LA Teachers Union Demands CHAZ Type Platform in Order to Open Schools

In order to reopen schools in the fall, a major Los Angeles teachers union is demanding a robust socialist platform similar to what the CHAZ or CHOP zone in Seattle was demanding.

Medicare-for-All is one of those policies that United Teachers Los Angeles says needs to be implemented in order for them to consider safely reopening schools.

The UTLA called for at least $500 billion in additional federal assistance to K-12 schools, in addition to the passage of Medicare-for-All.

She says that it’s time they take a stance against Trump’s “anti-science agenda”.

She then goes on to call for the defunding of Los Angeles police, citing the leading cause of death for black people. What?

“police violence is a leading cause of death and trauma for Black people, and is a serious public health and moral issue.”

These people are in charge of teaching our children.

But it doesn't stop there.

They also call for a no-competition type clause where they demand a moratorium on charter schools.

Then they must have a wealth tax on unrealized capital gains for the state's billionaires and surtaxes on over $1 million.

All of this or they won't teach.

However, actual health officials say it's worse for the kids to stay at home, from a health standpoint.

The American Academy of Pediatrics urged school systems in late June to re-open schools at the start of the upcoming academic year in the fall, arguing that keeping children at home poses a far greater health risk than coronavirus.

Despite that, the Los Angeles Unified School District said schools would remain closed and be remote when they start back up in August.

For more on this story go to The Daily Caller.

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52 thoughts on “LA Teachers Union Demands CHAZ Type Platform in Order to Open Schools”

  1. We really need to get these left thinking anti American fools out of leadership positions in our schools. They are intentionally destroying our little ones. Enough is enough.

  2. Stop their paychecks until they go back to doing their job and watch how quickly they push to open schools!

  3. I think people, including teachers, should be fairly paid for the WORK they do. If you don’t work, then you should not expect to get paid. If you don’t want the schools to open, without some entity agreeing to these outrageous demands, then I hope you all have alternative sources of income, because at the start of the school year if you aren’t there, NO PAYCHECK…screw the Union. There are a lot of people who would like to have your jobs and pensions if you don’t want them, so get off the high horse and do the jobs you are being paid to do, and leave the political commentary to people smart enough to negotiate their own future and income, rather than dumping your own responsibility on some UNION. No wonder these kids come out irresponsible and expecting everything owed to them. THAT is what you are teaching them.

    1. I agree with every word you say!!!
      They’ve got some nerve, trying to dictate public policy as a condition to go back to work!
      Shame on them!!!

  4. Since when is it a right to with hold the education of our children for any reason other than their safety and or security? Political motives have no place in determining said education. Fire them (teachers) and replace them. Schools are not a bargaining chip….

  5. Well it seems the teachers union in CA is doing the students a favor but not teaching them the leftist ways in school.

    1. Those ignoramuses need their brains examined for this political motivated nonsense.

      Robert, I have to agree wholeheartedly with you.

    2. Well said Robert! Also, they don’t work, they don’t get paid. They stay out, they get fired!

  6. i say fire every damn one of them and hire some actual americans to teach our children.the teachers we have now think they are in charge of your children and that needs to stop

  7. as a past teacher the first thing they should do is make the teachers take a recurrence test to see if they are teaching what is needed and know how to handle students .
    once a teacher gets tenure you can’t get rid of them and many teachers follow the norm if you can’t make it in industry go teach.

  8. Good luck! I’m not supportive of either and certainly aren’t alone. Who do you think you are?

  9. Education is the very foundation of a Civil Society – However, Quality of Education is not necessarily question of MONEY – There has to be fundamental changes in our APPROACH, APPRECIATION and ATTITUDE.

    As Einstein stated: “Education is not learning the facts, but teaching the brain to think”

    Do you want to pay School Taxes for the schools which are not going to open, i.e. not proving the services you are paying for? is proposing to assist the parents in suing for the REFUNDS (Vouchers) FREE of Charge. Let’s create the ground-level movement to hold public schools and School Boards responsible.

    BREAKING: ACLJ Launches New School Choice Initiative–breaking-aclj-launches-new-school-choice-initiative

    Did you know that the Marxist “Black Lives Matter” is been considered as a part of the school curriculum?

    On May 12, 1780, John Adams wrote to his wife Abigail,
    “I must study politics and war that my sons have the liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. . . in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry and porcelain.”

    to which we could add, “so that their children can hide from the world in their safe spaces”

  10. We were warned in 1984
    CRITICAL information to understand today

    The issue is not Liberal vs. Conservative (both support America and the foundation it was built on) – It is Radical (Marxist) Left vs. America – What is the Future (or is there one) for this greatest society ever built, warts and all?

    Let’s remember that any time we judge the past based on today’s standards, all of us will fail every time.


  12. Yet another reason I do not nor have I ever supported unions, especially teachers unions! There is no accounting for the pathetic agenda or the lack of QUALITY of most teachers. In the large metropolitan areas, these people are some of the most under-productive yet overpaid groups of people in this country, and for the most part, they are not fit to walk my dog, let alone teach my children. I prefer that they have an actual education, not the trash they insist on teaching in the schools these days. I am not fooled for one minute when I hear them say “it’s all for the good of the children.” If that were true, they would at least attempt to teach the TRUTH, especially when it comes to US history. I harbor no respect or regard for those who would support socialism and terrorism in this country! If this offends teachers, too bad… me, their lack of spine and integrity offends me a great deal more!

  13. I’ve heard many times that the Teacher’s Union run California!!!
    Based on what I’ve been witnessing the past two months, I would say America’s teachers get an “F” for failing our kids, failing us and failing America!!!!

    If the good guys in America had any guts, we would start firing & replacing our striking teachers with new teachers while at the same time dismantling their marxist agenda and also dismantling these all too powerful teacher’s unions that repeatedly stick it to the people who pay their 12 month salaries.

    1. Maybe trump will pull a reagan when he fired all the air traffic personal.if trump tells them your not there 1st day of school your fired & replaced. What about l.a. teacher that gave kids sperm covered ccokies.he got 2 retire.or the teacher ignoring the girl in class performing oral on the boy’s said he didn’t c any thing.get rid of all govt unions

  14. No school opening until teacher union is dissolved and every teacher is put through extensive vetting process by elected parent groups.

  15. Vote for school vouchers and charter schools
    They have no place teaching children
    If they don’t work they shouldn’t get paid and if they refuse to go to work it should be grounds for firing

  16. well, I never have really though a good thought about teacher on the most part, I never have liked many while I was in school, most thought they were really to good for everyone, and then always have asked for more than they gave, True is not the best job, to be basically high priced baybee sitters, for children that are not taught manners and respect at home. But the TEACHERS need to get a better pay and the GREEDY POWER HUNGRY LAZY ADMINISTRATORS are the real problem, they lay down on anything , just to keep that 6 figure income, and yet they do not teach one student. Now they want a blank check, everytime they get their panties in a wad. NO.

  17. It appears to me the Los Angeles Teachers’ Union has absolutely no interest in the schools and are simply mouthing the policies being promoted by Black Lives Matter, AntiFa, and other communist groups. For the life of me I can’t figure out what a Teachers Union is spouting off about Defunding the Police and other idiotic ideas. The people of California elect these people and I think they are finding out that you better be careful what you hope for because you just might get it. Ever wonder why our schools are so screwed up?

  18. Simple solution they don’t teach they don’t get paid. Fire them and hire new teachers with common sense that aren’t commies.

  19. Well l.a. schools since u feel this way lets triple your health care cost. So we can support all your kids medical cost which will go 2 all ILLEGALS OR LETS SEND THEM BACK. 1 DAY IN THE NOT 2 DISTANT FUTURE THEY WILL MAKE MORE THEN U WILL

  20. Tell these TREASONISTIC TRAITOR Teachers that THIS IS NOT GOING to happen . . . we DON’T need RAPISTS, MURDERERS and RIOTERS in school. BLM is a LEFT Wing COMMUNIST society that is OUTLAWED by the U.S. Constitution and MUST be disbanded and it’s members put in FEDERAL Prison to serve a SITFF, Lengthy prison sentence. One Wary and Alert Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  21. I’ve got a good ida since we’re defunding the police lets defund teachers & all Gov’t workers. Im still waiting 4 my lincense plares 4 my car 8 months later. Can’t they do their jobbs

  22. They in their condescending arrogance think they know better than the citizens of this country what all must do to please them as they pump our children full of their useless socialist dictates. God help us if the Marxist Communists win out over the God fearing citizens. These misguided teachers are so elitist their s–t doesn’t stink (so they think)! We work till retirement to get the benefits of Medicare and have paid a percentage of our wages through FICA for our share of Social Security and Medicare. Last I heard it was 7.14% and a matching 7.14% from our employer for a total of 14.28% of our gross income ( subject to change ) withheld along with federal and state taxes while most teachers do not pay FICA and have their own system of pension apart from Social Security and Medicare. Yeah they want something for nothing! I don’t know what a free ride is and I want the police to answer when I call 911 not some Trotskyite Stalinite oligarchical pig!

  23. They say Trump is the anti science when they are completely un scientific when it come to the real biological human life growing in the womb of a pregnant woman. They won’t believe science of human development

  24. Sure here we go again having the liberal teacher’s union and the liberal teacher’s using our kids in order to get what they want. This has been going on for years! Parents have got to wake up and see what is going on! You are being played by these teacher’s and your kids are learning that socialism is good and capitalism is bad! Just try to stand up to them and watch what they do. I went to a parent-teacher conference fifteen years ago and when I walked in there was the Principal, the Vice Principal, the teacher and the school counselor all sitting there ready to attack me if they did not like what I had to say! I walked out and told them I would only meet with them one on one, not as a gang waiting to attack! We have got to take our schools back, they are not teaching our kids anything of value anymore!

  25. These people are idiots. Their demands are beyond stupid & makes no sense. We should be telling them what we want, not the other way around. So, much for liberal thinking. We know where their way of thinking has gotten us in other cities & these educated people cannot see the difference. That is scary. Maybe shouuld all be fired, new teachers hired & show them who is paying their wages.

  26. For these “teachers” remote hopefully means from some communist country. There are no teachers anymore, just indoctrinators who don’t know science or math or English, just socialism

  27. We all know that the entire educational system from K to University level Has been infiltrated by leftists that actively promote the leftist agenda. The leftist teachers of CA are a perfect example of how far leftism in education has come. consider how much teachers influence children in primary school and you will well understand snowflakes and ideological socialist protesters that typically have difficulty constructing a comprehensive sentence.

  28. Which is worse? GO to school and have the Communists teach our children their way or stay home and teach our kids the American way…They are being run by BLM..communists…STOP THEM…WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

  29. The demands of the Democratic backed Union is to me scary. The Socialist platform has been tried and tried with predictable failure. Why has this country seeming to try to link itself with this concept?

  30. We are being held captive by our public school teachers? Where do they get their misinformation? What can those of us who disagree with them do. I don’t see any protests to oppose their socialistic views or any solutions from state and town governments

    1. The mainstream, make up a story, media is to blame, and also those who watch the mainstream media news channels. We do not degrade ourselves to the lever of mob mentality. Just a bunch of brainwashed kids that were caught up in the socialist agenda. If they want socialism, then they should move to a socialist nation like Russia, China, to name 2 of those failed systems. We pride ourselves of having the freedom of speech, not to go out and burn retail stores to the ground because some idiot black man did not have the common sense to not fight against the police when they are just trying to take him into custody, to say he committed a crime and to have his day in court like any law-abiding citizen should do.

  31. Remove the LA teachers union as a rebellious terrorist group and allow the teachers to move past the outdated, leftist and rediculous demands to get our teachers back to work and away from this purely political agenda that the Socialist left is trying to make this country head down

  32. Yeah, then how long would it be until a Democrat mass murderer comes into a school and shoots up a bunch of kids?

  33. Full body condoms should protect the teachers from the kids in LA County Schools. Little windows with filters can be fitted for communications along with side condoms for their arms. These should only be used one day, then disposed, not in the toilet.

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