Sandmann did and all of them are settling with him for many millions of dollars for lying and defaming him. He proved that it works! The reason that we have Freedom of the Press was because the media had the responsibility to uphold the truth and hold public figures to account if they did not tell the truth. Oh how that changed!

    1. YOUR SO TRUE thank and Soro is what is destroying us and our government is allowing it., and he is marrying into AMERICAN FAMILY now so he has a grip on AMERICA. HE HAS ALREADY DESTROYED MANY COUNTRIES AND OUR IS NEXT. Obama should never be elected President. Ii NOW BELIEVE THE Bush “s are as bad and I M SURe the CLINTON WAS ALSO and she was supposed to win to continue but BY THe GRACE OF GOD, TRUMP WON. He cannot do everything by himself and I pray for GOD TO HELP HIM and his family AND EVERYONE WHO HE LOVES. ANEM.tHANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL ARTICLE.

    2. Roy, I commend you for explaining in easily understood language and accurately describing the sources of funding for the anarchist groups,BLM, Antifa, the MSM and the “New“ Democratic Party. person responsible for the horrendous behavior. George Soros is responsible for the funding of the campaigns of the AG for Philadelphia for which the numerous criminals have been released wen arrested. Someone needs to do an investigation into him and his son. I won’t hold my breath.

    1. I think one of the big problems, is the people on public assistance that have school age kids have to ensure that they attend school or lose their public. assistance. Black or white.

  6. I cannot believe America is Racist! I am 51 years old. Are there problems? Yes. Do people not open there eyes and look around at what individuals in this have made out of their own way of choosing to live. I see famous, rich, powerful, poor, walking people and driving people, people with big homes and people with little homes, people with families and people alone; this doesn’t define America as Racist! Just look at any picture of the USA Olympic teams from any year and compare that to other countries, our Team changes or has many Races. We are a good people and America can be better.

  7. And why do you think that is? Trump has ruined America, and he’s only going to continue to do so. Trump supporters WAKE UP! Your Q-Anon and conspiracy theories aren’t helping.

    1. No it’s your problem, namely Barack Obama, this is his transformation of America! He’s the racist! He’s the cop hater, the Muslim lover because he is a Muslim, he’s the hater of our military! He Hates America! You can leave my country anytime, TRUMP 2020! Oh, by the way, you can return your stimulus check before you leave!

  8. I am a immigrant from Italy. I came to the United States in 1939. I was 7 years old at the time and I graduated from High School in 1951 and enlisted in the Air Force in 1952. I served 20 years and had two tours in Vietnam. First tour was for one year the second was a TDY for 4 months with a 2 week inspection tour in between. I love this country and I have a lot of respect for the current President. In my opinion he is the only one that can get us out of this mess. The other side is only interested in power and what’s in it for me and hell with the people..That is not what I want for the people of this country regardless the color of their skin and religion, God made us all equal.

  9. Being pounded by racist newscasts every single day does not help anything. Virtually every major news outlet is a racist agitator by design. Along with their other anti-American, anti nuclear family, and anti cis-gender rhetoric, it is no wonder we have two entire generations of narcissistic babies running the streets.

  10. The only true racists today are those who allege racism through race baiting. People like Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Louis Farrakhan, all make millions of dollars by screaming racism. In fact, these three helped Margaret Sanger create Planned Parenthood as a way to abort all black babies.
    The money making ploy also applies to groups like NAACP, BLM, Antifa, and organizations created by Soros and Bloomberg.
    Yet, one of the first organizations protecting blacks was the NRA who fought for 2nd Amendment rights for blacks. Today they have been labeled racist because Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan, Bloomberg, Soros, NAACP, and BLM said so? How stupid!!! NRA is still fighting for all Americans.
    Dr. King has to be rolling in his grave with today’s hate mongering by those who benefited so greatly from MLK. Even his niece, an evangelist, fully agrees that the democrats have kept people of color oppressed!
    I am of color and my father always said, “If you look for prejudice, you will find it!” I have actually found that I have more privilege than whites because of programs like Affirmative Action, which by the the way, I completely disagree with as it gives the impression that being of color gets you special treatment that is not based on ability.
    This entitlement attitude extends to liberal theory that there should be no winners or losers, that everyone should get a participation trophy! What a CROCK!!! People of color had better wake up or be prepared to stay oppressed by the original slavers, Democrats!!

  11. Why should anyone believe anything The Washington Journal says. They are one among many media that spew lies like an ATM machine gone amok. They are evil morons that are going overboard trying to take America down and make us Chinese. Yes, we the people, the general public are aware of what they are doing and will not go along with their criminal activities and heartless rhetoric. The same goes for all social media. WE are done. WE are through with these things called human journalists. They aren’t human at all. They have all the Universities on their sides, too and I think it very wise that no one go to any of the colleges and universities. All you learn there is hate.

  12. America is indeed racist. The blacks, mexicans, fake khazar jews, edomite jews arab muslims and asians hate white people and want to exterminate them.They are willing to destroy the only decent country in the world to do it! Their master and lord, satan the devil is the backbone of their war. Wipe out the whites through multiculturalism, intermarriage and just plain murder and you will have an uninhabitable hell on earth! The only civilized people left in the world today are the whites and maybe the people from india. Why there hate for the white people, because the white people are the 12 tribes of Israel! SURPRISE!

  13. Anyone thinking this is all about racism needs to wake up. The race card is exploited by the far left in an effort to, as BH Obama instigated and quoted, … “to fundamentally change America”. That fundamental change is intended to destroy the Republic as we know it in order to forcibly shift to a totalitarian form of socialism. What you witness today began in earnest with Obama in 2008; in 2016 he continued his effort in concert with his mentor Geo Soros investing in radical groups like Antifa and BLM ; both of which are pro Markists. What we witness now is akin to the “Second coming of the Bolsheviks” and the Russian revolution of 1917 for they have much in common.

  14. I suggest Mr Shapiro rent a new BMW, apply blackface and a nappy wig, and then drive around in an affluent white neighborhood and see what happens versus dong the same minus the disguise. He is correct, however, about inadequate policing of many areas in the US (not just predominantly African American neighborhoods) but he does not address why this unfortunate situation has existed and persists to this day despite the laudible legislation he cites. Perhaps that’s because of the virtually perfect inverse relationship between the need for public services and the money to pay for them? If so, perhaps Mr Shapiro would like to explain that phenomenon (away). He might look into how constables are trained, supervised, and paid in England and peruse Robert Peel’s Rules of Policing. I found those subjects interesting. He might too. By the way, I don’t like to cite my CV but I do wonder what kind of person he thinks I am.

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