CA to Release 18,000 Prisoners to ‘Slow the Spread’

California is set to release upwards of 18,000 prisoners to help “slow the spread” of the coronavirus within the jail and prison system. The leaders of California believe that the health and safety of the prison population takes precedence over the free population.

The 18,000 are to be released by the end of August.


So, that tells you they plan on having this virus around for a while.

“According to the CDCR, of the state’s approximate 115,000 inmates, roughly 2,400 prisoners have tested positive for the coronavirus, and at least 31 prisoners have died from COVID-19 related illnesses – accounting for roughly 2 percent and 0.026 percent, respectively, of the inmate population,” reports the Washington Examiner.

Meanwhile, if you go to church in California you might be going to jail.

Make sense?

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36 thoughts on “CA to Release 18,000 Prisoners to ‘Slow the Spread’”

    1. That’s the POINT, a LIBTARD’s POINT….!!! Spread other People MONEY around – Redistribution of WEALTH…CRIME and VIOLENCE = that’s WHAT makes THEM “happy”…!!!

  1. This is really stupid. I doubt that they will slow the spread but they certainly will increase the crime statistics. Given everything else that is taking place in California, maybe that is their real objective.

  2. This man needs to be taken out of office by the citizens. Physically removing him by force for tyranny is legal. The sheriffs departments need to man up with citizens.

  3. You tell me the WHY the democrats are demanding a OLD non violent susceptible , because of age Stone should go to prison ? The communist news network propaganda readers are actually getting hysterical over this ! While this boob, and at least one other governor are letting 10’s of thousands young criminals out of prison ? Stone WAS NOT PARDONED ! he will always be a convicted felon,
    his sentence was commuted !Google how many prisoners obama pardoned OR commuted when HE was president ! And THEY weren’t old innocuous farts who couldn’t actually hurt men ,women or children like the ones these governors are sic’ing on the general public !

  4. Hopefully these 18,000 criminals will waste no time before they start committing more crimes, hopefully some really good ones!!!!
    I think the democrat politicians in California, whom Californians love to vote for, should house these 18,000 criminals in 4 and 5 star hotels throughout the state. Spread the joy throughout the state.
    I look to California for laughter that keeps me going in this dysfunctional country of ours.
    Make me laugh California!!!!

  5. Lets house 9,000 of them within Nancy Pelosi’s walls around her homes and the other 9,000 at Gavin Newsom’s home. He and She can feed and clothe them with the millions in graft they have accumulated over the years.

  6. Lets see Covid-19 or increased crime. Which crap shoot shall you pick! Cut the cops, increase the criminals.
    All wise moves!!

  7. First of all, covid related does not mean that they died of Covid! What age group were they in and how many preexising conditions did they have? We need REAL data. I smell fake news articles a mile away and they are pushing some fake ones now regarding people dying of it in their 30,s.
    Gavin should be fired! This is disgusting, when you go to prison, you loose your rights as a citizen, you can’t vote or anything and to release them into the population who is paying taxes and obeying the law is treasounous!

  8. Are they going to be isolated for 14 days first to make sure that they are free of Covid and not going to spread it.
    It won’t be long that one of these people come down with it and file a lawsuit stating that if they had been left in prison they wouldn’t have gotten Covid 19.

  9. I am just stunned that anyone would harm the residents of California this way. All of this to keep the virus alive and blame it on Donald Trump. I knew the left was vicious but It is hard to believe anyone would stoop this low as to hurt their own citizens. What will it take to make the people of California rise up? I will pray for you to have the strength to do something. No one should have to live under a dictatorship.

  10. This clearly shows what idiots Democrats are and that they serve Satan,we should call them Damnacrats…release 18,000 murderers ,thieves,rapists,drug dealers??? How about put them on an old rusty ship,and tow that ship to the Japan Sea

  11. Bullshit, now where are these prisoners going to be released to and why release them, leave them in jail and control them in prison system. Not a good idea

  12. Maybe it is time to lock up the Democratic Politicians in California. What if all the free citizens of California stopped paying their taxes? What if the free citizens formed a defense force to protect the lives, property and freedoms? The Democrats have one goal, destroy America and we will not allow that. Buy more guns and ammo and get trained in self defense tactics. How can you vote for anyone who HATES America. Give me Liberty or give me death. Lets Roll.

  13. This liberal nutcase needs to be locked up in a insane asylum. He has lost his frigging mind.If this happens its time for a class action suit for violation of right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  14. They have the ability to treat these cases that need it. Let the virus run it’s course. these criminals are in there for a reason to keep us safe from them. It is not the virus that has lead to a spike in crime it is letting all of these criminals back out one the street!AOC and Democrats think it is mothers stealing breed to feed their starving children that is cause the spike.

  15. What a lying MORON! If he demands that non-criminal citizens self-quarantine at home to prevent the spread, why wouldn’t enforced quarantine (which is guaranteed by being locked up in prison) have an even stronger effect – can’t sneak out the back door , run over to a neighbors house to burglarize it, or got to the local 7-11/quick mart for a little heist?

  16. SO this democommunist MORON is telling everyone to stay inside, and away from other people, because you SUPPOSEDLY will be “safer”, but yet 18.000 CRIMINALS (that are already “inside”) will be released into the public to carry on their ‘trade”??
    Typical corrupt communist. Are the people of California THAT stupid to keep electing morons like this freak?
    Or is this just another example of rampant VOTER FRAUD.

  17. Another example of warped pro crime Democrat politicians. Release criminals to protect inmates. Put criminals back on the streets to commit more crime but put church goers in jali for exercising their Constitutionnaly potected rght to practice their religion..This is just as crazy as arresting a salon shop owner for opening to pay her bills and feed her family but openly supporting thousands of protestirs and rioters to violate social distancing and face mask rules.

  18. This is absolutely insane. He will release all those prisoners to the streets of California. What will happen with all these sick people when just dumped on the rest off us? Additionally murders, rapist, child molesters and others put in jail and now just allowed to do their things all over. This governor is missing some important common sense items.

  19. That’s right you dummy. Release 18,,000 potential murderers, thieves, rapists and worse to stop the spread of a virus that is not killing as many on the second go round. What a dunce!!!!! Excuses, excuses — the Communist Democrat way.

  20. Are they fuc*ing CRAZY letting out that many criminals? There are going to be a lot of repeat offenders innocent people will die for sure and criminals dying from people who will defend their families they are bloody morons!!!!

  21. After these prisoners are released, Nancy Pelosi needs to Tear Down The Wall around her house!!!
    Let her live in the nest she & her nephew are creating …..

  22. How about the North Korea solution which is simply to kill anyone infected with Covid-19? Killing all of the prisoners would be a much more effective solution to the spread within prisons than releasing them…

    1. Arthur Pearson, I have never voted democrat due to my age and President since I was old enough to vote. I will NEVER vote for that side as it’s all communist treeorists now. Democrat like when my folks were able to vote was so very different. I am glad they never lived to see this…..or my in=laws either. Democrats then were honest and were for the blue collar workers. Thanks for joining the “winning side”. We have a President who has done so much good and loves the Country and the people. He is a TRUE PRESIDENT OF THE PEOPLE. TRUMP IN NOVEMBER. VOTE ALL RED!

  23. I have never seen so much stupid since the democrat Terrorists have been in the news lately. They all need to be removed from their jobs and kicked out of the America they so want to destroy. WE the RIGHT WILL BRING HER BACK TO WHAT SHE WAS…..THEY NEED TO GET OUT OF OUR WAY! The day of reckoning will soon be at their doorstep. I really know this to be true!

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