Couple Charged With Hate Crime for Painting Over BLM Street Mural

On Tuesday, California officials charged a couple with a hate crime for painting over a Black Lives Matter mural that was painted on a public street.

“On July 1, a local Martinez resident applied for a permit to paint a Black Lives Matter temporary mural in downtown Martinez in front of the Wakefield Taylor Courthouse,” the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s office said in a statement. “The permit was approved by the City of Martinez and the painting was done on July 4.”

The Contra County District Attorney’s office charged Nichole Anderson, 42, and David Nelson, 53, with multiple charges and a hate crime for the incident.

The report says Anderson painted over the yellow Black Lives Matter slogan with black paint and Nelson helped.

The District Attorney, Diana Becton said:

We must address the root and byproduct of systemic racism in our country. The Black Lives Matter movement is an important civil rights cause that deserves all of our attention. The mural completed last weekend was a peaceful and powerful way to communicate the importance of Black lives in Contra Costa County and the country. We must continue to elevate discussions and actually listen to one another in an effort to heal our community and country.

We've gotten to the point where painting over a 'street mural', whatever that means, is a hate crime but hunting down and assaulting elderly white folks because of their race is not considered a hate crime.

The video has gone viral and, as you can expect, is drawing quite a level of controversy.

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28 thoughts on “Couple Charged With Hate Crime for Painting Over BLM Street Mural”

  1. I just need to call ‘bull shit’ on all this hate crime nonsense. Everything these days is being labeled a hate crime and I just have to remind everyone out there in the world that in order for anything to be a hate crime it must first actually be a crime in the first place. If they allowed the people to paint the street in the first place obviously it isn’t a crime, so painting over it then isn’t a crime, so no hate crime can actually be charged. Tying a knot in a rope, even if it is a noose isn’t a crime, hanging a rope from a garage door isn’t a crime, so even if you hung a noose from anything it isn’t a hate crime. People need to wake up and start fighting back against this government over-reach of powers and the enormous waste of our taxpayer money on the investigations of all these so called hate crimes that are simple propaganda against white citizens.

  2. This street mural stupidity, reminds me of the organized and sanctioned anti-semitism of Germany in the 30’s.

    Painting political and other First Amendment-related slogans is not acceptable to me. Not anywhere on any public roads in the United States. I am not permitted to trash up the roads and in NYC, the adjacent property owner of the sidewalk and curb are required by law, subject to fine, to keep those places cleaned of garbage.

    In an email, I asked our communist mayor in NYC if it would be ok for the ADL to paint a “mural” on 125th Street of Harlem, the slogan, “Jewish Lives Matter”, inasmuch as a high percentage of NYC’s hate crimes of anti-semitism comes from Blacks. Similar to his mentor, David Dinkins, I could be certain that no response to my letter, or any letter for that matter, would be forthcoming.

    I for one would like to see the Mayors of all of the Cities in the US, who allow and encourage this nonsense, to personally scrub the “Murals” with bleach. Perhaps that should be a precondition for their respective cities receiving any more Federal funding. At one time, NYC had a plague of “Murals” on the outside of subway cars. That plague was stopped, this plague should also be stopped.

    1. Actually it’s not. Google Susan Rosenberg. She is a communist and engaged in BLM and arrested for her activism as such. Bill Clinton commuted her on his last day in office as the president of the United States. Some truth to the “Clinton Cartels”?
      GOOGLE: SUSAN ROSENBERG and while your at it, GEORGE SOROS. Mr Soros, a huge benefactor to the Democrats and a SOCIALIST (communist).

  3. All this BS is CONTRIBUTING to hate.
    The ridiculous situations we see occurring
    day by day is causing people to hate the
    government and judiciary…as well as the
    people causing it, lose confidence and
    If this keeps up, we’ll have a shooting
    war on our hands.

  4. They should be given an award for working to cover over graffiti at their own expense. They should also get decent legal representation to file a claim for false arrest

  5. This entire black lives matter situation has gone entirely too far. All LIVES MATTER!
    OK. The brutal killing of George Floyd is/was horrific. Justice was served. Riots, killing, destroying statues, destroying business, stealing and burning business and police property is not going to bring him back. Your acting like animals. It is my hope that you will be treated as such.

  6. We are deep into a similar situation as in Germany in the 30’es where the nazi street thugs militia SA (SturmAbteilung) ravaged the streets, plundered, smashed, beat up and killed people.
    BLM and Antifa are the exact replica of nazi SA.
    The rabid socialists hunt “racists” with the same insanity and ruthlessness and methods as the nazis hunted jews.

    We are facing a new dark era of socialist rule which will give us another socialist nightmare society as in Soviet, 3rd Reich and current North Korea. It takes very few people with enough hate and violence to subdue a population not willing to defend itself.

    FascistBook and Twatter are the new Stasi which ruthlessly enforce political correctness, an old marxist invention made to stiffle political opponents, with censoring, banning, deplatforming and shaming.

    History repeats to the detail.

  7. If I find it offensive, why can’t I paint over it, free speech. The town has no right to paint the street in the first place.
    Bunch of Wooses.

  8. But is ok for them, BLM and friends, to loot stores, burn down business’, threaten people, assault people, break and enter, set up independent countries with in the US by armed force and set themselves above the law, by the way will not the prosecute these thugs, throw bricks at police and fireman, prevent firemen from putting out fires they ignited and defy lawful authority. This nation walking the Roman Highway of Death as Rome did just before they collapsed.

  9. The conservatives need to start murdering and assaulting according to D.A. who says it’s O.K. at least we could get a few laughs. The targets should be the Democrat politicians to make it fair.

    1. Amen
      Send in the army next time BLM/antifa try to take control of cities. It’s time to send these MF’s a message ….go get an island in the middle of the Pacific and hope a hurricane will take them out.

  10. I would like to think that this is abnormal but with society going the way it’s going it will only get worse. When I was in the army my roommate happened to be black;and he told me that when you get white people feeling guilty that you don’t let up. You put your foot on their necks and you keep piling on it so you get your way and you can get everything for free.

  11. BLM is a violent marxist organization and only political panders who hate their country support it. It is NOT peaceful and local politicians have no right to grant “permission” to deface city streets paid for by EVERYONES tax dollars with this garbage. Bravo to the couple who painted over it. If you vote dem you support the rioters and thugs. If you have a brain and a spine, vote Republican.

  12. BLM is NOT a “ civil rights movement “ it’s blatantly a terrorist group. They have admitted to riots and complete disruption of daily lives regardless of the consequences. Whether it’s threats, abuse, vandalism or even murder. They do not care about Black lives at all. If one will destroy their OWN community thinking it will spite someone else.This is not shaping our youth. It’s destruction.
    The couple should be commended for standing up for every life .Black lives DO matter but ALL BLACK LIVES These days it’s hard to tell whom is black and who isn’t ,with so many people being mixed or having black ancestors.
    Wake up America !

  13. blacks have destroyed ever big city in the u.s. , now they want to destroy the rest of it , deport the cry babies back to africa , if they would stop their criminal behavour , the cops would leave them alone

  14. White Lives Matter!! I Can Not See How a Permit Was Issued To Paint That On a Street, Let a White Person , Apply For A Permit <They Would Be Denied !!

  15. The root of systemic racism is BLM, ANTIFA and great Democrats. That painted statement, Lack Lives Mater is racist in its self. All Lives Matter. Saying any different is racism.

  16. That whole communist infiltrated city council and the asshole who defaced the street with racist race baiting propaganda need to be hunted down and liquidated. They are the enemy within, skillfully inserted into positions of power,, with the end game being us Americans becoming slaves to them, America haters.

  17. This is a CLEAR violation of freedom of speech. NO actual words were spoken and no hate speech given. Instead the right to respond publicly to a clear illegal use of public property is the basis of the action of painting over the words.
    BLM is in fact not a peaceful organization and is not about “equality”, instead it is about agitation and gaining “rights above others”.
    The two arrested might have been arrested for malicious mischief, however the arrest as a hate crime is a violation of law and abuse of authority. WHEN they win the court case I hope they sue Martinez for MILLIONS for violation of civil rights under color of authority, abuse of power, and I hope that they are able to eliminate the “protection” afforded the politicians in Martinez of the ancient and abusive common law ideology of “the King can do no wrong”.
    The suit should be bore tens of millions for the arrest and abuse.

  18. What do you expect from a black mayor? RACIST at its best….. Yes, BLM matters more than anything else, because, they are the RACIST fools, destroying all of America. She wants all the businesses destroyed, since, 99% are owned by Whites. Stupid is stupid.

    These people will never be charged with a hate crime as the streets belong to we the people & are paid for by we the people (taxpayers).

    A good attorney who knows better will defend the couple & charge the mayor their attorney fees.