Should Republicans Subpoena Each Supreme Court Justice’s Tax Returns?

Mark Levin, conservative talk show host, explained the Supreme Court ruling on President Trump’s tax returns in a series of tweets. However, he explained how the Supreme Court just opened itself up to congressional demands for each justice’s tax returns.

“I can see a situation in which the House or the Senate decides that it must have access to all of the justices’ tax and financial records each year to determine if they’re influences in any way to write the decisions they write or vote the way they vote on numerous cases.

After all, the Supreme Court justices are deciding financial legislation as well. Shouldn’t we have a right to know if they are receiving money that could provide a bias for their decisions?


As another example, shouldn't we have a right to know if a certain Supreme Court justice is getting hundreds of thousands of dollars, whether in cash or gifts, from a group like Planned Parenthood or the Clinton Foundation through various conduits? What about investments?

Certainly that would provide for a bias in any ruling that they may be a part of.

They do file financial disclosures but, as Fix The Court, states, you have to want it. You have to be patient and when you do get it, it's less detailed than top officials in other branches of government. It's also "not searchable or machine-readable."

Mark Levin noted that Chief Justice John Roberts "is a man of some wealth."

So can we see his tax returns? I just wish the Republicans would get smart about how they address these issues. Go ahead and subpoena the tax returns of every Supreme Court justice and say we have a legislative purpose.

You're another branch of government, the president's another branch of government. Use the propagator that's been used by Nancy Pelosi: We're not saying you committed any criminal acts or anything of the sort, but we'd like to know, just to make sure that we know how to legislate.

So they ought to subpoena the tax returns of the Supreme Court justices. Particularly these seven politicians on the court. Go back eight years, just like the D.A. in Manhattan.

Levin also said the justices won't be able to argue that they're immune, anymore.

"The justices will not be able to argue that they are immune as a matter of separation of powers as they just shot down that argument as applies to the president."

What do you think? Should each justice have to provide their tax returns? After all, they are the highest voice in the land and their rulings are where all the buck stops.

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324 thoughts on “Should Republicans Subpoena Each Supreme Court Justice’s Tax Returns?”

  1. Why just SCOTUS? EVERY member of Congress, along with their spouses, should have to supply the information. We know that President Trump EARNED his money BEFORE he was elected. We need to find out how people on a Congressional salary can live in mansions.

    1. No president should have to mandatorily expose his tax records. That has always been voluntary. Appointed justices, individuals appointed to department heads and other Senate confirmed individuals should allow taz exams paid to the IRS. Should the Court order each President to expose his tax record that leaves them open for a revue of their records to be examined at any time. Especially at retirement or before

    2. Absolutely !! However, trusting members of Congress is completely futile. They own all sorts of stock by way of the insider information they are privy to. And don’t think they are not taking advantage. They are also sharing this information with family and friends. How can we ordinary subjects ever get a fair shake from the Congressional elitists? I doubt there is a fair and honest member of Congress alive today.

      1. so true First lawyers, and Congress Government & State employees its all friends & family members.. Government & State need to have a Hugh down size..

    3. Or come out Millionaires after four years of making a $175,000.00 a year on taxpayers dime . I don’t know about you but that math just does not work !

      1. If you are a Democrat it most certainly does. Using their “COMMON CORE {Corpse}” math where 6+7=12,963.

    4. Thar may be some fraud in the accumulated wealth of these public servants, while in office.

      1. I also agree, but what I can not understand is how citizens continue to vote these individuals in…

        1. How about Nancy Pelosi and her husband’s business? Since the Democrats want the information, they should set the example.

    5. Certainly need to have term limits on members of Congress. Once they become a member of Congress the start becoming millionaires. Originally after serving a term or two in Congress members were suppose to go back to their previous jobs. Government now let’s Congressional members serve long as they can buy their Constituents votes. Once they leave Congress they become lobbyists and rake in more millions.

      1. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I also agree that members of congress should be limited, as the president, to the amount of terms they can serve.

    6. You are right. all members, include who is giving them donations for reelections. $2,000.00 or more, because it changes who and what they vote for.

    7. Mar, you are SO right. How is it the only one is expected to spill out every deal he ever made since he was a child. Yet every billionare can go on their merry way w no sweat from the public. Federal Judges should be just like the Pres. & all of Congress should to, that their terms end in 4 years. Period! Except for the Pres., some of the Congress & Fed. Judges have been in office since before the Constitution was written.

    8. Yes and all members of Congress, family members that have been employed or paid by their relatives in Congress and Lobbyist also.
      When family members benefit from legislation, bailouts, given contracts or jobs that could be used to influence legislation for certain companies, countries or foreign countries,
      They were elected to serve the people, not to put profit for themselves and their families before serving the citizens they represent.

    9. I agree 100% with you Mar as they are all our SERVANTS and we can investigate them, fire them, and get to know who paid them to become uber rich. Lately the SC has not been what I would call up to the regulations for themselves and as well for our Republic.

  2. It’s only fair that they should be held to the same standard as other branches of government. Being in the position that they hold there is plenty of opportunities for corruption and influencing.

    1. There is absolutely no way to hold them accountable. As long as they have family and friends what they do can never be tracked unless all of their family and friends are monitored too. The corruption in government is so expansive it can never be eliminated.


  4. Everyone in Congress should provide 10 years of tax returns now AND after every election new incoming members 10 years and if in Congress after every tax year. Let the citizens of the United States see the full picture of how politicians are making LOTS of money off the backs of hard working Americans. This should be for Congress, Supreme Court and President. The policies made to “help America” are driven off of financial gain from big business and lobbyists by those in Congress filled with hatred for the President elected by the people. If they would only spend their time trying to HELP make America great how much further our country would be right now.

    1. Yes, and require an audit AFTER they leave office as well to see if malfeasance is present.

  5. What happened to the Clinton “PAY TO PLAY” foundation money after her failed run for president ? Where is the investigation ? Epstein did not commit suicide !

  6. Trump has been audited every year for 20 years. So it’s only political. The IRS have gone through his tax returns with a fine tooth comb. Let’s audit the last 20 years of the judge’s and congress’ tax returns

  7. If the “deep state” succeeds by getting “leaked” information from that crooked N.Y. DA, (and stay tuned, they will) , yes indeed go after the “justices” to see IF they are receiving “bribes” from “special interest groups” to “vote” “their way” on certain bills brought before them. The “deep state” since President trump was elected have been in a PANIC,as their “status-quo” is being curbed , and power and control are slowly returning to WE the PEOPLE as It should be.

  8. This is absolutely the best idea I’ve read all week ! It’s time to take the “Supreme Court” to the ideological woodshed ! They need to learn to stay in their own lane or live by the rules they apply to the other branches !

  9. Excellent! Yes by all means let’s see the financial dealings of all in leadership! The light of transparency shining in those dark holes that politicians hide their I’ll gotten gain in from probing eyes. It works both ways you people in leadership. Trust is established thru honesty and proof of that honor.
    Would love to see these people squirm under scrutiny, just like us in an IRS audit.
    OK Pelosi… You’re first!!

  10. Damn right! Subpoena the hell out of them, and put some urgency into doing it. These damn judges think they are God Almighty. While you are working on the Supreme Court get the POS that wants to be judge, jury, and prosecutor against General Flynn. He should be impeached and barred from practicing law in all 50 states.

    Chuck Nix
    Master Sergeant, US Army Retired

    1. Charles,

      I agree I have been saying that exact thing. Impeached Judge Sullivan he is truly showing his injustice and is not fit to be a judge.

  11. The repubs should not only subpoena supresme court justices, but EVERY senator and representative should have their tax records examined. I’m sure every taxpayer would be interested in how pols such as Clinton and Obama entered the White House broke (their own admission) but left office as millionaires.

  12. Yes. As well as everyone that serves in Congress and their spouses, significant others, other family members as well.

  13. Obama’s pay raise went to all per Bible Codes = support New World Order and no oppose Obama receive $1 million a year tax free! Reason foe rewrite of Obamacare! The Hebrew Bible Codes in equal distant lettering sequencing transliterating English show the New world order once backwards with Satan starting at letter n is Satan backwards, God says the NWO is backwards and Satan at it’s head is backwards also! The fed Coin is Satan’s mark on the person indicating his ownership of his servant! The NWO secularizes people as anti-God. It is why the Dems and RINOS and the public school system are anti-God. These legalize sin for votes, forgetting God’s judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah. They support gays , lesbians and transgenders all cheated of their God give rights to repent or to receive capital punishment. Sodomy and maturbation of lesbian perversions cause demon problems to the third and fourth generation of their family trees. All nations are now under God’s judgment at this time incidental to the NWO as a warning, Isaiah chapters 46 through 35. Once the USA joins the NWO after Trump, the suicide of the USA will take place under Muslim leaders using USA military and weapons and there will be no one to bury the dead. any survivors will work for the Chinese picking up scrap.

    1. Would be nice if you could write just one coherent sentence! None of your comment makes sense!

  14. All of Congress, Senate, and of course the Supreme Court Judges. And this should be yearly. Just in case someone might be taking a bribe or acting on a stock hit. I do worry about Chief Justice Roberts. When he changed his vote during Obama’s health care fiasco, what made him change his mind?

  15. I agree fully.What is sauce for the goose is sauce for tjhr gander. May be the Supremacists will start to realize that all the rulings they make apply to them also.

  16. If this does not stop at President Trump we will be subpoenaing all government employees. Perhaps that would be a good idea and fair!

  17. Yes the financial records of each judge, in detail, should be available to the general public. The court is not above the law.


  19. Yes! Congressmen & Senators also! We need transparency from those we elect!
    Drain the Swamp!

  20. If they think he should have to do that, then everyone in any office should have to share theirs. I’m so tired of everything he does or thinks or tries is wrong and he is the evil one. I pray every day that God protect him from the evil that seems to try every way he turns to destroy him. So very sad what the world has come to.

  21. Mark Levin is a very smart man. He is on to something here. The supreme court should be held to a higher standard. And yes, all branches should be held to the same standard that Pelosi and her minions want to impose on the rest of us and those she and her puppets want to attack. If only the republicans would act. Stop cowering to the communist left.

    Who would do this review? Could we trust any agency in government to do a true investigative audit???

  22. I could not agree more—so sick and tired of the unbridled power and corruption of the legal “industry” of our country with the incestuous elitism practiced between the powerful law firms and the corrupt Department of inJustice and the incompetent biased judges as recounted by Sidney Powell in her magnificent book “Licensed to Lie”. It chronicles a long disgustingly corrupt parade of unpunished corruption that is long over due to have its scabs ripped off. These “pious holier than thou” black-robed “cardinals of the ministry of inJustice” need to be told bluntly and forcefully that their days of hiding in the shadows of the law ARE OVER!

  23. I fully agree with Mark Levin on requiring the tax returns for the supreme court justices. In fact why not include members of congress and the senate as well. That will level the playing field for sure.

  24. No president should have to mandatorily expose his tax records. That has always been voluntary. Appointed justices, individuals appointed to department heads and other Senate confirmed individuals should allow taz exams paid to the IRS. Should the Court order each President to expose his tax record that leaves them open for a revue of their records to be examined at any time. Especially at retirement or before

  25. This is a bad and dangerous idea. I think the Supreme Court got it right in both cases. A prosecutor is free to subpoena records of businesses and individuals for investigative purposes. But, it does not have disclose the reasons for the subpoena. To do so could compromise an investigation.

    Think about how many timrs you have watched Law & Order or some other police drama. Many times, the resident asks what the police are looking for, pursuant to a search warrant, and the police refuse to answer.

    What a prosecutor does not have a right to do is disclose information it obtains via subpoena, unless that information is used at a trial. So, the New York County D.A. is not at liberty to publish the contents of the President’s tax returns.

    But, Congress does not have the right to go on a fishing expedition with a president, a vice president, or any member of an administration.

    Just the musings of a lawyer who knows a lot of former county prosecutors and some former Assistant U.S. Attorneys.

  26. Only if you have your head in A dark place. They have the power to make your life pure hell

  27. Every politician’s tax returns should be public information. That way we would know how they all became rich.


  29. That’s fair game! If they like to see the President tax return ! Many of us like to see the 9 Supreme Court justices tax return to! Also Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff and Nadler! Show us! Because something just not work the right. Possible 🤔! Corruption! They have a good job for life! That not enough! The taxpayers have the right to know how’s the famous politicians can be trusted! How much extra money they doing under the table!

  30. Absolutely, Maybe we can see how Justice Roberts was bought off by the democrats. How else can you explain some of his dumb decisions!

  31. Hell Yes! Scotus, Congress…anyone in a position of legislative or judicial power in this country should reveal who pays them and how much. It has always amazed me the number of politicians who have become obscenely wealthy on a Congressional salary.

  32. Sounds logical to me. There have been unexpected votes and who knows if there were some outside influences? The old saying ‘Actions have Reactions’. They have started an ‘Action’ and who knows how far and fast the landslide reaction will be?

  33. Yes!!! Yes. !! Yes!!
    Good for one good for all and I mean every voted in person !! Senate and Congress!!!!
    I want to see where all their millions come from!!

  34. Thank you,Thank you Mark Levin. Yes Subpoena the Supreme Court Justices tax records along with all of Congress and all of the Senate and all the Federal Judges.

    You will see Congress get off of their asses and change the laws and hopefully Fire some of these crazy political judges.

  35. Thank you,Thank you Mark Levin. Yes Subpoena the Supreme Court Justices tax records along with all of Congress and all of the Senate and all the Federal Judges.
    You will see Congress get off of their asses and change the laws and hopefully Fire some of these crazy political judges.

  36. yes, not only the justices tax but also and critically the congress senate and the department heads in the entire bureaucracy. This must happen in order for us ever have a legitimate government body with out corruption. As it is now the only one I believe and is honest is President Trump. As far as demomrats. They are what they smell like and thats Sheep/sh t.

  37. No I know people an me too are angry at all the nonsense going on but somewhere we need to get back to reasonable ness. Let’s not punish the Supreme Court for ruling with our constitution. This is what we want in our courts.

    Now for Congress I agree with what we are seeing below. How is congress getting rich once they get into office.

    Term limits would stop a lot of what is going one 3 terms max.

  38. Yes, Request them to submit their tax returns. What is fair for one should be fair for all.

  39. …….and, Pelosi’s, Schumer’s, Feinstein’s, Deblasio’s, Sharpton’s, Black Lives Matter-organization, Como’s, ALL MEDIA, ALL SCHOOLS THAT RECEIVE “ANY KIND” OF FEDERAL ASSISTANCE, ALL LAWMAKERS, particularly CONGRESS.
    P.S: note to AOC………………white people, non-Hispanic people BUY GOYA TOO…………….LOVE THE PRODUCT…………….she should STOP THE NONSENSE, it show her immaturity and LACK OF KNOWLEDGE…………perhaps, she should seek a refund for her education expense, because she hasn’t learned a thing!

  40. Yes, we should. And we should demand to know how Senators and members of the House and their families are earning millions through private non-profits, foundations, charities, sweat-heart/no-show job deals and other scams.

  41. If some one is doing something illegal and their tax returns show it ,the IRS should find it not political groups. Tax returns should not be required to be made public. All laws should be applied equally under the law so if TRUMP must provide tax returns everyone must under simulor conditions.

  42. Yes, let them taste what they cooked up. Add all of congress, the senate as all federal judges.

  43. Yes, hell yes. We should have access to tax and financial information on every senator and congressman too.

  44. Yes,Yes, and Yes,,,,,Also the list of congressman that the tax payers paid for indiscretions to keep people quiet as to their bad relations

  45. Great idea! Let’s have FULL transparency from ALL the Justices as well as EVERY member of the Congress–both the House and the Senate! What is good for one is good for ALL!! I am sick to death of the persecution of OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP who was duly and legally elected by “We, the People! And we are sick of the persecution and TOTALLY despicable way President Trump’s family has been treated as well! Furthermore, spouses and adult children should be subject to release of financial records, and even siblings since Biden has enriched his family through foreign corruption, as have Obama, Clinton, McConnell, Feinstein, Waters Pelosi, Schiff, and all! And I want the DOJ to investigate who is funding the anarchy and those backing and inciting the overthrow of our government, especially Soros, Bill Ayers and family, the Koch brothers, and others. Also, those billionnaires funding the labs in China who keep creating and infecting us and the rest of the world with their deadly viruses, so they can benefit from the companies who create the vaccine! This includes Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci!! And the social media tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter who are taking awat our freedom of speech. And the owners of radio, TV, newspapers, and Hollywood who are controlling 99% of the media that is lieing about and bashing our President, his family, his team, and all of us 24/7!! And let’s not leave out all the Governors and Mayors of our big cities , and those who are meddling in all our red states elections and redistricting of voting districts–like George Soros!! I do not understand why people who hate America and support subversive, anarchy groups, like Soros, are allowed to continue living in this country. Their assets should be seized and frozen and their organizations should NEVER receive a dime of taxpayer money!!

    1. Well said Terry..
      also, all that hate America.. they are free to go live somewhere else..


  47. Genius. Yes and they will have to recuse themselves from decision leaving it to next power. The President with pen and phone.

  48. Every member of congress should have to publicly post all tax returns. And we need term limits to stp their corruption, ick backs, bribes, and insider trading.

  49. Yes, Republicans should subpoena SCOTUS justices tax returns. Keep America Great!!! TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!!
    Semper FI!

  50. WHY NOT? . . . They allowed POTUS Trump’s tax records to be subpoenaed – I think TURNABOUT is FAIR play! I mean, why would John Roberts SUDDENLY side with the LEFTISTS? Is he HIDING something? HMMM. This MAY need to be looked at. One Wary Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  51. I disagreed with the SCOTUS ruling regarding the President’s tax returns but if they went down that road, then yes – let’s see all the Justice’s tax returns.

    I think they would overturn their own decision quickly!

    1. No, they wouldn’t. They do give a list of all of their assets…I doubt if it’s a big deal to show their tax return. That’s why the Justice Dept does oversight and sting operations if they find any questions.

  52. Yes. Subpoena all the Supreme court justices to demand their tax returns as well. It’s only right that we see who is paying them. If you are demanding the President to reveal his tax returns, the Supreme Court Justices should reveal their tax returns. The Supreme Court should not be exempt from divulging their tax returns. Every US citizens has to submit tax returns to the IRS (the government). Why are United State Citizens carrying the burden of never-ending taxes when people in power never pay a dime and allow these slugs and leeches to drain us of jobs and benefits? Have the Supreme Court Justices pay for same insurances like we United State citizens have available for us citizens. They are no better than us Common Folks. Are they?

  53. ABSOLUTELY! What they demand from President Trump MUST be demand of the Court. No one is above the law, including the Court. They must stop deciding “laws” they don’t follow themselves! Supreme Court judges enjoy lifetime positions; therefore, all newly nominated judges should be very, very old!

  54. They may be the law of the land, but they are not God. Like everyone else, they will be judged on the decisions they make, only more so, since their decisions effect the rest of us, including the unborn.

  55. Supreme Court judges are not elected officials, they are not giving away taxpayer dollars. They have spent years as judges before they get to the Supreme Court so it’s not quite the same as a president who pays homage to Communist countries, and that’s all I can call it, is homage. Trump shares our intelligence with Russia when he feels like it, he refuses to say anything to Russia about putting a bounty on our soldier’s heads and in spite of people saying it isn’t a fact, no intelligence is perfect but it’s sure enough that he should be telling them to stop. He’s had a business relationship with Russia for years and still does. Congress does have the oversight of the president, the SC has oversight of Congress. In our three pronged government, the president does not have oversight of anything…his only job is foreign policy and administration oversight including armed services chief of staff. And he’s not allowed to appropriate tax dollars, only Congress can. His job is administering the distribution of tax dollars as decided by Congress. But if he’s offering Russia our intelligence then we need to see exactly how much he owes them.

    Why is it that every time a ruling goes against you, you want to punish the judge. That’s a bigger problem for our country than Trump showing his taxes which all presidents since Jimmy Carter have done.

  56. HELL YES! Not only the Supreme Court should be scrutinized on their TAX RETURNS,{ especially JOHN ROBERTS}, . BUT, also the entire CORRUPT CONGRESS, should also be forced to show their TAX RETURNS.

    This is where the biggest anti-american agenda lives, right under our noses. And nothing has been done about them for many decades. A bill needs to be passed so that anybody within the congress/judicial depts. can be “FIRED” at any time. NO IMPEACHMENT NECESSARY.

    Why has this never been done? You did it with the VA admin? Why not the entire government? It sure would end a lot of problems within our CORRUPT systems.


  57. Absolutely..and also all those in congress and the senate…let’s be fair …I would love to see Tax returns for Schiff and Pelosi…and let’s not forget Schumer…their tax returns must be very interesting…

  58. It seems reasonable. But, why stop there? How about each member of Congress?

  59. Yes and I think congress and spouses should show also. We have a good President, if they would do what they were elected to do and work with the president we would not be in the mess we are in.

  60. Yes, If that’s the game they want to play. Then Pelosi and her evil buddies should have to. Remember no one is above the law.

  61. Transparency at three levels of government is needed…Executive, Judicial, and Legislative.
    However, the heart of man without the light of God or belief in the transcendence of a creator God will never allow itself to be corrected without resistance.

  62. Why is it that MOST Reps & Senators go into their Office ‘poor’, but end up worth Millions/Billions??? Subpoena THESE CRIMINALS…….AND their SPOUSES (who also end up worth MILLIONS/BILLIONS)!!!!

  63. They threw the first stone ricocheted back. Yes and should be for everyone and Congress and Senate. In addition, provide health records especially for candidates.

  64. Definitely!. Let’s see what they’ve got to hide. Maybe some have received an unidentified “Bonus” for their performance? Actually we should do this to every holder of a Government position, City, State & Federal. This way we can see if they are getting “Pays Offs”from somewhere else besides their salaries. It would help in order to keep them honest. “Remember what President Reagan said: “Trust but Verify”.

  65. if the court rules that the president has to reveal his taxes then all of congress and senate should have to reveal there taxes including the supreme court.

  66. Absolutely the SC tax returns should be made public.
    More importantly The House and Senate should also be subject to the same rules.

  67. How about petitioning the Senate to require that all supremes and house members tax returns for the last 10 years be furnished.

  68. This is a great idea. Why should any judge be against the laws he/she is charged to uphold? The Supreme Court is charged to uphold the constitution not rewrite it. It has become more a political tool and activist pool. It’s past time to start expecting judges to do their jobs. This includes all courts state and federal.

  69. Of course! Congress & spouses, SCOTUS, and every President from here on out. The democrats wanted this as a precedent, and now they too should have to live with it.

  70. I think they all should! If they want the President’s tax returns then I want to see Congress’s individual tax returns. Then I guess we’ll find out who’s in it for the country or what they can get personally. Personally, I don’t care about the Presidents that his personal business but these other nitwits I’d like to see theirs.

  71. The GOP controlled Senate should immediately subpoena all nine justices federal tax returns. If they want to continue to play a game of politics, they need to be subject to the exact same treatment they dole out to others in their decision making protocols.

  72. I think that is an excellent idea. I think all elected officials should be subjected to a subpoena for their taxes.
    This will help with the dishonesty problem we have in our government today.

  73. Yes, the review of income tax records should be considered when a Justice makes rulings repeatedly that are not supported by facts. Opinions on the court can demonstrate a political agenda and most of the time one need only follow the money to determine the motivation & agenda.

  74. Tax returns for Pelosi, Clintons, Biden’s, Obama , Schiff, Waters. Would love to see how they became millionaires making $ 175,000 a year. Go get them.

  75. Everyone in public office should be made to supply their federal and state income tax returns, then we will really uncover the criminals on our public payrolls

  76. And also EVERY PUBLIC SERVANT, like, the House representatives & the Senators…….
    But then, what do we do, with the CRIMINALS, therein?…..Since, NOTHING IS DONE TO THESE THUGS…….. WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE GOOSE, IS GOOD FOR THE GANDER…..

  77. Under our Republic, by our Constitution, our ruling mandate, the office of President is protected from those who want to destroy the voice of the people . Once citizens have duly elected a president, access of private information to the president is prohibited. It is Constitutionally unlawful as a potential effort to gain negative public opinion with whatever is found, which could fuel dissent and cause the office to be compromised.
    If the Supreme Court overrides the Constitution, what recourse do citizens then have…to further defy and support the unlawfulness by allowing themselves vulnerable to the same unlawful scrutiny, disingenuously so? Either way, our amazing Constitution is compromised!!! This we cannot allow, which is why adherence to the law AS STATED in the Constitution is all that is required.
    It is an extremely well-conceived document by which to insure the liberty and well being of a people and their Country and every elected official and every citizen should be constantly vigil in protecting it from this and any other breech. This is what I understand and this is how the matter comes across, in my opinion.
    Thank you.

    1. Correction:
      Under our Republic, by our Constitution, our ruling mandate, the office of President is protected from those who want to destroy the voice of the people . Once citizens have duly elected a president, access of tax records is prohibited. It is Constitutionally unlawful as a potential effort to gain negative public opinion based on what may be implied from such revelation, which could fuel dissent and cause the office to be compromised.
      If the Supreme Court overrides the Constitution, what recourse do citizens then have?
      Don’t we add insult to injury when we demand Supreme Court justices reveal their tax records, as that demand would be, in essence, agreeing to the unlawful demands placed upon the President?
      Either way, our amazing Constitution is compromised!!! This we cannot allow, which is why adherence to the law of the land, our Constitution as stated, is all that is required.
      It is an extremely well-conceived document by which to insure the liberty and well being of a people and their Country and every elected official and every citizen should be constantly vigilant protecting it from this and any other breech. This is how I understand and the matter and is how it is perceived, in my humble opinion.
      Thank you.

  78. Anyone who works for or contracts with thre

    federal state or municipal government weather elected appointed or vulnteerring with out or with payments for service rendered. All elected officials are subject to inspection of tax returns and in most cases the values of total family income.If any are questionable all tax reriturns for the family and relatives become subject of investigation approved through the courts. such investigations must be reasonable prior to invetigation nad fqcts developed may be folloed to conclusion unless prooff shows it is a witch hunt in ehich case the hunter gats jailed for fraud.
    sure other restriction may be fine if they dont kill our roight to know.
    Tim a conservative

  79. Of course they should, but how can the off shore accounts of people like Biden, his son and brother or Pelosi and Schumer and especially Adam Shiff ever be monitored or made known?


  81. Since they ruled as they did, they absolutely should have to open their own tax returns to the public!T
    The justices have made themselves just another politician.
    All politicians should now have to expose their finances.

  82. Total transparency! Everyone should give up their tax returns if you’re going to say the president should !

  83. Yes, we should be able to see the tax returns of each Supreme Court Justice! Let’s also see the tax returns of every elected person in the Congress, and their spouses. Time to take the gloves off!

  84. Everyone in office should be checked ever year. They go in office with nothing then all of sudden they are millionaires , don’t take a rocket scientist to know what’s going on, people are really getting screwed. Dah.

  85. NO..why open a can of worms….The Court shouldn’t have even said the word SUPEANA!!!!!

  86. Yes, subpoena them, but only the liberals and those who recently joined them in an attempt to keep Trump from being president. Then, send all illegals to the neighborhoods of all of those justices, and Trump!

  87. If they want Trump’s tax returns, they need to open theirs before that will happen…and I mean all congressional members spouses, family and staff, as well as the Supreme court. Did people see Obama’s?
    I understand it to be voluntary…so leave it that way.
    Term limits with NO lifetime retirement/pension/compensation/etc for any of them!
    If anyone has to show their tax returns, ALL need to.

  88. Yes fix the courts. Let’s see all the democrats and Supreme Court tax returns. Bet there’s a lot of courruption and fraud

  89. Yes, supreme Court Justices should be required to present their tax returns.
    Each member of Congress should be required to show their tax returns, also. We, the people, want to
    Know how they can become millionaires on their salaries. We also believe in term limits.
    We also believe they have forgotten who they work for. The statues they are tearing down are of honorable
    People they couldn’t hold a candle to. Some and maybe most have no morals compared to their forebears
    Demeaning our President, destroying our history and culture seems to be the goal of our government and
    News media. Where are those defending our country from mayhem and destruction and murder? We, the people, have the right to protection from these judges, congress (who don’t care about our statues) OURS! We also support
    Our police officers and do not want them defunded! Defund Congress! They don’t work! In the words of Pogo,
    Regarding the BLM, “I see the enemy and they are us.”

  90. Totally agree their tax return should be publicly available and for that matter be posted on a web site available for all to access. For that matter the same should be true for all members of the House and Senate (and spouses) including their top aids. For that matter all the living past Presidents should be under the same microscope.

  91. Yeah they should be subpoena, judges are not special, they big disappointed to our country.

  92. Yes. If the Resident needs to show his tax returns then why shouldn’t the supreme court and why should we go in further why not the speaker of the house and the new president to be whoever that is I think they all should show their tax returns

  93. Yes, The Supreme Court, all Judges local, state, federal levels, the Senate, and the House of Representatives should provide tax returns or not be allowed to run for office. Fair is Fair!

  94. If you are on the Supreme court or any court for that matter, Your Life should be an OPEN BOOK!!!!
    It would be interesting to see who is influenced and by who, along with there political affiliations.

  95. The Supreme Court judges should be treated just like they treat American citizens. Show you taxes and all of your holdings since getting on the bench. As well as pass law for Congress to show their taxes and assets. This should be required, no immunity. Ordinary citizens would not get immunity. What are you trying to create- seperation of American citizens from all of Government enforced entities??

  96. Supreme Court Justice Roberts just looks slimy and corrupt. I think he’s working with the lowlifes of the deep state.

  97. Be elected to Congress, Senate and all other branches is the easy way to become RICH without working but running the hallways to get information to get a good deal. Their political promises pay off.

  98. Absolutely, and if there is a loophole Joe Biden’s and his sons. Also.
    Nancy Pelosi, Nader, Both Clintons and Obama. Also, any potential
    Democrat who is on any committee that might influence the vote and
    it all should be publicized. We should have the last 10 years of each of them

  99. I would be willing to bet that none of the Supreme Court Justices file tax returns. WHY? Because they KNOW that the Income tax system, both federal and state are a fraud. The SCOTUS, many decades ago, established that it is unconstitutional to tax income. Additionally, the IRS, in court proceedings, has been unable to provide a copy of the law that mandates income tax, because it does not exist. The 16th amendment has also been proven to be an unratified fraud!

  100. An emphatic YES! The other two branches of the Federal Government should be required to review the tax returns of ALL FEDERAL JUDGES.

    As a matter of fact, they should be audited by the IRS automatically every tax season.

    Such measures would be a far less expensive than the cost of conducting witch hunts on the President.

    What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.

  101. Justice Roberts is on the top of the list. I think him and Obama have something going, because he answers to Obama and his policies like a sheep to Obama. First it was the Obamacare, then this tax returns, then the DACA where it was only Obama Executive Order that should never been approved. It seems Roberts is bowing to Obama’s rule whenever it comes up. Do not trust him with Obamagate, he will certainly approve of his idea of taking down a president. I would never trust him and that is why President Trump needs a second term and find another conservative/conservative on the bench in the next term. Roberts being appointed by Bush and we all know where Bush stands today.

  102. Their rax returns of each judge should be invesigated. Especially all the ugly women court judges + every Democrat on the court. All their legal holdings sould be laid bare. Let’s see what they have?

    All of the ugly women in the back row should be investigated.

  103. Personally tax returns in a way should be off limits but on the other hand if they want to see the president returns then all of Congress and supreme Court Justice’s be free for the asking. We already know how crooked Congress is so let them be seen as well
    I don’t trust any of them to be truthful in their filings, especially Peloser and friends!

  104. Yes, each and everyone of them should be required to release their tax returns .
    This should also include Joe Biden and members of Congress. We know there is corruption going on there.

  105. Absolutely!! Why should they be left out of the political arena when they have just put their whole body into it.
    It’s time we all got to see what is really behind their decisions.

  106. If the President has to show his why not ALL of them in Government show theirs. It is only right for ALL to show how they have made their money and become MILLION dollar owners in such a short time.

  107. I think the citizens of the United States should see all the Justices as well as anyone who runs for office: senators, republicans, mayors, governors

  108. Every Democrat in Congress and the Senate needs to be audited by the IRS. Then Audit the Justices for where their money is coming from. This will surely uncover the money that is buying Communism in the Democrat Party. That is what it will take to shut down Communism in America.

  109. The tax records of ALL judges and ALL democrats should be made public. We have a right to know what they are hiding.

  110. if the president is fair game, every member of congress, both house and senate are fair game, every member of the supreme court is fair game.

  111. Yes, fabulous idea…DO IT Republicans!! Annd ask for every member of Congress too, starting with the Dems and Rhino Republicans.

  112. Should Republicans Subpoena Each Supreme Court Justice’s Tax Returns? Absolutely YES !

  113. Yes. And every demorat member of congress and the senate. Have the IRS check to see if they included the money from the sexual harassment slush fund for those accused of sexual harassment in their taxable income.

  114. Not only the Supreme Court, but every member of Congress! I can say with 99% certainty that all their returns are rife with falsehoods!!! And maybe while were at it, have a discussion about the abuse of corrupt tax laws that favor all them and their related entities (foundations, tax exempt 501c, passive activities, corporations, real estate, stock options, off shoring, etc) – lay it all out there for all to see and understand!!! Don’t forget all the scum at the state governments!!! A former tax auditor with the IRS – the taxcode is the most corrupt compilation of bullsh*t ever !!

  115. Why not also do, all of congress and let’s do, every gov’t official, That will help drain the swamp, and why not start will all congressmen over two terms. Then all elected offices in Federal, State, Local. Go after all Bib money sonars.
    Lets have more fun, why not all Media & all of the Hollywood elite.

  116. Yes, go back 8 years of tax returns of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden for starters and see how they like it.
    Just a thought.

    1. 8 years? Pelousy has been taking taxpayer money for 30+ years, she has been working with the Mexican Cartels for that long and has been packing California with crooked politicans and lobbyists for the same amount of time. And so much more from so many of these long term so called liberals. They are not liberal unless you can call a liberal a one person thief that takes money and packs most of it into their own coffers, lies constantly to their voters and calls their opponents the names of what they actually are. These people are so crooked, I don’t know how they stand up straight.

  117. Yes , they should definitely be available . Also shouldn’t John Roberts step down or recuse himself as he has ongoing Brain issues that certainly have an effect on his decision process ? Particularly as he is responsible for much such serious decisions as American Government Rulings .

  118. Yes, we need to see their tax returns. If they think some can see the Presidents tax returns, then let’s see theirs. Some decisions lately make me wonder if they are being blackmailed.

    1. Shame on you William Barrett. He is not hiding anything. This has never been asked and should not be. He should not have to be accounable for a tax return because he is our President and he is not involved with lobbyists like others and all her does is for the citizens, unlike the left.

  119. Let’s subpoena all Congress, supreme court, mayors, governors ect. Your tax return is private. I could care less what Trumps tax returns say, he puts America first. Wake up Republican senators! Get tough and go after these Democrats criminals!!!@

  120. They vote themselves a raise but to vote to have themselves checked on. Never. WE should push and push for years
    to make it happen if necessary. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. This includes everyone. Include their campaign contributions as well . Like in a freezer. Remember? Don.t forget off shore accounts also. The door has been opened so jump right in. The Supreme Court just stepped in it. Smell it.

  121. Yes, we should subpoena the justices’ tax return. Obama wouldn’t even disclose his college records!!!!!

  122. President Trump tax records should have been request before he was elected President.
    Seeing Nancy policy is the leader of the house, her records should be reviewed.

  123. Do all the so call Leaders in Congress along with every governor before they can hold an office. Congress should be on term limits then maybe we would get something done besides taking money from Lobbyists for favors to make you wealthy. Soros controls many lobbyists so Dems would have enough money without working for it for campagining .

  124. Since the American TAXPAYERS are subjected to Audits, Why Shouldn’t ALL ELECTED OFFICIAL’S FALL UNDER THE EXACT SAME RULES? After ALL, NO ONE in AMERICA is LEGALLY above the Law…

  125. Do we get to see their Twitter, FB, emails and tax returns during the confirmation process?

  126. Yes, subpoena the SCOTUS tax returns, its called “turnabout”, or what’s good for the goose……………

  127. We should subpoena for each of them and all of the members of Congress each too. What applies to the President applies to all of them.

  128. I 100% agree, in fact don’t stop there. All members of Congress should also have their tax returns made public and available for all to see. I can see Tucker Carlson dedicating a show every year just for this disclosure. 🙂

  129. Not only SCOTUS, but all of Congress should be required to make their tax returns available.
    Of course that will never happen because the majority of them would need to serve time.

  130. I would like to see every congressman’s tax returns. That way we could see where their money was coming from. I can’t understand how congressmen can become so wealthy when they don’t make that much after paying their expenses. I think that they should have to pay their own transportation to and from their home state to Washington, D.C. This might level the playing field for everyone. This is only fair if we get to see the President’s tax returns.

  131. Yes The Swamp, Clinton Foundation (scam), the Soros mob also need to investigated to the Max! Our Republic of the USA is in great danger of becoming a lawless, socialist or total takeover by the evil ones! God Bless Donald J Trump who has sacrificed all to Keep America Safe!

  132. Yes, definately! They should be held accountable because the President should not be called out like he has been. So if they are calling him out, they should also be called out along with all of Congress as well! And all should be published for the taxpayers to see with only personal addresses and social security numbers removed.

  133. The Republicans cannot do a thing with a President who breaks the law, keep criminals as friends, get them out of jail, and runs things as a dictator. They can leave the Supreme Court alone. until they can get a bit of control of their president. Do it now. Trump will give this country to Russia in a heart beat. Then he will tell the SC what and how and if they can do as he says.
    Wake up Congress do not fail America. The President already has. Save us from a dictatorship.

  134. Yes, have ALL the Justices be required to show all their incomes since they were appointed so we can see if their decisions are being bought and paid for by “special interest groups” like the Liberals/Democrats/Socialists/Communists. Special Action Groups sponsored by Clinton, Soros, Pelosi, Obama, the Senate minority leader included. Don’t just “drain the swamp”, blow it up. Time for the People to know elected official’s incomes that probably brought us into this “revenge politics” that someday will lead us into great civil unrest. I want the government that we had when I was young – the elected officials that feared their Constituents opinions and did their very best to represent them, not rule over them as they do today. Congress works at our pleasure, not at their greed.

  135. YES ! all Supreme Court Judges and the Lower Courts is no different than anyone else in My opinion.
    NO ! Judges can make a law,they only can read are think what the intent are wording of any laws say,s
    are applies,to the law–Laws,and not 1 time has there ever been a 100 % agreement on the Supreme court
    and has become political,based on what the setting president makes an appointment to the bench and
    there is NO doubt,any political party or parties still have to get it past the House, the Senate and Congress.
    Only congress can approve any new laws are changes,if and ” I ” SAY ” IF ” the setting majority votes to
    change any laws and the old law is no longer valid ! There can never be any one or more laws,that is made
    for one Race are Gender are Culture ,”PERIOD ” and yet this is what has been done are tried to be done,by
    A one party under Nasty,Nancy Pelosi the speaker of the House and the Democrat, Party and Socialism
    agenda. WE are a Republic and NO one party rules,Not even the G.O.P. which I am PROUD to say,that
    ” I ” belong to and feel that all of us in the U.S.A,must “Never loose Site of and NO one party are President
    can Rule from any party,because then we American Citizen,s are under Dictatorship and Communist Rule !
    There is only one supreme ruler and HIS Name is ” GOD ” and is of the Spirit and Not of the flesh and
    yet is the creator of all things seen are not seen,and from the Beginning of time until time here on Earth is
    Over,He is Still God !

  136. I will even go further than that. If the president has to do it then ALL members of all three branches of government should be held to the same standard.

  137. By all means, they are no better than the rest of us. Supreme court should show their taxes but I bet some of them get paid off for some things.



  139. If Donald Trump has to surrender his, then I think everybody anywhere in the US Government ALL BRANCHES have to surrender theirs (Legislative, Judicial, Administrative, and Military).

  140. I agree, and let’s add the tax returns of these liberal District attorneys particularly in New York. It would be great to know which ones are supported by George Soros!

  141. Yes, Fair is Fair! We should sue to get all of their tax returns for the years on the court.

  142. If they were being blackmailed for cooperation, nothing would show up . But I would say every official of our government should have already gone through an extensive check in every area. And they should be rechecked periodically…saying every 5 years to make sure . But I have always believed Congress should go through that too….every member of congress…no exceptions ….no exemptions. They are by far the worst bunch of crooks Ive ever seen. The left might be bad….but the right has to go along in order for them to get this far.

    1. Insider trading, receiving bribes from corporations and lobbyists, being controlled financially by a religious cult or just cheating your constituents. Those congressman are the most corrupt hipocrates in the history of our country.

  143. If you’re going to subpoena the president’s tax returns then subpoena the tax returns of Congress and House of Representatives and the Supreme Court judges

  144. YES! The Supreme Court justices should have to show their tax return information. They are not above the law either.

  145. Absolutely! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. What the U.S. cannot afford is to be governed by hypocrites who believe they are Holier than Thou!

  146. Yes they should. The Congress and Senate should also be required to provide their returns also!!!!!!!!!!!! I’d like to see how much they’ve made on all their dirty work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. You bet! They each and their spouses should have to. The President should never have to do this. If he has to then we want to see Obummers,the Clintons, and all the rest that are living. Fair for one = fair for all!

  148. Definalely. And everyone of them for at least ten years back with full and open disclosure to the public. Start today please. Make America Honest Again.

  149. As so many conveniently say “No one is above the law”; so, if “Joe-Blow” citizen’s tax records are open for scrutiny, so should those of all elected or appointed government officials.

  150. Absolutely YES !!! All 3 branches of government keep trying to impose their own will on the other 2, while remaining exempt and free from their own rules for others.

  151. Hell yes they should subpoena their tax returns. If they require the President to give up his, then so should they and all of congress for that matter. let’s seen all of them!

  152. No law should be law that is not law for everyone including those that would make the law . If everyone is so damn concerned about Trumps tax returns they should all come forward with their tax returns . Here’s mine , now show yours . Wanting someone to do what you are not willing to do shows you have something to hide . And we all know in the current political climate so many politicians have so very much to hide .

  153. Yes everyone in government should show their tax return, before they went into office and since they have been in office

  154. Mark thank you ,it’s about someone has the balls to call out some of the Politicians and how rich they got “Working for the people”

  155. Yes! All of the members of our Judicial and Legislative branches should have to file a public copy of their tax returns every year they are in office and, perhaps, in perpetuity. Waiting to leave office to collect the wages of their sins would be just as bad as ongoing graft.

  156. I everyone must show their tax returns, no one is exempt, they too have to show their tax returns, most definetly!

  157. Why just SCOTUS? EVERY member of Congress, along with their spouses, should have to supply the information. Every person who is in a position of leadership in the government should have to supply this information !! No questions asked!!!!

  158. I think the Supreme Court Justices should provide their tax returns. The above comments make sense to me.
    Especially in the environment we have been exposed to since the Clinton’s entered the scene.

  159. Let us be truthful. Several of these so called judges are in danger of God’s judgment and wrath. They are serving satan and will receive their reward in hell. How can I make this judgement, I can not. They are judged by first rejecting God’s free gift from his only begotten son Jesus Christ. It is their actions that show their wickedness. Supporting murder of babies,homosexuality, youthanasia, moving away from the constitution and the bill of rights to support communism and wicked lifestyles. Taking away our freedoms given to us by God. Many judges have gone before them into hell and they will follow. These so called judges of satan are in danger of God’s wrath! To be a supreme court judge is a terrible responsibility which these people have misused for their own personal interests. This will result in terrible punishment by God. They must turn from their wickedness, repent and accept Jesus as their lord and savior and they will be forgiven and saved. They can then serve God. This however they will not do due to the hardening of their hearts.

  160. I believe that tax returns of all government appointees and elected officials including members of Congress should be made available. Members of Congress have givewn exemptions to themselves that not afforded to others, I think it is time for total transparency of ALL financial and business information from not only the Member but also close family members as well.

  161. Some one should call for all election candidates to reveal the last 8 – 10 years tax returns, both state and federal.

  162. If the president must show his tax return, then the Supreme Court members should also be required to do the same

  163. Yes. I am sure there are several liberal donations to the justices that are not reported. We alreaady aware of several Schiff has been underhanded any many things as well.

  164. The Supreme Court is just as politically involved in the USA activity as any other government official. Stands to reason that they expose their tax returns as any other official. Corruption shows up in the assets accumulated during government tenure as well as after their servers is terminated. The people need to know who is corrupt and how they were corrupted.. No man is above the law, that includes lawyers and judges.

  165. My previous comment seems to have been redacted. I believe that tax returns violate AmendmentV simply by REQUIRING a person to give soem sort of evidence against themselves and a violation of Amendment IV is there is a requirement for tax preparers to surrender such ‘papers” as contain tax related material that can be used as ‘evidence’ against a person because such revelations were NOT ‘voluntary’ but given under threat of prosecution. I also believe that before anyone can issue a valid subpoena for tax returns, there should ALREADY be ample hard evidence of a felony having been committed by the target of the target of the ‘inquiry’. Far too often in recent years we have seen politicians, mainly Democratic Party members or supporters going on ‘fishing’ and ‘entrapment’ expeditions with the most flimsy and specious, even fabricated ‘evidence’.
    That said, I repeat my prior thought, if anyone can be forced to expose their tax returns against their will, then ANY elected or appoited official should also be equally REQUIRED to do the same.
    MNermbers of Congress have ‘exempterd’ themselves of far too much even though it is within the halls of Congress that so much sefl anf family enrichment ;mischief’ by individuals/political party can be ‘excused’. I won;t deny that ‘others’ can be corrupt, but think none should be exempt from exposure via tax returns if one is ‘required’ to do so.

  166. When the obstruction of justice remains active by the democratic party against the president and why they are the ones to practice to be above the law? They enjoy the destruction of the country and continue without remorse.

  167. I think that every elected official should have their taxes checked. . . that’s how scar face got caught,

  168. Absolutely, along with all the Democrats in any office. Onomatopoeia wouldn’t even provide his original birth certificate. We have been in the swamp for way too long. It’s time to drain it and bring everything out in the light.

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