Columbus Day Forbidden?!?

A city in Erie County, Ohio, has decided to abolish observance of  Columbus Day, choosing to formally celebrate Election Day instead.   The formal explanation of the switch, from Sandusky Ohio officials, has been to give municipal workers a better opportunity to vote on election, day, many assume the root cause is politically motivated.

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The Hill reports the official response from the city government to be the following.

What better way to celebrate the value of our employees and citizens than by removing barriers for them to participate in the greatest of American innovations, our democracy

While numerous entities, have advocated for changing the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous People Day, Sandusy is one of the first to officially take action on the subject.

Freshman Congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) has advocated of abolishing Columbus Day as an official holiday, tweeting the following. 

I am willing to compromise by eliminating Columbus Day to give Election Day off.

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67 thoughts on “Columbus Day Forbidden?!?”

  1. Columbus founded America and the Democrats shows their non-appreciation for our founder. They have become RICH but resent others the save chance. That is why they want socialism.

    1. Uh, Betty Jay, I know what the Sandusky’s local government did was stupid and I agree with your sentiments but please read history about Columbus’ travels to the new world. Please don’t base your arguments on falsehoods.

      1. Correct, no disrespect to Columbus who accomplished some remarkable deeds and some not so remarkable. Columbus landed on a caribbean island, never once setting foot on the North American or South American land mass. That claim belongs to Leif Erickson who landed on the northern land mass now called Nova Scotia. A settlement was established but did not last, but regardless, was the first on the northern continent. Other than all of Betty’s arguments about socialist takeover, which I am totally against, dropping Columbus day as a holiday is no big deal. Election day would be a more suitable holiday

    2. When Columbus arrived, my ancestors were on the beach saying to each other: “oh, hell, there goes the neighborhood”.

      1. Your ancestors were savages, some of whom (the Caribes) for which the Caribbean Sea was named were canibals who once a year impregnated female slaves they kept on an island, then came later to “harvest” the children to eat as a delicacy! Be proud! Be very proud!

    3. Betty, why do you think Columbus founded America? He never even set foot in America. What he did do was to found a Spanish colony in the Caribbean Islands after having “discovered” the New World for Europeans, a significant discovery.

      As for why the wealthy want socialism, you haven’t a clue. It’s because they believe themselves superior because of their success and believe they have all the answers.

      You need to go back and study US history and political systems.

      1. Sorry, Columbus didn’t even discover the new world for Europeans, unless you don’t regar Viking as Europeans.

      2. Can’t go back, the democrooks who run our education system removed the past and are destroying our history. They don’t want our dummy students knowing the truth.


    1. They are doing a great job of destroying the USA. They want a Socialist / Communist Country where only they, the elite are privileged.

      1. Communism has never worked to the benefit of any country’s citizens. Democratic socialism has been practiced in the United States practically since our inception. That’s the secret to the success of our democratic republic. But I guess you prefer corporate socialism to democratic socialism; collect taxes from everyone except the very wealthy and give the majority of it to the very wealthy. You love socialism as long as it benefits only the top 1%.

        1. Actually, the secret to the success of the United States is NOT Democratic Socialism…it’s Capitalism. Anyone can succeed if they put effort into it. Democratic Socialism seeks to take from those who work and give it to those who are too lazy to lift a finger. I say, hand out cardboard boxes and point them to the nearest overpass.

    2. Everything Columbus did was for the profitability of Spain. He did no favors for America, EVER! If you want to celebrate Columbus, do it in Spain, not America.

    3. Thank You☆☆☆☆☆

      Now, Columbus is a bad guy, REALLY• • •
      Change history to their liking.
      They are so incredibly STUPID, they knocked down
      historical statues that told a story of America.


  3. Seeing as how the Vikings were here 100s of years earlier. Columbus is a joke. How about Norse day?

    1. Even though that is true, they did not document their discovery as well as Columbus. So he gets the credit.

      1. Actually, there was information at he Vatican long prior to Columbus’ voyage. It was not allowed out to the public, information being power, but the Priests in Iceland/Greenland sent notification of the lands to the west. I did research into it many years ago, for a college paper.

      2. His task was to discover the western route to China. Epic fail.
        And his purpose was plunder for Spain.
        Columbus never was and never will be an American hero or patriot.

    2. The Vikings came, they saw they left period. Christopher Columbus came and the people with him stayed. It’s people like you who are the joke, not Columbus. People like you are so eat up with hatred for this country, you never stop trying to tear down. You will never find the freedoms that you have in this country anywhere else in the world. So I was suggest take your sarcastic ungrateful ass to Venezuela and enjoy.

      1. The Vikings came, they saw, they settled, they farmed, they herded and they conducted trade back and forth with Iceland for the better part of a century.
        What one does not know of history can easily make one appear a fool.
        Columbus failed his mission to find the western route to China, and plundered what tiny part of the New World he could solely for the coffers of Spain.
        All he left in what little he discovered (the West Indies) was poverty, pestilence and death.
        Apparently a hero right up some folks alleys.

      2. Factually, the people who were with Columbus did not stay. No doubt some of the native women got impregnated after being raped by his crew but, the crew returned with him to Spain, and sailed on other voyages.
        While the Vikings settlements in Greenland lasted the better part of a century, all the while trading with and learning from the indigenous Greenlanders, and trading back and forth with Iceland and Scandinavia.
        And when they did abandon their settlements and returned to Iceland after many decades, they left the indigenous people unplundered, unmolested and not riddled with European diseases.

      3. Thank You☆☆☆☆☆

        Now, Columbus is a bad guy, REALLY• • •
        Change history to their liking.
        They are so incredibly STUPID, they knocked down
        historical statues that told a story of America.


        Thank You!!!
        When I was young in the 50’s we were good citizens, good neighbors & everyone loved th his country.
        Even the Democrats were good people, but look what happened to the Democrat Party, a bunch of lying HATERS that haven’t given this President one hour of peace.
        Now, Columbus is an bad man?

    3. David, why is Columbus a joke? The Vikings failed to establish a viable settlement in the Americas, Columbus and the Spanish didn’t. The Vikings failed to share their discovery with the rest of Europe, the Spanish didn’t.

      1. Recce1, the Vikings settlement in Greenland lasted for the better part of a century. They conducted trade with Iceland the whole time. And they went to lengths to NOT distress the native populations.
        Columbus took what he could, all for Spain; left in his wake death, poverty and disease.
        And Spain never shared anything with the rest of Europe that wasn’t wrested from her by superior military forces.
        A holiday celebrating Columbus in America is a cruel joke perpetrated on all of America.

  4. Columbus Never Reached the North American Continent , closet he came was San Salvador, My family claimed North America a 96 years before Columbus set sail , buried a ruins stone in what is now the state of Minnesota, built a celestial round house in new port Rhode Island , they came from Scotland , Prince Henry St.Clair the navigator , why Columbus had too go too Queen Isabella Spanish for funding
    Joseph St.Clair Amen too truth !!!

  5. Absurd. Columbus is only a fleeting flicker in our minds once a year. If the term is so offensive, we’ll now be forced to abolish from America Columbus, Ohio and other cities of the same name, all the roadways named Columbus, public buildings of that name, et al. Eventually, we’ll have to erase his name and history from the books — or better yet, just burn all the books that refer to this odious character. And then we’ll have to develop government procedures to abolish all the other books, streets, buildings, et al., that contain other names offensive to one side or the other. Absurd.

    1. Want some skis for that slippery slope? They were invented by the Norsemen who were here 500 years before Colombus

    2. It’s better to correct the history and show Columbus for what he was; a merciless plunderer who, upon failing his mission of finding the western route to China, took everything of value he could find to award the coffers of Spain, leaving behind only poverty, pestilence and death.

  6. This is just another outgrowth of obummer who said “we are no longer a Christian Nation”….

    1. Thanks Jerry☆☆☆
      Obama was without a doubt the absolute worse President RY his Country has ever had.
      That sludge went on his Apolgy tour.
      What does that tell you about him?????

      No other President has stuck around DC & even bought a hi one there, to be close to Trump.

  7. Read the book The Sword and the Grail , by Andrew Sinclair that will explain the true narrative , of who discovered and claimed North America , there is another book by Scott Wolton , titled Hooked X’ , that further documents this truth !!!!
    Joseph St.Clair
    The history 2 channel did a three hour segment on the discovery of North America and Claiming it !!!!
    Joseph St.Clair

  8. As a postscript to my earlier comment, I’d add that a Spanish explorer is unsurpassed in cruelty and his name is Cortez. Perhaps the name should be abolished from America.

  9. I live and work in Erie County and I have never been more embarrassed for our citizens. Truly a low point of my life here. I apologize to America.

  10. Very soon the civil war will begin How about all of the illegal aliens,liberals,democraps,communists and socialists take one half of the USA and the people with brains take the other half ?

  11. The prometon of Columbus was largely the work of Italian Americans. But the truth is that Columbus was not Italian. He was Spanish. Proof of this is that he recorded all his writing in Spanish, in a dialect that is common in only one part of Spain. Just because he was born in Italy does not make him Italian. If a soldier stationed in France is still American, then you realize that being born somewhere is not what determines your nationality. The textbooks of schools in Spanish speaking countries teach that he was Spanish.

    1. Where were you on the days they taught you about Columbus? He was from Genoa and the last
      time I looked at a map of Europe it was in what is now Italy and was NEVER a Spanish territory,
      His name was actually Cristoforo Colombo. The Spanish renamed him Cristobol Colon and we
      anglicized it to Christopher Columbus. Many of the explorers that were Italian were renamed by the
      country that financed their explorations. Giovanni Caboto and his brother Sebastiano Caboto sailed
      for England and were renamed John and Sebastian Cabot, It was common practice back in the 15th
      and 16th Century.

    2. Shirley, please state your source for your claim that Columbus was Spanish. Is it the blog site For more accurate information please go to “Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 in the Republic of Genoa, part of what is now Italy. In his 20s he moved to Lisbon, Portugal, and later resettled in Spain, which remained his home base for the duration of his life.” He also married a Portuguese woman. Columbus spoke several languages, including Ligurian, Latin, Portuguese, Spanish, and perhaps Catalan.

      If you don’t like my first reference, then go to;

  12. Want to abolish Columbus Day, then all go to work not make up your own days off. I feel you are on 365 day vacation anyway you fools. Just do your job like the rest have to.

  13. Columbus did not discover a thing much less America- Repealing Columbus day makes sense I more ways than one

  14. This is more of the usual liberal crap. You need to control everything. We are a very young country with a limited number of traditions. Why change what we have which is significant. Polls open at 7:00 AM and close at 8:00 PM in most places. Voting is a privilege. If it’s problem getting to the polls, vote by mail. This is also available. It must be very painful for those that have political jobs to be kept out the polling places and their environs. What’s next, Presidents Day? Rather than spending time promoting this, why don’t you clean-up your voting rolls. Just think, the lines would be shorter and you would take less time.

    1. I don’t know what rock you’ve been living under for the past 40 or so years but that’s how long President’s day has been celebrated on the 3rd Monday in February- formerly Washington’s birthday

  15. I would say next they will abolish Washington’s Birthday because he was a slave holder and abolish
    Christmas because it is offensive to Muslims. OH!! I forgot, we don’t celebrate Washington’s Birthday
    anymore, it’s called Presidents Day. MLK day is about the only Holiday, besides Christmas and
    Columbus Day that celebrates one man. I can vision the day when Presidents Day is eliminated because
    some President’s were slaveholders.

  16. We are required by law to allow workers time off on election day to vote so why do they need all day off. Most of them won’t vote anyhow. Most people don’t realize that in most elections less than 50% of the registered voters actually vote. That means that 26% of registered voters elect our congressional people and the President.

  17. People need to do some serious study about our country’s history. Columbus discovered us because we were already there. He brought with him plague, smallpox and syphilis with him. Killed many idigenous tribal people as a result.

  18. Leave it to low-lifes to blame a proposal to eliminate Columbus Day on Democrats, liberals and socialists. Oh, and Obama too. Columbus Day is the most asinine “holiday” extant: All of us nongovernmental workers have to work while not getting things done, like go the post office, go to a bank, go to a library, call a government office, place a stock trade.

  19. why should they have that day off anyway. the rest of the world seems to work that day. waste of taxpayers money. suggest voters start looking at perks of govt employees and start seeing where their money is going

  20. I think that all people should celebrate Columbus Day by working a couple of hours for their employer free of charge to help make America Great Again. Our employers give to most of us a living wage. Time to give back a little. Maybe do one of those projects that never seem to get done.


  21. If Columbus Day is a national holiday, what right does local govt have to change it. Look, if we become a socialist country like the DEMS want, only half of the able workers will work. You will need the taxes from those that are still willing to work. At that point, all holidays should be cancelled to help with govt’s income. You DONKEYS, Socialism doesn’t work and there are not enough stupid people to make it work.

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