Abolish the Cops. Abolish the Prisons. What Next?

Radicalism in America’s largest cities seems impervious to reason. Consider this headline in the Minneapolis Star Tribune: “Despite a wave of violence, Minneapolis ‘defund police’ effort continues: An influential bloc of City Council members is pressing ahead with plans to dismantle the department as a monthlong eruption of gunfire sent tremors through neighborhoods.”

Reporter Liz Navratil explained that a majority of the Minneapolis City Council and like-minded community activists have used terms such as “defund,” “dismantle” and “abolish” in different ways. There’s some semantic tap-dancing. But they’re serious. They’re working to rewrite the city charter and dismantle a “minimum size requirement” for the police department. They talk about a police-free future.

A protester named Maisah Outlaw insisted: “This isn’t the first time an institution that is rooted in racism has been abolished. It’s not impossible.” She claimed, “We don’t need to scare people and beat people into submission.” Who’s going to be scared and beaten after the police go away?


The radicals behind this movement don't just tweet about abolishing the police. They also talk about abolishing prisons. If violence is the problem, how is emptying prisons the solution? What next? Abolish the courts? These activists seem to think only police officers commit the kind of violence worth protesting. Prosecuting violent crimes like burglary, rape and murder is apparently racist. Conversation about Black-on-Black crime is treated like a distraction employed by racists.

One has to wonder if this is really the kind of stance people will support at reelection time. But it seems the pendulum only swings further to the left. Democrats have gotten reelected for decades on end to run big American cities. Many mayors and police chiefs are minorities. If "systemic racism" is rampant in America, how does that explain the systemic progressivism that keeps failing?

In the meantime, people who commit crimes are acting. With at least 113 people injured or killed in shootings since George Floyd's death on May 25, some locals are "asking urgent new questions" about the potential effects of defunding the police, the Star Tribune reports. Do these elected officials fail to imagine what could happen if you were to "dismantle" the police force? The consequences of their utopian naivete?

Steven Belton, president and CEO of the Urban League Twin Cities, told the Star Tribune he believes all this Defund the Police advocacy "has emboldened criminals and sparked a new wave of violence."

But city council member Steve Fletcher claimed they often don't need armed officers, saying, "It's so much more common that we're showing up (and) the person has already left who has committed the crime." So, should police officers show up at crime scenes unarmed, assuming the crook fled the scene? That seems to be the suggestion ... that is if the cops have jobs in the coming years.

The radical experiment is coming. Cities will send social workers instead of police officers to deal with domestic violence complaints and drug overdoses. Will unarmed social workers be harmed in these volatile situations? Will they wish they had an armed cop backing them up?

Can liberal big-city newspapers be trusted to report on the aftermath of an overreaction? Or will they be too torn by inner newsroom turmoil over racial politics to paint an accurate picture for their community? Given their business model erodes, it's not like they can afford to get this wrong.

Tim Graham is director of media analysis at the Media Research Center and executive editor of the blog NewsBusters.org.

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46 thoughts on “Abolish the Cops. Abolish the Prisons. What Next?”

    1. I see your vocabulary is limited but something you should think about — it is those “dummycrats” who are holding back this small minority’s idiotic ideas.

      1. Yeah they are doing such a great job reining them in, Riots, cities being burned and looted while they do NOTHING. Typical excuses from the Left.

      2. What? Apparently it is your ability to think logically that is in question here. Did you actually say the the democrats are “holding back” this “small minority’s idiotic ideas”. Perhaps you should check out the news from Seattle from the last month. That “small minority” sure as hell did a lot of damage, and the Mayor thought it was a “love party”.

  1. “Abolish the Cops. Abolish the Prisons. What Next?” In answer to the aforementioned question, ABOLISH AMERICA. This is “Alice Through the Looking Glass” on steroids.

      1. Absolutely Roy. Absolutely. I don’t understand how mayors of these rat infested cities can just “abolish” the law and refuse to enforce the law in the first place. These leftists are just asking for brute force to be shoved down their throats and that is exactly what they need. They need to be forced to obey the laws of the land. They don’t have enough brains to even realize the consequences of their demands and stupid actions. All they see is “free stuff” and the so called right to take what others have worked their entire lives for. The USA needs to follow the money back to those funding these lawless groups and jack their butts up along with the gun-toting, threat screaming “peaceful protestors”

        1. The mayors and governors know exactly what their doing. The followers have been dumbed down by our Marxist education system. As far as the “ brute force” being used against them? Who do you think will do this? The Republican Party sure the F::k isn’t going to do this! They haven’t the balls to do anything! President Trump’s hands are tied because of the deep state, the Democrats, and his own party are f::king him. It will be up to the people to mass together to stop this. But, since most work to pay their bills, not like the scabs on the left, they are to busy to know completely what is happening! And, a lot of good people have been ruined for speaking up so many are afraid to do anything. I think we are headed for one of two things. One… we will fold and be run by the communist state, or two… we will unite to overthrow these f::ken commies assholes in a civil war. I hope it’s the latter, but it’s looking like the former. Buy gun and plenty of ammo! Nuff said!

  2. We are living a surreal reality. Just be ready for when the nut cases come down your street looking for you. If and when they come looking for me I have a feeling they will regret having found me.

  3. My major concern is that people in America have limited rights to defend themselves. We have major cities that have abolished the ownership of weapons in favor of a Police that “Protect and Serve” who are now looking to abolish the police. This sort of nonsense will go on for a while until the public screams to have Order restored. Which will bring a new “Style” of laws and order.

    I’me not sure I want to live in that world. One where the Strongest dictate what the others will do. Because that is what is going to happen.

    1. Well, it’s already to the point where the “minority” rules and not the majority. What’s up with that? And that pendulum keeps swinging the wrong way.

    2. Please provide your source that “major cities…have abolished the ownership of weapons.” Apparently, you re not aware that D.C. tried to do that a few years back and the SCOTUS ruled against it.

    3. Banned ownership of weapons”. Perhaps you wished to say :
      “Cities have banned Personal Protection Devices”.
      Banning of Personal Protection Devices is amore apt term.

  4. First of all the newspaper for Minneapolis is know as the Red Star because the area it serves is so LIBERAL as toe be Socialist/Communist. I got a suggestion why don’t we defund the BLM, Antifa, and the Demonrat Party.

  5. That’s easy..Lock and load and “vigilante justice” and “street justice’ will take over. black LIES matter, “antifa” and every radical terrorist “group” had better take heed, because “we the people” have had enough, and MANY of “US” are Veterans, ARMED, already trained and ready to “eliminate “street scum”, thieves, looters, and murderers.
    Be careful what you “wish for” scumbags, it will be your demise.

  6. So it will be “social justice” sentencing as the citizens feel fit to decide since government is inept!!

  7. The end result is anarchy and a return to the days of the “wild west”= no thank you

  8. The real problem here is that if you defend your self/family/property, YOU are guilty and will be ruined financially by the courts, if not imprisioned. Everything is upside down. The majority is being driven by a very small minority with political and media support.


  9. Why defund the police? It’s easier to control communities that have no defense.
    Why defund prisons? Criminals roaming the streets and committing crimes draws our eyes away from the political forces/groups that are the primary threat.
    Why tear down statues? The goal is to disrupt, remove history, and foment fear.
    Why bully and threaten? The point is to shut others up so reasonable thoughts will not be uttered.
    What is the ultimate goal? It is to remove the society/government and replace it with Marxism/far left norms.

  10. This absolutely the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of, these idiots should be thrown out of the country permanently now!

  11. 56% of total known black and white homicide offenders in 2018 were black. The black population was 13%. Instead of screaming racist, assaulting, looting and burning; do something constructive about blacks killing people.

  12. Of course abolish the courts is next. This is the path to communism. After that will be the people’s courts. They will bring in conservatives and have them up for made up crimes. This is exactly what happened in Russia. After awhile the purges will start. Anyone who knows about the beginnings of the Russian state after the war between the Reds and the whites will know this. The purges eliminated the intelligent people such as lawyers, historians, teachers, etc. All brought up on fake crimes against the state ( Russia). In America the left either made excuses for this mass murder, played it down, or stated these people were guilty as charged. Years after the first purge a second one was done again. But, this time it was anyone who was involved in, or had firsthand knowledge of the first purge. This way the country’s history was erased (purged) and rewritten by the totalitarian government. People wake the f::k up! Nuff said!

  13. I have these questions. Are you willing to travel to, drive through, or visit these cities that have abolished their police departments? If you are just how safe do you think you will be? I can’t even imagine going anywhere near such a place. It is possible that nothing will happen to you, but are you willing to bet on it. When I travel I believe I will find better places to spend my money.

    Another question. If you live in one of these cities that abolishes their police department do you plan to continue living there knowing you or a family member may be murdered, raped, or robbed by the ‘peaceful thugs’ who will be running amok? As I see it residents could make one of three choices. Either they could stay where they are and take back their government and their city. They could stay where they are and take their chances. Or, they could get the hell out of Dodge as they say in the old westerns. The citizens win if they exercise the first choice. The thugs win if they choose either of the other choices.

  14. Old west days. Gunfights in the street. Lynchings no trials. Really corrupt sheriffs. you name it it will be ok. Rape, torture, killings etc all just like the old days be fore we had law enforcement. My advice to all who are law bidding citizens buy the new 9mm Gatling gun and be prepared to use it to defend you lives and your property. This is a total breakdown of the rule of law. ANARCHY RULES!


  16. Un fun criminals. Make them serve time at hard labor. That will take away their fun. And make Democrats tell the truth. Can’t tell lies or they get a spanking. Well that’s my good deed for today. Be happy and vote for freedom.

  17. Close the prisons and eliminate the police policies are approved in a poll by over ninety-five percent of felons.

  18. Won’t be a lot of people moving to Minneapolis. Suggest
    housing will be cheap if anyone wants to move there.
    Ignorance is not bliss. Stupid is stupid does.

  19. Why has the topic of police in schools not been addressed and what explanation can be given about “The New World Order”, a phrase Jussie Smollett used after being freed from jail in Chicago?

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