Politics Has Hurt Science, COVID-19 May Have Killed It

We need to go back to the basics. Not the basics of what may be taught in school today, but the basics of what was taught in school decades ago. We no longer know the difference between science and statistics. When someone quotes a set of statistics, on the news, they call it science. While it could be a result of science, it’s usually a result of a study designed to elicit a predetermined outcome.

According to Brittanica:

Science, any system of knowledge that is concerned with the physical world and its phenomena and that entails unbiased observations and systematic experimentation. In general, a science involves a pursuit of knowledge covering general truths or the operations of fundamental laws.

The keyword that’s missing in today’s version of science is unbiased and both the left and right are guilty of it.

However, the left tends to use science as a means to end any discussion or disagreement with their opinion.

For example: If you disagree with implementing a carbon tax, you will most certainly be accused of being “anti-science” or a “science denier”. If you point to scientists who says there is evidence that the earth is actually cooling over a specific period of time, you will likely be told “those aren’t real scientists”.


Politics and political correctness has perverted science so much that many of us now roll our eyes when someone on TV explains with "science says...". That's because there is no objectivity involved anymore.  Science is only accepted if it meets a certain political narrative.

Joy Pullman wrote a good article on the validity of science, today. You should read the whole piece.

Despite standing behind their data and method used to conclude there is “no evidence of anti-Black [sic] or anti-Hispanic disparities across [fatal police] shootings,” a study’s authors want to retract their work because it contradicts left-wing politics.

“Although our data and statistical approach were valid to estimate the question we actually tested (the race of civilians fatally shot by police), given continued misuse of the article (e.g., MacDonald, 2020) we felt the right decision was to retract the article,” Michigan State University’s Joseph Cesario and the University of Maryland at College Park’s David Johnson wrote in their retraction requestaccording to the blog Retraction Watch.

Actual scientists can conclude a valid experiment and then be forced to trash the whole thing because it says something that goes against popular opinion. In other words, it was politically incorrect therefor it must be junked.

Instead, what should be happening is other scientist should be running the same experiments to see if their study either replicates the previous result or concludes with a different result.

That's not allowed anymore.

That's also why most problems haven't been solved and won't be anytime soon. We aren't allowed to talk about real issues and real solutions. That's forbidden. That could be offensive to some and we all know that science isn't offensive.

The left (even scientists) says large gatherings will spread the COVID-19 virus and they need to be stopped, at least for now. That's just science. Except, if it's a BLM protest or anti-police protest. Those don't spread the virus. However, a church service most certainly will spread the virus. That's just science. Some people will say "but church is inside!" - no, it doesn't have to be. Beaches were shut down because it was determined to be a place that could entice a gathering of people and that surely would spread the virus. That's just science. However, Chicago had a massive LGBTQ rally at the same time but that wasn't dangerous. Folks, that's just science.

This is what science has become.

Science has become a way to push political agendas while shutting down any opposition to the narrative. If you attempt to question or disagree with the mainstream narrative being pushed, you're clearly anti-science.

By the way, Bill Nye is not a scientist. He just plays one on TV shows and liberal media outlets. Honorary degrees don't make you a scientist. If they did, Lebron James could go give a few speeches at some elite universities and walk away with a dozen honorary PhDs and we'd be looking to him to establish a new colony on Mars.

Conservatives need to stop worrying about being called anti-science. It's not science, it's politics.

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21 thoughts on “Politics Has Hurt Science, COVID-19 May Have Killed It”

  1. There is a science of politics . . . but POLITICS “ain’t science”! COVID19 is a POLITIAL football a game with confusing rules and confusion, meant to “baffle the brain” with a DARK, Anti-American agenda, VOID of the TRUTH. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  2. The distortions and misunderstandings in this article are too many to count. You might do your homework before publishing things like this.

    1. Jeff, I recommend that you find and study a book on “Good Common Horse Sense”. It doesn’t take a scientist to understand what is going on today.

    2. You might have mentioned a couple of “distortions” or “misunderstandings” to back your point. Since I saw absolutely nothing seriously wrong with the article, you have had no impact on my thinking. By the way, I am a scientist, that is, a psychologist (social scientist). Admittedly, the author was using sarcasm at times. I’m sure that he doesn’t think that anyone actually said that the virus cannot spread in a BLM crowd or an LGBTQ crowd but, rather, that the left is acting as though COVID-19 is a serious problem when at church or the beach but not in those other socially “vital” gatherings. He is talking about hypocrisy and double standards. The left will use science when it suits them and ignore it when it doesn’t. Anyone paying attention even slightly to current events would have noticed that fact.

  3. I thought in science when you come up with a hypothesis, you are suppose to do experiments to disprove your hypothesis and when you can’t disprove it, you are probably correct. It seems like the complete opposite is going on with climate science. They skew their temperature readings to conform with their agenda.

  4. No, Politics hasn’t hurt Science, SCIENTISTS and Pseudo Scientists have hurt Science.
    Pure science has become a platform for Left Wing scientists to corrupt, plain ans imple.

  5. Dear Inside Scoop Politics,

    PRACTICE WTF YOU PREACH!!!!!! If you’re SO concerned with SCIENCE, then the ACTUAL SCIENCE is dictating that this ‘Big, Bad Virus’ is NOTHING MORE THAN THE FLU!! The ACTUAL SCIENCE dictates that MASKS DON’T WORK/ARE USELESS (“It’s like trying to stop mosquito’s with a chain link fence” – states REAL Doctors/Scientists). (REAL = NOT Bought & Paid for by Globalists). ACTUAL SCIENCE states that ‘social distancing’ (a concept DREAMT UP by a TEENAGER for a ‘science’ project…..and NEVER PROVEN by ACTUAL SCIENCE)…..is BS! And I can KEEP GOING with what ACTUAL SCIENCE says, but you get the picture!

    FURTHERMORE, if Inside Scoop Politics was SO CONCERNED with ACTUAL SCIENCE, you would have all of these REAL DOCTORS and REAL SCIENTISTS within your publication, ON A DAILY BASIS, stating the FACT that this ‘Big, Bad Virus’ is a FAKE PLANNEDemic; a HOAX; that it is NOTHING MORE THAN A FLU!!! WHERE is the REAL SCIENCE within your pages??? WHERE are the REAL DOCTORS and REAL SCIENTISTS who have been CENSORED for stating the REAL SCIENCE???????

    FLU SEASON has been OVER for a few months now. Here’s a question that NONE of us can find the answer to…..WHERE ARE THE STATS FOR THIS SEASONS SEASONAL FLU???? WHERE are the 2019-2020 SEASONAL FLU numbers???? There are NONE; ZERO!!! They do NOT EXIST!!!! And THAT is SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

    1. CDC estimates that influenza was associated with 45 million illnesses, 21 million medical visits, 810,000 hospitalizations, and 61,000 deaths during the 2017–2018 influenza season. This burden was higher than any season since the 2009 pandemic and serves as a reminder of how severe seasonal influenza can be.Nov 22, 2019

  6. Government “scientists” are little different than the educated clergy of yore who provided the “science” of the day of the king’s right to rule by divine providence. By supporting the ruler’s mandate they got to share in the plunder of the peasants and the crown was able to take away the peasant’s freedom and property without the messy use of the sword.

  7. Interesting discussion. I like the comments from DawnieR re: the flu stats. Obviously, the flu deaths numbers should come down substantially since February because we are all practicing so much better hygiene. But he is right where are the stats on that.? This can be a huge benefit to us all in the future if we continue to wash our hands more and be aware of our surroundings.
    And yes, it is refreshing to see some real truths about this COVID flu brainwashing.

  8. IMO, this article hits the nail right on the head. These are the tactics the socialist Left and all their subsidiaries, including the so called main stream media, are using to takeover and transform this country into the next Socialist country.

    These tactics are nothing new. They are the same tactics used in 1917 in the former USSR, the same tactics used in the former Nazi Germany, the same tactics used in North Korea, the same tactics used in Communist China, Cambodia, Viet-Nam, Laos, and the list goes on and on. It’s all happening today in this country by the very same people we elected to serve, protect and defend our Constitution. In my mind, this constitutes treason and these people need to be dealt with accordingly. But then, why should we start now holding people accountable for their actions, we never have before. If my history serves me correctly, there was this armed insurrection that lasted the better part of 4 years back in the 1860’s. I’m sure some of you remember reading about it. The chief issue was whether or not to allow slavery to continue in the states currently allowing it and giving the new states the opportunity to allow it going forward. An estimated 600,000+ men on both sides were killed and untold billions of dollars of damages incurred. When all was said and done, not one cessionist leader, not one cessionist general and not even the President of the whole cessionist union was ever tried for being the traitors that they were. Just like to day’s elected officials they also took an oath to uphold protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. They broke their vow, dishonored their country, and committed treason. None of them were ever brought to trial but rather all they had to do was to sign a new oath and it was like it never happened. The president of the Union was a great man, but, he was not infallible and he made a big mistake on this one.
    We now see the same situation beginning to rear it’s ugly head once again using tried and true tactics used in the past and once again people are buying into the propaganda. People are allowing themselves to be indoctrinated into a belief system they know is wrong, but, still support it. Why ? Because they know there are no consequences if they fail. We are a country of no consequences. Look around you. If you open your eyes you will see it too.

    1. it’s curious that you believe Abraham Lincoln made a mistake by not trying, then hanging, the leaders of the Confederacy. The South was demolished by Union armies; plantations were destroyed and could not be revived because the owners could not even afford to pay the taxes on the property, much less hire the numbers needed to revive a cotton- or tobacco-growing industry. Many of the plantations were destroyed by fire, but only after they were pillaged for anything of value.

      Lincoln wisely felt that with such an utter defeat, there was no purpose in hanging Confederate leaders. And the proof of his wisdom lies in the fact that those leaders never again rose to take up arms against the North. Lincoln wanted to unite the country, not continue with divisions. Trying and executing Confederate leaders would have prolonged the divisions, and created even greater rifts between the North and the South. Lincoln was wise to accept their unconditional surrender as adequate to end the war.

      It is curious that many are attempting to once again create those same divisions, between the Northern and Southern States and also between the red states and blue states. Those same people like to pretend that slavery was unique to the US (it was practiced worldwide at the time) and condemn people in the South today for the sins of those who came before them. Some seem to be deliberately trying to provoke a second Civil War.

      As we should know from the first one, in a Civil War, everyone loses. Illusions of grand victories by whatever side you think you belong to are just that – illusions that never become reality. Others divide us to control the narrative, and to therefore destroy everything about the US as we know it. They stoke divisions and then use those divisions as a tool to destroy capitalism (which made the US the greatest power on Earth) and to usher in a communist regime (which has never succeeded without harsh dictatorships and the massacre of millions of people).

      Anyone attempting to divide Americans and pit them against each other has an ulterior motive for doing so, so should be immediately discredited as an enemy to peace and prosperity.

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