Has The CDC Become Political?

The constant flip flopping from the CDC officials and recommendations, since the beginning of this pandemic, has many wondering how America’s top health organization could be so inept and inconsistent. From both sides of the travel ban, both sides of masks, both sides of asymptotic spreading, both sides of protesting, and constantly inaccurate data on deaths and positivity rates, people are starting ask if it’s more than just consistent mistakes.

Starting Wednesday, hospitals have been instructed to start sending daily patient data directly to a centralized database run by the Department of Health and Human Services.

HHS spokesman, Michael R. Caputo, told the NYT :

“the new, faster and complete data system is what our nation needs to defeat the coronavirus, and the CDC, an operating division of HHS, will certainly participate in this streamlined all-of-government response. They will simply no longer control it.”

The old way was lagging by a week, and this new system operates in real time.

A senior source told UncoverDC that there's a reason the Trump administration is requiring changes to the CDC's old way of doing things.

One, they were using old, outdated systems that were still operating via fax in many cases.

It's 2020.

Another reason was apparent politicization of the CDC.

“We have scientists who are working against the release of diagnostics that will help heal the American people, and we in the administration are concerned they will do the same thing with a vaccine. CDC has been doing studies and presenting analysis that is designed to hurt the President. They are laying out junk science, that is designed to discredit the President, and they are putting out reports that are designed to frighten the American people. They are leaking, they are talking to the media, and removing data from the website and doing whatever it takes to interrupt the Presidents coronavirus response.”

The CDC also wasn't putting up all of their data on their website. They were holding some back, the source says.

Critics say the Trump administration is taking visibly from the CDC and the public but that's not the case.

The data will still be available at the CDC website, and will not be held from the public, as some media outlets have alleged. Administration officials stressed that having such granular control over data is crucial to Coronavirus response, and the concern about politicization of the virus hampering response and leading to illness and in some cases, death, was extremely alarming.

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25 thoughts on “Has The CDC Become Political?”

    1. So fart, he’s been the solution. He only seems to be a problem for thugs who want to burn our cities down, and for opportunists who want to capitalize on a virus outbreak.

    2. Sure, and you are the fountain of all knowledge. To begin with Einstein Fauci was working on the Coronavirus in 2914. The DHS halted the research and Fauci gave a grant if $3.7 million to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. In January of 2017 Fauci announced the Trump Administration would have a Pandemic/Plandemic. This all took place under BHO and his administration.

  1. I like what William Clark when he built the railroad from Salt lake to Las Vegas. There was so many corrupt Bureaucrats involved in getting the railroad built no one could do it. They ask William Clark how he built the raailroad so quick with all the corruption. he said he never seen a bureaucrat he could not buy.

    Clint Rhodd Cheyenne Wyoming

  2. It has always been political. Paid with tax dollars assigned by Congress and then the money for research that comes
    from the drug companies. Of course it is political – we need an independent agency.

    1. Do you mean “Democrat’ or “Democratic”? Democrats do not really follow the definition of “Democratic”

  3. Yes and repeat YES the CDC has long been a political liberal left wing arm globalization and is in league with the WHO. Hopefully POTUS DJT will win re election and these agencies like the CDC FBI CIA etc., will get a thorough cleaning and overhaul … but that will only happen if POTUS DJT is re elected and we have a strong non RINO majority in the house and in the senate. Vote RINO’s out and fresh honest hard working USA Loving representatives in … this will aid in getting the swamp cleaned.

    1. If the RINO wins the primary hold your nose and vote for the R anyway. It works for the Democrats! Of course they have gone nose blind and don’t have to hold their noses anymore.

  4. “Has The CDC Become Political?”
    Is this a joke? Rod Rosenstein’s sister is the top person in charge of the response of the CDC to COVID-19. What else do you need to know than that?

  5. The CDC apparently does not have a clue what it is doing or should be doing. I believe Fauci and the CDC are at best in lockstep with the Democrats to keep our county in lock-down. Demi believe a bad economy is a plus for them. At worst all are in league and the pay of either/both the Chicoms and the Russians. With a few like Kerry in love with IRAN.

  6. The CDC and FDA is partisan like many other agencies have proven to be.
    A treatment the world uses but the US has been stopped except for a few doctors determined to save lives.
    It may be possible to stop covid-19 in its tracks but politics, democrats, liberal doctors, “experts”, and MSM are grossly misleading the people.
    As you are already aware, misreporting of actual cases numbers and test results have grossly inflated the outbreak numbers.
    What I have learned: Hydroxychloroquine has proven effective as a treatment (outside of the US) of C19 if given early. In the US HCQ was withheld until a patient was in the advanced stages of C19 and near death which is probably the reason it hasn’t been very effective.
    What is Hydroxychloroquine? It is sold under the brand name Plaquenil among others, is a medication used to prevent and treat malaria. It works by preventing the virus from entering the cell, it needs to be started early to prevent C19 from spreading throughout the body giving the immune system a chance to fight the virus.
    My friends that go on mission trips to Africa in malaria infected areas take this or a similar anti-malarial drug.
    They start HCQ a week before they leave, all during their stay and a week after they return.
    HCQ does not stop mosquitoes from biting, it prevents the malaria from entering the cells of the body. From what I have learned HCQ most likely prevents the C19 virus from spreading through the body in much the same way, if given early it could also prevent the virus from getting a foothold in people exposed to the virus.
    Possible side effects short term; taken on an empty stomach can cause vomiting also some people experience headaches for the first few days.
    Long term (where the media hype comes from) If taken in higher doses for about 10 years HCQ can cause retinal detachment and other vision damage and some cases a heart arrhythmia but apparently this is a rare occurrence.
    I have a close friend that is taking HCQ for his lupus. He has been on the drug for the last 5 years and his rheumatologist will probably switch to another drug in about 4 more years to avoid the 10 year window which can lead to retina detachment and heart arrhythmia in rare cases.
    It is hard to get honest answers, mostly due to hate Trump liberals wanting to cause as much pain as possible, media bias for a whole litany of reasons, FDA and CDC terrifying doctors for even thinking about using the drug to treat Covid.
    As much as is known about HCQ for the last 50 years HCQ could be used to people exposed to C19 as a preventative.
    Hydroxychloroquine can’t stop lies, politics or misinformation, however it could help stop the spread-it is worth a try.
    Did you wonder why President Trump was given the drug when he didn’t have Covid? Was he possibly exposed?
    A exposure/prevention test can be quick and effective if allowed by bitterly partisan people determined to cause as much pain and suffering they can.
    OK liberal pundits-attack, attack, hate and disparage.

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