What Is Fauci Talking About?

If we’re being realistic, New York was a colossal failure in its handling of the COVID-19 outbreak. Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered nursing homes to accept COVID-19 positive patients and prohibited those nursing homes from testing the patients after they were sent to the nursing homes.Image

New York was, arguably, the worst hit place in the world. About 6,500 deaths have been attributed to New York’s nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

Yet, Dr. Anthony Fauci offered praise to the state of New York for its handling of the pandemic.

“We’ve got to do the things that are very clear that we need to do to turn this around,” Fauci told PBS NewsHour. “Remember, we can do it. We know that when you do it properly, you bring down those cases. We’ve done it. We’ve done it in New York.”

“New York got hit worse than any place in the world. And they did it correctly by doing the things that you’re talking about,” added Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases — and a member of the White House coronavirus task force.

Cuomo, as expected, took credit for such a fine job.


But was New York a success by any measure of its handling or did things just get so bad, so fast, that it reached herd immunity? After all, Fauci admitted that New York was hit worse than any place in the world.

Should New York be the 'model' for all others?

Dr. Suneptra Gupta, a world renowned professor of theoretical epidemiology at Oxford, published a study that says the percentage of infected population necessary to achieve the herd immunity sits somewhere between 10-20 percent.

“Seropositivity measures of 10–20% are entirely compatible with local levels of immunity having approached or even exceeded the HIT (herd immunity threshold), in which case the risk and scale of resurgence is lower than currently perceived.”

The state of New York has reported that there have been more than 400,000 cases of the COVD-19 virus across the state.

The CDC says that the number is likely 10 times higher.

“Our best estimate right now is for every case reported there were actually 10 other infections,” CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield said during a June press conference.

As Jordan Schachtel explains, that would mean New York had about 4 million cases and would reach the 20% infection rate that Gupta's team found would be needed for herd immunity.

If New York simply reached herd immunity then that would mean they actually failed at every level of containment as they were not trying to reach herd immunity. That would be too dangerous and costly. They were trying to limit the virus's spread and impact overall.

They failed, miserably.

So, given that New York has been the worst place to be during the outbreak, what is Fauci talking about? What are he and Cuomo celebrating?

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11 thoughts on “What Is Fauci Talking About?”

  1. all i remember is that president trump did everything in his power to get him all the equipment and hospital beds possible i remember seeing him during this time and saw how exhausted he was while cuomo sat in his comfortable chair and and spoke very nicely to the american people as if he did something, but i did hear him thank the president once for helping them that is my honest opinion of it

    1. Trump is a narcisstic moron who has been responsible for thousands of deaths due to his completely irresponsible behavior during this pandemic. He was late to take it seriously, criminally late to begin taking any action to respond to the terrible shortage of Personal Protective Equipment for hospital personnel; continually lied to the American people about everything (claiming that there was no shortage of equipment, the virus would “just disappear”, and on and on). He was incredibly irresponsible in touting bogus cures and preventatives; and consistently ignored and did all he could to silence the real experts. He praised governors also behaving irresponsibly – not taking any actions to limit the spread of the disease and/or reopening too quickly (see Texas, Georgia, Florida) – and threatening states behaving responsibly to attempt force them to reopen their economy prematurely or commit to reopening their schools. He is the poorest excuse for a President I’ve ever seen (and I’m almost 70 years old). You have to have your head in the sand and be a incredibly naive to believe anything he says.

  2. Sounds like the New York medical system had no where for hospitals with positive COVID-19 patients to transfer to. California has convalescent facilities to step down to, but I don’t know if they all are equipped to take care of positive COVID-19 patients. The health system is focused on making money and uninterested in being prepared for such things as pandemics. Probably need a national health system, congress control instead of corporation control but that is socialism and going to be a hard sell.

    1. We do not need any more government, nor do we need to go socialist. We just need to hold people accountable with severe ramifications when they do bad things.

  3. Fauci is getting his rocks off watching everyone running around like a bunch of monkeys at his direction. He is not a good person to put in charge of anything, regardless of his so-called expertise.

  4. Fauci AND Redfield are both liars and frauds and only interested in MONEY. They chose the wrong vaccine for HIV and many died because of their choice which was made because it made them money and had a fellow scientist put in jail and gagged for 5?years, the gag order is now over and she has now written a book telling what happened. She was arrested and jailed and gagged because she was going to expose them. Why has none of the media picked up on that bit of news? because they are all too interested in the liberal agenda and peddling FEAR. Am disappointed in PBS news who also have not picked up on that story.

  5. It appears that neither Dr. Fauci nor Governor Cuomo has any actual understanding regarding the virus because if they had, they would have both addressed the situation in a different manner than they did. Chuck Adkins

  6. This article is such B.S. and you really should be ashamed of yourself.
    It’s not clear whether a patient who’s medically stable is still able to infect others. But assuming he is, then yes, Cuomo made a serious mistake forcing nursing homes to accept Covid-19 positive patients once they were medically stable. HOWEVER, NY state (and NJ) did much more to contain the virus and turn the pandemic around. They instituted stay-at-home orders; mandatory masking; social distancing; closure of non-essential businesses; and daily, intelligent updates. THESE were the steps to which Dr. Fauci is referring.

    Furthermore, I don’t know where you’re getting you bogus information about herd immunity, but according to the Mayo Clinic website (https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/coronavirus/in-depth/herd-immunity-and-coronavirus/art-20486808), “Even if infection with the COVID-19 virus creates long-lasting immunity, a large number of people would have to become infected to reach the herd immunity threshold. Experts estimate that in the U.S., 70% of the population would have to recover from COVID-19 to halt the epidemic. “

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