The Only Good People in History

Truly, we live in auspicious times.

Those who have sinned will be cast down; those who are sinless will set new social standards for the rest of us. After all, we now live in the only generation ever to produce truly virtuous human beings.

What else should we make of the graceless religious wokeness promoted by our moral betters, such immaculate moral personages as Robin DiAngelo, author of “White Fragility,” and Nikole Hannah-Jones, Pulitzer Prize-winning creator of The New York Times’ pseudo-historical 1619 Project? DiAngelo informs us that all white people are sinners by nature, inculcated in the evils of whiteness and utterly incapable of repenting such sin … unless, of course, they purchase a diversity training course. DiAngelo says that it isn’t enough to oppose racism: we must “interrupt” the systems in which we live in order to become “anti-racist,” a vaguely defined term apparently meaning nothing so much as parroting the more purple writings of Ibram X. Kendi.


Hannah-Jones, meanwhile, happily takes credit for the rioting and looting that has wracked the country and that she has spent time justifying -- she recently thanked a critic online for terming this unrest "the 1619 riots." Furthermore, we are informed by this arbiter of the great and the good that we must never say that figures like Ulysses S. Grant -- a man who wrecked the Confederacy and devastated the Ku Klux Klan but also held one of his wife's slaves in bondage before freeing him -- were "men of their times." After all, "Hitler was a man of his time. Osama bin Laden was a man of his time," she said in a now-deleted tweet.

We, however, live in an age of true heroes -- people who live outside of time; people of sterling quality who need no context, require no nuance and brook no dissent. All who stand before them must bow or be canceled. Old tweets will be resurfaced; old comedy sketches will be censored. All those who came before were complicit in the system, and thus, must pay.

So young woke leftists cheer as they tear down monuments of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson; Generation Z college students chide their parents and grandparents -- many of whom, in minority communities, experienced actual discrimination and hardship -- as insufficiently committed to the cause of anti-racism. Gisselle Quintero, 18, told The Washington Post about her grandparents. "(T)hey were prohibited from drinking at 'whites-only' fountains after long, hot days of working in the fields," The Post wrote, and "tried to distinguish themselves by their hard work and achievement." But, clearly because they lacked enthusiasm for the current woke revolution, "They just kind of suppressed those memories." Quintero's grandparents may have overcome actual racism, but she posted news of a protest at a local mall on her social media.

Perhaps we have truly reached the apex of humanity. Or perhaps we are living in a particularly arrogant and self-serving moment when dissociation from America's history and from other Americans substitutes for actual decency; when canceling others is the point, not a means to an end; when joining the woke mob isn't about building something better but merely signaling your own saintliness. Perhaps in reality, those who pull down statues of Washington and Jefferson have accomplished little other than feeling special at the expense of the most special country in human history, and at the expense of their fellow citizens.

Ben Shapiro, 36, is a graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law School, host of "The Ben Shapiro Show" and editor-in-chief of He is the author of the No. 1 New York Times bestseller "The Right Side of History." He lives with his wife and three children in Los Angeles.

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26 thoughts on “The Only Good People in History”

  1. The comment, we now live in the only generation ever to produce truly virtuous human beings is a lie. The Bible scripture Romans 6:23 states – for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.

    The word all means every single one of us human beings. Anyone who believes that they are virtuous, are being deceived by Satan, the Great Deceiver and Father of Lies.

    1. I heartily agree. And if we follow what God has revealed in His word we learn that we are each held responsible for our own sins – not those of someone past.

    2. Unfortunately, Marty, you did not pick up on the use of irony in Mr. Shapiro’s piece. If you’re not sure what that means, look up ‘irony’ in another book with which you should be familiar, Merriam-Webster.

  2. Well said. It is interesting that those who consider themselves “good” by denigrating others who do not subscribe to their “superior” ways and thinking are actually guilty of what they are accusing those they denigrate.

  3. I do not like to be known as a promoter of conspiracy theories,but do you think for a minute that all that
    is going on now would be happening if Trump were not President? They have thrown everything at him,
    he’s been called a traitor, he was impeach (even as they had no chance of convicting him.). A pandemic
    is thrown at him and they criticize his every move and all but accuse him as creating it himself.. Most of all,
    after managing to put together an economy with all segments at the highest levels ever reached in history, abruptly pull it out from under him with actions that could only be described as suicidal to our leading cities
    and States. His only hope that the people will see through all this and re-elect him anyway. Then we will see
    the final arrow in their wicket as they foster real rebellion throughout their precincts where they have been
    brooding hate for everything American with Democrat leadership and the compliant press working in
    unison to encourage fear and hate wherever they can.

    1. I agree – dark forces have invaded this country – if Trump doesn’t win we are all doomed.

      1. The dark forces have not invaded, they were imported by University “intellectuals”, embraced by the ignorant masses, and they have been educating us in government schools and universities for generations. Marxist ideology is Godless, and the “God-fearers” have been “of the world”. Rather than taking heed of the lies that have been taught, and educating their children with the truth of our Nations founding, they turned their children over to the State for indoctrination. “Train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it”, Proverbs 22:6.

    2. That is no conspiracy theory. “Cometh the hour, cometh the man.” If any politician had been elected, instead of DT, and been exposed to this level of hate, violence and dissent from every quarter including the party that promoted him, he would have given up and gone with the left or resigned from office. Make no mistake — this rebellion was on its way and that is WHY DT was elected – because he is the one who can stay the course.

      A technical point we must never forger: DT was NOT impeached; he was tried but the impeachment charges failed.

    3. The socialist left have gotten so close to take over of this country that it is not Trump they hate ! It would be the same reaction no matter the Republican in office ! They honestly believe that Utopia is at their finger tips and anyone not for that , is the sworn enemy of their revolution ! Get ready to end up eating from garbage cans !

    4. You have said it all….and perfectly, I might add! As for those who have looted, pillaged, burned and defaced, I have no more regard for them than I do for the Taliban, Al Qeda or ISIS…terrorists lives do NOT matter to me in the least, no matter where they come from. True Americans do not run or hide from their history, nor do they attempt to rewrite it. These idiots certainly do not nor will they EVER speak for me! I applaud your comment and your patriotism!

    5. My wife and I are so disappointed in the Democrat for blaming President Trump for EVERYTHING. Black Lives Matter ~ but so do the rights of Whites’ property that the looters & rioters seem to forget. History is history. Leave the statues alone. Some white people find naming schools, roads, etc. after black leaders repulsive. Should they spray paint over the names? Of course not. These were named for people who had achieved something. Leave our history alone for future generations to read about and make up their own minds.

  4. We are living in an age of acquired ignorance…and the acquired “know not that they know not…” an age that espouses the degradation of vandalism and destruction and scorn the dignity of work…The next Dark Age is well underway and the perpetrators of the last are again in ascendance…

  5. Hey BLM & Democrats!
    President Lyndon B. Johnson, a Democrat, was a racist. He fought against the Civil Rights Amendment since it was 1st proposed by Dwight D. Eisenhower, a Republican. He was forced to sign it into law only when it became apparent that the Democrats lost the war to stop the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s and saw that by signing it into law would give the Democratic Party a new voting bloc in the Black community.
    President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a Democrat, was a racist. He supported segregation in schools, the military, and in all government jobs. He was responsible for the internment (imprisonment) of American citizens of Japanese ancestry (German and Italian descendants were not interned).
    President Harry S. Truman, a Democrat, was a racist. He was responsible for institutionalizing segregation of Blacks in all government jobs, the military, schools, and in all of America, in general.
    Margaret Sanger, a Democrat, Eugenics (population control) who founded Planned Parenthood (PP), and a KKK sympathizer, was a racist. PP was founded in order to control and reduce the population growth of persons of color. That’s why most PP abortion clinics are located in or near the communities of people of color (in order to abort Black and Brown Babies).
    President Andrew Jackson, the founder of the Democrat Party, was a racist. The Doctrine called “Manifest Destiny” originated during his administration. It was his administration that broke all existing treaties with the Indian (Native American) Nations and began a systemic genocide and re-settlement of the Native American population.
    To all you Lefties, Marxist, Anarchist, Antifa, and BLM Protesters/Rioters…
    When are you going to start demanding that their Names, Statues, Likeness be removed from all public display in America?
    One more thought to ponder: At the start of the Civil War, not one Republican was a Slave owner. All the Slave owners in America were Democrats!

    1. BLM wants reparations. OK BUT it has to be fair to everyone. Did you know there were Black slave owners in America? John Casor was the first slave sold in America. He was bought by Anthony Johnson, a Black man, according to old court records in Virginia from 1654. And according to the Smithsonian Institute Native American also owned slaves which makes it hard to narrate the Trail of Tears. AND we also need to make sure all Black’s ancestors were actually living in America BEFORE 1865. They want reparations and so do American taxpayers of Asian, Hispanic, Semitic and White race who have paid BILLIONS for the cities these people have destroyed. They represent 13.4 percent of the population and look what they have done.

  6. Even asking one’s race in a federal or state form is a racist act. As long as governments officially separate people by race there is racism. As long as those that beat the racism drum point a finger at a racial group, there is racism.
    If you want to end racism, end government stratification of society by race. If you want to end racism then stop pointing fingers at a race. If you want to end racism then look at PEOPLE as PEOPLE.
    As for me. Anyone that points at any race and makes racist accusations IS A RACIST by definition. Anyone that attempts to tear down history to rewrite it for racial reasons is a racist. Anyone who riots in the name of their RACE is committing a HATE CRIME.
    Anyone who allows frozen water bottles and concrete milkshakes to be thrown at innocent persons because of their color or political affiliation is a RACIST and or committing a HATE crime. ANTIFA….BLM…are you hearing me? White sheets are you hearing me? Government are you hearing me?

  7. It is shameful History good or bad is part of this country. These are marxist communist expletive protesting. Unfortunate,y corporations and politicians are afraid of their wrath . Get them to leave America if they are dissatisfied .

  8. When God is cast aside, there is nothing left to worship except self, and then every emotion and every grievance is magnified and glorified and seen as pure and desirable. Our society has spent fifty years pushing God away and the churches did nothing to stop it and plenty to promote the downfall of morality. Now, today, on a summer morning in 2020, our President stands almost entirely alone in his defense of the country; the church is largely AWOL in defense of God as one after another they all fall for the lies of the left and call their congregations to bow to the demands for confession for their supposed racist beliefs and behaviors. This is how Germany fell – they abandoned God, they took up aberrant spiritual practices and then the church took down the crosses and put up pictures of Hitler and taught children to say their prayers to him. Replace ‘Hitler’ with ‘race’ and it is America 2020.

  9. Long Live President, Donald J. Trump!
    Long Live Tomas Jefferson!
    Long Live George Washington!
    Long Live USA!

  10. I don’t agree with the destruction of all monuments to our flawed history, but some acknowledgement of past sins is appropriate. We can make proper note of the failure while also noting the success achieved by our founders. None of us are perfect. I deplore the past mistreatment of people of color and some atonement is appropriate. At the same time we cannot erase the past. We can work together for a better and fairer future and we should already have been doing that.

    1. Those who lived in the past lived in a time where slaves were appropriate chattel in that time. History is history and we have left that plateau of living to accept what was in the past, recognizing those who achieved a milestone in their lives. How they lived their lives is one thing, what they achieved is another. These people believe in only one thing, taught them by their teachers, Marxism. And destroying all statues, monuments, flags, etc, goes with that teaching along with the desire to replace the flag and the National Anthem. They also want to see the Untied Nations take over all aspects of life as in Global Dominance, which they refer to as Global Governance. I despise those who hate any other race, ancestory or faith. But these people are trying to become the dominant force, the attack dogs of those who are financing all of this destruction and race baiting.

  11. A well written piece on our “Great American Problem.” One day long ago, my grandson was watching an old movie on TV. It was a black and white Western. My wife was in the room and he said, “Grandma, was everything in black and white when you were growing up?” Some of the people are about the same age as my grandson and I believe those from that generation who are now assaulting everything American and seem to have locked into that mentality. They have the color TV syndrome in which they think everything we were grateful for is locked into the ignorance of intolerance… their version of our intolerance. Thank you, Ben, for this great analysis.

  12. Grant was beyond any rational dispute America’s greatest civil rights President. Not until Eisenhower, 80 years later, would another President even approach Grant’s achievements in civil rights. For all other Presidents after Grant, civil rights has been a political playing card of convenience to be used when advantageous.

    Grant not only vigorously enforced the 13th and 14th Amendments, he secured passage of the 15th Amendment [voting rights], leading to millions of blacks voting and electing many Senators, Representatives, and state legislators and officials. When the KKK arose to terrorize blacks [and white Republicans!!!!] and prevent them from voting, Grant and his cabinet marched on Capitol Hill to lobby personally for passage of the KKK Act. With the Act’s authority Grant sent Maj. Lewis Merrill, a veteran of Missouri anti-guerrilla fighting, into the South with Union cavalry. By 1872, Merrill had totally suppressed the KKK and blacks [and white Republicans] returned to the polls.

    Unfortunately, in 1874, Democrats took control of the House, cutting off support for Reconstruction and civil rights enforcement. With no enforcement, the KKK re-emerged, starting an 80-year reign of terror [Jim Crow, segregation, etc.] that would not begin to subside until Eisenhower. How tragic that this shameful episode of American history might well have been eliminated had the nation fully-embraced Grant’s passionate commitment to a society with true equal rights for all.

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