Judge Rules Epstein Evidence Must Be Destroyed

A federal judge ordered that attorneys for Virginia Giuffre, a Jeffrey Epstein accuser of sex trafficking, must destroy evidence they obtained on Epstein.

Epstein was arrested last summer on sex trafficking charges and has been accused of running a high level, high profile sex ring that involved some of the world’s most powerful people.

Senior U.S. District Judge, Loretta Preska, said that Giuffre’s lawyers gained possession of the files improperly and that all the materials must be destroyed.

Preska also requested proof that the documentation had been destroyed. “Counsel shall submit an affidavit detailing the steps taken to do so,” Preska’s ruling added.


The July 1st order from Preska came after a request by Alan Dershowitz to access the documents that he says will help prove his accusers wrongly accused him of being a part of the underage sex ring with Epstein and others.

"I oppose the destruction of evidence that may contain smoking gun proof that my false accuser made up her story," Dershowitz said. "I want all the evidence preserved because I have absolutely nothing to hide. I did nothing wrong. The evidence to be destroyed may also contain proof of wrongdoing by others. It should be preserved for appeal and for history. Destroying evidence risks destroying truth."

Giuffre claimed Dershowitz and Prince Andrew were two of the men who Epstein forced her to have sex with as an underage girl.

Loretta Preska is a Senior Judge for the Southern District of New York. The SDNY has been accused of massive corruption and cover ups over the last few years as it pertains to the Hillary Clinton email, Anthony Weiner, Seth Rich, and Jeffrey Epstein investigations.

Preska was picked by George H. W. Bush, in 1992, to the seat on the SDNY. She was also on the short list of potential Supreme Court nominees for George W. Bush.

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76 thoughts on “Judge Rules Epstein Evidence Must Be Destroyed”

  1. What well known people is she trying to protect? This is outrageous! Our Country is so messed up. When will it change back to “normal”?

    1. When did our judges become a criminal protection service. Destroying Evidence is heinous and must be appealed to the highest court.

      1. Pat…A long long time ago! And no one tried to check them. But I do think that this Judge can be over ruled . Hope they keep a good watch on maxwell

    2. I’ve been around long enough to be sent to Vietnam by these miscreants. The 50s are gone forever my friend. That was the last time that seemed normal to me and I was just a child…..

  2. The Deep State must be protected at all cost. The Midnight Ride of the Clinton’s once again goes unpunished.

    1. The judge should not be on any side. The judge should be impartial and decide on the evidence. But he/she might have had an offer they could not refuse

      1. Probably a threat from Killary’s goon squad – rule “this way” or else!! The Deep State once again covers for all of their own dirty people and all of their dirty, vile, evil deeds!!

  3. Who got to this Judge? Clinton cartel, Communist Soros, How many politicians want it destroyed? The DNC most likely and the RINOs! Nothing should be destroyed no matter how it was obtained!

  4. Sure she has been well compensated for her ruling! Big fish in Epstein’s net so lots of money to get themselves out of being identified!

  5. Who got to this Judge, paid her or was she threatened? Is her name on the list? Clinton cartel, Soros, Obama, etc. and how many other politicians want it destroyed! Nothing should be destroyed no matter how it was obtained!

  6. Evidence must be preserved and perhaps scrutinized in camera if there is any issue allegedly requiring it’s destruction or if proven to be false. Just destroying it smacks of a cover-up.

    1. What do the Clintons have on her? Who is paying her to keep her edict intact? Smells like Stinking George Soros!

  7. This topic is above my pay grade. Let our president have a chance to comment on the topic, and give his answer, instead of the many comments I have read, that don’t seam to come from those who have actually studied the material, to understand the reasoning of Judge Preska’s decision. Maybe some of her friends and associates are included in the material ?

  8. Appears as an illegal order to non-government people . . .evidence not proven illegally obtained is viable for other legal purposes . …

    1. Even if illegally obtained by a third party and delivered to the second party it is LEGAL evidence. Example, a thief opens a safe and steals money and finds documents of criminal activity. That thief delivers the documents to an agent of government. It is now LEGAL evidence, the government broke no law to obtain it.
      This is the basis for the government demanding information from commercial business to prosecute a person they are after. There need NOT be a warrant.

  9. Clinton sent her a demand! I want to be President and if you don’t destroy all that evidence Bill will be exposed again! Shut the fccc up!! Boom! Judge ,We know you are all part of the DemoRats team!!!

  10. Look like more “clinton crime cartel” shenanigans afoot. (or this N.Y. “judge” wants to continue breathing.)
    Can’t have old slick willy “outed” along with all his other democommunist pedophile perverts..
    I guess I was kind of expecting this sort of thing to happen …It ALWAYS does when DEMOCOMMUNISTS get “caught’ doing things they shouldn’t.
    I also expect another “suicide” shortly before testimony begins.

  11. This Judge is corrupt! No evidence should ever be destroyed, it will exonerate some and prove others are guilty. These tapes are especially important because they deal with pedophiles, people who prey on innocent children. Judge Loretta Preska should be unseated as a Judge and be disbarred so she cannot appear in a Court room again except as a defendant.

  12. Destroying evidence is equal to book burning, destroying history. No excuse for this other then trying to cover up for someone with connections like Epstein’s girl fried soon to be on trial for trafficking underage girls.

    1. I don’t think anyone is concerned about the girlfriend. The Clintons and other high profile politicians and persons would be my guess. The girlfriend will be dead (another suicide) before she goes to trial!

  13. It appears this judge has been bought by all those that the evidence may expose as being participants in the Epstein sex ring. Why would any honorable judge (or any person for the matter) order legitimate evidence be destroyed as opposed to being filed by the authorities who obtained the original evidence. Would she be as willing to destroy evidence if it were against Trump? Oh, I forgot, the Clintons are exempt from all laws.

  14. The legal branch is an independent major leg of our three branch gov’t, Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. Where in the hippocratic oath does the destruction of exculpatory evidence ordered by a district court judge have precedence over investigation, justice, truth, and trial? Improperly obtained evidence may he kept from a jury but destroyed and sworn to by affidavit?? That’s tyranny!

  15. Take the good judge, Loretta Preska, for a fully-paid vacation down to Epstein’s Pedophile Island and after giving her the ‘Grand Tour’ of the rape rooms and the child molestation suites, duct tape a 25 pound Kettle Ball to her wrists and drop her off about 50 yards off the beach and let her swim back to SDNY. Works every time!

  16. Those this leave a bad taste in your mouth, this could assist the idea that Epstein is not dead and destroying any evidence would play to this tune. She’s probably on his payroll or someone else’s payroll that could benefit with destroying such evidence!

  17. This can be appealed. It better be. Since WHEN is evidence ever destroyed? Bush appointed Roberts to the Supreme Court. Judge Lorretta Presca is ANOTHER Bush embarrassment.

  18. Time to check the Judge’s bank account or discern if she has one off shore>>>>. Bet she was paid off by a high ranking, very well know individual.

  19. Sounds kind of “hokie” to me!! Why would a judge ORDER evidence be destroyed — unless the pay-off was in full swing. The “trial judge” might order evidence with held but DESTROYED ?????

  20. Well as we know George Bush has shown himelf to a RINO and worse. Any Judges he appointed like SCOTUS Roberts are questionable Conservatives. It is ashamed I am for voting for Bush. Globalist, Super Pac for Biden and in the tank with the Clintons and the Obama’s. Snakes come in a variety of skins. Trump called old brother Jeb low enery during te 2016 Presidntial run, and he called him not ble to keep up. So What! Truth hurts. I am still wondering why GW Bush went aftter old Saddam Insane, Saddam didn’t blow up the towers, Bushs buddies the Saudi’s did that deed. Saddam’s mistake was trying to have old G H W assissinated. So Saddam who may have had WMD got killed. He was a tyrant, but, he kept those animals in Iraq in line. So good job Georgie, all the Americans lives lost because you were pissed off over daddy. Now you’re a turncoat. In hell with the other anti American trash you call friends these days. Trump has outshown you, Obama and Clinton 1000x over. That is what is in your craw! This judge needs to be disbarred.

  21. Prejudice ?
    Democrats Hollywood the media blm Metoo our schools and universities are going to find out the true meaning of Prejudice!!
    This treasonous coo they are pushing on America and all patriots is and has backfired on them!
    This nonsense has brought prejudice back beyond any level here in America!
    None of these mindless idiots have any idea how Americans are going to treat them from now on !
    They won’t be able to get a job or get a repairman to show up at devils den homes or businesses!
    I and all patriots will having nothing to do with them for 20 years or more!
    I will never do business with or Patron them for the rest of my life all government funding and welfare Benefits
    Will be removed and they won’t be able to live off of others ever again
    Poor farms like at the turn of the 19th century will be their only source of food requiring hard labor for their meals many will go to jail for their treason arson corruption and vandalism
    Democrats this is poetic justice and patriots will soon be partying in the streets over your demise!!!!!!!

    1. Yes sir, you are right. I wasn’t a racist until about March. Now I am proud to be an American. I am also a hater of Afros, blacks, darkies, negros or whatever they are calling themselves now days. Also all the fat white girls that are hanging onto them, and the commie white boys that have never had a job.

  22. Why has our country been taken over by trash like Preska? These people have no shame. They are filled with greed. Hell awaits them.

  23. Absolutely do NOT destroy this evidence. The victim’s have a right to evidence in their cases for all their suffering. DO NOT DESTROY EPSTEIN’S FILES. NO, NO, NO!!!!

  24. Another Judge, afflicted with the Pelosi, Bader Ginsberg, Maxin Waters syndrome. Since when is crucial Evidence, not exposing the truth ? She is laying out the smoke for the Deep state of Criminals. Appointed by a Bushy, says it all. Low Life,Rinos. The Judge needs to be Investigated. Flipping double sided coins.

  25. IT seems to me that a review of this judge and throwing her from the bench is in order. There are thousands of ways of obtaining evidence. Almost NONE are illegal. IN fact any third party can gain evidence even by illegal means and give such evidence to the second party and the evidence standards legally.
    The GOVERNMENT itself uses this method DAILY against citizens.
    Example, government asking for cell phone records, location data, texts etc from a provider without warrant. The provider gives it to the government and then the government makes arrests using that information. This is a daily action. It is unlawful search and seizure, PERIOD.
    I could go on and on, but there needs to be an appeal and this judge needs to be thrown from the bench.
    My best hope is that those records can be shown to be “findable” by “legal and acceptable” means and recovered completely legally.
    This is the kind of idiocy (the protection of those like the Clintons by the bench) that needs to be ended altogether. HRC DID have a private server. In that server she had HUNDREDS to THOUSANDS of secret and top secret and classified documents. Foreign agents ran her server and had access. HRC had been trained in security requirements for classified data. INTENT is not necessary at all, having the data outside of secured control is a felony.
    I know I had a clearance. I know what one has to sign.

  26. “DESTROY” evidence? Maybe make it inadmissible but “DESTROY”? I am not a lawyer but that does not seem proper.

  27. These judges are so corrupt! Any democratic judge cannot be fair and apply the law; they are so corrupt and it’s time for them to go! Everyone has known for years what Epstein was doing yet these judges continue to turn their backs on the victims, hoping they have nightmares the rest of their putrid lives! They are enemies of America!

  28. she is obviously trying to Hide something that will Find evidence of someone is paying her to hide like the Clintons. Do not get rid of any evidence.

  29. Does this corrupt so called Judge remember she took an OATH??? I agree STRIP her of her Judgeship an throw her AZZ in gitmo.

  30. In all due respect the judge must have sniffed too much glue and it has gummed up her
    sense of right from wrong. Where is the justice for the victims to come from? Time to
    have this justice evaluated for being able to conduct her duties in a professional manner.

  31. First they kill him and now this. The limey accomplice doesn’t stand a chance. I wonder how they will suicide her. Of course, they will take their time deposing her until they figure it out. She has to go before her deposition is taken….

  32. This is the most moronic thing I have ever heard from from a judge! It is against the law to destroy evidence in an on going case!

  33. The comments are comical. Seemingly made by people without knowledge of the facts or the law. Amazingly attacking her for “favoring” democrats, but she was an appointee of Bush. In case you do not know, a republican, just not a Trump sycophant.

    1. We know who she is MARTIN. Being a Republican does not make her trustworthy. I dare say many of the people commenting on here may have more facts than you do.

  34. You see where Chrissy Teigen is losing her mind over people putting out that she was on the island and that in previous tweets she commented on young girls. She’s blocked 1 million and has deleted 60,000! past tweets. I love every second of it. A foul mouthed Hollywood elite that has security and walls around her mansion. AG Barr gave a great speech the other day concerning the CCCP , Hollywood, Disney, Microsoft, Apple, Google, reedy American companies, and academia putting them on notice that they way they deal with China could be illegal. I’m surprised he didn’t mention the NBA. Greatest AG in history. Has got so many things done is a short period. Can’t wait til July 28th when he goes in front of Jerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry Nadler’s committee. Dems will be foaming at the mouth. LOL.

  35. Talk about a coverup! Dershowitz was known for using “escorts” in the 70s! He’s single and free. Big deal. There’s more to this. But to discredit victims for the sake of the mighty powerful will just add fuel to the fire. As the wack job Dr Phil says. “People that have nothing to hide…hide nothing”. Just to see what legal eagle has up his sleeve is worth keeping docs. But I think he is all talk about preserving them because he knows they won’t be. And I’ll bet he has something to do with them being destroyed.

  36. She’s all for child rape. She’s a monster and will accept money to hide the child perverts. I hope her child suffers the same as these girls or her grandchildren and eye witnesses will be hushed.
    I would not be surprised if she committed suicide (wink wink ) like Epstein. (Wink wink wink)

  37. This is what President trump Meant by cleaning the swamp if the riots don.t stop put it out so all can see all the crooks I like to see it myself no judge is above the law. and she well knows it . president Trump got them on the run. Now the time to open up and see all of it then finish cleaning throw all of them out. You put this man President Trump threw this for four years, He saw something was wrong that why you wanted him out of office Tell it like it is NOW.

  38. How interesting, a federal judge wants to destroy what may be exculpatory evidence?. I wonder why. Is this an example to all of us? Is she just trying to tell us that corruption reigns supreme and there is nothing we can do about it?

  39. Another attempt by the liberal democratic politicians and media to cover up their BS. Who was this judge appointed by OBAMA

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