Hawley Calls Out Lebron, Nike, NBA For Cashing In Off China Slave Labor

Senator Josh Hawley called out Lebron, Nike, and the NBA for profiting off Chinese slave labor. Hawley said the NBA was a “classic” example of businesses that profit from slave labor in the Uyghur concentration camps.

“I would challenge the NBA, Adam Silver, all the endorsers of Nike products like Lebron to take a pledge that they will be slave free, that they will not use in their product lines slave labor,” Hawley said.

Senator Hawley introduced the Slave-Free Business Certification Act on Monday. The measure would expand insight into corporate supply chains and allow for regular audits to make sure that slave labor is not included in their supply chains.

Corporate America and the celebrities that hawk their products have been playing this game for a long time – talk up corporate social responsibility and social justice at home while making millions of dollars off the slave labor that assembles their products,” the Missouri Republican said in a statement. “Executives build woke, progressive brands for American consumers, but happily outsource labor to Chinese concentration camps, all just to save a few bucks.”

You may remember the crackdown that NBA and some of its start players, such as Lebron James, laid down on a general manager Daryl Morey for his tweet that supported the Hong Kong protests for freedom.


Lebron, the self-proclaimed social justice warrior, declined to side with the freedom-seeking people of Hong Kong and instead sided with China.

When asked whether Morey should be reprimanded for his tweet, James responded, "I think when we all sit back and learn from the situation that happened, understand that what you could tweet or could say, and we all talk about this freedom of speech -- yes, we do all have freedom of speech, but at times there are ramifications for the negative that can happen when you're not thinking about others and you're only thinking about yourself."

Last week, NBA fans were allowed to buy custom jerseys for the players that included social justice words on the jersey.  You could put "Black Lives Matter" and "Defund the Police", but you could not use slogans that supported the police or Hong Kong.

The NBA has a documented history of bending the knee to China and it is now being called out for its "social justice" endorsements while simultaneously profiting off slave labor in China.

Hawley's bill seems like it should be a no-brainer to pass but will it? Obviously, there is a lot of corporate money on the line but Americans should take a strong stand against the use of slave labor in any country.

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25 thoughts on “Hawley Calls Out Lebron, Nike, NBA For Cashing In Off China Slave Labor”

    1. Need to give Lebron and NBA benefit of the doubt that they did not know. It’s what they do now that’s important I do have a problem with their support of BLM which advocates the end of the nuclear family and are clearly, by their own admission a Marxist organization. Lebron needs to address this as well!

  1. True – they have sold out to the almighty $$$$.
    They are controlling the message and ignoring the constitutional right of free speech.

  2. Senator Hawley is dead on but the bill will never pass at least not now maybe in 2020 after the election if we all turn the house back to red but the dems will not do it for fear of losing their corporate donors bunch of traitors do anything for a dollar dems would pimp their own mothers if they thought they could win

    1. They’ve been getting Chinese money for years. It may not be a direct hand to hand but their Hollywood donors make most of their money from the Chinese movie market, and also corporate hands, such as Bloomberg, have made billions from their China business and government relationships.

  3. Long time ago I was thinking ?How dirty are these DemonRats and The BBA PLAIERS ?USING THE SKAVES IN CHINA TO MAKE MONEY ?The Black Live Matters want Recuperation?What Recuperation they want?The Good lufe and Equality And the Rights to all the citisens?Are Enough.Now the China People MUST ASK RECUPERATION FROM THE AMERICANS POLITICIANS AND NBA? .Is not gone be easy ! The day is Coming for the DemonRats to pay Back for this China?This DemonRats ?Worked Hand by Hand with the China Communist Crookes Government and Enslaet the Poor Chinese people.Mr.Trum. is going to take ❤ of all of these CROOKED!Just give him another CHANCE.I’m convinced? Just President Trump!❤ can stand against this Organised Mafia DemonRats-China Comunist.

  4. Lebron doesn’t see that the Chinese NBA and democrats party is using him if you think about it all his talk about oppression of African Americans but the people he works for and endorses are the one oppressing society and him included but they blind him with money si he doesn’t see it and if he does he turns blind eye to it I stopped watching professional sports they get paid kings ransom to play child’s game

  5. Dems, this is your “ballgame”. Do you strke out or hit a homerun. A black Republican is fighting for human rights, what will you do? Do you play “pelosi partisan politics” or stand on your own two feet and support a bill to stop the use of “slave labor” in our world today? If you are truly for equality and against what happened in American history of the past, then get behind Hawley’s bill to put a stop to the use of (Chinese) slave labor in American products. Dems, the honest hardworking voter type Dem, tell your leaders to support Senator Hawley’s Bill or walk away. See through this guise of falsehoods from your party leadership that says they are for equality but do not support it because a “Republican” introduced it. Take your vote away from your foolish and misguided socialist leadership if they will not put partisan politics aside and truly stand up for equality. Walk away, I was a Dem and I walked away years ago, you can too. It starts with a single step in the “right” direction. Others have done it – you can as well! Check out the walk away website: http://www.walkawaycampaign.com, if you want (or care) to know any more.

  6. THese players came our & made such a noise for social justice. And, now they are making off the backs of Chinese slave labor. What two faced hypocrites? These guys have a chance to be role models but instead anything to make money. THey should ashamed. I have said before their stand on social justice & this so called “peaaceful protesting” will only hurt sales at the box office. I hope this to be true. They need to do social justicing on their own time, not when someone simply wants to watch basketball. They have hurt this sport tremendously & can only blame themselves

  7. LeBron/Nike/NBA>>>>Communists..they love the money.do not care about USA..All NBA games should be banned until they remove the BLM logo off any courts and team merchandise..BLM are communists and they brag how they will destroy our country..Wake up NBA/AMERICA..I will spread the word to everyone about their anti-american stance.

  8. And LeBron is a big Trump basher…..
    but one thing for sure….. other than maybe Tucker or Laura Ingraham…. we will NEVER, repeat NEVER, see any of those white puppets on cnn, msnbc, abc, cbs, nbc, npr, Wash Post, NYT dare mention slave labor anywhere in China and how LeBron and the NBA support it. And if the ever growing number of idiots in this country succeed in electing dementia Joe Biden, China will be laughing all the way to the bank while they build up their military forces without even a peep from the democrats…. sad and despicable

  9. Queen James the social justice warrior! What a joke this ignorant clown is. The Chinese government is a communist led government that puts its people and others in concentration camps, brutal hard labor camps, jails and kills them and this tall dumb ass says we have to watch our freedom of speech. Yes, especially when it could cost this illiterate slob some money. Some tall idiot bounces a ball, runs down a court and throws it in a hoop and he gets pain hundreds of millions of dollars, has idiotic fans buying his jersey, fans wanting his autograph, lives the best life people would love to live and turns around and complains the country that gave him everything is racist! A f::ken trained monkey could do his worthless job. This moron even said his opinion is important to others because he’s black. The only opinion from this low knowledge clown that’s important is if he does or doesn’t understand that he’s a F::ken clown! Because he is! Why is it that so many blacks kiss the white man’s ass then when they make it big the shit on the country that gave them everything they have? This Queen James should go back to elementary school and graduate. This mindless pile of shit has the nerve to call others uneducated! The old joke goes… question: What’s the hardest thing on a black man? Answer:Fifth grade! Nuff said! Oh! Was that joke racist? To f::ken bad cause it fits this clown James! Nuff said again!

    1. Aaaaaahhhhh, you asked THE question. This sinister movement is coopting many people to use as influencers.
      Hollywood, sports figures, fortune 500 companies, and the like. SHAME on them. We are watching……
      you gutless traitors! You reap what you sew!

  10. Start here to end Globalism. Take the profit away from these socialist anti American corporations. NFL, NBA, NBL and in general all sports franchises that only feed off poor. A world of global control over people and industry can mean only enslavement and the deterioration of happiness.

  11. James and the NBA aren’t fooling anyone but the stupid as they both chase the almighty dollar over slave labor in China. James and the NBA are exploitive hypocrites.

  12. The NBA have now seen the images of slaves being herded into the trains, slaves whose labor should shame every athlete, professional and amateur to tears. These slaves suffer while rich athletes ignore their plight and turn a deaf ear to this twenty first century slave trade. Ironically these Teams and athletes are aiding and abetting the slavers. Aside from Nike, it would be interesting to know what other corporations are using the labor of these slaves yet are paying “ social justice” vigorish to the Marxist BLM…you can’t make stuff like this up.

  13. Why don’t they all just put the Chinese communist flag on all their uniforms and let the world know they are suck ups to these communists and their slave camps. At last it is all being exposed while in the past, it was kept secret, NBA disgusts me and Lebron should be forced to visit one of these slave labor camps and put to work to see how inhuman they are.

  14. We all know that Mr. Hawley’s bill will never be passed. It probably won’t ever be shown on FOX NEWS. We as Americans must take our money and buy American made products. Big money brings big blow hard mouths that are generally told what to say. Just like Creepy Joe.

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