FL Hospital: COVID Positivity is 10x Lower Than Reported

Florida COVID-19 numbers have been making waves in the news as of late but they may not be telling the real story, according to one hospital and a report of multiple testing laboratories.

A Florida hospital handling COVID-19 tests confirmed to media this week that its near-100% positivity rate was overstated by a factor of 10, raising already-heightened concerns that numerous labs are over reporting the number of confirmed infections.

Some hospitals and labs in Florida have been reporting up to 100% positivity rates, meaning that 100% of people who come in and get tested end up testing positive for COVID-19.

Florida is experiencing a 'surge' in COVID-19 cases as they continue to ramp up testing in the state. However, some of the figures being reported were so astronomically high that Fox35 Orlando decided to investigate.

The report showed that Orlando Health had a 98 percent positivity rate. However, when FOX 35 News contacted the hospital, they confirmed errors in the report. Orlando Health's positivity rate is only 9.4 percent, not 98 percent as in the report.

That's not the only one off by such a large number, either.

Orlando Veteran's Medical Center reported a positivity rate of 76% but a spokesperson told Fox35 that rate is actually about 6%.

This comes after a recent report that showed the state of Florida's record count of infections may be overestimated by 30%.

The inflated numbers come as Florida has been recording record numbers of COVID-19 infections, though an analysis of state data by Just the News last week revealed that the state's recent record-breaking counts of infections may have been overestimated by as much as 30%.

We are about 5 months into "15 days to slow the spread" and we're still finding huge errors in reporting like this. These reports are leading to lockdowns, on some for the second time. The consequences of such mistakes can be very costly.

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88 thoughts on “FL Hospital: COVID Positivity is 10x Lower Than Reported”

  1. Finally! Some actual truth from the fake-stream, colluding, brainwashing media! Read the Rockefeller Report. These are planned & coordinated seditious & treasonous efforts to destroy our nation entirely! RISE UP PATRIOTS! The USA is at stake! COVID-19 was created in a lab, intentionally spread & lied about, & now, “they” are releasing the 2nd phase of their plan! The vaccine will kill you, not save you! All to stop Trump & enact Agenda 2030. Agenda 2030 included the mark of the beast, genocide of oppositional views, Sharia law, indoctrinating the children to be government property, taking away all of your rights, etc. WAKE UP!!!! These people are evil & sickening.

    1. This is it exactly! I still have a bet going that Nov 4, the hoax will be over. Meantime I’ll wear my mask and be safe!

  2. And once again the democrat party communist are caught red handed…and then NOT held accountable…WTH! But let a conservative disagreed with the BLM communist’s and they are fired without cause nor explanation…!

    1. For some reason the democrats are above the law! There is so much evil behind them(GEORGE SOROS) that they get away with whatever they do. I hope that soon they will have to pay! I hope William Barr and John Durham do their job before the elections.

      1. They can’t do it before the election. It would be taken as an attempt to alter the elections. There are 96 + sealed court arrest warrants waiting to be seaverved by the court as soon as the elections are over. So be patient. Fake news, deep state, actors and others will be getting served.

    1. Imagine a government agency giving us the truth? It has been reported that hospitals receive money for every Covid patient and even more money if requiring a respirator.

      1. Yes. $10k for a positive test (doesn’t matter if it’s true or not); $30k if you get hospitalized; and $70k if you get intubated). That’s a nice chunk of change.

      2. That is true. A friend of my daughters, her mother had a heart attack and she died in the hospital. When they got the death certificate it said she died of Covid. They asked for it to be changed and they would not do it. The hospitals get a lot more money if a patient dies of the virus! Scamming going on everywhere! George Soros and the demoncrats are behind it all!!

  3. Sorry, we didnt blatantly and intentionally lie to you, it was all just an innocent mistake and also a coincidence that we ALL “erred” by multiplying the true results by ten times rather than dividing by ten times. Please dont think we are incompetent or that we are following a secret agenda.

    1. That is what the democrats are doing! They want to win at any cost. Democrats are not for the people! It is all power and money to them! TRUMP 2020

  4. i know people who tested positive twice how are we accounting for multiple test on the same individuals

  5. Wonder if we can track the faulty reporting to more anti Trump people who will do anything to insure that Biden and his band of fools get elected this November

  6. This misreporting is harmful to patients. I was scheduled for a surgical procedure (biopsy of pancreas), but the hospital first performed a COVID-19 test. It was negative, so my procedure was done as scheduled. Had I erroneously been found positive, I would not have had the biopsy. That could have delayed treatment. These Leftists view is as nothing but collateral damage in their war on America.

  7. More overstated data reported that inflanes the COVID 19 fears and leads to reimposed lockdowns. Thia all leads to more businesses closing, more restrictions on people’s everydsy lives and worse, more fear of opening our schools now. I can’t help but think all these errors and over statements lead to one thing and that is keeping the economy and kids out of school until the election…politics!

  8. This truth is that this report is ten times what it truly is. If that’s the case in Florida I’m assuming that Florida is far from being alone. Current reporting says that Total Active cases in the USA are Reports 2,982,928 Active Cases1,560,795 New Cases are not in the report that I read. Applying that the numbers could be inflated ten times what they really are so the truth could be 298,292 total cases or 156,095 active cases.
    Certainly not what they are trying to convince us of.

  9. The only thing reported wrong was the PERCENTAGE of people who were tested that were positive. (Positve / (positive + negative). The negative number wasn’t used in the calculations. What you need to understand Is that Florida brike all records for POSITIVE (not positive percentage). So we are in the peak of a pandemic, so wear masks. Signed ICU doctor.

  10. Libs are behind this trying to make DeSantas and Trump look bad. Don’t trust mail-in voting and NEVER trust a lying lib!

  11. Kinda’ reminds me of a quote occasionally attributed to Napoleon, “I care not who casts the votes of a nation, provided I can count them.” I’ve heard some tests are automatically counted as cases, regardless of the results. And cases often are recorded as deaths. It’s a three ring circus. Very unfortunate that common sense was not always brought to bear on this erratic virus. Politics continues to be a major factor in big cities.

  12. We cannot trust anybody anymore Nobody cares anymore. , but. God us in control. Everything will be revealed. God loves. America ! Thank you. Jesus. It us time to wake up. America. Honesty is needed

  13. It sounds like the democratic party is involved in creating these inflated numbers, sounds like something they would do so they could blame these ridiculous number on President trump!


  14. Like everything else in todays world we just don’t know what or who to believe , we have been LIED to excessively by many of our supposed Congress people and Media that most of us don’t know who to believe anymore . People like Adam Schitt, Hillary, Pelosi, Nadler , etc. etc. can look us straight in the eye lie to us , they know they are lying,we know they are lying and they continue on and on with their lying narrative. So sick of it all , will be happy to see the end of them in leadership roles !!!!!!

  15. Its time for people to be held accountable for this, orher than elderly this is not killing anywhere close to what they are claiming

  16. How many people know how percentage is calculated? How many can do that calculation in their heads? Maybe a quick refreshment course with the orders that require number to be reported is worth the time and effort.

  17. Stupid is as Stupid does. Look at some of the date and time posted and you will see that the post by Inside Scoop Politics in FAKE NEWS.

    If you believe what INSIDE SCOOP POPITICS has published, then you fit the title of STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES?


    1. Not Stupid

      You are correct, the posted date has not happened yet.

      The only thing that I can add, is, FREE YOUR MIND AND YOUR ASS WILL FOLLOW,


        1. Where is this site located? I am posting this at 9:13AM EDT, check out the time shown by my name.

  18. RUSSIANs HACKs for TRUMP!!!!!

    Pucker to kiss Russian Presidenys ASS.


    1. RUSSIAN HACKS for TRUMP!!!!!

      Pucker to kiss Russian Presidents ASS.


  19. I knew every death would be blamed on covis. the reason is the hospitals would get more money and the insurance companies would get out of paying some death payments. Also the dems could use it to keep their state closed so trump would be blamed and to keep the hysteria going as long as possible. This and the BLM people need this so all the uneducated masses who have been payed by george soros can do as much damage as possible. Soros should be investagated for buying riots.

  20. This is not a surprise. Now how about checking out the hyped numbers in AZ and Texas?

    1. I guess you think they are hyped all over the globe. But that would require all nations to cooperate in the grandest conspiracy of all time. But when have all nations ever cooperated on anything?

  21. First of all, you are citing one flawed lab’s work. Secondly, 10 times lower would be minus 9 times as much. What would that mean? What you meant to say was 1/10 as much, not 10 times lower. Learn how to translate mathematical concepts into correct English.

  22. I hate to think that even the medical profession is jockeying their numbers looking for a larger payout from the feds. This is becoming impossible you can’t believe the Demoncrats,you can’t believe the Media and now the Medical profession.
    Everyone is looking for more money and SCREW the American people. It’s all about politics and lies trying to take down President Trump. It is disgusting.

    1. Hmm, that might just be why government got to take over the medical field with Obominable care. Prices are hacked way up for insurance companies to cover. I believe in the real world that is called extortion. Their term for it is “business.” It’s one reason I don’t trust todays’ medicine. They would rather sell you expensive medicine and have you dependent on it than to make you well. Once in a while, you can find a doctor who left their “hospital systems” or co-ops to do it right they did before HMO’s when they actually took time with you.

  23. It has also been reported by Fox News that not only are negative COVID tests NOT being reported, but anytime a
    person gets tested positive, even though they may have been tested positive many times before, it goes down as another positive COVID case.
    In one case, someone was tested positive 15 times (one patient), but the results were recorded as 15 positive COVID cases. “Oh no, the sky’s falling in! Shut the State down!” The ends justifies the means, no exceptions.
    Bottom line: “It’s ALL Trump’s fault…he must NOT be re-elected!”

  24. I am 6 foot 2 inches tall, 200 pounds and a black belt. If any one thinks they can MAKE me wear a mask, they had better bring help. This is classic communist style over reach by the government.

    1. Unfortunately, there is a lot of lies going on, but there is also a lot of death and misery going on as well. I believe we all need to get away from sports and entertainment and anything else we are worshiping and ask God through Jesus Christ His Holy Son to forgive us and guide us back to work and school and Church safely and responsibly so that we can prosper once again in Him and His Son.
      If you take a look at this Covid-19 chart, you will see that the recent outrageous increase was mainly because of stupidity and carelessness. The first peak was April 11th around 34,250 at which time started a steady decline down to around 20,000 when the riots started, and a couple of weeks later it shot up like a rocket and tripled very shortly and God only knows when or if it will finally stop and come back down.

  25. This is SO ridiculous, don’t even know why I’m bothering to reply! Please, get real! You are losing more of us former supporters every day !!!

  26. These businesses should be fined by say $1 million for each lie they told. It’s time they be taught a lesson. These SOB’s deserve no mercy for “stocking the fires” started by the MSM and the left wingers.

  27. How can something be 10 times less. I get what you’re trying to convey but how about saying it was 1 tenth what has been reported. Do we really have to numb it down for people to think they understand. This is 6 th grade math. You can’t multiply something by 10 and have it be less. WTF I give up.


    1. When there is no accountability for your actions for rioting, destroying property,
      falsifying records, so what the hell ??? .

  29. Almighty God sees ALL the ones involved in these lies to spread fear, and HE will bring the consequences upon them for the decisions that THEY CHOSE in HIS timing!

  30. This is happening all over somebody must be getting more money for positive or it’s the fake news at it again and Trump did it ! Show me your patient files! do the math ! George S. is at it again!

  31. What constitutes a “case?” Someone who is ill or someone who simply has the virus in his system? These are the people who have “natural immunity” from having had a very similar virus as a cold, gotten over it in a week or so, and then are immune. Their blood plasma can be shared with other people and render them immune!

    The more I have to do with medicine and doctors the less I think of them. They are being gouged for everything they need to be in business, especially insurance, equipment and facilities thus are driven into larcenous actions just to stay alive and support their wives shopping.

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