Rand Paul Calls for Impeachment of NY Gov. Cuomo Over Nursing Home Fisaco

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) called for the impeachment of NY Governor Andrew Cuomo over his handling of the coronavirus outbreak, specifically the disastrous nursing home order.

Paul was trying to make sense of the praise that Dr. Anthony Fauci was giving New York for their handling of the pandemic.

“The people we are lauding are actually making catastrophic decisions,” he said. “I think Gov. Cuomo should be impeached … for the disastrous decision he made to send patients with coronavirus back to nursing homes. … Virtually half his people who died were in nursing homes”

New York had nearly 6,500 deaths from nursing home and long-term care facilities.

New York instituted lockdown measures (unless of course you were a protester) and still had the worst death rate of any place during a lockdown, in the world.

"New York had a lockdown and had 30,000 people die. New York had the worst death rate of any place in the world amidst a lockdown. So perhaps a lockdown didn't do any good, and perhaps a lockdown killed our economy but didn't do anything to stem the tide of a virus."

Cuomo shot back and tried to turn the tide against the southern states by making it about the federal budget, but Paul added some statistics that put the risk in terms people need to understand.

He added that people need to assess their own risks with regards to the coronavirus and they need to be realistic about it.

"those under 18, the risk of mortality is about one in a million or a little bit less. For those ages 18 to 45, it's about 10 out of 100,000 for the mortality. "Under age 45, this disease we're looking at is less dangerous than the seasonal flu. Above age 45, it's more dangerous than the seasonal flu"

Paul also questioned the approach of Dr. Fauci as he has been somewhat of an alarmist in his approach to how the public should handle this outbreak.

Read more on this at The Hill.

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36 thoughts on “Rand Paul Calls for Impeachment of NY Gov. Cuomo Over Nursing Home Fisaco”

  1. All for naught. He’s a media darling. Remember he was mentioned about being the dem presidential candidate before Biden was accepted. And, do you hear or see any widespread condemnation of his policies? I rest my case!

  2. I would love to see this happen! He needs to be held accountable for these actions that certainly made NYS the highest in deaths solely under his direction. He also needs to be stopped before he completely ruins the state. His policies and dictatorship during this crisis is not acceptable. Everyday he comes up with another executive order that is unconstitutional. I am sick and tired of this governor as a N.Y. resident!

  3. THE 3 STOOGES fauci cuomo and deblasio all think they are very smart but in essence are complete moronic idiots. “da fauci”has changed his opinions more than people change into different clothing . cuomo lies like a rug and deblasio is a tall person physically but a mental midget. Thus the moicker 3 STOOGES.

  4. Save the First Amendment
    The State of Maine recently passed mandatory vaccinations, with no exemption for religious objections, a clear violation of the First Amendment. Given that, why did the Maine Legislature allow this bill to move forward? No bill, in violation of the Constitution, should ever be considered for vote. Those that are responsible for allowing this bill to move forward, have betrayed our trust. I propose that this new ‘law’ be made Null and Void; it infringes upon our Constitutional right of religion, and on those who hold beliefs, unrelated to religion, regarding their own healthcare choices.
    There’s also a growing concern of the side effects vaccines have caused over the years- serious effects, such as ataxia, autism, as well as an incresing number of autoimmune diseases. Alarming reports of vaccine-related cases of polio in India, and the intentional sterilization of women and girls in countries like the Philippines, Brazil, and Kenya, have erupted into lawsuits against the Gates Foundation. Valid concerns related to harmful ingredients contained in vaccines, and the nefarious use of them by some, have been ignored. Ingredients such as mercury, formaldehyde, fetal tissue, carcinogens and toxins. Do we dare trust authorities that violate our rights, and would force invasive substances into our body, or that of our children against our will? What happened to “my body, my choice”?
    Make no mistake, this mandate is being pushed by big money pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations that profit on pushing vaccines, to the tune of 500K for this campaign. Insurance policies are dictating their healthcare regimens in many hospitals, and on patients. We are witnessing deaths from deliberate starvation and deprivation of water. Nurses also, are being prohibited from being a true patient advocate as a result of insurance policies. The elderly in particular, are increasingly being pressured into signing DNR orders, admitted to hospice when not dying, and are not being resuscitated based on the doctors decision, rather than according to the patient and family wishes. Medical kidnapping is real. Sarah Palin was right.
    Mandates like this, continue to rob us of our freedom of self-governance as outlined in the First Amendment. Ask yourself: Why did this bill specifically target religious beliefs? Due to the unconstitutional nature of mandatory vaccinations with no exemption for religious beliefs, this ‘law’ must be made invalid. Please contact your Legislators and declare it Null and Void. Thank you.
    Kimberly Tancrede RNC, BSN

    1. He has more cerebral matter and degrees that far exceed anything you’ve get papered on your wall I’ll wager at 2 to 1 odds.

    2. Congressman Rand is right on target . Come should never have sent COVID-19 patients to nursing homes. Everyone knows this population is the most vulnerable and getting the virus would most likely result in their death. That tells me he has no more value for the elderly life than he does for that of of an unborn baby. It is a way of cleansing the environment of the weakest.

  5. This is right on. Those in nursing homes are the most endangered for almost any type of sickness, never mind something associated with a pandemic. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo was in full panic mode when he made that decision. How could he legally move private citizens without the consent of the family? Family members would have assessed the situation, researched the consequences and never… never made that decision. The mayor’s decision
    was a death sentence. He should have sought guidance period. What a tragedy!!
    Believe it or not, I feel for the mayor but he doesn’t belong in that position any longer. People have been removed from lesser positions of authority for much less dangerous outcomes. He needs to bow out… be removed!!
    Lets see if that same double standard again applies in his case as does to all those corrupt politicians in DC?

  6. It is not only New York Governor ,but Pennsylvania as well . I have stated that the way this is being handled is all wrong. There will be more deaths due to the psychological effect than due to the virus. I have said that since the very beginning in January . If people begin to pursue wrongful death cases against the states and Fusci as well how many states can endure the legal complications without financially collapsing. They need to look into the serious mental problems above what the virus can do. Perhaps then they would bring all this to a screaching halt.

  7. The inventiveness of our Democrats, communists, socialists, racists, and other components of the Democrat Party is something to admire:
    1) In the 1975 it was “The New Ice Age”; remedy = nationalize everything with our Eco-Nazis in total charge; after 20 years of ZERO new ice the same creeps switched to
    2) “Global Warming” disaster in 1995; remedy = see above; after 20 years of ZERO warming the same criminals switched to
    3) “Climate Change” switcheroo in 2015; remedy = see above.
    Enough! Enough!! Enough!!! I propose a new name for this collection of ignoramuses – Weather cretins!!

  8. You go this governor needs to go he is ruining New York he only cares about the city and screw the rest ny what he has done to the state and business is a crime I was born and raised here and if he doesn’t go I am thinking real hard about leaving and this is where all my family is

  9. Cuomo should be impeached or resign immediately. He does not deserve to be called governor. He has done nothing but harm this state. His decisions on the virus & the BLM have been disasters. HE needs to go ASAP.

  10. It should also be noted that this is DR. RAND PAUL. He is a board-certified ophthalmologist, not just some political layman who doesn’t understand the implications of studies. Andrew Cuomo is a certified murderer with his actions, which could be and should be prosecuted as CRIMINALLY NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE!

  11. where do we sign and actually see this come into fruitation! Long over due! He is one of the most vile,corrupt idiots in the state along with his democrat cohorts! He needs to face immediate action of impeachment&removal. the proof is in the pudding in what he has done to the entire state!

    1. Diffidently Impeach Cuomo and DiBlasio. Any Mayor or Governor allow our city to be burnt,
      Buildings being marked up and the vandalism should not represent us hard working New Yorkers we pay with our tax payers money to rebuild this property , Also , as far as defunding the Police Why Why is Our Mayors Security Not reduced along with his wife’s staff. Police is good enough to safeguard them But Not the New York Tax payers. Wake Up New Yorkers. Get rid of themNow Now.

  12. Impeachment is too easy. He should be charge for manslaughter of the defenseless citizens.
    He was the direct cause of spreading the virus.

  13. I agree with Roger, but how is a U.S. Senator from another state going to de-throne a state-level employee (from a different state)???
    I’d love to see it, but I don’t know how it’s going to happen, without the NY voters who appear to be in love with Cuomo. Go figure.

  14. Cuomo is living in a Fantasy World. He belongs in the loony bin He thinks and prides himself with supposedly the right answers to this Covid-19. We have had enough politicians in the White House now demeaning President Trump and his decisions in the past. I also say down with the BLACK LIVES MATTER AS I believe that ALL Lives matter (Black, White, Asian, Yellow or Blue represents the USA.). Now for the far left I believe they should be thrown in the swamp where they
    came from. All they wish to do is destroy America the land of the Red, White and Blue. Also. lets not forget the true Americans, The Indians, the true and pure Americans. They helped Gratefully by using their CODE during WW11 and sacrificed their lives in the process . Thank you American Indians and Thanks for ALL American boys
    who put OUR COUNTRY FIRST..

  15. Damn, about time that the “Re-PUNK-licans” start giving it out instead of taking it all of the time! L. Gohmert has gone on the offense too, way past time that they start to fight back against the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls that pass themselves off as Demo(n)crats! Where have you been? Red states, in my opinion, should start manning state militias, per constitution, in order to send a message to the bereft Left! Keep on the path that you are and face the consequences!

  16. Anyone with common sense would have known not to send infected SARS_COV-2 patients to highly vulnerable populated sites that are nursing homes. I believe that Cuomo’s common sense would have been available if his loved one was in one of those nursing homes. Therefore I wonder if his decision was intentional for reasons only known to him. I believe he SOLD OUT these families and their loved ones.

  17. YES he and de Blasio both, disgusting people, and retirements should be cancelled, families who lost elders from this should sue their pants off


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