DeBlasio Blames Police for “Fomenting Hatred” in NYC

NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio is publicly blaming the police unions for the hatred and violence taking place in New York City. He’s not blaming the release of prisoners, unequal enforcement of laws and rights (by his order), or the allowance and encouragement of riots. He’s not blaming the people who are violently attacking random people on the street or even police officers.


He blames the police that he’s handicapped, consistently, from the beginning of the riots. Amidst videos of police getting brutally attacked, he’s consistently attacked the police.

“The Sergeants Benevolent Association has only practiced division. They foment hatred. … They do not try to help us move forward,” de Blasio said during a press conference Thursday.“They don’t try to create anything good. I have no respect for the leadership of the SBA.”

Meanwhile, shootings have soared in New York City. July 4th was an especially bloody one in NYC.


YEAR TO DATE: 674 incidents, 831 victims

But DeBlasio says New York City is "safer and better with fewer people in our jails".


This is akin to MSNBC's reporter, Ali Velshi, standing in front of burning buildings and telling the camera that "these are largely peaceful protests".

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56 thoughts on “DeBlasio Blames Police for “Fomenting Hatred” in NYC”

  1. De Blasio continues to be a poorer and poorer excuse for a mayor, and his apparent inability to address facts brings his lack of intelligence to to the forefront. He is the epitome of the saying “‘‘tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt”.

  2. It just amazes me that people still vote for these worths DUMB ASS A CRAPS.
    Only the criminals have rights and the victims just get shit in their faces.

  3. De Blasio is nothing but liberal SCUM and a liar. He does things that endanger people and blames the police, he places COVID patients in Assisted Living Facilities KNOWING that the patients there already have co-morbidities and that the disease spreads vehemently, THEREFORE he KNEW it would kill hundreds of convolescents.

    This man is a DANGER to society. I wonder IF and WHEN the people of NYC and for that matter the people of all high density super-cities will rise up to end the INSANITY of the left.

    Meanwhile, the statements coming from leaders such as De Blasio attempt to blame President Trump for all of this. They FORGET that trump attempted to CLOSE the BORDERS to all travel from Covid ridden areas. A Bureaucrat (leftist appointed) instead ordered the re-patriation of US citizens with the disease, filling a military aircraft with non-infected and infected alike.

    The issue in this is that the MOMENT a patriot leaves the USA, return to the USA is not at the WHIM of the patriot, instead at the discretion of government for the SAFETY of the USA.

    It is time that WE the PEOPLE begin to rise up and overthrow these insane individuals that apparently do not even read the Constitution and to NOT understand that usurping the inalienable rights of the people is felonious in itself.

    1. Most American patriots are fully aware of what the Democratic Party is after. They want to totally and absolutely have full control of the American people’s lives. The best analogy I can offer is for citizens to read George Orwell’s novel of “1984” or see the movie version Starring Edmond O’Brien, Michael Redgrave, and Jan Sterling which was released in 1956. I personally saw this movie back in 1957 after my tour of duty during the Korean Conflict. Let me tell you, no American would ever want to live a life as the Democrats would love to have it. If George Orwell’s story doesn’t frighten you, then prepare yourselves for the Democrats’ full control of your lives! You think not!? Well for your information, it takes many years to seduce a great nation such as the United States, and the Democrats have been seducing our nation and its citizens so gradually, that it almost went unnoticed until people like me exposed the Democratic Party’s movement since I began my research into this notorious political party, and even Thomas Jefferson before me. That’s why he formed the Republican Party. The party is not full proof, unfortunately, there are Rinos within the party which we can weed out later on, but only if the American people pay strict attention.

      USAF (RET)

  4. New York City, you had better get you a new mayor and another’s Governor might be smart also. The Mayor is a complete idiot and the Governor doesn’t know how to lead.

  5. DeBlaso (rhymes with ass hole) is one of the dummest things on earth. please people of New York throw him back to the steets for the good of the country. Bring the good cops (throw out the bad ones) give them the help they need to do their jobs of making New York safe. Please

  6. Mayor De Blasio is an unmitigated fool! “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.'” (Psalm 14:1). He is unable to take any of the blame for his actions, nor for the absolute chaos and damage cause by his intellectual dishonesty and lack of reasonable leadership ability! It is obvious by his actions that he does not believe in God, nor does he understand anything concerning true justice! He and Governor Cuomo are examples of the poor leadership that characterizes the Democrat-run cities and states across this nation! The move to defund the police will come back to haunt these fools and the others like them! So sad! So frustrating! But, the ones who voted for them are getting what they asked for!!

  7. Hopefully he will be a victim of his own lawless streets he created and he or one of his degenerate family members will be a victim of BLM or ANTIFA who seem to eat their own.

  8. What a vile hypocrite who, like the worst possible leader, creates the hate and violence in New York, by implementing the delusional policies of the left…and not only refuses to take responsibility for his lousy leadership, but blames those brave men and women who have to clear up the mess. What a shameful, cowardly, hypocritical, and predictable dimocrat he is.

  9. moron , the left need no reason to hate , and like always blame everyone but them selves , when blacks address the real problems with their race , the violence will stop , blacks kill more blacks every year then anyone does

  10. Just more proof of how stupid and idiotic this mayoral democRAT is in real life.. He killed thousands of elderly people in NYC with Covid19 and released 1,000’s of criminals, that have brought up 250% more crime in NYC..

  11. The police need to arrest the Mayor for obstruction of Justice. Lock him up and size his assets and any other politician allowing this MOB rule. If this continues, the MOB will get what they want, a CIVIL WAR. LET’S SEE IF THEY WILL DIE FOR THEIR CAUSE? No, they will run home to Mommy and hid in their basement and pray we do not fine them. Good lick with that.

  12. The man is deluded. He gets rid of the vice cops, and doesn’t allow the police to do their jobs, and then blames them when all hell breaks loose. This is the type of America you can expect if you vote for even ONE Democrat. Vote them out.

  13. DE BLASIO get out of town on the fist stage leaving and take Cuomo with you both of you are a Corona to people of NYC the police are there to protect lets see if they are there to protect you if something happens to you or to the Gov.

  14. Has anyone checked into his wife? She is known for different things and maybe BLM,

  15. Is he sick. He was involved painting Black Lives Matter in front of Trump Towers !!
    Time he took a look at his leadership of New York City . He previously allowed residents to poor water on the police. Is this called leadership? He and the Cumos are in the same basket !, voters should get rid of all of them !,,

  16. I agree that deBlasio is a bum and a criminal. Anyone who says New York is safer due to the release of these violent criminals isn’t thinking clearly and not dealing with reality. I wonder if the people of New York agree with him.
    You can’t tell me people are going to visit New York now with all of this is going on. He has lost total reality with what is going on, And, more importantly lost touch with what the people in New York want & that is for the police to possibly be reformed but left alone. He is destroying this city. Trump needs to send in agnets as he did in Portland & stop; this crap once & for all

  17. Many comments on this site say that DeBlasio is a fool or dumb, but he is neither. He is very smart. He knows exactly what he is doing to promote his Marxist policies. It is the people of New York who are stupid for voting this enemy of America into office. But it’s understandable… under partisan politics people are inclined to vote for a party rather than the individual or for what that individual stands for. We need to reject partisan politics and vote for the person, not the party. If enough New Yorkers are so dissatisfied with DeBlasio, they should petition to have him removed from office. But it is doubtful that will ever happen because they are being “raped”… and too many love it!

    1. I agree completely with your statement! I was born and raised in Manhattan only to see how gradually the Democratic Party destroyed our city’s American culture and the people’s ability to think and solve problems for themselves. When I realized what the Democrats were doing not only to the city itself but, society whom they wanted full control of. I moved to Staten Island and registered with the Conservative Party hoping to beat the Democratic Communist Party of which they had become. By then it was too late; the City of New York and its citizens were under total control of the Democratic Party. It came to the point I had to get out of the City of New York for valid reasons most New Yorker have experienced and unfortunately, they are trapped in the city!

      Unfortunately, many New Yorkers are gullible as they continue to vote morons as representatives like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez into government office. I sent a donation to John Cummings, a retired New York Police Officers to kick the seat out from under AOC, and then, sanitized her seat. Here’s my advice for New York City dwellers; study American history, World history, Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States and its Bill of Rights so you may understand the process of voting for individuals to represent YOU as their trusted constituents. Don’t think as a party member, but rather think as an individualist for a person who will protect you and your country which is your HOME, and never give in to any Democrat! Simply put….trust no Democrat!

      USAF (RET)

  18. Please fire de Blasio. He is a traitor who hates the US and is paid by the muslim organization

  19. Really, is there anything worth saying that can address the stupidity of the leftist, suicidal, useful idiots that vote for these Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad NWO-elitist ghouls such as this one as they pose as helpful Demo(n)crats, I think not! “TRANSFORMED & TRANSGENDERED AMERIKA” – per Muslim-Marxist jihadist, Devil’s disciple “Insane Hussein Soetoro” – is experiencing the results for leaving a living God in order to dance with the Devil and his leftist disciples! Babylon II, you are through and you have no one to blame but yourselves! R.I.P. USA!

  20. This so-called man/mayor is and IDIOT!!! A Blind and Stupid IDIOT, he’s as close to an Un-American, Communist Idiot that anybody could ever be. God help us with people like this IDIOT in power.

  21. This man is one sick SOB, causing his city all their problems and blaming everything on others. You are
    an idiot as anyone could see when you are out painting the streets with the BLM predatory gang…..kissing up to
    a bunch of gangsters who could care less about you……. while ignoring your people.


  23. Mayor Bill De Blasio, You sir is the instigator as well as Black Representatives the likes of Maxine Waters who should have been arrested for insurrection, only this ugly woman is protected by the powers of the Democratic Party which is in reality the; “Democratic Communist Party” (DCP) in America. You and your party can fool the ignorant but, you can’t the American patriots who will whip your butts in a provoked civil war, and then, we’ll hang you and your Democratic Communist Party!

    USAF (RET)

  24. Are you kidding me? De Blasio is the most foul smelling shit in NY! How dare he say this ? This creep should be removed from his job like last Friday! He has no brain matter that is even working and shit spews from his mouth evey time he says something!We need all our police everywhere. It’s slugs like this we do not need. How many prisoners have continued to kill,steal,rape since he let them go? What will he do if they come for his family? Who will this POS call then. I hope the police or what is left of them will offer him and his NO HELP AT ALL!!! Who voted for this Numb Skull?

    1. “Who votes for Numb Skulls!? Unfortunately, Numb Skulls are chosen by the power of the Democratic Party known as the “Democratic Communist Party” (DCP) in America. Wealthy communist individuals with enough money to recommend an individual stupid enough like Joseph R. Biden, Jr to run for public office. The American people should have a say in the election process but they don’t. Actually we do through the Electoral College which the gangster Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton promoted for its termination as well as others in order to have full control of whom THEY want in office. As American patriots, let’s start pushing back communism in America and be fully aware of those trying to destroy the sovereignty Republic of the United States of America. Do your best to vote as many Democrats OUT of office.

      If we fail to fight against the Marxism of the Democratic Party in America, then pay heed to Abraham Lincoln’s words of wisdom…. “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” What this means is that WE left our country unguarded and representatives to do as they please without our knowledge and consent. Remember now, representatives work for us and not the other around! WE tell them!

      USAF (RET)

      1. SIR,I commend you 1000% you are obviously a VERY intelligent man,GOD BLESS YOU and your family,I myself live in the deep south ( South Carolina) and have my entire life!You are so correct on everything I have read,keep up the good work by exposing these DEMONRATS!,I personally hope every one of them will be voted out in November,even tho I doubt it because sorry to say I think lots of Americans ave been so brainwashed and so stupid they shouldnt be allowed to vote,I feel people should have to pass an IQ test and have a minimum IQ in order to vote! why should braindead idiots be allowed to vote for something that is so important to preserving OUR AMERICA? Hey,if I didnt pass well so be it! (even tho I happen to think I could,or at least hope so lol) I personally guarantee you I am doing my part to MAGA! These BLM and antifa are nothing but domestic terrorists and should be dealt with as we do ALL terrorists,make no doubt about it,if it comes to civil war,WE THE PEOPLE will slaughter them! Our beloved America is at stake! Keep up the faith because I can assure you there are MANY AMERICANS that think just like you,myself and friends especially! Thank you for your service!

    2. I agree. I wish the Illegals would pitch a tent on the front lawns of Schumer, DaBozo and Pelosi. And have some released criminals move into their homes. When they call the cops…. They should be too busy to help

  25. It must be extremely easy to be elected Mayor in these failed large Democrat Party governed areas Del Blazio, which is not his real name, is lacking in intelligence, lacking in common sense in almost every decision or actions he takes. There is a reason why every single civilized country, state, or local municipality has and maintains a police force. By nature and studies in the United States, about 1 -1/2% of a given population is either psychotic or psychotic enough, symptom wise, to hurt themselves or others. These are people that were normally institutionalized prior tp the American Psychological Associations, colossal mistake of mainstreaming mental patients into society believing that continued contact with normal people would be better that to stigmatize them from being in a mental hospital. Boy, I can tell you how ignorant that was. As far as institutionalizing them, I guess they thought that Congress would work for some. To try to appease any person or group that you have ceded your power to so you can converse with them and make them listen to reason and quit misbehaving is ludicrous as, if you follow history, . . .HAS NEVER EVER BEEN SUCCESSFUL! If you give them an inch, they then become the ruler. Deranged criminals understand only one thing and that is force greater than their own, that is applied every time, arresting them and charging them to the full extent of the law.

  26. deBlasio is the worst mayor NYC has ever had, he endangers every NYC citizen with his inflammatory rhetoric and vile hatred. He panders to the worst elements in society and expects the police to respect him. He a despicable communist who has no inkling of how run a dog pound, let alone NYC.

  27. I have a few question for the people of NYC. Why aren’t you people doing something to recall this POS? You realize he has painted targets on the backs, fronts and sides of every person in your town? Do you realize he ups his own security even while refusing to finance your? Do you realize he is disbanding the very officers that work to keep your communities safe? Why aren’t you all demanding he be removed from office? Do you like loosing all your children, family, friends, neighbors? Do you like seeing your local businesses close and local jobs going with them? If I lived there, I would be circulating a petition if I had to stand on the street corner to do it.

  28. Di BLasio hates people in New York He wants to beat out Chicago for weekend violence.

  29. The Blame lies firmly at both De Bozo’s and Obozo’s feet. They have done more to destroy race relations than any group anywhere in this Nation. The Democraps and their love of Union money is why those officers who should be fired and barred from all things to do with law including political office of any kind appointed or elected at any level be it local, State or Federal.

  30. DeBlasio is a complete ASS. He is responsible for the rioting looting and burning down businesses. I’m in Rochester NY! 400miles away. If I lived in the city I would personally take action against the rioters and I’d be there to support the police everyday. Where the HELL are the citizens outrage. Get off your duffs and make signs supporting the police, and get down there and have some guts

  31. NY seems to have totally gone gone over the hill with their Anti everything, and this Mayor is far from being a leader. He is just one more case of delusional voters, you get what you sow, sad but true in this case.

  32. DiBlasio is such a wilhelm!!!
    Not to mention a clueless democrat socialist
    No wonder New Yorkers elected him
    lol lol lol

  33. De Blasio (one of his names) is an out and out Communist. When Antifa riots broke out in Europe at the G2.He loathes the police because he himself is a criminal, but was not shy to sue them to move house for his daughter! What happened to the money his wife took ? No accountability

    1. My message was halved? He travelled to Germany instead of dealing with problems at home! He allows thugs to throw water at the police De Blasio is disgusting

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