Sidney Powell: Flynn Knew About CIA Running Billions of Dollars ‘Off the Books’

Sidney Powell, former federal prosecutor and current General Michael Flynn attorney, was on the Vicki McKenna radio show where she dropped some serious information about what happened to Flynn and what he knows about the intelligence community.

“He was going to audit the intel agencies because he knew about the billions Brennan and company were running off the books,” Powell said, referring to former CIA Director John Brennan.

She drops another truth bomb that nobody talks about.

Flynn was a democrat.

He was Obama’s head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, but he saw what was going on in Afghanistan and was highly critical of the CIA and said were less safe at that time than we were a few years prior.

Flynn was a whistleblower, and this is how he was treated under the Obama administration. He was at odds with Obama's intelligence friends.

“They’ve lost sight of who they actually work for,” Flynn said of the CIA to The New York Times in October 2015.

“They work for the American people. They don’t work for the president of the United States… It’s become a very political organization.”

Powell says her client, General Michael Flynn, was totally set up and explains how it happened in this interview.

One – he was not properly informed of what the government had even disclosed to his defense lawyers prior to the plea.

Secondly, the government didn’t disclose a fraction of what it should have disclosed (i.e. the whole case was made up)

And three, he was prosecuted and threatened with the prosecution of his son.  That’s how they coerced the guilty plea.  It was just unconscionable conduct to threaten to indict him and his son the very next day and give them the Manafort treatment if he didn’t enter his plea right then, and I’m convinced it’s because they knew right then the press was going to explode with the Strzok-Page text messages and everything.

She explains how the Strzok-Page texts, about the insurance policy, were released to the public the next day. She says this was a way to change the narrative.

You can listen to Sidney Powell's interview, for yourself.

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55 thoughts on “Sidney Powell: Flynn Knew About CIA Running Billions of Dollars ‘Off the Books’”

  1. General Michael Flynn was AND IS an American patriot. Trump should hire him back and let the congress go hang. America desperately needs patriots. Sidney Powell is a Superstar defense lawyer and a patriot. Kudos to her.

  2. And the whole crew of conspirator’s are off scot free…spending their taxpayer’s loot…there is NO equal justice in our third world hell-hole nation!

    1. Let’s check back in 6 months and see if your assumption is correct. I’ve been disappointed before, but somehow the docs that are being revealed about Obama’s and Biden’s PARTICIPATION in the Flynn affair opens up Brennan and Clapper and Rice and Yates and Comey (not to mention Strzok and Page, Rosenstein, the Ohrs, and McCabe) to prosecution. Whether the DC Swamp can be thwarted in the prosecutions or not remains to be seen, but one thing is certain. America’s Left control far more than they let on. We can hope and pray that Republicans have enough fortitude to stand firm in what they claim in their speeches — perhaps they can stand with Trump and make progress BACK to the Constitution. Otherwise, the GOP is nothing more than “opposition window dressing” to give America the illusion that there are still two parties. Sen Braun of Indiana (R) who proposed easing restrictions against rioters bringing law suits against police, and GOP Senators Johnson and another proposing a bill to replace Columbus Day with Juneteenth are two examples that make me wonder.
      Romney? McCain? Collins? They are Democrats in Elephant drag.
      Even when Republicans win, Democrats rule. What does THAT say about political power in this country?

      1. GOP’S need to grow some backbone. Get out there and speak forcefully and unite for truth and honesty

      2. Well said. This has been going on for decades, which includes every President since Kennedy. Even when we have had a “Republican” President, we have still lost more than gained; that’s why our nation is in the huge mess it is in. Trump made many gains in favor of our nation and the Constitution, but the GOP has worked against him more than with him. The gains he has made are easily destroyed if a leftist gets the White House. The only gains that would make a true difference is the conviction and execution of all of these corrupt asssholes. If Trump wins we will see 4 years of pandemic emergencies and more impeachment hearings.

  3. and where oh where did all the Billions in tax payer money go????????and what changed for the better in Afghanistan for all the blood and treasure?….into whose pockets DEMOCRATS did that money go? How did some Democrat politicians suddenly become obscenely wealthy…….wealthy enough to buy Mansions, and secluded estates…..several of them……..on the salary we pay our politicians?……those are the questions the HOUSE SHOULD BE ASKING PELOSI!…..or do those kind of questions hit too close to HOME?

    1. Personal debt, campaign debt and self-future. The State Department (historically the most corrupt department) also lost hundreds of billions of dollars. No one knows where it went. Bill and Hillary were caught by the FBI when he was President selling satellite secrets to China. The check for $178,000,000 is still lying in a bank on Grand Cayman. He cant touch the check.Not made public because he was President. The secret reason for impeachment.

  4. What do you expect from crooked lying bastards scumbag traitor liberal democrats bastards of CIA and NSA crooked leadership under lying scumbag democrats traitor Obama that needs to go to Jail for life Now

  5. Seems like this would be a MOTIVE to try and keep Flynn from spilling the goods on Assbama’s corrupt dealings and I’d bet this was Iran for one. Those pallets of money spoke about in many news media. But Flynn was a better person that “O”bama ever was or will be.

    1. Well, we all agree Democrats were selling our secrets to China. Now we know why Snowden fled to Russia. He worked for CIA, found out about the dirty deeds the Dems. were doing & got out of here before he had a “fatal” accident like many have had in the past on the Dems list. Only country that couldn’t be conned into sending him back. When he found this mess, his boss told him to forget it, it was “classified”. He was never a spy, he caught the spies. Flynn caught the spies, couldn’t do away with him, too noticeable, so they framed him. Flynn first lawyers has Eric Holder on their board, Sidney Powell told Flynn that. So he was screwed. When the Judge called for those lawyers notes & minutes, lost some of them. Democrats lose lots of documents & emails. Putin knows about the Clinton/Soros list, he will protect Snowden, the kid is a master mind. He loves America, but loves his life & the truth will come out someday. Years ago Brennan registered himself as a communist & Obama hired him. Public information. Trump better win in Nov., it will take 4 more years to clean this mess up. Love America.

      1. We can only hope 4 years is enough. With the left/Marxist’s miring the President down with all these false accusations, I am afraid that the swamp cleanup will not be completed and will revert back. We the people MUST elect those that will continue this cleanup.

    2. I’m sorry, but Flynn is a DEMOCRAP! Just because Obuttforbrains tried to throw him under the bus as a scapegoat for the corruption, doesn’t make Flynn a good guy. I spent 22 years in the military, in Special Forces, and the one thing that was very obvious is that the military officer corps is ALL on the left; the few that aren’t seldom go further than to retirement. Ask yourself WHY Flynn would be worried about prosecution and admit guilt if he had proof of his innocence; I’m not suckering for the story of them threatening his kid! I don’t trust Flynn any further than I trust Hil-LIAR-y or Pig-loser.


      1. Heads have already rolled but hundreds more will come. The lid will come off before November. Mc Stain was from Ohio…. OH Gov. John Kas/ich quote: “Less than 24 hours after John Mc /Cain was put to death” Yes those EXACT words. His daughter on the view ended a sentence with “They cant kill my father again” Here is another puzzle that no one caught. It is pretty much automatic to have a state funeral for a past or sitting president. Recently we saw a funeral but it sure wasn’t a state funeral. Why?? There is a reason and the reason had to be big. Another huge puzzle. Has anyone ever heard ONE WORD about Trumps daughter and the task force she heads. One word about the 1500 pe/dos and pervs Trump put in jail his first year in office? This is far more than Dem vs Republican. It is good vs evil

        1. Maybe it is just me, but I cannot follow you to your point. A lot of fragmented thoughts that leave me hanging.

          1. Val I just told you about two people that I believe died by lethal inj.. How is it possible to confuse “he died” with “put to death” One died for treason the second for crimes against humanity. What are crimes against humanity? And then the reference to Trumps daughter and the task force she is leading. I think it is comical that the media will attack everyone and everything Trump. Trump’s daughter and the task force?? 110 percent pure silence. Heads have already started to roll we just have not heard about them. When I say sealed indictments people want to scoff. It is court record and public record. Every year there is an average of 2-3000 sealed indictments in the US. My last check the count is up to 176,436.. 173,000 more than normal !!!! They dont hate Trump.. They FEAR HIM

    1. He’s not off the hook yet. Judge Sullivan still can, and likely appeal to the entire appeals court, and then likely another appeal to the Supreme Court. He will make as much noise about this as possible since Attorney General Barr is being impeached of the Stone sentencing soSullivan will try to include theFlynn case in the impeachment as well and certainly Schiff will be anxious to include it in time for the November election.
      They are bound and determined to keep Flynn silent indefinitely and put him into prison where he’ll never be heard from again for years.

    2. Why are you happy? Do you not understand that he is/was one of them?! What makes you think he isn’t still a leftist? When I see Flynn do something extraordinary that puts SEVERAL of the top leftists in prison or in a noose, only then will I consider trusting him.

  7. Accountability will it ever come? Flynn is the tip of the iceberg of Obama administration corruption. Democrat visceral hate for Trump and their “smoke and mirrors” diversions cloud the true reasons. 3 1/2 years fictitious impeachment , Russia hoaxes, Muller investigations , etc,etc, all intended to distract and protect corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. Without not now having on going SP investigations and indictments the Republic is at risk. Should Trump not be elected and/or should the House and Senate go Democrat, corrupt individuals will walk and we may see era of democrats one party rule.

  8. This is the braking point and president Trump and the Republican Senate had better bring this up for serious investigation and prosecution. If the Republicans in the Senate do not make this a priority for investigation and prosecution than we will no they are covering everything up for their friends in the Democrat Party and Deep state. Lets watch and see what they do and that will tell the story of the Republican party

  9. Just shows that some people registered as Democrat are not puppets with a blind eye to the illegality of the Elitists actions. As has always been noted – it is the leaders responsible for the mess, not the common, everyday folk. Though, after viewing Antifa and BLM, many of the common folk will do anything these “leaders” suggest – even destroy our nation and themselves.

  10. It is reported that many billions were given to Afghan warlords in cash and in suitcases and much came back as kickbacks.

    Do a real investigation and see who got the cash back and then prosecute. Don’t let them tell you they can’t prosecute a former president and heads of agencies, this is pure BS.

    1. ……….and billions MORE funneled through Ukraine, from the World Bank and US taxpayers. How much of that ended up in democrat campaign funds?

    2. That’s how it works, and what happened in Ukraine.
      Billions of dollars were laundered.
      The Swiss bank Comey was on the board of before he became FBI director was in trouble for laundering money for cartels.
      You can’t launder billions of dollars without government complicity.

    1. No Flynn isn’t a Democrat,.at the time he worked on Obama group he was a Military (retired) intelligence agent.
      He caught Obama & Brennan & Obama fired him & told Trump not to hire him. Trump hired him & they had to shut him up. I believe he feared for his sons’ life. Judge Sullivan needs to be fired. Sidney Powell is one of the greatest Lawyers in America & Ken Starr, also. At this time, she is working for no “fee”. Justice has no price for this Lawyer, she is a great American. I pray Ken is helping her. Remember, we Never heard what any charges were against the son. If they had anything the Dems. would have been on every front page & Nadlers son works for CNN, or did & McCabe, etc. People don’t understand how dangerous some of these people are. Thank God for Tom Finton & all the Republicans standing by our President. God bless America

    2. Of course he is. Do you seriously think that he switched sides. Flynn was either used as a scapegoat to take the emphasis off of the administration (and paid well for it) or he is a “Trojan Horse” to infiltrate Trump’s administration to find something to take him down. Democraps don’t just switch ideology overnight!

  11. After election President Trump must attack this corrupt swamp dwelling Demorats! Running Billions to who and for what? Action and Answers!

    1. Probably never because the news organizations see
      them as heroes.
      If the news organizations are all trying to destroy the country and everything it stands for, along with the leaders of the country, probably they will eventually succeed.
      The educational system has fed people propaganda for decades and now it’s paying off for them. Don’t expect one person, Trump, or even a political party to keep it all from going under. A large number of people hate America.
      A keep America great sign or hat enrages them.
      You can’t reason with them and when the police are gone, they’ll do as they please.
      After all, governors and mayors are telling them how right they are and urging them not to stop, and even joining them in marches and demonstrations, and even attacking the police when they try to enforce the law.

  12. Democrats are destroying America with help of some Republicans —Republicans are a sorry bunch they all want to be the boss—Romney would not even stand against Senator Reid, when reid got on senate floor and said he had not paid his taxes for 12 years, not one republican got on senate floor to defend Romney, hell he do not defend himself –rolled over for Obama SEM FI

  13. So true Oledad! ALLof these politicians are answerable to the citizens, but we get the shaft more often than not!

  14. So now taking Trump out and putting ‘Dementia Joe & that tranny, Micheal’ must be some kinda ‘fait accompli’ for libturds?

    1. I don’t believe they are actually running Joe, he will get too sick & Obama will run. Maybe Joe will have a heart attack, etc. But I don’t think he will run in the end. Dems. plan way ahead of time for this type of incident. Never underestimate your advisory. Remember what Pelosi said before she & Chuck walked out of the meeting that day “You have no idea what we can do to you”. The press should have been all over that threat she made to our President. Guess we found out all of their evils. I want Fox News to play that clip again for all of America to see.

      1. I wish they would run it several times. That sounds like a threat to me. Maybe an impeachment, a coronavirus, a riot??? Who knows, but too many things have been going on one right after the other. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but things do seem kind of fishy. The dem leaders, Soros and others are very mean spirited people.

  15. The true amount of black money at CIA’s disposal is in the hundreds of billions at least. Much of it was wealth looted by the Imperial Japanese during WWII. The fabulous Yamashita Treasure was also the source for much of Marco’s wealth in the Philippines. The events of 9/11 seem to have been designed to launder part of this fortune. Research the Black Eagle Trust for more info.

    1. How can you say Obama belongs in prison for many reasons???? Name one and provide your source of the proof.


  17. We all knew that General Flynn was extorted by the FBI to plead guilty to prevent the FBI from going after his son. It seems it did not stop there as the FBI could not find a Ham Sandwich to indict and make it stick. This miscarriage of justice by Obama’s cabinet and the higher ups in the FBI and bureaucrats in the Dept of Justice, To prove further this miscarriage of (in-) Justice : three years later and none of the PERPETRATORS have been indicted. That’s your Federal Gobermint for you down in the District of Corruption! That is where all your tax dollars is sent before being distributed by the Bureaucrats it to their political friends ! When will we (the citizen taxpayers) have had enough of Wash. (up) D.C.’s law breaking ?

  18. No wonder America can’t fight its way out of a wet paper bag! A huge, well-equipped military, often poorly-led and behind the scenes all manner of skulduggery influenced by the trash likes of John Brennan, James Clapper and other fools. Add to that the utterly rubbish President Barack Obama who in his heart did not want to defeat the Muslim enemy. When General Stanley McChrystal wanted to conduct a surge, Obama denied him the troops he needed and wanted for it. Some dribbled in, but never in the quantity McChrystal wanted, and then Obama in the idiotic, dishonest and treacherous manner he had, told McChrystal if he wasn’t satisfied with the smaller number he was getting, he wouldn’t get any. Right there one knew that Obama was not interested in really crushing the Muslim enemy. He later reinforced his pro-Muslim mindset when refusing to allow the coalition air force in Iraq to crush ISIS.But never mind all this, the Republicans prove utterly useless at putting away in prison Democrat traitors and the mess continues.

    1. OMG! I can’t believe you wrote such an ignorant statement — that Obama did not want to defeat the Muslim enemy! Did you forget the #1 Muslim enemy named Osama Bin Ladin, who Obama had hunted down and taken out??

  19. Flynn did not plead guilty to multiple charges resulting from any action by the Obama administration. If you are a patriot, why would you defend a person who tried to sell out the country, .i.e., let Russia off the hook for invading another country? That is ONE of the things Flynn tried to do. Also, the FBI did not force him to lie to them. And please remember, Trump fired Flynn for LYING to Pence! Research it.

  20. I have been hearing about the utter corruption of the CIA for some time now from totally reliable sources; those in the know who worked with defense contracts in aerospace. Billions of dollars spirited away by Brennen to fund disruption and protests world-wide. This is the way the the “Trump Derangement Syndrome” got started; demonstrations against his presidency immediately after he was inaugurated using these essentially stolen billions of tax-payers dollars to fund demonstrations in the USA and abroad.

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