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PHX Mayor Lied About Morgues Being Full, Needing Refrigerated Trucks

Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego made a splash over the weekend as she sent people into a frenzy over her claim that Phoenix’s hospital systems were overrun and had reached capacity at the morgue, so they had to order refrigerated trucks to store all the dead bodies.

This claim hit social media waves everywhere with the normal claims that Republicans are killing people.

“Maricopa County, which is our county public health agency, just announced that they’re going to be getting refrigerated trucks because the Abrazo health care system has run out of morgue beds,” Gallego told MSNBC’s Chuck Todd and Katy Tur.

But it wasn’t true.

Abrazo hospitals currently have "adequate morgue space", though, according to their spokesman, Keith Jones. He says the extra storage is "not needed" at this point.

The Arizona Republic contacted two other major health systems in Arizona and received the same answer. It's not needed right now but is likely part of a plan B in case they see a huge surge of the virus-related deaths.

But that's not where they're at right now.

In fact, Maricopa County plans to order coolers due to the Medical Examiner's Office being near its 150 body capacity, according to their spokesman, Fields Moseley.

They expand to a 200 body capacity every summer due to heat-related deaths and COVID-19 deaths rarely get funneled through the Medical Examiner's Office.

But that's not the only reason.

Capacity concerns have grown in the past couple of weeks, the county said, attributing the issue mostly to a “slowdown in the funerary process amid the COVID-19 pandemic.” The county health department said it doesn’t believe the issue is because of a surge in COVID-19-related deaths, but a backlog in the funeral industry.

Many families have had to put their funerals on hold due to the outbreak while those same governors have praised the BLM protests at the same time.

CBS News said an estimated 60,000 people marched in Houston for the George Floyd memorial, before they held the funeral. The media praised it.

Yet most other people who aren't a member of this 'elite group' have family members still sitting in morgues because they aren't allowed to have a funeral as it has been declared 'too dangerous'.

So, they aren't needing refrigerated trucks because of COVID-19 deaths in Arizona, even though their mayor told you that and the media spread it.

If you've been following this from the start, you're probably asking yourself why the left and their media allies keep telling lies that tend to benefit a single side's narrative. It happens almost every single day.


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36 thoughts on “PHX Mayor Lied About Morgues Being Full, Needing Refrigerated Trucks”

  1. Propaganda by sleepy left wing democratic anti American communists…just call yourselves what you really are…you are not socialist in any way shape or form…you folks have cone out of the closet and revealed yourselves for all to see….full blown communists and the enemy from within…WE SEE YOU!!!!

  2. Propaganda by sleezy left wing democratic anti American communists…just call yourselves what you really are…you are not socialist in any way shape or form…you folks have cone out of the closet and revealed yourselves for all to see….full blown communists and the enemy from within…WE SEE YOU!!!!

  3. Let’s not forget, Phoenix Mayor Gallego also supports DEFUNDING THE PHOENIX POLICE DEPARTMENT.
    What an ignorant buffoon we have for a mayor. She’s stupider than that goof ball she replaced…

  4. I know how hard it is “Not to” treat these evil acting people such as her and the Center & Far Left & the Media they control and those all the way up to Hollywood who worship them all) with the same Curses & even Death Wishes that they are wishing & speaking against us. BUT we really do need to TRY. When people get on OUR sites and see us responding to Evil with Evil, the lines become totally blurred between them & us! So even though it really isn’t easy Let’s Do It anyway. When people standing in the middle see the Sheer Evil & Hate especially from the Political Left Part Leaders wishing us to die and their lack or Morals, their Anti-Patriotism, Ant-Militar & Anti-Gun & Anti-Police & AntiChrist & Abortion Enforcement on Steroids, words & hate, they won’t have one seconds doubt that WE THE REPUBLICAN PARTY ARE THE TRUE AMERICAN PART TO ALIGN THEMSELVES WITH. Sadly, there are still so many quote un-quote “christians” who “Claim they are, yet have not one single problem with Abortion, Protecting their Families with even a gun if need be, or with blaming the entire police force for the very sad cases when things we done so wrong by “some” in the Police Forces. Especially if it will allow them to vent their hate for everyone who aren’t their color. Who throw out all common decency and morality “just to steal, kill & destroy” just like the devil has led them to do. Forgetting the Word of God & the Values of Martin Luther King Jr. & Jesus Himself and serving Satan instead. Even behind their Racist Pulpits in the Racist Churches. We have so far to go to get our Nation back. It is so Obvious why God Himself had to see to it that He Seated & Ordained Donald J. Trump as President of the United States. For Just Such a Time & Days as This. Besides they HATE it and literally want to spit every single time we don’t give them one bit of evidence from our side that “THEY” are the “Higher Minded & Compassionate Party”. They also completely hide the fact that the major reason Abortion was demanded by Their Party from day one was to control the population of the Black Race that seemed so unacceptable to them, until they decided to “Use the ones they couldn’t destroy for political reasons these past 12 yrs. or so especially. Soooo Hypocritical yet so Typical of them.

    1. I agree with you, that we need to set a better example. Mostly, because revenge is best left to GOD. AND He will take care of them quickly. The point is, we are just as capable of being evil, and doing wrong, but we do have a way out. If we do not commit the sin of murder, or rape, we can get repentance here and have salvation from Jesus Christ. But those who do murder, or rape, cannot have salvation in the flesh. And that means you’re likely not going to make it into eternity. Of course, that is for GOD to decide and those who are victims of the evil that was done. I say, we set a good example, and repent when we cannot, and do not cross the line into being as evil as satan.

    2. By the way, there is nothing wrong with owning a gun or using it to defend yourself or your family or your property. I dont know where you are coming from, but GOD expects us to use whatever means to defend our livelihood, and it is not called murder when you do. It is murder when you plan to kill someone who is not expecting to be the target, and catch them unawares. Like a baby who should rightly be protected by its own mother, and instead is cut off because she doesnt want to be responsible for her actions. The sad part is everyone who takes part in such a murder is held equally responsible for the death of the soul.

  5. The Left lies because they know the truth would kill them. They can’t exist in the harsh glare of reality.

  6. Americans need to eliminate , in any way, all lawyers in the House. They infiltrated it under obscure interpretations starting in the 60’s slowly changing laws so they can rule the economy with laws and fees.
    The original House was to be made up of society business and working people not full time lawyer politicians. They do need to be careful though if they do get the communist society they want all they need to look at is what the USSR and Germany did when taken over is execute all lawyers and politicians that helped them.
    I will say there is one good side to it.

    1. Careful there, as the extermination was not just of lawyers, but those who oppose the communists to begin with. So I would assume that anyone who is not a communist would be terminated. That includes all illegals who worship GOD, and anyone who voted other than democrat.


  8. The State of Maine recently passed mandatory vaccinations, with no exemption for religious objections, a clear violation of the First Amendment. Given that, why did the Maine Legislature allow this bill to move forward? No bill, in violation of the Constitution, should ever be considered for vote. Those that are responsible for allowing this bill to move forward, have betrayed our trust. I propose that this new ‘law’ be made Null and Void; it infringes upon our Constitutional right of religion, and on those who hold beliefs, unrelated to religion, regarding their own healthcare choices.
    There’s also a growing concern of the side effects vaccines have caused over the years- serious effects, such as ataxia, autism, as well as an incresing number of autoimmune diseases. Alarming reports of vaccine-related cases of polio in India, and the intentional sterilization of women and girls in countries like the Philippines, Brazil, and Kenya, have erupted into lawsuits against the Gates Foundation. Valid concerns related to harmful ingredients contained in vaccines, and the nefarious use of them by some, have been ignored. Ingredients such as mercury, formaldehyde, fetal tissue, carcinogens and toxins. Do we dare trust authorities that violate our rights, and would force invasive substances into our body, or that of our children against our will? What happened to “my body, my choice”?
    Make no mistake, this mandate is being pushed by big money pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations that profit on pushing vaccines, to the tune of 500K for this campaign. Insurance policies are dictating their healthcare regimens in many hospitals, and on patients. We are witnessing deaths from deliberate starvation and deprivation of water. Nurses also, are being prohibited from being a true patient advocate as a result of insurance policies. The elderly in particular, are increasingly being pressured into signing DNR orders, admitted to hospice when not dying, and are not being resuscitated based on the doctors decision, rather than according to the patient and family wishes. Medical kidnapping is real. Sarah Palin was right.
    Mandates like this, continue to rob us of our freedom of self-governance as outlined in the First Amendment. Ask yourself: Why did this bill specifically target religious beliefs? Due to the unconstitutional nature of mandatory vaccinations with no exemption for religious beliefs, this ‘law’ must be made invalid. Please contact your Legislators and declare it Null and Void. Thank you.
    Kimberly Tancrede RNC, BSN

    1. Where in GOD’s Word does it say we cannot vaccinate? I realize that many people have concerns about the things in the products that are used for trying to keep our nation free of diseases. But there is no place that I know of that denies us the right to use vaccination as a mode of staying healthy. Now if you want to deny taking vaccinations just because you dont want or trust those who have made them, that should be a reasonable right. I do think you have a right to deny anything from being put into your body. But I dont think you have a right to deny a life to be born if you were active sexually. One is a choice to deny someone doing some harm to you, the other is you doing some harm to the life within you. If you do not wish to have children, cease having sex or get fixed.

  9. Nice spin on the need for refrigerated trucks. Even You admit that Funerary arrangements are slowing down due to the Covid Pandemic. And people who are dying in increased numbers because of the Covid Epidemic cannot be buried fast enough because of the Funerary slowdown . And people are dying from Covid because the Idiot Governor followed the lead of his Idiot President and re-opened too soon. Believe it or not , there is not a parking lot full of refrigerated trucks somewhere waiting to be driven off the lot and delivered tomorrow . It takes TIME to build the trucks , arrange delivery , transport them there, etc. Maybe the AZ GOP could take some of the pressure off , and store dead bodies in their (air-conditioned) Headquarters in Phoenix until the trucks arrive. Since Trump already has blood on his hands from bullying Governors in many states to reopen ( AZ,TX and CA come to mind) I’m sure he wouldn’t mind ( as long as he doesn’t have to smell the decomposing Loved ones in the back room) and He can always blame someone else.

    1. Hahahaha, someone drank the cool aid! The governor did what was asked, by the President, which was a slow open. It was the MORONS who decided to “protest, riot, and go to bars. You can’t tie people down. If you think there should have been enforcement, then pony up the money to pay for it. Everyone wants to defund the police (now you need them) and I guess next is to get rid of prisons and let them roam amongst us.

      1. Actually, what we need is a place where we can throw stones at those who break the laws.

    2. I think that post is one of the most ignorant ones I’ve seen. Well, maybe not, but it’s pretty empty Carlton ole boy.

    3. You should probably take a reading comprehension course, you obviously do not understand what was written…”Idiot” — perhaps pot calling kettle.

    4. Its not a slow down in burial. It is the government denying the right to do the burials. I think the premise that the virus is out of control is kind of foolish. There are more people sick, because we know about them, through testing. But as to deaths, the majority of those who die had other preexisting conditions, and the virus just helped them along to their planned exit. I dont think this president is wrong for trying to get things opened. In fact, it is prophesied that one third of the earth will die, and I dont think GOD will allow people such as yourself from keeping His Plan of Salvation from going through. But those states you mentioned are being run by Democrats, and they dont let the president bully them into anything. So, what is the real reason for the problems? God just needs to clear out those who are not the evil ones so that those who have to face satan will be left. The one-third who rebelled against GOD, will be tested in the last days!

  10. Sounds like the Left Wing Democrat MEAT WAGON is spewing False Advertisements . . . as USUAL. One Enlightened and WARY Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  11. This is a full blown attempt to pin every problem on Trump, and they are willing to lie to make it a big problem, so expect this pandemic to be referred to as the end of the world as far as the Democrats are concerned.
    The Democrats can be expected to lie that the Trump administration is a failure so they can get Biden in his place.

    1. The dumocraps have gotten away with their lies for way too long. It’s time they told the truth or hit with libel lawsuits or jailed. The entire dumocrap party needs to be dismantled and defunded. THEY are nothing more than obstructionists and domestic terrorists themselves. Of all the idiotic anti-American groups spewing poison, the DUMOCRAP PARTY is the worse. Time something was done about them as well as the Burn-Loot-Murder bunch. Enough is WAY past enough at this point.

    2. Democrats dont know the first thing about GOD’s Word. I doubt they actually know what the end of the world will look like. I do know one thing, you will find more democrats here than republicans, for a reason. Because the one-third who rebelled against GOD will be here in the last days to face satan. GOD is fair, and He will allow them to be tempted again by the evil one. AND because they do not know the WORD, they will bow down before the evil one. AND that will be their test. I think it is fitting they end their lives as they started them, as losers.

  12. Mayor’s, should be placed on the same standard of truth and honesty expected of the police officers they have employed. If they lie and are untruthful they should be removed. If the lie is criminal and/or made to create panic among the citizenry, they should face charges.

  13. We know why. It’s an election year and the left socialist dumocraps with their foreign and international backers are doing everything in their power to try to keep President Trump from being re-elected. What needs to be defunded and dismantled is the dumocrap party.

  14. I think what a lot of these politicians are doing, because they are too busy counting their $$$$, is that they listen too much to their staff. They don’t do any of their own investigation!!! There staff spends all night texting their conspiracy buddies on social media…bingo…you don’t have the truth about anything,
    It’s obvious that the people in control have all the resources they need to make decent decisions, however this is what we get for our tax money!

  15. Socialism is promoted using lies and a rewriting of history by those who expect to become its all powerful leaders.

  16. Demonically evil will do anything to destroy this nation lie deceive Mr. permission disinformation propaganda that’s the way the communist party goes oh yes because you don’t know the temperature party Since Wilson became the commons parties wrong time of Lawson and has grown in part Ron is a good example. The first thing to come in to take over all the media, The colleges, The schools the churches are all facts of life we can always stay in power with the people allow it!

  17. The Mayor lies and MSNBC doesn’t verify her story and it’s the presidents fault? There is no retraction by the media outlet. The Mayor doesn’t admit her exaggeration but it’s the presidents fault? I believe the mayor learned very well from her counterpart in NY who along with the Governor cried wolf to get supplies and then didn’t use them. They allowed a parade to continue and schools to be open so the virus could spread. Then they advised us to quarantine. Murders are on the rise and the mayor is painting the street and it’s the presidents fault. Now the parades are not allowed nor can schools be open but what happened to the mayors lies that children rely on the schools for lunch and housing? Wasn’t that the reasons why they weren’t closed sooner? The City is ransacked, crime is on the rise yet defunding is how to solve that issue. Criminals are arrested but released because there is no bail. What intelligent person would want to live in a City with this Leadership? Forget the media they wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face!

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